THE BRACELETS PART 1 THE BEGINNING Please note, This story is a major rewrite of Stephanie’s “Bracelets of Love” It has

been five years since the occurrence of the event that was to so profoundly shape our future lives. The memory does fade with time, contradicting the oft-repeated statement “I’ll never forget that . . . ,” so I decided to record the events while my wife and I could still recall them clearly. Being writers we both kept notes, she better than I, so this is an accurate account of that event and the year following. We had been on a two-week vacation in England and were just starting the second week when the event occurred. Cindy had spent much of her time hunting down antique shops since we had arrived in England. In the four years I've known my wife she has always collected strange bits and pieces from all over the place. Cindy wasn’t about to stop simply because we were on vacation and had dragged me through at least a dozen curio and antique shops. She had heard of a small unadvertised antique shop near our hotel and gone to see it while I rested in our room. "So, what did you get this time?" I asked as she entered our hotel room."Have a look," she said with a smile. I opened her bag and took out several small metal animal figures and a small carved box containing two apparently identical odd-looking bracelets. I picked up one of the bracelets and tried to make sense of the designs on it. "What is it?" She shrugged. "I haven’t a clue. They just intrigued me, I had to buy them." The bracelets were made of what looked to be antiqued bronze. The center part was about three-quarters of an inch wide and an inch long with curved slightly tapered sections hinged to either side. I noticed that the center section had designs on both sides. As I examined it more closely, I saw that it could be rotated so that either side could be on top. There was no catch to hold it in place, and there was no indication there had ever been one. "How are they supposed to stay on?" Cindy leaned over and picked up one. "Don't know. When we get back home, I'm really going to have a fun time finding out all about their history." She placed it around her wrist and held it closed. I'll always remember what happened next. The center section began to glow a pale red. Cindy jerked her hand in surprise and pulled at the bracelet but it stayed on her wrist. “Rick,” she said, turning to me, holding up the bracelet. I looked at the bracelet and saw her startled face. “What’s happening to me,” she cried, her expression changing to one of fright as she looked down and grasped her breasts. I watched her breasts rapidly increasing in size while she tried to hold them with her hands. Her blouse was straining at its buttons and the straps of her bra were pressing into her flesh, her breasts bulging out over the top as they grew. I pulled her blouse up and managed to get her bra undone. She pulled her blouse and bra the rest of the way off and we both gasped at her large mammaries. Her breasts had not been small but you would not say that she was well-endowed, at least not with ones that turned men’s heads. They were a nice handful for me and very responsive to my touch. While I love my wife the way she is, I had always wondered what she would be like with large breasts, now I knew. "Cindy, how . . . " I stopped, lost for words. Had the bracelet somehow done this? It was impossible that someone could change so much in an instant, but I had just seen it happen. "Who cares?" she replied in a sultry voice. "I want you, now." The tone of her voice startled me, she sounded like she did when we were making love and she had gotten so hot she couldn’t wait any longer. How could she think of sex after her body had been transformed by some unknown power? She moved

she was still visibly aroused. her image flickered and changed. “It felt great. Did you notice we came together every time? When you've recovered." ." Cindy started giggling and we embraced. shifting her weight to one leg as she moved one knee slightly in front of the other to accentuate the curve of her hip and thigh. her face flushed. "It was fantastic. my cock hardening as I saw a body I almost didn’t recognize. I asked her what our sex had been like. "That was something else. Somehow. not exactly. ripping off my clothes as I moved to her. as if the bracelet had been welded shut. She had been beautiful before." I protested. she started to slow down. we had been making love for hours. Eventually I broke the silence by saying." "It took control of you?" "No. we can experiment when we get back home. The bracelet seems to turn me into the ideal sexual mate for whoever I'm closest to. you'll have to get used to the big-breasted amazon who'll be sharing your bed from now on. we'll try the bracelet again. We came together several times before I collapsed. the two curved pieces were joined into one by a silver-like material. Cindy walked over to the far side of the hotel room. every part of my body even remotely related to sex was turned on. remind me one day to tell you what she was thinking about." “How did it feel?” I asked. the sexual desire was overpowering me. Cindy's body had subtly altered. . responding to your every touch. At that moment I was too exhausted to care. she became the buxom version of herself again." "You're mad!" I exclaimed. What happened next brought me fully awake again. Finally.over to the double bed. I responded to her request. Now she was totally unrecognizable as my Cindy. I pulled at the bracelet and it came off in my hand. Cindy nodded. We sat back on the bed. On the side where the clasp would have been. It was fantastic. and I guess the mind of that man in the other room. Cindy returned to her normal self. It was like I was watching a movie of her. She was like an idealized version of the Cindy I knew. "You have no idea what it will do to you!" "I know exactly what it’ll do. . "What's happening to me?" she whispered in shock. dropping her head and smiling as she locked her eyes on mine. I just couldn't make myself do it. well away from the bracelet. She was about a foot taller. pressing her to the bed as we locked together.” She frowned. pushing down her short skirt and panties as she went. more intense than ever before. short black hair and light tan skin. My gaze moved down her body. Even now. her beautiful body like an artist’s model. I flung the bracelet on the bed and we stared at it in shock. We made passionate love. . She got up from the rumpled bed and stretched. I just couldn't do anything about taking the bracelet off. ." "But . Somehow. and when I was too exhausted she played with herself until I was ready to go again. I got closer to the man in the next room than I was to you. I'd always wondered what it would be like to have breasts that big and have you suck them while we fucked. now I know. Instantly. It was dark outside now. the silvery joining metal vanished. I had to get this off and break whatever spell had transformed my wife." She put the bracelet back in its box and hid it in a bag under the bed. She smiled. you changed when you walked over there. but now she was the embodiment of sensuality. "Well. and I couldn't form the words to ask you to do it. I called out her name and ran over to her. I could see the surprise in her eyes as she looked down at this new body. I lifted her arm and looked at the bracelet. There was nothing on my mind but sex. nipples erect. She turned toward me. "I think you got a bargain there. we went at it for ages. When I was about two feet from her. with the most voluptuous body I’d ever seen." "What was that?" "I couldn't take the bracelet off. She was insatiable. "There was only one problem. Everything else was me being driven by the desires of my body . It wasn't just her breasts that had changed.

