Welcome back one and all to my Victorian Legacy.

I recommend that any new readers start at the beginning, we've covered quite a bit of ground since I started this journey. To all my returning readers, you know the drill, make sure that you have your cup of tea and we will begin. In the last chapter we saw the fourth generation leave home for university and finishing school. Before we catch up with the heir, Edward, let us follow his eldest sister Alexandra through her first year at the Acadamie.

Alexandra had settled in well to her life at finishing school. Much to her delight she was excelling at her classes and was well on her way to becoming a very accomplished young lady. There was one blot on the landscape though, and so it was that she often dragged her second cousin Abigail out of an evening to the campus of Sim State University. "Alexandra we had not be doing what I think we are doing here."

"Abigail I really do not know what you mean. We have already been to see the orchestra perform at the Acadamie three times this semester. I thought that it would be nice to do something different. Both Father and Mother speak highly of this venue, so I thought it would be a nice evening out.“ Abigail just looked at her.

In the public bar of the lounge Joe Grundstrom was ordering his third drink of the night. For the most part he was happy, he was passing his classes, and he had not had any telephone calls from Alexandra Legacy. It was a shame he mused, they could have been friends, if she hadn't of been so overbearing.

Alexandra and Abigail entered the bar and Alexandra could not believe her eyes. "Joe?" She asked hesitantly.

"That's me." Said Joe turning round on his stool. "Alexandra!" he shot off of his stool, when he saw who it was. "What are you doing here?“ "Mother and Father recommended that I come here one evening.“ "Oh." Remembering his manners he suddenly said, "Please, have a seat. Let me buy you and ...“ "Miss Harrison." Supplied Abigail. "Miss Harrison a drink."

As she sat down Abigail shot Alexandra a look. "Only here because William and Beth recommended it, my foot." She said under her breathe earning an elbow in the ribs as Alexandra struggled onto her own stool.

Once their drinks had arrived and the pleasantries were over, Alexandra, with customary candour and impatience, waded into the subject that most interested her. "I have been waiting for you to return my calls Joe. I have left my number with your parents on numerous times."

Joe wasn't quite sure how to reply. Alexandra.“

"I...I...I have been very busy with classes and assignments

"We are all busy with our schoolwork Joe. But is a quick telephone conversation too much to ask once in a while?“ "I am sorry Alexandra, I should have made the effort." Joe heard himself say. He did not know why exactly, but whenever he was around her, he seemed incapable of logical thought, and found himself agreeing with her.

He knew he had to get away before she had planned out the rest of the semester for him. He faked a yawn, "Well lovely though it has been seeing you again Alexandra, I have an early class in the morning. Good night to you both."

Alexandra slid off of her stool and gave him a hug goodbye. "Well in that case good night Joe. But you have not told me which halls you are living in.“ "Edward Prince of Wales Halls." He said before he could stop himself. "Well I expect I will see you soon." Said Alexandra as Joe extracted himself from her grasp before he could say anything else.

Joe made his way back to the halls in a bit of a daze. From conversations with his parents he had known that Alexandra was at the Acadamie, and that she was trying to get in contact with him, but he had not expected to run into her whilst out one evening. Once back home he sought out Anthony Smith, who had fast become his closet friend at Sim State. "You will never guess who I have just seen." He said taking a seat.

"Who is that then old chap?" Said Anthony as he moved a chess piece. "Alexandra Legacy." Replied Joe as he looked at the board. "This is the young lady you call 'the limpet' yes?“ "That is her. I just cannot seem to be able to shake her. She will haunt me to my dying day I think.“ "It surely cannot be as bad as you say." Said Anthony, his mind on his next move. "It is though. Everyone knows that well-drops are not serious. I mean I signed up to the agency for a bit of fun, and some extra cash. It was never serious."

"And yet Miss Legacy seems to find it very serious indeed." Said Anthony. "Yes, and I cannot tell her that it is not.“ "Have you tried?“ "Well...not in so many words...“ "That is your problem then. Tell her and she will leave you alone.“ "I suppose..."

Over the next few days Joe came to regret letting slip his address to Alexandra. With her normal vigour she had managed to find a telephone number for him and had tried calling every other day to speak to him. Every time she called though, she ended up speaking to Anthony and not Joe. "I am very sorry Miss Legacy, but Joe is at the library studying this evening...Yes again, I am afraid that he is finding his studies difficult this semester. I will tell that you have called."

