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Module 1: Introduction to Boiler Technology Team POP QUIZ
1. One equipment of a combustion system is the burner in which it manages the
fuel-air mixtures into the furnace under what conditions?
a. Velocity, temperature and pressure
b. Pressure, velocity and concentration
c. Turbulence, concentration and velocity
d. Concentration, temperature and velocity
Source: Handout 5
2. A scotch marine boiler is one of the common type of water-tube boiler in which is
diameter ranges from ______ while its length ranges from ________.
a. 3-8 ft; 4-20 ft
b. 3-8 ft; 6-40 ft
c. 4-15 ft; 4-20 ft
d. 4-15 ft; 6-40 ft
Source: Handout 4
3. For a water-tube boiler, the steam usually leave the steam drum at _____ oF but
can leave at _______oF if from superheaters
a. 700; 1100
b. 600; 1000
c. 500; 900
d. 400; 800
Source: Handout 4

4. Identify the 3 differences of a utility boiler and industrial boiler

Answer: size of boiler, application of steam and hot water and design of boiler
Source: Handout 5
5. Select one which does not belong to the same maintenance category
a. Record boiler operating pressure or temperature. An excessive steam or
temperature drop will alert you to excessive loading on the boiler
b. Check combustion visually. Look at the flame to see if something has
Changes may be an indication that a problem is developing
c. Blow down the water level controls to purge the float bowl of possible
sediment accumulation. Operating conditions will dictate frequency of this
d. Check fuel and air linkages. Check to ensure that all set screws on
linkages are
tight and are securely holding the linkage in place
Source: Handout 6
6. Boilers are cleaned with ____________ to remove accumulated oil and grease
before bringing them on-line
a. Acid solutions and water
b. Alkaline solutions, acid solutions and water
c. Acid solutions and alkaline solutions
d. Alkaline solutions and water
Source: Handout 8
7. Identify! This diverse group of devices manages the delivery of fuel-air mixture
into the furnace under conditions of velocity, turbulence and concentration
appropriate to maintain both ignition and combustion.
Answer: Burners
Source: Handout 5
8. Which of the following is probable the largest direct cause of boiler failure?
a. Improper feedwater treatment
b. Overheating
c. Improper boiler operation
d. Excessive accumulation of dissolved and undissolved solids
Source: Handout 6
9. This consists of a stationary heating element and 2 rotating air hoods.
a. Tubular air preheater
b. Rotary preheater
c. Regenerative preheater

d. Rothemuhle preheater
Source: Handout 4
10.The conversion of one boiler hp to BTU per hour
Answer: 1 boiler hp = 33476 Btu per hour
Source: Handout 4
11.On what pass does the gas move through the tube tank directly above the
combustion chamber on a Horizontal Return Tubular Fire tube boiler?
a. 1st tube pass
b. 2nd tube pass
c. 3rd tube pass
d. 4th tube pass
Source: Handout 4
12.Identify the type of utility boiler wherein the fuel- air mixture is burnt in
horizontal cylinders.
Answer: Cyclone fired boiler
Source: Handout 5
13.For Pulverized Fuel Boiler, the combustion temperature ranges from _______ to
_______ 0C?
Answer: 1300-1700C
Source: Handout 1
14.Give at least two factors that limit the boiler water cycles of concentration?
Answer: Suspended solids (Total hardness), Dissolved solids, Total alkalinity (M
Alkalinity), Silica
Source: Handout 2
15.These are the other requirements for a packaged boiler expect:
A. Water pipe work
B. Fuel supply
C. Electrical connections
D. Heat generator
Source: Handout 3