let me take it off. returning around ten that evening after a good meal in a fine restaurant. almost as soon as she touched it. I should have been on top of her by now. but I couldn't seem to form the words. We took a shower and ordered a meal. I put it back on and immediately began to get a hard-on. I wasn't so sure that we should be using it at all. It was two in the morning when Cindy woke me. the bracelet had a faint blue glow now.” She turned the bracelet over and examined the back of the middle section. Cindy noticed the difference too. spreading her legs as I moved over her. I tried to reach the bracelet and remove it. "In a minute." This was as close as I could get to even mentioning the bracelet. I feel strange. The lovemaking session felt even better to me than it had when Cindy was wearing the bracelet. this is a woman on the top side and this is a man on the back. My body was more heavily muscled. Like Cindy. “Here. “I think I see something. sinking my cock into her. or what effects it might have on us. the imagery was there.” she asked. Cindy smiled and lay back on the bed. Cindy came back to bed and we made love for another two hours before she removed the bracelet and put it back in its box so we could sleep for a while. I felt strange. I reached over to her. “I tried to sneak it on you but it wouldn’t stay on. My reflection stared back at me from the mirror built into the side of the wardrobe. I could feel my erection starting to return. I was unstoppable. “Let me see it. Cindy was the artist in the family and she was the first to visualize the design of the bracelet. subtle but there nonetheless. Again. I was going to jump her when she got back.I could tell that Cindy was itching to use the bracelet again. then the front again.” Once Cindy had pointed it out. My body was now an idealized version of my normal form. maybe it was the long session I’d had the evening before or I was still groggy with sleep." She was right. put this back on and finish what you started. put this on. "I'm sorry. I just have to go to the bathroom. We were so tired by our long lovemaking session that we went to bed early.” she said as she reached for my arm. It was recognizable as me. it’s something else.” she said. I held out my arm with the bracelet on. “Maybe it doesn’t work for men. "You're probably ready to go again. "Cindy? I thought you were going to wait until we got back home. “still not recovered from last night?” “No. Cindy had showered first and was ." I lay in bed feeling my sex urge returning.” I said. “what’s wrong. I climbed out of bed and turned on the bedside lamp. these are legs on this side and these are arms on this side. turning on the bed lamp. but somehow I couldn't make my hand move toward it. it was so subtle only a trained artist would see it at first. I couldn't wait. It feels so good. I couldn't take the bracelet off or ask someone to do it for me. If she didn't hurry. “Let me look at it. it was heaven. doesn't it?" she said softly.” I closed it over my wrist and felt it lock shut. I massaged her almost to the point of orgasm. “Look here. We went out for another day of sight seeing. strange I thought.” said Cindy. I seemed to have regained my energy.” “Maybe it’s the bracelet.” she said. my love. See. but I had changed greatly. It came off in her hand. This is the trunk of the body in the middle. See the difference in the contours of the breasts and crotch on the two sides. I tried to ask her to remove the bracelet. Cindy smiled. it was the most I could do to tell her I wanted it off me.” said Cindy as she turned the figure over and handed me the bracelet. We came together in another explosive climax and then collapsed in each other's arms. Handing me the bracelet. you had the woman up. and my cock had grown substantially in size. sliding my cock in her still hot cunt. taking her already aroused nipple in my mouth as she guided my hand to her pussy. “Here. We had no idea where it got its amazing power.

feeling a yearning desire for something in the next room. tan-skinned woman in the mirror was me. It took several seconds for it to register that the buxom. It was all I could do to stop myself from running out into the hall and hammering on his door. She felt her body changing as I looked at her. “Give me a minute to finish my shower. making me dizzy for a second. my breasts jostling. What was going on she thought? “She looked down at the strange woman she had become. I realized that I couldn’t satisfy her when she was wearing the bracelet.waiting for me. Then it passed and I saw myself in the mirror. Now I was asking what was going on. She wanted to be on her back with a strong man between her legs. rubbing her hands over her breasts. I could feel my hands stroking my nipples. As I stroked my fingers over the entrance to my cunt I wanted to explore further. now it meant opening my legs and being penetrated. her world shimmered in front of her eyes and she was dizzy for a second. Her sexual compulsion for that strange man diminished as she stood there looking at me. I moved in front of the mirror to watch my body change. I got the second one. “Give me the bracelet and let’s finish what we started. All I could think about was going next door and making mad. turned the male side up and put it on my wrist. feeling her big breasts as she lay on them. Cindy reached over and snapped open the bracelet. My resistance broke. the man in the next room whose fantasies had shaped her body. Just a few minutes before. I wanted to be on my back with a strong man between my legs. “I ran to her and snapped open the bracelet. I felt a yearning desire for someone in the next room. Desire sparked through my feminine body. but my mind was worrying about the desires . In an instant I was back in my normal body. “the same thing happened to you that happened to me didn’t it. I raised my dainty brown hands to them and gently caressed my tits. getting up to stand in front of the mirror and watch herself change. “I’ve got to stay away from that wall. my vision of the world shimmered.” she said. trying to adjust them so they felt comfortable under her.” I said Cindy lay on her stomach. already knowing what I would see. fumbling with the lock as I tried to open it. I felt a strange exciting tingling between my legs. and she saw that same tan-skinned woman smiling back at her from the mirror. I had moved closer to him than I was to Cindy when I had walked over to the mirror. I wanted that cock buried deep in my pussy more than anything in the world. sitting naked on the edge of the bed with the bracelet on her arm. As she approached the mirror." I admitted. sex had meant getting hard and penetrating a woman. wondering if we could both wear one. my hands feeling them harden as I caressed them. She had moved closer to that man than she was to me when she had walked over to the mirror. As I moved closer to the mirror. I looked down at myself. as if her body remembered what it was supposed to do. but the image that flashed through my mind was not of me pleasuring Cindy. Large perfect breasts topped with dark aroused nipples. reaching down to run my hand over my new pussy.” Cindy took the bracelet from me and put it on. Then it passed. watching herself change into my idealized version of her. suddenly I was back in the idealized version of my own body. "Rick!" I heard my wife call. the man whose fantasies had shaped my body. "Wait up!" She rushed over to me. It was almost as turned on as my female body had been. passionate love with him. This was going to take some getting used to she thought. It seemed that the change was quicker this time. I staggered over to the door.” "It was very good. The sexual compulsion for the man in the next room diminished as I stood there looking at Cindy. immediately changing into the idealized version of herself. "Didn't I tell you it felt great?" she said. In an instant she was back to her normal body. Somehow it seemed to belong there. down to cup her pussy with one hand. I shivered at the sight. I pushed a finger farther into my cunt.

