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Date 02/07/2016

Things to Know About Thermoelectric Module

Thermoelectric module or commonly known as TEM, is a device which works on the basis of Peltier
effect, that allows turning heat into electricity or vice versa. Silent operation, solid design, absence of
moving parts and vibrations as well as removal of hazardous materials like any gas or fluid are some of
the advantages of this particular device.
In the telecom industry, this particular product is used to provide cooling for transition lasers, photo
diodes, as well as to stabilize the temperature of optical channel. Over the last few years this has
become one of the essential machines in the industry.
The Biomedical industry, also gains profit from this device in DNA analyzers and various temperature
stabilization equipment
The Automotive industry also uses this thermoelectric module, for in-cabin refrigerators, climate seats
in which there is some uniform heating and cooling with optimized air distribution and also for air
conditioning and electric power generation.
Not only in the arena of industrial sector, but thermoelectric module is also used in various consumer
products like picnic boxes, water chillers and many more.
TM can also provide spot cooling or heating. Recently there is a huge demand for spot cooling. The
demand for Spot Air conditioners are increasing in the market.

Any thermoelectric module works on the basis of Peltier effect. When, electric power goes through a
contact of two different current- conducting materials, one gets hotter and the other gets cool. This is the
way howthermoelectric module works. This particular effect can also have a reversal role for generating
electricity when the hot part of the thermoelectric module receives a heat flux. As said earlier,
thermoelectric module can act both as a cooling or heating element when precise temperature calibration
is needed for various technological purposes.

Types of TEM
Ferrotec Nord has developed a huge range of thermoelectric module and each is built for different type
of task.
Single stage- This is a type of thermoelectric module which can generate up to 73 degree
Celsius differentiate between hot and cold sides.
Multistage TEMS- This particular module offer a higher temperature than those single stage ones.
Micro TEMS- This is a thermoelectric module downscaled for applications where small sixe matters.
Cycling TEMS- This is used when a quick change of temperature is needed.
Generating TEMS- This is used to generate electricity from the heat supplied to it.

There are certain ways over choosing of a thermoelectric module.

Commonly in most of the application, the thermoelectric module ensures the difference between the
ambient temperature and the cooled object temperature through the heat removal from the object to the
heat sink.

While choosing a module, it should be remembered that, full thermal load Qc comprises the capacity
needed to cool the object and various other types of heat, which inflows from outside owing to heat
emission and heat conductivity of the elements installed in the device.

This is the only device which performs various activities from a single unit system, both in the industry and
in the consumer forum.

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