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D&G Telecommunications Company

Divine Grace M. Dael


Engineering Managemen

D&G Telecommunications Company
Organizational Structure

Works with other members of the IS staff to ensure that telecommunications solutions meet company needs.Responsible for the strategic planning and design of an organization's telecommunications systems. overseeing the . Chief Telecom Officer .Responsibilities include monitoring new technologies and assessing their potential to become new products or services.Senior Level – These are the highest job title attainable in the hierarchy of Telecom Company. These professionals usually manage their own sector of expertise and are more involved in decision making process for the company. Following are few profiles that get hold of senior level in the hierarchy of Telecom Company:   Director of Telecom Company .

interfaces between organization and community. operations and sales departments. Chief Telecom Executive . Vice President . develops a strategic plan to advance the company's mission and objectives and to promote revenue. including installation. which include supervising the preparation of administrative reports as requested reflecting the financial status of the telecommunication system.extracts data from the stand-alone telecommunications management system as well as other organization systems and utilize extracted data for analytical purposes. evaluating and redefining enterprise architecture. Telecom Company Manager . Oversee company operations to insure production efficiency. and participating in government. interfaces between Board and employees. and cost-effective management of resources.Oversees all aspects of a telecommunications system. evaluating current operating Technology systems to map to business needs and ensuring effective execution on IT Strategy. academic. acting as the main custodian of the branch. Telecom Branch Manager . In addition. explaining company products and future plans to the trade media. providing reliable technical assessments of potential mergers and acquisitions. General Telecom Manager . and industry groups where there are opportunities to promote the company's reputation and to capture valuable data.includes driving execution and technology adoption initiatives.Responsible for managing and leading a flexible and adaptable high-performance organization . profitability and growth as an organization. maintenance and troubleshooting. looks to the future for change opportunities.provide in house audit expertise on technical and organizational security measures employed within the telecoms sector and will be able to liaise effectively on a technical level with external stakeholders.Ensures staff and Board have sufficient and up-todate information. Middle Level – This level features all the job profiles at middle executive levels whose core duties depend on the sector they are associated with.ensures a smooth branch operation.The face of the company and serves as the strategic leader on all objectives related to directing and overseeing operations.         selection of research projects to insure that they have the potential to add value to the company. Assistant Telecom Manager . this individual will work with marketing to develop marketing business plans and manage the activities of the engineering. This level in-house professionals from different varying fields all working together for the smooth . President . advocates / promotes organization and stakeholder change related to organization mission Senior Section Editor Senior Audit Manager .Provides leadership to position the company at the forefront of the industry. quality. service. soliciting new business and managing existing clients. liaising with the main office to enhance operational activities of the branch.

develops. Telecom Administrator .may assemble and manage a team of software developers working on a specific project.may assign sales territories. responsible for maintaining equipment and networks that provide interactions between data and voice communications. network systems analysts. Concept Development Manager .functioning of the Telecom Company. and end users to improve the quality and efficiency of a variety of networks. conducts research. and communicate with the project manager to evaluate progress. evaluate product with other computer scientists. posting job openings and interviewing applicants. Chief Marketing Manager . Publicist . and voicemail systems. Telecom Communications Specialist . . such as telephone. securing product or story placement in media outlets. Following are few profiles that get hold of middle level in the hierarchy of Telecom Company:             Chief Engineer .Duties often overlap with PR specialists and may include creating press releases. identify a target audience and determine the best way to reach that audience. coordinating information systems throughout an organization. set income goals and assign quotas for sales representatives.creates strategies that help companies meet their sales objectives. evaluation and labor relations. Telecom Information Specialist Chief Sales Manager . and manage overall employee hiring. Engineering Associate Assistant HR Manager . computer. video conferencing. establish pricing strategies.specializes in designing and maintaining telecommunications systems.While the specific duties of an HR assistant will vary by company or organization. oversee workplace safety. Public Affairs Specialist . and maintaining reports on media coverage.ensure employees receive the proper compensation and benefits. Human Resources Manager . approve work estimates. general responsibilities include keeping employee records. tests and supervises the manufacturing of electronic equipment used in this industry. establish budgets. Some HR assistants also help with training new workers and processing payroll and employee benefits. Some of them possess a team of their own and are answerable for the working of their team to the senior professionals. direct the maintenance of employee records.drafts and sends press releases that contain important updates about their clients to print and broadcast media outlets. may also act as technical liaisons with other departments.general goal is to promote cooperative relationships between their clients and those who use their clients' services.

Telecom Associate Trainee .installs. Receptionist . . engineering and architecture. security. recommends system designs to meet department objectives. The majority of this level is occupied with the tele-callers who are the customer care representatives that handle the queries of clients around the country.provides hands-on leadership for staff members working in any number of industries -. Engineering Analyst . Telecom Information Assistant . science and data to determine if the processes in place are achieving the goals of the company or administration. and employees within the organization. including other employees or team members. Team Leader . Telecom Analyst . Following are few profiles that get hold of lower level in the hierarchy of Telecom Company:              Telecom Information Officer . visitors.Answer inquiries and provide information to the general public. telecommunications. researches and evaluates available and emerging technologies.Their job is to get tasks done by using all of the resources available to them.provides technological guidance within an organization Telecom Technical Supervisor . microwave and video systems.responsible for answering a wide variety of inquiries that come into the main information center for the company. programs and maintains hardware and software for a variety of telecommunications systems. offices. including audio. operates. manufacturing.gain experience of all aspects of their selected career. assesses telecommunication needs.provide assistance in the areas of network and server support.It is the responsibility of a receptionist to notify company personnel of the arrival of a visitor and to maintain security and the telecommunication system.working with clients to help them make the right decisions with their accounts and explain the financial services on offer to them. Server Analyst .wherever technical work is performed -such as laboratory and test environments. and development. customers. Lower Level – The professionals at this level of hierarchy of Telecom Company incorporates both fresher as well as experienced one. information technology.uses prevailing technology. and other interested parties regarding activities conducted at establishment and location of departments. Senior Telecom Associates Relationship Manager . radio. Front desk officer . and performs related duties as assigned Tele-callers – make out-going calls and receives inquiries.

Mission .D&G Telecommunications Company Vision The prime leader of the industry trusted by our customers through supplication of highquality and cost-effective products and prompt solutions to our customers.

Excellent service through immediate provision of consumer needs guaranteed by our profound professional knowledge of the varying needs of the changing global consumer and technology. Better life. Goals Smarter life. .