” said Cindy. If you pick it up and put it on. it had felt more than just ‘very good’.” she said. She tilted my pelvis forward a little also. I increased the height of her upper body by about two inches.” I moved over to the wall and leaned against it. I didn’t want to make her too tall but I needed to make our upper bodies closer to the same size for 69. “Watch me. backing my cock out to check our profile and then trying it again. During the course of the night.” said Cindy as she got up from the bed and came over to me.” I said." “Here. handing it to me. "I was going to the guy next door." "It's okay. we’ve got some unfinished business. A little more change to the tilt of our pelvis’ and that was done. nothing happened. I couldn't help myself. Now. as much as I could without it being unattractive. put it back on.I’d had for the man in the next room just moments before. “I’ve got an idea. “I’ve figured it out. She saw it and came quickly back to me. it pulled her butt in a little but this model was built for speed.” said Rick. you are inviting whoever is near you to take you as their sex slave. Her pelvis got just a little wider to make it easier to get full penetration when we fucked. before I succumbed to it. We had fun fine tuning the adjustments together while we were fucking and doing 69. Suddenly I realized Cindy was not near me and yet I was still being influenced by her desires. We would make a change until it felt good and then stand in front of the mirror to see if it looked good. Sometimes making the change while we standing in front of the mirror fucking. You got to me quicker. I didn't want to say anything at the time. you left me alone and nothing’s happening. It’s hard to describe how it felt to stick my cock in her cunt and then reshape our pelvis’ until I was comfortably buried in her. she had to reduce its width a little because it was just too big for her . I put it on and she stepped back.” she said. It must have been a shock to suddenly find yourself all tits and ass.” Cindy lay back on the bed. I made some minor adjustments to the entrance of her throat while we were doing 69 so she could deep-throat me without any discomfort. so it would be easier for me to get my tongue deep in her cunt when we were doing 69 and get my cock deeper in her when we were fucking. I had to adjust her throat and neck a little to accommodate my longer cock but she had always wanted a longer neck. She made me cum while she was changing the width and length of my cock to make it fill her cunt when I had my crotch tight to hers. Cindy stood beside me as we both looked at how we wanted the other to be. I put it on and stood there at the wall watching Cindy move slowly back from me. I made her pelvis thrust forward and up a little more. “I gave it to you and you’re mine for as long as I want you. As she moved farther away. "Yeah. tossing it onto the bed. then you are my sex slave. “I must have gotten too far away from you and to close to whoever is next door. I still want to see what you think I should look like. if I give you the bracelet and you put it on. “Now pick it up and put it back on. the change stopped. I called them our 69 models. Cindy worked on me a little also. just getting her legs apart in time for me as I fell on her. Where were you going?" I felt my face getting red from embarrassment. “Give me the bracelet. moving toward the mirror as he put the bracelet back on.” said Cindy. spreading her legs wide. I wanted you to feel what I had felt. I had the same compulsion. a big smile on her face as I stayed myself." Cindy smiled. “Give me the bracelet again. as she removed it from my arm. I felt myself changing again. I increased the width of her perineum a little to keep my nose out of her anus when I had my tongue in her cunt. handing me the bracelet. Cindy moved back and sprawled on the bed. I was watching you slip under the influence.” she said. “Maybe the man has moved. I didn't understand why I was suddenly attracted to someone else.” I said. just like I did. now get over here and fill me. “Stay close to me. When I became that woman earlier. She shortened my upper body about an inch and lengthened my legs the same amount to further improve our 69. Cindy’s breasts stayed the same as did her overall outward appearance. “Look. waiting for me to fill her. we changed our vision of what each others idealized bodies should be like. put this back on.

