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Bible Secret as a Science in 3 Pages

[By John Paily]
Bible begins with Creation of every thing in pairs and at the end God creates Human beings in pairs in His image and gives them the Dominion over His Kingdom. Bible tells us that creation involved mud or matter and He breathed life into it. A law was placed to Adam and Eve [representing humanity] not to eat form the tree at the center. What this means God it self has a paired existence He is both Mother and Father We humans are the children of God and become His Family. We can also interpret our selves as the body of God. We are created form a single cell or world of God, in fact from a point in that world from where the wave of creations began. We have inner world of soul and spirit that supports our life and a material body. The body collapses the moment the soul and spirit departs. There are two fires in our body. One is fire that breathes life in to us and it works from within and spreads to the outside. It is centrifugal in its nature. The body is made of fire that belongs to matter [mud] that directs to the center or is centripetal in nature. The God resists the fire of matter that directs to the center. It takes the fire and matter to build and sustain the body. The law God placed to Adam and Eve and his family is not to disconnect form Him and His Fire and become slave to material fire and power. Time direction or second law of thermodynamic is inevitable. This means death fallows birth. Law of God is resistance to death. However in time, when children of God grows and matures and “self” or their mind its extension manifests, it becomes slave to material world. Here it breaks the relationship with the Creator. The law provides scope for new house and dominion, but resists breaking the love relationship with the Creator and building homes for themselves. Law calls human to connect to his consciousness and the intelligence on daily basis and work from its realm and experience the oneness. But humanity in time disconnects from his consciousness and intelligence or fire of Life from within and becomes slave to his mind and the fire of the external material world. He thus disrupts not only the functioning of life force within, but disrupts various hierarchies of the society, such as family, community, nations and the whole world. Modern world sees and studies only matter and fire that disperses the system and shears it down. It cannot see the opposite that bring them together and sustains it. Mind is central to the existence. God’s design involves a phase in which, the mind of human is put to rest, so that His Fire can work to repair and give life to the system. A sleep thus is vital to health. There are four levels of sleep. The maximum corrective measure happens in deep sleep or fourth state. If you observe nature, even earth is designed with active and sleep state that alternate [day and night and climatic cycle]. Much of our problems can be directly or indirectly be related to sleep and its disturbance. The sleep disturbance manifest when the fire within the system is distorted or not balanced. For a new born child the fire favors the Living Fire that causes expansion or centrifugal force and thereby growth of the child’s body. For an adult who lives by his mind and self and is slave to matter the, fire favors winding or gravitational force directed to the center or death. Thus growth of the body stops and it begins to wither under negative forces accumulating against Life Force. Suppose we view universe as living as written in Bible, Vedas and the ancient spiritual scriptures, a death follows the birth and vice-versa. No one can be held