Back at the Princess Alexandra Halls of Residence (which looks amazingly like the Prince Albert Halls, just with different décor) Alexandra listened to Anthony, a familiar sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. "Thank you Mr Smith. You are too kind."

She put the receiver down, and sighed. She had thought that Joe loved her, but now...she wasn't so sure. Abigail had overheard most of the conversation. "Alexandra, come on, let us go to your room." She slipped her arm through her cousin's and led her away from the phone.

"Alexandra," she started, "I know that you like him, but have you perhaps considered that you should be leaving this relationship in the past and looking for another?“ "I...“ "I hate to say this my dear, but he does not appear to want to talk to you."

"I...I know Abigail, but I do not know what to do.“ "Move on, dear. You are beautiful and accomplished and there are many other men out there who are deserving of your affection." But at that moment of time Alexandra could not see that.

"Maybe you are right," she said, more to get Abigail out of her hair than anything, "and now I am tired and wish to retire to bed. Goodnight.“ "But it is only eight in the evening..." protested Abigail. "And I am tired and want to go to bed. Goodnight." Snapped Alexandra. Truth is she wanted to be alone, she felt like her heart was breaking.

Whilst this was occurring, another conversation was taking place at Sim State. "Did you have to make it sound like I am un-intelligent?" asked Joe. "Yes, because at the moment it seems as if you are. That is the last time I am covering for you Joe. Next time she calls here, you are speaking to her."

"But I cannot. You can see what she is like, calling day after day. If I speak to her and encourage her it will only get worse."

"I do not care. It is not a difficult thing you have to do Joe. Tell her that you do not care for her that way and that you do not wish to see her in a romantic situation.“ "But her lip starts to tremble and her eyes fill with tears when she is upset and...“ "Enough." Interrupted Anthony, "It is not fair to the poor girl for you to keep stringing her along like this. Tell her the truth and be done with it.“ "I...I will do it tomorrow.“ "Good."

The next morning Joe found himself asking for the Princess Alexandra halls at Acadamie le Tour. "Good morning may I speak to Miss Legacy? ... Alexandra, it is Joe." He held the receiver away from his ear as she greeted him down the phone. Once she had finished squealing, he put it back to his ear. "I have been keeping well, if a little busy..."

"Yes I know. Mr Smith has told me that you are spending most of your time at the library.“ "Yes, this semester has been very tough." He cursed Anthony and his lie. He swallowed as he prepared for what he was about to say. "I was wondering if you would like to go out to the local tea-shop this afternoon?“ "Tea? With you? I would love to."

Grinning inanely Alexandra put down the receiver and raced to find Abigail. "Abigail I am so excited he has rung. We are going out for tea. Is that not wonderful news?"

Abigail was not so sure. "I am happy that he has been in contact Alexandra, but please do not be so excited. I do not want to see you getting your hopes up in case he doesn't call for ages again.“ "Pft, Abigail, do not be so silly. He was obviously snowed under with work which is why he has not made contact. Just as Mr Smith has said actually. Now I must go and start getting ready.“ It was a very worried Abigail who watched her cousin walk out of her room.

A couple of hours later Joe was ordering drinks for himself and Alexandra. "You are a very lucky man." Said the barista. "I am?" Asked Joe slightly stunned. "Yes, do not sound so surprised. Your young lady is very beautiful."

Joe turned to look at Alexandra sitting at their table. It suddenly struck him that the barista was right. "She is, isn't she?" "Certainly. I do not think that we have such a beautiful lady in here all year." Alexandra's drinks back to their table, a thoughtful look on his face. Joe took his and

"Thank you Joe." Said Alexandra as he handed her her cup. "This was such a good idea of yours. We can really have a good chat and catch up.“ "I do have class this afternoon, so I cannot stay too long.“ "Oh." Alexandra's face fell.

Joe made a decision. She really was a beautiful woman, if a little pushy. He had invited her here to tell her that he didn't want to see her again, but ... if he could see her on his terms, perhaps he could make this work, at least for a little while. "I was wondering though if you were free to go to dinner one evening."

"Dinner?" Alexandra was slightly shocked. Last night she had resigned herself to never hearing from Joe again, and now he was asking her to dine with him. "I would like that very much." "Oh good. We will have to arrange a date then.“ "Yes." She had nearly blurted out 'I can make whenever you want,' but had stopped herself just in time. After all she didn’t want to appear too keen did she?

Even with the distraction of Joe and wondering about their relationship Alexandra managed to pass her first year with flying colours and it wasn't long until her brother Edward and three of her cousins (Theodore, Stanley and Elle) were starting university and finishing school themselves. Stanley had taken responsibility for claiming the boys' rooms in the Prince Albert halls of residence. This led to one of the boys not being too happy with his room. "It is pink!"

"Er Stanley, are you about? Why am I in a pink room?" Called out Theo. Fortunately perhaps for Stanley he had decided to explore the campus once he had dumped his trunk in his room and so was nowhere to be found.

His pink room was still on Theo's mind as he sat down to dinner with Edward. "I will swap rooms with you if you want Theo." "If anyone should swap with me it is Stanley." Replied Theo. "His has a double bed." Said Edward with a meaningful look. The three of them were as close as brothers and he and Theo were well aware of what Stanley was like. "Ah. He is unlikely to want to swap then.“ "No. I think that he probably chose his room first then reserved the two nearest free ones."

Over the next couple of days the boys started to settle into university life. Theodore especially threw himself into his studies and was often to be found sitting in the drawing room with his nose in a book. He was often joined by Vanessa Landry, and although all the females in the halls of residence knew she was drawn to him not just because of his brain, he seemed totally unaware of this fact. "Miss Landry, I hope you do not mind if I am so bold as to remark on your appearance?“ "Ah...No not at all." Replied Vanessa. She had spent longer than usual on her hair before offering to help Theo with his research, she hoped that the effort was about to pay off. "It is just that it is amazing, but you look just like my Aunt Beth."

"I do?" she stammered a fixed smile on her face. That was not what she had hoped to hear. "Yes it is uncanny. Edward and I were discussing it only the other day.“ "Oh...If you will excuse me Mr Harrison, I have just remembered that I have an early class tomorrow. Good night.“ "Oh, good night then Miss Landry.“

*** Yes Vanessa is New Sim State's version of Beth. No I couldn't kill her any more than I could purposely kill Beth, and no she will not be marrying in, that would just be too weird.

Edward was in frequent contact with his parents. William had made sure that he was as close to his children as he had been to his mother. "Father how are you, Mother and Vicky?"

"We are keeping very well Edward. I am especially pleased because I have invented a new toy.“ "You have? Well done Father. What sort of a toy is it?“ "It is an automated water pump in the shape of an octopus. They cost quite a bit in terms of materials, but I think that they will be best sellers. How are you?"

"I am well. I have had a couple of difficult assignments lately, but I hope that I have passed with a good enough mark.“ "I am sure you have, and if not as long as you have done your best, that is all your mother and I can ask. How are your cousins?“ "Theodore is also studying hard."

"As for Stanley, well he is more concerned with making new friends at the moment.“ "I do hope that he doesn't neglect his studies, Robert will not be pleased if his son fails to gain a good grade."

Keen to change the subject Edward cast around for a new one. "Err, have you heard from Uncle Charles lately?“ "Yes, he rang last night to tell me that he has proposed marriage to Miss Angela Simself and she accepted. Their marriage is planned for after his graduation.“ "Yes all there of us are planning on coming home for it. I had better go Father, I will speak to you soon, love to Mother and Vicky.“ "Good bye son.“

*** Anglea aka thepiepers5 writes the wonderful Th'a Simple Life.

Edward wasn't the only one to have frequent calls from home. "No Grandpapa I am not courting anyone yet...I have not met anyone that is why...I think I will meet someone when I do and not before..." Theo held the receiver away from his ear at Thomas's response. "Well I am going out this evening, and it is not as if I am staying in all the time...Grandpapa I am only nineteen it is not as if I am over the hill yet...look I have to go goodbye.“ Sighing Theodore hung up. His grandfather seemed to be obsessed with Theodore finding a wife lately and it was wearing on him.

Theo hadn't been fibbing when he had told Thomas that he was going out. Stanley had spent far more time than the other two around the campus and had persuaded them that they needed to visit the Campus Lounge. "Come on you two, hurry up." Said Stanley bringing up the rear as his cousins went to get their coats.“ "Stanley, the Lounge is hardly likely to have disappeared in the time it takes for us to get there now is it?" pointed out Edward. Truth is he was looking forward to going out but he couldn't understand his cousin's impatience.

They arrived at the Campus Lounge to find it disappointingly empty. "Stanley, I thought that you said that this was the place to go for entertainment in the evening.“ "It normally is old chap, it just seems a bit quiet at the moment. I am sure that it will soon fill up."

Theodore looked round. Apart from themselves, the only other patron was playing the piano, badly on the little stage. "Yes," he said, "it certainly looks like it is just waiting for the rush. Oh well at least we can have a couple of juices in peace."

As the night wore on and the promised crowd failed to materialise, Edward's patience with the poor piano player started to wear thin. "I am sure that he is the reason things are so quiet here. Think about it, why would anyone want to come here to listen to that racket? I have half a mind to go and take over.“ "You should." Agreed Stanley.

Theodore started drumming on the bar top. "A few more of these juices and I might even get up and sing with you." His cousins exchanged looks. Theodore had a very good singing voice, but always seemed unusually embarrassed about it. If he was offering to sing then he must be feeling ...rather jolly shall we say.

The piano player did eventually leave, taking with him no tips, much to his disappointment. Edward, true to his word then got up and took to the instrument. The violin might be his preferred choice, but he was able to turn his hand to any instrument he desired. Soon the lounge was filled with the sound of beautiful music.

Stanley had stood watching his cousin for a little bit before deciding to accompany him on the drums, and it wasn't long before Theodore also got up to take to the stage.

As his pleasing baritone voice joined the sound of his cousins' playing, the lounge began to fill up. The barmaid looked around, she would have to ask the trio to come back and perform another night. Especially the singer; he was certainly having an effect on the ladies in the bar.

Edward hadn't had much time to catch up with his eldest sister. Whenever he had called the Victorian Privileged Ladies Society she had been out, so it was a surprise when he walked into the drawing room to see her standing there one afternoon. "Alexandra, how lovely to see you. What have you been up to?"

"Oh this and that. I have been seeing a lot of Joe lately. You remember Joe do you not?“ Edward nodded, it was not as if anyone in the family would ever be allowed to forget Joe. "Well we go out dancing quite a few times a week..."

"...that is normally followed by dinner. We are getting on so well, I really think that he might be visiting Father at some point in the future to discuss an engagement."

"That will be wonderful if he does." Replied Edward. "I know. What about you, are you seeing anyone?" A frown crossed Edward's face. He may agree with Theodore when he said that they would find love when the time was right, but in his heart of hearts he was worried. There was so much pressure on him to find that special someone and carry on the bloodline. If he didn’t marry and produce a son then the legacy would fail. "No, there is no one yet." he replied. "Well I am sure that you will find someone eventually." Said Alexandra before continuing to chat about how wonderful Joe was.

That night Theodore was awoken by an insistent knocking at his door. "Alright, alright." He mumbled as he pulled back the covers and wiped the sleep out of his eyes. "I am coming, hold your horses."

He opened the door to find a very irate Demi Love waiting for him. As she advanced, forcing him back into his room he protested "Really, I do not think that being alone with a gentleman in his room will be any good for your reputation. You should leave now.“ "Be quiet." Came the reply. "Theodore Harrison you are coming with me.“ "How do you know my name?“ "I know lots of things. Now turn around."

As he was led through the halls, he hung his head in shame. He still had no idea what was going on, or what he was meant to have done. The one saving grace he thought was that Stanley wasn't about to make some crack about handcuffs.

Rather than be taken to a gaol though, the carriage pulled up outside a mansion, and before he knew it Demi had unlocked the handcuffs, and pushed him out. He got to his feet and brushed himself down as the carriage sped off. 'What on earth is this place?' he wondered, looking up at the mansion. At that point the front door opened and a parade of people appeared.

A pretty brunette approached him and handed him a jacket. "Here put this on Mr Harrison." Theodore took it from her and slipped it on. The night air was cold and he was only wearing his pyjamas. "Who are you, and what is this place?“ "I am Marie Tang and we are the Langrabb Society. Miss Landry, has persuaded us that you would be an asset to us.“ "Yes, that is all very interesting Miss Tang, but what does this society do?" "What don't we do?" came the reply. "Come inside and we will explain."

The next morning found Vanessa and Stanley outside the halls. "I just do not understand it Mr Legacy. We are close and I have even ...done something for him, but still Mr Harrison refuses to see me as anything other than a friend."

"Oh really?" said Stanley raising an eyebrow, a leer appearing on his face, "you have 'done something for him'?“ Vanessa tutted and rolled her eyes "Nothing like that I can assure you Mr Legacy. influence is all.“ "Oh, and I do not suppose...?“ "No Mr Legacy." "Ah well, he cannot say I did not try ..." His voice trailed off under Vanessa's glare. "Look Miss Landry, I am afraid that it is very simple. You are the spitting image of our Aunt Beth. A man like Theodore cannot fall in love with a woman who looks like his best friend's mother.“ Her face fell. "I am sorry Miss Landry, but you will have to be content with just being friends with him." I just used my

Before the three of them knew it, it was time for them to study for their final exams. Edward and Stanley preferred to stay at the halls, working in their rooms or the dining room. It may be busy, but they both liked the hustle and bustle around them.

Theodore's preferred place though was the library. It was not unusual for him to stay there for most of the night whilst the lamps burnt lower and lower.

All their hard work paid off though and all three finished the year at the top of their respective classes. The end of their first year also meant that it was time for them to move out of the halls of residence and into the Legacy Society founded by their grandfather during his time at university. Edward was the last to leave the halls. He couldn't believe that a year had passed already; the time he would take over as head of the family seemed to be approaching fast.

The move into the LS went smoothly; their Uncle Charles had graciously agreed to postpone his graduation to help them settle in, and it seemed to Eddie that there was only one real way to celebrate. Thus the LS saw its first toga party, even if Eddie and Alexandra decided to forgo the toga and wear nightclothes instead.

As Theodore walked through the dining room into the newly built games room he caught the eye of Vanessa Landry who was sitting at the poker table. She nodded at his unasked question, tonight was the night. Theodore smiled, Edward was in for more than he bargained for tonight.

At eleven o'clock exactly a carriage pulled up outside the house and PC Centowski entered. "Can I help you officer?“ "Turn around please sir.“ "I am sorry?" asked Edward, not sure of what he was hearing. Centowski sighed. "Please do not make this difficult sir. Turn around." At the poker table Vanessa fought to suppress a smile. It may be a little heavy handed using the county constabulary to transport the new recruits for the Langrabb Society, but it was amusing for the current members.

As Edward felt the cold steel snap round his wrists his mind was whirring. He had no idea what was going on, but his stomach felt as if it were on fire. Was this how his father had felt when he was arrested? The same shame and the confusion raging through his mind?

As Edward was marched through the hall, he tried to get Stanley's attention. "Stanley...“ "Shush Edward I am on the telephone, sorry about that Miss Philips, where were we...?"

After being driven round for a good twenty minutes the carriage pulled up in front of the same mansion that Theodore had found himself in front of several nights ago. As he stood there wondering just what was going on, Vanessa Landry exited the mansion and approached him. "Welcome to the Landgrabb Society Edward Legacy." She said smiling. "But you were at the LS when I left?" protested Edward. “ "Yes I was, but we at the Langrabb Society have many resources under our control.“ Edward looked round, taking in the landscape. "Is that the Sim State Tower I can see there?" he asked pointing to a building a little way off. "Yes." Conceded Vanessa. "In that case we can be no more than a ten minute walk away.“ "True. But we like to keep an illusion of mystery Mr Legacy."

Once he had returned to the LS Edward made a beeline for his cousin. He had learnt just before leaving that it had been Theodore who had put his name forward for membership. "Why did you not say anything to me about any of this Theodore?"

"Edward the thing about a secret society is that it is meant to be secret. We cannot go round telling all and sundry.“ "But I am your best friend, you could have said something." Said Edward. "I am sorry Eddie, but I really couldn't." Edward shrugged, he knew that Theodore was right, but he still didn’t like having things kept from him. Everyone ended up having a good time at the party despite their host's disappearance.

The next day Edward had completely forgiven his cousin, and they headed to the library to start researching their essays for that semester. Whilst there Edward bumped into a familiar face, but one he hadn’t seen for over a year. "Miss Leong, how pleasant to see you."

"And you Mr Legacy. I did not expect to see you here. Is your cousin here too?" Carmen and Stanley had dated briefly back in Regalton. "Stanley? I believe he is inside.“ "Oh. Well it is just as well that I have already found the book I was needing." Things hadn't ended well with Stanley: she had found out that he was also stepping out with Lydia Parker, and had not been pleased. "I will hopefully see you around then Edward.“ "Yes I hope so."

That night it was finally time for Charles to graduate. He was not the only one happy that he was going home: his fiancée Angela could not wait to be wedded to him. "Just think Charles in a few more days we will be man and wife.“ "I know my dear. We have waited so long."

Angela and myself weren't the only people to have made the journey from Regalton to Sim State: also attending the party were a number of Charles's siblings. "It is so strange to be back here," Said William as Charlotta got ready to deal, "and the house has changed so much. I really like this new games room I must say.“ "I agree," said his sister. When I spoke to Evelyn last she said that they had added one to the Ladies Society too.“ "It does not seem so strange to me, but then again I am far younger than you two and so haven't been away for so long." chimed in James with a cheeky smile at his older siblings.

Just like the party the night before, this one was also interrupted by the Secret Society turning up to induct into its ranks one of the boys. "Err help?" Stanley squeaked as Sergeant Kauker fastened the handcuffs on his wrists. Little did he know that his cousins were watching from round a door struggling to keep from laughing at him.

Stanley stood watching the other members of the Langrabb Society start filing towards him. "What the...?“ "Welcome to the esteemed Landgrabb Society." Intoned Dongsool Ternynck. "Err thank you I think. Tell me though is this an all male society?“ "No we do have female members too.“ "Oh thank goodness for that. No offence chaps, but I do like some nice scenery to look at."

Stanley returned to the Legacy Society just in time to take part in the usual game of Myshuno. Charles's graduation party was a roaring success.

Charles, William, Charlotta and James weren't the only ones making the trip back to the village. The three boys and Alexandra were joining them so that they could attend the weddings of Charles and Evelyn. The first night back in the village saw the boys down the local pub catching up with their fathers. "Been practising I see.“ "Yes Father, well I need something to while away my evenings with.“ "I would have thought that your evenings would be full enough Stanley.“ "Oh no, I stay in quite a bit, I am not out on the tiles all the time.“ "I was talking about your studies son.“ "Oh."

In the public bar Frederick and Theodore were chatting at a table. "I am so glad that you are doing well at university, and I hear that you have been accepted into the Landgrabb Society?“ Theo nodded "Yes, and I surmise from your knowledge of it that you are a member.“ "I am indeed, and your mother is a member of the Volauvent Society.“ "Why am I not surprised?" asked Theo. Frederick just smiled. "Now I know that this is not going to please you Theo, but I promised your grandfather that I would broach the subject with you. He wants to know why you are not courting yet."

Theo sighed, a look of distress on his face. "Father just why is Grandpapa so obsessed with me finding a wife?“ "Your grandfather is very set in his ways and values the continuation of the family line son. You would not believe the state he got himself in before your birth, wondering if my first born would be a son to carry on the family name." Frederick gave a rueful smile. "It is so wearisome Father. I will find the woman I want to spend my life with in due course."

Sitting at the bar Edward couldn't help but overhear the conversation. "Oh dear, he said laughing, it sounds as if Theodore is getting some pressure from Great Uncle Thomas to find a wife."

William who had also overheard said "Yes, although to be fair to Uncle Thomas, if your Grandma Allyn was still alive, I expect that she would be exerting a similar amount of pressure on you.“ William paused, as if weighing up what he about to say. "Speaking of which, are you seeing anyone Eddie?"

Edward stared into space, a familiar panic spreading through his body. "No Father, there is no one special yet."

"Ah well, you are young, there is plenty of time to find someone, and you will know when you do. Take me for example; as soon as I walked into the Campus Lounge that day and saw your mother standing there, I felt like I had been hit by a locomotive." He smiled, a dreamy look on his face. "I still do come to think of it, especially when she laughs. Your mother has the most amazing laugh Edward."

You and Mother are very lucky Father." Said Edward quietly. "I know it son, but you will find someone you love." Proclaimed William confidently. "Yes I know." But even as he said the words all the doubts he felt surged to the forefront of his mind. Noticing that his son had fallen quiet William sought to change the subject, "Did I tell you I am looking for a manager for Beth's Bouquets?“ "No Father you did not." So William set about telling his son all about it, and by the time last orders were called Edward was in a much happier frame of mind.

The next day dawned bright but cold and the entire family and quite a few simselves gathered to witness Charles and Angela's nuptials. The groom looked so handsome in his morning suit, it was easy to see why Angela had fallen for him. As for the bride, she was stunning in her ivory dress.

*** At the wedding, but not necessarily in this shot were: Annie Tatdatcm the Doublet Legacy and Potpal Legacy. GintasticNecat the Science of a Legacy. hbCirce the Geogacy. DrSupremenerd the Vetinari Dualegacy. Denise Avidreader2466 Puritanical Green thumb. Michellefobbs a Planetary Apocalypse. Lea tlhs0 The Barsoom Legacy. Aphrodita Scarier than Thou. Cee charris The Regacy. These are all excellent reads I highly recommend.