"Alright. and very kissable. It's a marvelous place. she started playing with herself. and very sensuous. and I was sure we'd be experimenting with those bracelets long before we got home." she said as she turned and walked back to me. We checked our new model 69 for doggy style and for Cindy riding my cock. I took one and handed it to her. to feel a cock filling my cunt. gotten drunk. "Cindy. while we were resting. . I remember when we were making love. I couldn't stop thinking about the desires that had run through me. She opened the box and set it on the dresser. hurry up.. My wife telling me. I want to try something. "With something like this." I felt a rustling on my head. This covered the basics except for fucking while we slow danced. . "Back when I was in College I once went with a woman. The voice . She buried it in the bottom of one of the suitcases." she continued. The bracelet caused the wearer to experience the extremes of pleasure. and we were getting thoroughly addicted to it." My hand dropped to my cock and started playing with it but I was losing my hard. Her lips were full." she said as she turned the figure on my bracelet so that the woman was on top. black hair.” “Let me turn this over. "Her voice was rich and high. " "Shhh. She slipped it on. but I had great trouble getting back to sleep. As Cindy ran her hands over her perfect form I couldn't help but wonder what it must be like to have a body like that. She breathed a sigh of relief and waved the box at me with a smile. Cindy returned to her normal self and slowly came down from her heights of ecstasy. . It had never yet failed to turn me on. steeped in centuries of history. and I was confronted by an insatiable goddess. ". After several hours I reached over and opened her bracelet. "Let me describe her for you. only half-jokingly. long and full. I reached up to see what it was. Let me finish. We had another week and a half in England. . "I’m not going to take yours off yet. platform shoes for Cindy solved that problem. and had sex with a girlfriend of hers. All my concerns about the bracelet had vanished following what we had learned the night before. She handed me the other one and we made passionate love again. but part of me wanted to experience femininity again. our minds were elsewhere.mouth. we are going to have the time of our lives. "She had the cutest. However. We finally removed each others bracelet and returned them to their box. perhaps it isn't a good idea to experiment too much in a hotel. Her nose was small and pert. Later that day we went out sightseeing around the English town of oxford where we were staying." I replied. I'm not sure . in intimate detail. Her eyes were blue. I don't know about Cindy. . "Well. We literally fucked the night away. please . My hand met a mass of hair rapidly pushing out from my scalp. most delicate features. It was a relief to learn that I wasn’t responsible for the yearning I had felt for another man when I was female." We returned to bed to sleep away the morning." Cindy said with a smile. To be honest though. " I said and stopped in surprise. We returned to the hotel that evening after a delicious meal and headed back to our room. .but when we get back home. I'm sure Cindy was thinking about the bracelet just as much as I was. not stopping until daylight." This was no news to me. She had told me years before. Cindy smiled as she saw realization dawning in my eyes. Afterwards both had been fairly embarrassed by what had happened and that had been the end of it. "Cindy. I smiled." I wanted her so badly . she made these quiet yelps as I licked her pussy. "I think we'll manage. I caught myself wondering what it would be like to have sex as a woman. "I don't think I can hold back to long." I said. She had masses of curly. "We're not going to be able to take too much more of this. She had been to a party. starting to feel strange like I had before.. how she had made passionate love to a woman. The first thing Cindy did when we got in was to make sure the bracelets were still where she had hidden them." I felt my throat flex and change." she said. Once. this was a favorite sex game of ours.

running up to wide hips." she paused. dipping in to taste its inner recesses. I spent hours lapping at it. one penetration after another. As the intensity of his strokes increased still further. his mouth on my pussy now. "She had curves in all the right places. He nipped and sucked my nipples for ages. His hands caressed my soft skin as he suckled. "They were large. so right. in the voice of an extremely excited woman. pulling it into his mouth for his tongue to flick. I spread my legs wide and started begging him to fuck me. . "She had these long. I couldn’t believe it was mine." I felt a change in my crotch. The need to be filled grew greater and greater. . That first penetration was fantastic. then it started to expand. I was making love with a strong and powerful man and I . It felt so strange. "Why did you change me?" I asked. separating the slick walls of my cunt as it penetrated full length. responding to Cindy and the desires of my body. My body was now no larger than hers and my skin was indeed hairless and silky smooth. Don’t you wish I was a man and had a cock to stick in your cunt?” I felt my cunt heating up "Yes. watching her quickly change into Rick. reaching down to feel the pussy that I knew belonged there. he granted my wish. watching me. slide your finger in your cunt. Each one topped by an erect. feel between your legs." I saw a subtle alteration in the shape of my legs followed by a pulling sensation in my hips as they widened. you'll know how to please me even more. red nipple aching to be touched. “Then give me my bracelet. waiting to fuck my wife. Why wouldn’t she continue her description? Then I realized she wanted me to ask her to carry on. his tongue licking me slowly around the lips of my cunt. My new pussy was aching to be filled by his hard cock. My wife’s eyes drank in the new alterations and then continued. Cindy ran her hand over my creamy soft skin. His caresses expanded from my breasts downward to my wet pussy. so different and yet. "Her body was far less muscled than yours. a strange erotic desire to have his cock pushed inside my body. his cock hanging just above my cunt. firm and very beautiful." Cindy continued with a wide grin on her face. I realized that only moments ago I was ready . tell me about her breasts. Only the female version of my mind was conscious now. watching her turn the figure over and put it on. I could see the desire in her eyes as she spoke. He started stroking his cock in and out of my cunt. I began to want his cock to be bigger. They were standing stiffly like little erections and were at least as sensitive. recording the memories of my experiences. I began to think of Cindy’s vision of me as the man I wanted to fill my hungry cunt. She had no hair on her lovely body except for a delicate patch around her pussy." “You’re a woman now. "Tell me more. arousing feelings I never knew existed. that voice was utterly sexy. After what seemed an eternity of waiting. especially her breasts." I felt a tightening in my chest. Cindy was right.I heard was totally feminine. That massive cock glided slowly into me." My body rippled again as it altered to her commands. Once you’ve experienced this. his lips sucking my clit. then fast hard thrusts deep into my body. think of the man you’d like to have fuck you. We watched in lust as I grew two creamy soft breasts. I found myself getting even more aroused. "Please. "What I enjoyed most about our session was her lovely pussy.” I handed it to her. shapely legs. sometimes full in. I was wondering how far she would take this. He shifted over and dropped his mouth to my nipples." I said." I asked her. longer. now I was a woman waiting to be fucked. My voice was like that of a woman in heat. "I want you to feel what it’s like for a woman to be fucked. other times just letting its head move in and out of the entrance to my cunt. My male mind had faded off into the distance. "Of course." I said. minute after minute of continuous exquisite euphoric penetration.