responsible for the collapse or death. Bible speaks it in terms of first sin, but is inevitable by creation. The death was prewritten in creation, by virtue of use of matter and its fire in creation. God resist death by law. But law has only resistive role in the manifested state where two worlds are created form one but it cannot stop time. Thus the Family of God is built on Love and is sustained by sacrifice. This is exactly why God called Jesus Christ into judgment for our sins. He placed our sins upon Christ. The Bible says "God made Him (Jesus Christ) to be sin for us." Therefore God found Jesus guilty of our sins. Abraham was tested by God by seeking his only son’s life as sacrifice. God did what he tested with Abraham. Jesus Christ very clearly tells that he has not come to judge but to give life and restore the Kingdom back to His Father. What this means He manifested as a seed that creates new world within the womb. This happened when the Living Kingdom of God or His Family entered the last phase of its life cycle. This phase of life cycle is where the fire force of matter or centripetal force grows at the cost of Fire of Life within and this begins to tear the body apart. God had sustained the world by paying price and eventually had to pay His Son as a price to recover the world from death trap. God’s soul entered the deteriorating world as a seed through Jesus Christ and opened up as two templates and gave Free Will to humans to enter anyone of them and gain life. Bible tells us that Christ manifested when not one soul was left behind who could be justified before God. Christ manifested when ¾ of the soul had already fallen and ¼ had committed to fall by their thought in the heart. These souls which were trapped into the vortex of fire of death [matter] had to be salvaged before the kingdom of God can be restored. Christ said to His disciples that He would come again in the end of time take them to Kingdom of God. The role of Christ was to build a new house or world with many rooms out of the deteriorating old body. His work completes when He reveals the “Mind of God” and takes in everyone into to new house and forms it into a home of God. In short His work competes when He restores Family of God. When “Mind of God” reveals the Truth, Justice prevails. God doesn’t judge we judge and fall. The truth reveled liberates humanity form the clutches of darkness and takes us to light to start a new time cycle. For every one to survive, the revelation of “Mind of God” should happen before the existing body collapses. The signs that Christ spoke are already there for every one to see, yet the temples of science and leaders of the world are not willing to review their foundation and knowledge on which they function and lead the world. They will be forced by nature to review and know the simple “Truth of Nature” in the coming days. Those who are perched to branches of tree and look to the outer world and its fire and feel everything fine will know the truth when the tree begins to wither in its appointed end. Then, those who heard the inner call and who reduced themselves and submitted to inner Fire to be reborn to become seed and are protected to over come the hard times will awaken. They sprout into new life when the new season comes. Bible is a pure science that could be only understood by scientist who have freed from the Plato’s chair of science at the mouth of the cave. We need to review the modern science and the vortex it has created by going back to the eye of it with a soul and mind that is free. When this is done we can see new realms of science that gives life to the world. One can reinvent the lost treasures of spiritual science to turn the earth into green. Good News can then break the barriers of religion and spread to the world such that the world can come to life. The scientists, who are new born


or spiritually inclined, should come together irrespective of religion to review the whole developments in science in the name of God. The key argument that I make by His Grace is that matter and its fire [energy] is centripetal by nature. The second law of thermodynamics applied to it leads us to a situation where the energy lost by matter causes expansion and shears various systems in nature and the matter by it self condenses to collapse to a point. Unless nature has another matter and Fire that opposes it and give stability we cannot have universe that is sustained and perpetuated in time. Life if carefully observed is antigravitational. The second law of thermodynamics applied to living system shows this opposition. This means nature and the universe need to be understood as living system and human beings who enquire into it plays an important role in it. In this context, the visualization of the universe by ancient spiritual seers as conscious and intelligent being, with a soul and mind, and we human being as individuated system formed from it in time becomes a sensible point that needs attention. A living universe is not beyond time, thus a law was laid. The eastern spiritual scriptures, developed innumerable culture and practices that resist the deterioration of Light and engulfing of darkness. Christ probably manifested in the third critical point of Life cycle of the Universe, when the inevitable deterioration of body began. God now had to go into creation phase to conquer time and initialize it. The Judge found no fault in Christ but his own people gave the verdict and took on themselves and their children the wrath of it. With Calvary sacrifice God, his consciousness and mind became seed in the womb. Here humanity lost his ability to connect to his consciousness and intelligence within and the family of God began to deteriorate. Since then mankind has been living mind centered life that is aligned to material force or fire. In his ignorance he has been infusing more and more fire to the environment and breaking it down. The material matter is condensing. The world is growing smaller and smaller. Earth is struggling to maintain her equilibrium or energy to matter ratio and is failing. This is manifesting into drastic climatic changes and catastrophes. The end result of this would be eruption of volcanoes. We have discovered many civilizations beneath earth and sea. This and the present source of oil and gas are supposed be result of volcanoes which turned earth belly inside out. It is not a big thing for Mother Earth to destroy us. A little shake of her body is enough for us to wither like leaves. But our hope exist in the fact the we are the Family of God, no Mother would let her child into death trap and no Father would sit quite seeing his children drift into death trap. At is core Bible is definitely is a science. You need to escapee form Plato’s chair of science, listen to the inner call and reduce one self to participate in the act creation to know it. – An observer is inferior to a participator. The world visualizes origin of universe from point in a bag bang. From living point we can conclude Jesus is the Big Bang Point of the Universe


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