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Introduction/Rapport-building: 1 minute


Smooth transition (from intro. to lesson proper): 1 minute


Lesson proper: 10 to 11 minutes


Article Reading


Vocabulary Review




Wrapping-up of the lesson: 1 minute


Giving Feedback to the student: 1 minute

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Demo Lesson
Boys' Day : A Japanese Festival - Student's Copy

I. Warm-up Questions
Below are sample questions to lead your student to the article topic:

Do you like holidays or festivals?

Why do you like them?

II. Article Discussion

People in every country love their children. They have celebrations during their birthdays or name
days. In Japan, there are national festivals to celebrate their children at the same time. These
festivals are called Girls Day and Boys Day. Today, we are going to talk about Boys Day.
On May 5, the Japanese celebrate Boy's Day and they call it Children's Day. People fly banners on
their house. The banners are made of paper or cloth, and they look like fish. When the wind blows,
the fish-like banners filled with air seem to be swimming. Each family puts up one fish banner for
each boy. The fish banner of the oldest boy is the largest and it is on the top. The youngest boy has
the smallest fish at the bottom. These banners represent a type of fish called the carp. The carp is a
strong and brave fish. It swims up the river against great difficulties and doesn't give up. People
hope the boys will grow to be strong and brave like the carp.
Inside the house, in a place everyone can see, there are Boys Day dolls. These dolls represent
famous soldiers and heroes in history. The boys sometimes wear costumes of soldiers, too. Rich
families may put out old family souvenirs. The may also put out swords. The iris is an important
flower on Boys Day because its leaves look like a sword. They put iris leaves around the table with
the dolls. They also add iris leaves to a hot bath. They believe that when you take a bath with iris
leaves, it will protect you from sickness.
III. Comprehension Check


What is another word for Boys Day?


When do they celebrate?


What do the banners represent?


What is your favorite festival?


English as a second language dates back to the 15th century. Bilingual programs were implemented
in order to strengthen ties with other nations and to open more doors for trading. The high price of
learning a new language meant not everybody could take advantage of this opportunity, and tutors
had to travel in order to teach those who could afford it.
Because of the perpetual advancements in technology, learning has now progressed greatly. From
physical school rooms to virtual classrooms, more and more people are now able to obtain
knowledge of the universal language of Englishthrough the use of the Internet.
51Talk, the premier online English school in China and the Philippines, specializes in providing
quality English online training by facilitating collaborative cultural exchanges between its teachers
and students.
In todays world, progress is essential and change is constant. 51Talk continuously responds and
adjusts to these demands, maintaining the high standards and top quality service of our
brand.51Talk is changing the online ESL scene by using a more conducive approach to learning. We
want to revolutionize the way online English education is marketed and offered. Our mission is to
give Chinese students an equal opportunity in acquiring first-class English education. We offer
promising alternative careers to those who seek stability. The vision we are living out aims to bring
out the best in each of us. We also aim to motivate our team in the Philippines by providing a full
spectrum of teaching, learning, and earning opportunities.

51Talk began their teaching ventures as a small account providing Nihonggo classes for the
The inspiration behind the brand can be traced back to when ESL was for the well-off. Japanese and
Chinese entrepreneursknew of many opportunities to grow their businesses, but the language
barrier made their attempts to tie up futile. Individuals who were proficient in both languages took
advantage of this situation by offering classes, and this made partnerships possible.
Huang JiaJia grabbed the chance to create equal learning opportunities for everybody. His
proposition for teaching English instead was met with great interest, and it wasnt long before
investors saw significant potential. It was an overwhelming surprise when, shortly after the launch of
51Talk, thousands of students enrolled. Because the demand grew, Huang JiaJia and his team
began outsourcing teaching. Because Filipinos have an excellent command of the English language,
51Talk decided to recruit teachers from the Philippines. The patience of Filipino teachers was perfect
for learners at the beginner stage.

The name 51Talk (pronounced as FIVE-ONE-TALK) may be translated as I want to TALK because
in Chinese, five sounds like the word I and one sounds like the word want. That being said, it is
one of our goals to ensure that our students have optimal talk-time during their lessons. It also
sums up the students' aspiration to master the language. 51Talk's dedication to providing their needs
for English proficiency remains consistent to this day.


The play on images describes what the company is about effective teaching techniques,
particularly the shadowing approach. Shadowing puts emphasis on the importance of interpretation
and comprehension. A technique that can either be verbal or non-verbal is clearly fitting for language

To deliver the best value and best quality services while employing a happy and high-performing
team. The desire to build a happy, high-performing team played an enormous part in building the
brand. With standards to maintain, and the drive to carry this out, it didnt take long for 51Talk to form
a pioneer team of highly skilled individuals.


To be recognized as the best and largest professional online English school in China and the
leading online English company in the Philippines. This is the 51Talk vision that became a reality
what started out as a very small account progressed into the premier online English school in China
and the Philippines.


Shared values unite the people of 51Talk and are the basis for our common culture. These values
form the foundation for our everyday decisions at work; ultimately geared towards achieving client
TEAMWORK We believe that the best ideas and solutions come from working well together.
POSITIVE ATTITUDE We choose to keep a positive attitude that gets the work done and motivates
others to do the same despite the challenges.
LEARNING We understand that growth, innovation and excellence stem from continuously wanting
to learn and improve.
KEEP MOVING! Fast-moving, we embrace efficiency and flexibility in completing our tasks and in all
our work processes and procedures.
51Talk works hard to maintain the shared values formulated to ensure top performance and




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Having more than 1,000 connections, 51Talks participation in this business-oriented site aims to
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This letter is in reference to my job application for the position of a Home-Based eEducator. I would like to inquire the current status of my application as I was
informed that it will be notified after my application.
I believe you will find me to a dedicated educator who is well qualified to provide
the motivation and direction students need to successfully learn. Please consider
my application. Ive been following 51Talk for a while and really respect how much
you focus on customer service and value teamwork among your employees, which
is something I am also passionate about. I am excited about this opportunity and
think I can bring a lot to your team. Please let me know if you have any questions or
if there is anything else you need from me.
I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Thank you,
Chanelle Honey G. Cruz
0915 273 5565