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RTF Team Notes tudent Interventi student __Teacher Grade:_K School: i Meeting wheat Meeting/intervention Pian 1 Follow-Up Meeting/Revised Intervention Pian Specific Area of Concern afhonological Awareness wf honics 1 Math Calculation 1 Math Reasoning alHigh Achievement ti Reading Fluency O Reading Comprehension 0 Vocabulary 11 Attention/Behavior a Speech/Language ‘a Written Expression Data-Based Decision Tier t with on-going assessment in it with required Progress Monitoring in ier Il with required Progress Monitoring in_LN © Referral to next level of support with parent/guardian present 13 Continue SPED intervention with Progress Monitoring in Research Based ‘Skill Area* ‘Who Does it | How ‘Time/Days Intervention to be Used often A Aerobics LN Spillers Sxwk. 145 min/M-F B s “is “intervention must be linked to skill deficit area Notes:_ Team members involved in approving this plan with name and relationship to the student: