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“W£” wlII, “W£” wlII rock you!
W£ dedicated
W£ to the empowerment
of many given to us
by the internet.
>WE is Markus Beckedahl, Steffen Bueffel, Bea Gschwend, Ulrike
Reinhard and YOU! >WE observes and leads the way into a part-
cipatory future. >WE means emergent net culture. >WE is posi-
tively disruptive. >WE is an attitude. >WE means sharing. >
WE means collaboration. >WE believes in collective intelligence.
> WE means holistic and network thinking. > WE is smart be-
cause of the network of “Yous” WE is more than you & I. > WE
means responsibility. >WE doesn’t mean control. >WE means a
real change in power. > WE doesn’t mean copyright but creative
commons. >WE is diversity and harmony. >WE means partner-
ship. >WE connects people, ideas and thoughts around the globe.
>WE is authentic, humane, creative. >WE believes in the free-
dom of speech and ideas. >WE means openness and transparency.
> WE points to potential uses of social media. > WE detects
trends. > WE reflects and discusses the experiences, related to
social media. >WE describes the transformative nature of social
media in economy, society and culture. >WE is open to authors
around the globe. >WE engages into the current and future deve-
lopments driven by social media. >WE embraces cultural diversity.
yes we can!
... the manifesto
W£ is an international magazine built upon
the principles of our manifesto.
W£ is about the diverse and different understandings and
interpretations of “W£” in a digital world.
W£ addresses topics regarding society, politics,
education, culture and economics.
VoIume_01 wlII be pubIlshed ln August!
W£ will be published under a creative commons licence.
In order to benefit from all kinds of network effects the download
will be free of charge.
W£ will also be available as an on-demand print edition via
lulu.com. This avoids lavishness of natural resources and is our
commitment for a green planet.
Our advertising model is simple.
We charge
2500 Euro full page (215,9 mm x 279,4 mm)
1400 Euro half page (215,9 mm x 139 mm)
All prices are net.
WE >The world is talking.
WE is listening! Global Voices Online (Ethan Zuckerman)
WE >The Next Generation: Digtal Natives (Jonathan Imme)
WE >Digital Art (Regine Debatty)
WE >Virtual Communities (Howard Rheingold)
WE >From Youtube To WEtube (Henry Jenkins)
WE >In Organizations – Enterprise 2.0
(Soeren Stamer/Willms Buhse, Coremedia)
WE >Software – Open Source
WE >You don’t have to ask WE for permission –
Creative Commons (Joichi Ito)
WE >Care – Corporate Social Responsibility
(Till Behnke, betterplace.org)
WE >The Media (Dan Gillmour)
WE >Emerge – Self-Organization (Sugata Mitra)
WE >Teach, WE Learn, WE Connect (Stephen Downes and George Siemens)
WE >Collective Intelligence
WE >start-up – WE In The World Of AVenture Capitalist (Eran Davidson)
WE >Play – Games (Jeff Copp)
WE >Create – Crowdsourcing and Mass Costumization (Frank T. Piller)
WE >Towards a New Enlightenment and the Tasks
of a Natural Religion (Stuart Kauffman)
WE >Collaboration And Communication
Steffen Büffel
8orn ín 1¤¯¬ ¦ sLudíed ín 1ríer, Cernany’s oldesL cíLy ,),
lron 1¤¤¬ Lo 2oo1. ¦ graduaLed ín Medía SLudíes wíLh a
sLrong locus ín onlíne nedía. ¦ worked as a prolessor and
researcher ín Lhe deparLnenL ol nedía sLudíes aL 1ríer
ÜníversíLy Líll 2oo6. ¦ Lhen sLarLed Lo work as a lreelance
nedía consulLanL, socíal nedía experL and |ournalísL. You
can línd ne on Lhe web aL
Bea Gschwend
8orn ín 1¤¬2 ¦ wenL Lo ArL College ín Mannheín/Schwa
bíschCnund/!erusalen. ¦ graduaLed lron Desígn School
SchwabíschCnund. Sínce Lhen ¦’ve been workíng as an
arLísL and lreelance ín graphíc desígn. My lavoríLes are
corporaLe desígn, concepLíonal nagazíne and book lay
ouL. AlLer “exLended sLopovers” ín !erusalen, 1okyo and
New York ¦ goL sLuck ín Heídelberg – whích ísn’L Lhe
wrong place Lo be. You can línd ne on Lhe web aL
Ulrike Reinhard
8orn ín Heídelberg ín 1¤6o, ¦ graduaLed ín busíness na
nagenenL aL Lhe ÜníversíLy Mannheín where ¦ also wroLe
ny Lhesís locused on »Sponsoríng as lunds lor publíc ser
více broadcasLíng«. ¦ have been sellenployed sínce 1¤8¯
ín varíous líelds ol new nedía. 1¤8¯ ¦ opened up ny lírsL
LMaíl accounL aL 1he Well, 1¤¤4 ¦ organízed Lhe lírsL
Cernan »¦nLeracLíve 1V« congress. Also ín 1¤¤4 ¦ sLarLed
Lhe whoís search engíne lor new nedía conpaníes, a
níche producL reachíng lar nore Lhan ¬oo,ooo vísíLors
per nonLh. You can línd ne on Lhe web aL
uIrlke relnhard
whols verIag
fährweg z
6¤z¶¤ neckarhausen
teI ++d¤.6zz¤.¤¶0106
ceII ++d¤. 1¤1 ¤81d8¤88
skype: uIrlkerenate
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