It was a beautiful ceremony and everyone had a smile on their face as the happy couple shared their first kiss as man and wife. I personally hoped that my friend and Charles would be very happy and that they would face whatever the future threw at them, where ever they were, together.

When it came to cutting the cake no one was surprised that Charles though it funny to shove a handful into his bride's mouth. Thankfully Angela saw the funny side of it, otherwise Charles could have been spending his first night as a married man on the sofa.

The reception wasn't as long as some have been because of Charles's twin's wedding in the afternoon, but there was dancing at Angela's insistence.

The family soon made their way over to the town house purchased by Evelyn and her intended. She had been seeing Orlando Steele for some time, but it was only after their final exams that he had asked her to marry him. As they exchange their vows Evelyn couldn't help but wonder what their married life would be like. In many ways she thought that if circumstances were different they would not marry, but rather just ... live together.

But none of that mattered. What did matter was the here and now, and she was really very happy.

As they sat down to eat the cake, Alexandra spoke up. "This is really very delicious Aunt Evelyn. You must let me have the name of the baker. I will soon be starting to organise my own wedding I think."

Evie looked at her brother. "Really? I take it that Mr Grundstorm has been to see you then William?"

"No not yet." Came the reply. "But it is only a matter of time before he does Papa." Said Alexandra confidently. William shared a look with Evie. He loved his eldest daughter fiercely and hoped that she wasn't about to get her heart broken by Mr Grundstrom.

The boys' second year seemed to speed by in a blur of research and essays punctuated by mundane activities back at the Legacy society such as repairing the shower...

...painting the portraits to immortalise their time at university...

...and setting that stove on fire when disposing of the many empty paper cups that litter the floor following the delivery of a new fruit keg.

Before they knew it their second semester was more than half over. Edward and Stanley entered the drawing room one day and threw themselves down on the sofa. "Theo....Theo...THEO." Edward had to shout to get Theodore's attention. "Hm? Oh sorry Eddie, did you want something?“ "What are you so engrossed in?“ "Oh there is a research project taking place over the summer advertised here that I am thinking about applying for.“ "Oh, right. Well Stanley and I were thinking about what we were going to do in the summer vacation, but you seem to have got it all sorted.“ "Yes, as long as I am accepted. I cannot believe that we are nearly half way through our degrees.“ "No, neither can I." Edward's face fell. Both of his cousins knew what he was thinking about. "Stop fretting Edward, you won't let the family down, you will find the woman you love." Reassured Theo.

Stanley just stared into space. He didn't get what his cousin's problem was. In his experience love was easy to find, it was limiting oneself to just one lover that was a challenge.

"Everyone keeps saying that, but at the moment I just cannot see it.“ "It is difficult, I know." Replied Theo. "I mean it is not as if you are pig-ugly, so why are the girls not falling at your feet?“ "Thank you Theo, you are making me feel so much better." Said Edward with a smile at his cousin. "Listen chaps, this is getting far too depressing," interrupted Stanley, "what say you of hitting the gymnasium?“ "Yes alright. I will just go get my bag." Said Eddie, but he was still worrying about the future.

The boys were actually frequent visitors to the gym, something that the female population of both Sim State and the Acadamie had noticed. 'Oh that Theodore Harrison is certainly the best looking man on campus.' Thought Emily Gregory as she walked by 'He's smart too, if only he would...‘ "OW!" she cried out as she collided with one of the exercise machines. "Are you alright miss?" called out Theo looking over at her. composure far more injured than her leg. "Fine," she muttered. Her pride and

As well as working on their fitness the boys were often to be found earning a bit of extra cash by helping others with their training. However their approach couldn’t be more different. "You are not working hard enough. My grandmother could do better and she has been dead for over twenty years! Get off, no, no I mean it, get off now"

"Look, see this is how you do it. Can you not see how am attacking it? I am really running and making the machine work for me." Stanley was oblivious to the fact that his pupil was in tears watching him.

Edward meanwhile was much more supportive. "You are doing really well. That is it; see how you are working the machine. Well done!"

With only a couple of days to go before their final exams the boys were studying hard, although you wouldn't think it if you happened to stop by during one of their breaks. "Theodore, you have a telephone call." Shouted Stanley from the hall. "Coming. By the way the cow is here again.“ "Right I will get the gun."