woman to woman . Cindy removed my bracelet. As I thought of her. I felt different this time. Finally he stopped. Between each bout we'd lie in each other's arms. trying many positions in our lovemaking. rolling onto his back. it amazed me. I bet that means something. the massive cock shriveled and slipped from my cunt. suck for suck until we both reached that euphoric plane I had just discovered. put this back on with the arrows pointing to you. hug her. My body was shaking uncontrollably. I came several times in quick succession. replace the emptiness of their fading. feel her against my breasts while she ate me. they both point the same way. here’s another difference. trading notes with our tongues. wondering if her dreams would do things to my body as she slept. I almost didn’t notice myself changing into Cindy’s girlfriend it happened so smoothly. I began to think of Cindy as a man again.woman to man. I felt it growing until it filled me on every stroke. He didn't stop. sliding his cock back into me. its fragrant scent filling my nostrils as I raised my head to taste its juices. I woke as I felt my body change into that of her girlfriend. feeling the last traces of my orgasms racing through my body. my breasts responding to the contractions of my cunt. trying to draw him into my body. Then I realized how Cindy must feel when I fucked her. but I felt a loneliness. In the distance I could hear a sexy voice moaning in ecstasy.wanted his cock to fill me. Did women really reach that high a level or was it just due to the . I also wanted her to feel what I was feeling. Cindy had removed my bracelet before we went to sleep but I had put it back on. What she was doing to my pussy was wonderful. her familiar pussy just inches from my face. only to be replaced by Cindy’s tongue as she started to eat my pussy. his cock hardening. I needed to hold her. I changed hers and put mine back on. letting me change back to my male form again. its head pressing against the inner depth of my cunt. I thought of the level of intensity that my orgasms had reached as a woman.” “Here. my female mind now wanting a cock back in my cunt. I lay there. maybe even better than his cock had been. hinting that I should change hers. to give her lick for lick. holding each other tight. remembering how she had just fucked me. Here’s another one on this side of the figure. We changed bodies. sometimes I was her exotic girlfriend. My mind reverted to that of a woman in heat.” she said. I looked at Cindy. sometimes as our idealized versions of each other. She studied the figure on the bracelet some to woman . each stroke and suck driving me higher toward the climax of my orgasm. raising her arm. I was becoming incoherent. the pleasure too intense. I thought I’d had powerful orgasms in the past. I grabbed her ass with my dainty hands and pulled her down to lie on me. kissing. it points inward. He leaned forward to suckle my nipples. I didn’t want him to stop. his pelvis rubbing hard over my clit as he bottomed his cock in me. I knew what I needed to do for her. I moved under her body until she was kneeling over my head. Waves of euphoric ecstasy rolled out from my crotch to engulf my entire body. realizing that she must be dreaming of her.” she said. wanting him to hold me tightly. my thoughts concentrated on her. continuing where we had left off. but they were nothing compared to the one I was having at that moment. There was a fleeting realization that my mind was thinking female thoughts before all male thoughts vanished. I think the arrows on both bracelets should point to the person whose wearing it. our breasts tight against each others stomach as I began to eat her pussy as it should be done. We were both insatiable. She smiled as her body changed to Rick. each wave contracting my cunt. We finally drifted off to sleep about dawn. We didn’t get any sleep that night. not as strange as I had when we started our last session. Whenever one of us felt something pleasurable the other reflected it back like a mirror of pleasure. our breasts rubbing together and our pussies rubbing against each other's legs. moving back over me. “Look. watching her almost wake as she turned into a man. “see this little arrow near the edge. it points outward. the waves of pleasure began again.

. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw that I had absolutely nothing covering my smooth tan skin. and then louder. trying to keep the desire out of my voice. quietly at first. The lust for whoever was in the next room was growing second-by-second. sensitive skin as I sat on the toilet. I got caught up in the sexual passions of being fucked and thoroughly enjoyed the experience but there had always been that nagging male on male hangup. but I was not a man. I edged closer to the mirror so I could see what I was doing to myself more clearly. My hips were much wider than I was used to. "May I come in?" I asked again. only an observer. I quickly went to the door and tried to open it. I was a woman in heat. The woman I had become was gorgeous. As I stood there caressing myself. I felt frustration at being separated from the man whose desires had shaped my body." He opened the door and stepped out of the way. different from what I had felt as a man. After several minutes I heard a stirring in the room. Suddenly I realized Cindy had not given me my bracelet. I knew I had enjoyed it being in her mouth. gently feeling myself up. even the feeling of my bladder emptying was erotic to me at this point. As I walked across the carpet. a place to file my memories as I experienced the sexual pleasures of a woman. I got up to go to the bathroom. A small window was open in the bathroom. The door opened slightly. If I had just taken two steps back toward Cindy I would have been okay. One thought was going constantly through my mind. I felt a pressure in my bladder. I knew they gave me a sexy wiggle as I walked. I could sense his presence on the other side of the wall. and I began to masturbate again. Cindy had sucked my cock and seemed to enjoy it. I no longer wondered. even though I was in a woman’s body. "Uh . yeah. but I had to get in that room at all costs. sure." The door opened wider to reveal a blond. I had difficulty accepting the concept of a man making love to me. "May I come in?" I asked in a rich. but I just couldn't make myself do that. It was only when my body shifted and changed that I remembered about the other people in the hotel. I knocked at the door. What must it be like to live in a body like this full time I wondered. fairly athletically-built boy in his late teens or early twenties. . As a man I would have been disturbed by such a thought. My body had reverted to the tan amazon that both Cindy and I had become earlier. I was acutely aware of how different my body was. I wanted it there. opened it and slipped out into the hall. I had gotten closer to the man in the next room than I was to Cindy. I went to the door. I could feel the night air wash over my soft. feminine hands dropped between my legs. It took nearly all of my self-control to stop myself from jumping on him there and then. A quick glance either way revealed the hallway to be empty. to have men lusting after you? One of my slim. "Who is it?" asked a very sleepy voice with a southern English accent. I wanted to take his cock into my mouth. slowly and dreamily massaging my clit. The hall lights were still on. It was locked. My breasts bounced and swayed with even the slightest movement. I wanted to take that cock I was watching into my body. In the faint predawn light I looked in the mirror. I had to go to him.bracelet? I was becoming turned on again. Before we had learned about the two sides of the bracelet and the arrows. Despite my exertions last night I was wide awake. which was something I was glad for when I remembered that I was naked. Now my male mind moved off into the distance somewhere when I became a woman. feminine voice. Instead. I squinted while my eyes adjusted. . I wiped myself with some toilet paper and flushed the toilet. no. I wondered what it felt like to a woman to have a man’s cock in her mouth. I was far too turned on to be able to go back to sleep. "I've locked myself out of my room and need some help. I was afraid I would wake up the other guests.

