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DATE: 30 JUNE 2016

IS 099884

1. Self-Printing and photocopy service.
- It is open to public specially to university/college student (depend
on market research). It also can be open to outsider who urgently
wants to get the printing service at crucial time.
- Unlike other printing service store, this service produce DIY
concept, which means user, can do printing by them using the
simple instruction given. Also this service offer 24/7 so user would
not be worry if they want to get their work printing and photocopy
done in no time.
2. Drone delivery service
- It is open to retail store. Targeting the housing area as the customer

purchase goods and target market service to make the
delivery service with drone.
Unlike other retail store service, this concept is targeting for
convenient store and people who have no transport to go and buy
goods at the grocery store.

3. GPS Detector Ring

- Open to public and specially target user for senior people. Have to

register self-information for safety cases.

This ring provide a service that can allocate them if they when
missing. As we all know sometime old people tend to forget where
they are and how to contact the kin if there is emergency happen to
the user. These services provide safety heart pressure and alert key
to the kin when they in emergency i.e. faint, heart attract, etc. the
ring will alert the emergency number to the hospital nearby and
allocate the user to be rescue.

4. Auto pas deduction (ERP)

- Target buyer- government

ERP is an Electronic Road Pricing System used in managing road

congestion. Based on a pay-as-you-use principle, motorists are
charged when they use priced roads during peak hours. ERP rates
vary for different roads and time periods depending on local traffic
conditions. This encourages motorists to change their mode of
transport, travel route or time of travel.

5. Tax Detector System


Target buyer- Government.

For government to detect and send alert to those who declined to

pay taxes. This method will be synchronize with IC number,
Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) SSM, bank.

6. Auto Internal mapping


Target customer- big mall Target user- People who lost in the

This system provide 3D mapping on the screen. This can help

people who lost inside the mall allocate themselves by auto
navigation on the screen mapping.

7. Electronic Voting System


Open to all company or state who want to make an election system.

Potential buyer- government, big company, Education line.

This service system helps to prevent the double voting, ghost voting

8. Attendance thumbprint system


Open to public who need the attendance auto system. Target buyer
government, education line, employer etc.

This system will use biometric to secure the attendance list.

9. Virtual Mall

Open to public, target customer- Big mall/grocery.

To make customer life easier by just choose the item base on the
screen provided. Uniqueness of this system is that customer can
just choose the item by just go to the drive thru area.

10. Digital Album


Open to public. Target customer- customer and enterprise.

This system is a device that can convert the hardcopy photo to

digital photo.

Why choose this idea?

Printing firms profits tend to lag both print sales and the economy. As the
economy continues to recover, print profits should continue to rebound over
the next two years. Since a few years ago, digital and ancillary services have
gained a larger share of the market at the expense of printing offset printing.
The main reasons for this include the increasing advantage in digital
technology, an increasing target custom printed, and the development of
common business model printer to include additional related service. Another
indication of the growth of digital printing is that the more hard work - or work now combines both conventional and digital technology.
In terms of business model, more than 40% of the printers themselves as a
general commercial printer, with printer tray which described itself as a niche
segment of printer products (eg, magazines) (21%), communication provider
that offers a complete set of value-added ancillary services (16%) or the
printer vertical niche focus on certain market segment (11%).
We choose this idea because we think we can make it happen in real life.
Furthermore with this service beneficial to the community and provide benefits
not only to the company but people can get jobs easily especially for those
who need the service printing at midnight. As this service have its own
uniqueness as compared to the other 9 ideas. This self-printing and
photocopy services might seem to be a normal to hear but the different is that
it have delivery service and it is 24/7 self service. On the other hand it gave
the company the benefit in term of financial and return of investment. Beside
we have the ability to print on an extensive variety of media, as well as a
variety of finishing services such as laminating, grometting, and mounting.
From a packaging design to just a simple business card, we can do it. We
take pride in superior customer service and value each customer equally.
Whether you need one print, or one thousand prints, our customer satisfaction
is guaranteed. With some of the most competitive prices around, combined
with great service and quality, this printing service is the logical choice for all
your printing needs.

Strategy, competitive advantage and the promotional mix.

1. Mission statement
- We are actively looks for ways of improving our service to our
customers. This focus on customer needs that particularly important
given the high degree of competition in the printing market and the
high level of capacity in the industry relative to demand.
- The high level of competition means that many companies fight it
out on price - try to undercut each other to win sales. Given the
excess capacity, buyers know they have many options and so are in
a strong bargaining position. However we focuses on a
differentiation strategy. The danger with price competition is that it
squeezes companies' profit margins and turns the product offered
into a commodity. We sets out to provide a service that is genuinely
different from the competition by being more reliable, more flexible
and by providing unique printing with additional related services.
- By tailoring the service offered enables the clients to achieve their
own objectives more effectively thus making this service more
valuable. By adding value for our customers, we aims to
differentiate its service from the competitors. This passion to
understand our customers enables to stand out from the
- Traditionally, the printing industry has been product-orientated.
Companies have invested in production equipment and then tried to
find businesses to fill the capacity available. They have offered a
basic service to customers whereas This service looks to innovate
to find new ways of helping its clients be more successful. We
believe it is essential to be market oriented - thinking about the
needs of its customers and providing a service to match.
2. Strategy
- A company's strategy is its long term plan to achieve its objectives.
A strategy needs to take account of the competitive environment in
which the company is operating and the market opportunities that
- This company printing service business strategy aims to focus on
having the best people and the best machinery and on achieving
consistent high quality by:
- Meeting delivery schedules
- Ensuring the quality of product
- Providing high levels of service
- Being innovative
- Understanding customers' needs.
- The strategy is to focus on a few specialist markets that offer higher
returns rather than trying to compete head on with the many other
companies in the mass market. We have to invest heavily in
equipment allowing it to provide special services such as stitching
free gifts inside magazines or putting gifts such as CDs on the front

We believe that with quality employees, specialized equipment and

an innovative, quality approach it can offer companies a service that
can enhance the business.

3. The marketing mix.


The combination of factors that influence a customer's decision to

buy a product is known as the marketing mix or 4Ps:

Price - What does the product cost? What are the terms of
payment? Is credit offered?
Product - What benefit does the product provide? What particular
features and specifications does it have? How does it compare to
competitors' products?
Promotion - The way in which a company communicates about its
products e.g. through advertising, sales promotion or public
Place - The way that ownership of a product passes from the
manufacturer to the consumer (distribution).

The customers need to spend their marketing budgets effectively to achieve
their desired results - for example more sales of magazines or a higher
response rate to a mailshot.
To achieve their goals companies are looking for innovative methods of
promotion such as writing personally to customers, including free gifts or
having an unusually designed cover. To do this they need specialist printers,
Which is where our company comes in.
We do not seek to be like other printers group company- it aims to
differentiate its service. Its strategy seems to work: in a market full of small
printers it stands out with the scale of its operations and it is now one of the
largest printing companies in the world.