Mindful of any trouble the cows could cause the boys following Henry's manipulation of one of their own, I had dropped off a very powerful weapon to help deter them. Stanley was particularly fond of it, although Edward had been known to use it on occasion too.

Having witnessed his cousin chase off the cow, Theo went into the hall to take his phone call. "This is Theodore Harrison...I am sorry can you repeat that? Your voice is very muffled...I have? That is excellent news...You will send the details to me in the post? Thank you this is a wonderful opportunity for me." He put the phone down feeling very pleased. He had been selected to take part in the research project he had applied to.

Over at the Prince of Wales halls, things weren't going quite so well. Joe's continued relationship with Alexandra had put a massive strain on his friendship with Anthony. "Seeing Miss Legacy again?" asked Anthony as Joe walked through the main room. "Yes, not that it is any business of yours." Came Joe's cold reply. "But you make it my business." Countered Anthony.

Joe sat down next to him. "What do you mean by that?“ "I mean that every time you see her you come back here and complain like billy-oh about her. All you say for hours is how you wish she would give you some breathing space and let you be yourself. You ask me to take her next call, but when she calls the time after you agree to see her again. If you do not want to see her then break it off!“ "You do not know what she is like!" protested Joe.

"You forget that I do know her. I have met her and she seems like a lovely girl. Intelligent and witty as well as beautiful. I ...like her, and I do not want to see her hurt.“ "What makes you think she will get hurt?“ "Oh please Joe. It is inevitable, because you do not love her, but she thinks you do."

Anthony sighed. "Look Joe, what you are doing is not fair on either of you. Break it off and find someone you do love, whilst letting her find some one who loves her as she deserves to be loved.“ Joe was silent for a moment. "Have you finished?" he said at last. "Yes, I have.“ "Well I am going out. See you later." And with that Joe got up and waked out, leaving Anthony to stare at his retreating back.

On his way to meet Alexandra Joe turned over in his mind what his friend had said. Anthony was right, drat him. Joe had thought that if he could dictate their relationship it could work, but Alexandra was too strong a character for him to even begin to try to dominate. Maybe eating some humble pie for Anthony was better than being stuck in this relationship. Once he and Alexandra were alone at their picnic spot he took a deep breath and prepared to break it off. "Alexandra, there is something I need to say to you." he started.

"Hm and what might that be my dear?" asked Alexandra. "Well ... erm... you see..." Joe struggled as he looked into her big blue eyes. 'She really is very beautiful.' he thought 'and as Anthony has pointed out also witty and intelligent as well as accomplished. She will make a man a wonderful wife one day. Why should that man not be me?‘ 'Because,' cut in his second thoughts 'you do not love her Joe; you desire her...' his eyes travelled from her face down over the swell of her bosom and settled on her minuscule waist, 'Oh yes you certainly desire her, but love? No.‘ 'I can still make it work.‘ 'No you cannot.'

Joe chose to ignore his second thoughts and listen to his first instead. "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.“ Alexandra couldn’t believe her ears. "Really? You think so?“ "Yes I do." Alexandra smiled; she had waited so long to hear him compliment her so. "Would you like to dance Miss Legacy?“ "I would love to Mr Grundstrom."

As they danced Alexandra felt as if her heart was singing, but Joe was wondering if he was doing the right thing. "I expect you will want to see Father soon?" asked Alexandra hopefully. Full blown panic spread through Joe's body, but he swallowed and managed to nod. "Yes, I will I think."

All too soon it was time for the boys to sit their final exams, and they were all extremely pleased to once again pass at the top of their classes. The end of the year also meant that it was time for Theodore to leave for his spot on the research project. Well take care cousin," said Edward as Theo came to say goodbye after loading his trunk into the carriage. "I am sure that you will find it beneficial.“ "We promise not to have too much fun whilst you are away." Chimed in Stanley.

"You had better not." Said Theo laughing. "Look I had better go. I will see you chaps soon." With that he turned and walked out of the Legacy Society towards the waiting carriage.

*** Well I think that this is as good a place as any to leave Sim State and the Acadamie for the time being. Thank you all for reading, I hope that you have enjoyed it. As always I have to thank the creators of all my fantastic CC, especially Judie at All-About-Style and the wonderful creators at MTS2. Also thank you to the writers who have let me include their simselves and legacy characters. You can find their stories and many more at Boolprop.com. Lastly I have to say anyone who is interested look out for the events of Theodore's "research project" coming to the exchange soon. I will be completing that little side project before I next update the legacy. =>

Gorgeous Theo is gorgeous.

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