His hormones took over as he wrapped his arms around me. his cock starting to pulse. As I got close to the other twin my body rippled slightly but didn’t change noticeably. I knew what would follow and waited for the hot salty cum to spurt into my mouth. while my female mind and body responded to its passions. He stopped rubbing himself and stared at me in lust. I wrapped one of my legs around his. "Who was at the door. I stood up." I was tempted to suck him off like I had his brother. I looked over to the bed where Tim's twin lay. The curtains had only been half closed and there was enough light to see the room's other occupant. as I approached him slowly. Tim was straining and moaning under me. pulling my body against his. He didn't realize that his own arousal was just as blatantly obvious to me. "I'm here for you. I turned around to see that he was still behind me. The other figure stirred and sat up. "Why?" he asked in a quiet voice as I reached him. 'accidentally' brushing one of my hands against his shorts as I passed.can we help you?" He was having a hard time trying not to stare at my breasts with their proudly-erect nipples. to my great surprise. Well." I answered. but I was so worked up by now I couldn't wait. His hand was under the bedcovers. smiling at him as I licked a drop of cum from my lip. massaging my pussy with my free hand. I'm sure he couldn't remember for several seconds. licking my opened lips as I dropped to my knees. . I ran my tongue over it as a glistening drop of pre-cum formed on its head.I walked past him into the room. I'm going to give you the fuck of your life. watching the display of cock-sucking. "How . My jaw dropped open when I saw that the boy in bed was the one who had opened the door. uh . . steering it to my mouth." I replied as I kissed him. My other hand ran down his back and into his shorts. When I reached his bed. but by now my cunt was aching with the need to be filled with a long hard cock. My male mind was off in the distance." He was openly staring at my tits. He jumped as I cupped his ass in my hand. I pulled back the covers. It had never occurred to me that the boy might not be alone. It was the first time I had ever touched a cock other than my own and now I was going to swallow it. He was doing his level best to last as long as possible. "Well. making my voice as seductive as I could. I noticed. my mouth opening in desire as I saw his fully-erect cock. The desire that had brought me to his room about to be satisfied as I held his cock gently with one hand. "You ask too many questions Tim. I gently wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and sucked it deep into my mouth. Tim was young. He looked at me. and slowly rubbed my excited pussy against his rock-hard cock. taking its salty tang into my mouth. I knew he would be ready to go again soon. but I knew that he would cum soon. He didn’t resist as I pushed him onto his back and straddled him. He was too surprised to do anything as my tongue snaked into his open mouth. I pulled down his shorts and pushed him back onto his bed. "For both of you. open-mouthed. "For m-me?" he asked."What's your name?" I asked him. . I couldn't get enough of this stranger's cock. Fortunately. Dick. I was glad to see that his cock was a twin of Tim's. watching. It was impossible to mistake the hard lump I felt there. Tim gasped. Tim?" he asked. When I had sucked him dry and licked his cock clean. sucking on it as I bobbed my head over it. wasn't I? The room had the same layout as mine and Cindy's. I was the very image of his desires." he finally managed. Twins! Tim closed the door behind himself and asked. swallowing it automatically as it flowed over my tongue. I knew that Tim and I weren't alone. . unsteady as my emotions raced. . The beds were against the wall of our room which accounted for the strong attractions we had felt at that wall. stroking his own hard-on. that the far bed was occupied. I pressed my breasts against his chest and held his head with one hand. "R-richard. except there were two single beds instead of a double bed. and I was reveling in the feeling of being ogled.

I felt a third hand on my back. my cunt filled with his cock. I was sandwiched between two male hunks and loved it. finally gathering enough mental power to climb out of the tangle of limbs on the bed. every sensation adding to my pleasure. able to think about what to do next. They started stroking their cocks in and out of me. The feelings that my body was causing were that strong. and pulled him to me. I was more than ready to go again and sat up.As we kissed and cuddled I felt Richard's cock returning to life. Instead it felt great. I concentrated on my memories of her. I felt like I'd taken a mile of it into me when I finally reached the base. At first there was a feeling of pressure as his cock pressed against me. My mind cleared somewhat as their desires for me subsided. Richard's hands had found my breasts and were massaging them. Their desires had shaped my body. I smiled. then it had penetrated my greased anus and was sliding up into my bowels. I was literally designed for their pleasure.I reached down and grasped Richard's cock. One orgasm followed another as I climaxed again and again. at first they were entering me together. I had taken a strange man’s cock into my mouth and one into my ass as well. I now had two cocks thrust deep within me. I left them embracing each other. My sessions with Cindy had partially prepared me for the feelings that washed over me as his cock slid deep into my wet cunt but his was a stranger. He was just as ready to continue as Richard. barely managing to keep control. My whole body was on fire. his pulsing cock pushing out against the insides of my cunt as his cum shot deep inside me. my clit pressed against his pelvis. My mind was filled with the fantasy of the twins and me living together. a strange erotic sensation as it thrust into me. then they started alternating. of servicing them all day long . the withdrawal lost in the pleasure of the penetration. his cock still in me. We stayed locked together for what seemed like an eternity. It was even more intense than the one I’d had with Cindy. feeling his cock harden and fill my hungry cunt. I opened the door and looked out into an empty hall. I lay there. I lay on Richard with by breasts pressed between us. the cock starting to pulse. It should have hurt I thought. cradled between them. Maybe it was due to the bracelet but it didn't hurt at all. They blended into an endless cock continuously entering me. I was soon voicing my pleasure in guttural grunts of pure pleasure. We kissed gently for the first time. I often wonder what happened when they woke up. but I had to get back to Cindy. I felt myself reaching my climax. I felt that nothing could match the orgasm I had just experienced. quickly making my way back to my room. the feeling was different. He clasped me to him as he reached his own climax. then reached out for me and found each other. grabbed his cock. shooting its cum into my cunt and bowels as they climaxed. The boys stirred. Richard first then Tim. The feeling was beyond belief. I felt one cock enter me with another following that one only to be followed by another and another. I considered giving up my life with Cindy and just staying with Tim and Richard. I didn’t know quite what he had in mind as he moved in behind me until I felt him push me down on Richard’s chest and pull the cheeks of my ass apart. I pulled a sheet off Tim's bed and wrapped it around my naked body. the feeling of fullness sending me to new heights. An image flashed through my mind of me sucking Tim's cock on that bed. I thought about what I had just done as I took a quick shower and douche. I shrieked my pleasure as waves of liquid pleasure ran through me. I tried to put those . slowly impaling myself on its hard length. my cunt clamping down on Richard's cock. my ass and cunt blending into one sheath for that never ending cock. Any worries about whether or not what he was going to do would hurt were lost as I felt Richard’s cock slide into me. still fast asleep. I had to get back to Cindy before she woke but I found it difficult to leave the twins. I almost turned and went back to the twins. I started to pump my cunt on his cock. satisfied for the moment. trying to recover my breath. turning my head to see Tim. guiding it to the entrance of my cunt.

I leaned over and started gently licking that hard cock beside me. .” Cindy looked startled. She was helping. “Cindy. "Oh. slowly taking it into my mouth. I didn't feel tired despite having been up most of the night and Cindy seamed to be fresh after our morning workout. farther and farther until Cindy woke. I had to put that out of my mind. I finally collapsed on him. I looked at myself in the mirror. swallowing it as it flowed over my tongue. my breasts on his stomach and my pussy on his face while I held his shrinking cock in my mouth. rolling onto her back. growing into my throat as his tongue thrust into my cunt to meet it in the middle of my body. . feeling like I wanted to gag. I . what about it?” “Well. You couldn’t control . don't be embarrassed about what happened. his cock sticking straight up as it hardened. thinking of what had happened with the twins. I have to tell you something.thoughts aside. even in her sleep.” “What did I do?” she asked. Cindy stirred slightly as she changed into Rick. to erase the feelings that still lingered from the twins. Cindy’s this time. waiting for it to come alive again and fill my throat. I felt his cock starting to pulse as his mouth drove my orgasm over its climax. pointing to the wall separating our room from that of the twins. thrusting his tongue into my cunt as my pussy settled onto his face. you know the woman we both became when we walked over to that wall?" I asked. "It's all right. I was not ready to deal with that yet. “It’s not what you did. tasting his orgasm as his pulsing cock shot its cum into my waiting mouth. I wanted a cock in me again. I put it back on. He saw his cock being slowly sucked into a beautiful woman’s mouth and reached down to touch my head. It was hard again in only seconds. settling on my clit to burn it as it flicked across and back. Somehow. my lips sliding full length from its head to its base and back. I wanted to see what you would do to me if you dreamed. no discomfort. his lips sucking it into his mouth for his tongue to massage. a look of apprehension on her face. Cindy was now fully awake. and then once more before we rested. "Cindy. it’s what I did.” “What?” “Remember when you took my bracelet off just before we went to sleep early this morning?” “Yes. You would have been safe if I had left it on. “What happened?” "Well. " I started to say. blot them out of my mind as I slipped into bed beside Cindy." she replied quietly. I saw a slut in my reflection. He turned herself on the bed and lifted me onto him. managing to avoid anything serious as we bathed and dried each other. I took more of it into me until it reached my throat and stopped. lingering to suck its head and lick those tender spots that I knew so well. She had changed me back to her girlfriend. wanting me to suck his cock. taking his cock deep into my throat so that its last pulse could shoot its cum into my stomach while his mouth continued to send those euphoric waves of ecstasy through my shuddering body.” "What was it like?" "Cindy!" I exclaimed. My bracelet sensed her desires and opened my throat letting me slide it down over his cock until my face was buried in his pubic hairs. I could hardly concentrate on sucking the luscious cock that was filling my mouth and throat. "I shouldn’t have taken the bracelet off. I felt Cindy’s fiery tongue lap the length of my pussy." she said. starting the cycle over again. We showered together. I had to go to the bathroom and got too close to the man in the next room. "Hey. only an erotic pleasure as I felt it fill my throat. changing back to our normal bodies as we removed each others bracelet. I left mine on for the same reason you put yours back on.

Her hair was much shorter and had turned blond. arguing over whether there really had been a woman in their room that morning. and obviously designed to respond to him. I was a little disturbed to notice that I was getting an erection from thinking about Tim and Richard. We’ll have to be more careful when we use the bracelet. I was getting turned on myself. long-term effects there might be. we're sure to find her. "I'm not sure we should be doing this." Neither of us considered not using our bracelet again. "but how likely is it that a naked woman will knock on our door. After lunch I wanted to go out and get some fresh air. "Don't blame me. My face felt hot with shame. "We'll just write this one down to experience. If we look hard enough. didn't want to leave the bracelets alone in our room." said the other. Look. I was his fantasy. We couldn’t really discuss the bracelet in the middle of the restaurant. So what was it like? Was it different from when I fucked you last night?” "It was different. "You didn't tell me there were two of them. actually. but my mind was still filled with images of the twins. "You didn't ask. so we returned to our room. while she asked me endless questions about my encounter with the twins. We were both already addicted to the pleasure it could bring. so we had no idea what." He got off the bed and started to strip. if you don't like it. The blond man was wearing the dress my wife had been wearing. she had to be a guest. Cindy. Which were light blue in color rather than brown. "Cindy?" I asked. Especially as twin brothers were sitting at the next table. but neither Cindy nor I was overly worried about it. I think that somehow the bracelet had permanently loosened our inhibitions. "I didn't hear you complain that much when we had an all-girl session last night. I was beginning to wish that she would take the situation more seriously. considering it normal sex between a husband and wife. We really didn't know anything about the bracelet. Bynow. it felt incredible.yourself. come in. He shrugged. Even so. I didn't have to look over at her to know she had put her bracelet on. I agreed to tell her all. why don't you turn me back into a woman?" I did try to turn Cindy back into a female. we both remember the same thing. it was one of the twins! I looked again. however. She suggested that I go out on my own. even though Cindy was right. but I didn't want to leave Cindy alone with the bracelets. She kissed my forehead. . This is your fantasy. I’d had a protracted bout of sex with Cindy while she was physically a man and I was physically a woman." I said. I rolled over onto my side and looked deep into my wife's eyes. I laid back on the bed and described it in intimate detail. and Cindy had eaten my pussy while she was physically a man and a woman." she whispered." I said. and thought a good bout of normal straight sex would help to put my earlier experiences behind me. embarrassed. Finally. But then she had sucked my cock and I had eaten her pussy many times before and we both enjoyed it. "Look. Had the bracelet affected my mind and turned me gay? Or was it just a natural reaction to the erotic sensations that I had experienced with the brothers while I was a woman? I had just told Cindy about how I had taken both Tim and Richard at the same time when I felt her hand running up my leg." "Perhaps. Cindy sat. I was a little confused over the way we were reacting to what had happened between us. holding her bracelet. wanting him to fuck me and wanting to suck his cock. if any. It wasn't my fault. Anyway. Richard. have sex with us and then disappear again?" "It happened. To be honest." Cindy was doing her best to keep from laughing. We could make out most of what they were saying. It wasn't my wife. we were a little quiet while we ate lunch. fairly weakly." I whispered back. unconvinced.

. I had little choice but to swallow. he hardly noticed." I found myself agreeing with her as I reached for his bracelet and turned it to male. don't worry about it. As Cindy's lips wrapped themselves around my cock." He climbed onto the bed wearing only Cindy’s panties."Wow! This still feels so weird. Finally. I pulled Cindy to me and kissed long and passionately. "Come on. Now that my sex urge had been satisfied. But she was right. however. Slowly. . After a few minutes. it was going to be a little different for both of us. the Cindy I was kissing had a male mouth and a taut male body with welldefined muscles. I can still remember the way I felt last night when I was a man for the first time. . "being a man is so different. so erotic for me. so I suppose I could have pushed Cindy away. I pulled the panties down and began to jack off Cindy. "So that's what it's really like for a man. I reached up and grabbed his. she shifted into my perfect version of her. besides he was getting me hot. “it’s better than it was last night. Cindy released my cock long enough to say. he threw my shorts into the corner of the room and grasped my cock in his strong hand." Cindy began pulling off my clothes. I concentrated on Cindy. I began to feel a little self-conscious about what I had done. This was a totally new sensation to her. I didn't want to drift off to sleep and risk her coming under the influence of someone else. Cindy returned his attentions to my own cock."I can see why you got so turned on as a woman. suck me off!" I balked at that abrupt statement. curvy body I was used to holding." she remarked. I ran my tongue over the head several times. both completely shattered. We had always enjoyed oral sex. which were under severe strain from his erection. he started to masturbate me. I reached over and took her bracelet off. Cindy had been licking the head of my cock and my first shot splattered all over his face before he could get my cock back in his mouth and swallow it like she usually did. . The memory was so strong I could almost feel the heavy breasts I’d had at the time I was milking him. and suddenly his hard length was as deep into my mouth as it was going to go. This time. Thankfully. at first. I cast my mind back to early that morning when I had sucked one of the twins off. but did it anyway. She turned around on the bed. it was so strange then . He pressed down with her pelvis. I held it gingerly in one hand and guided it to my reluctantly opened mouth. especially me. "It’s still me in here. and she was soon moaning in ecstasy. He turned around on top of me and grabbed my cock. He gave a long.”"What do you think of it now?" "I just relaxed and enjoyed it this time. 69 was one of our favorite positions. The fact that my wife was inside this athletic man made things easier. but Cindy had other plans. and I knew he was about to cum. but in my uninfluenced male body? Cindy saw my hesitation and shouted at me to suck it. I felt his cock starting to pulse. but that didn't stop me from feeling very odd as I reached into his panties and grasped his cock. “It's like. "Relax. Rather than the soft. like what had happened to me. and I started to suck cock.Cindy took off his bra and ran his hand over his flat chest. He lifted his head and growled. this was my fantasy. deep moan as I concentrated on his. I wasn’t ready for it. My apprehension vanished. I could feel him tensing over me. I had planned to suck it slowly into my mouth as I built up courage. I slumped back and luxuriated in the sensations. I guess it caught me by surprise then. . "Oh my God!"." he said. filling my mouth with cum. We lay there for several long seconds. and I had to laugh when I saw cum all over her face. he pulled away with a familiar grin on her unfamiliar face. My orgasm reached its climax as I gulped down Cindy’s salty fluid.” said Cindy. Doing it while I was a sex-mad female was one thing. I wasn’t wearing the bracelet this time." he said. I wasn't under the influence of the bracelet so I was reluctant to do this. Perhaps the orgy with the twins had unlocked homosexual desires in me.

my whole body seemed to explode. we were embarrassed by it but neither of us thought much about it later. they can form strong friendship bonds. Your cock felt wonderful in my woman’s throat. "What's up?" I asked. the only way I was able to do it was to remember last night when I did it as a woman. or was that just a tan? My face was still masculine.” “That explains the difference. “Which way was your bracelet turned just now?” I asked. When two girls are not lesbians. . Maybe on a dare or to console the other. "I don't see anything." "It's changed. "No way!" she exclaimed. it was like my mind was just watching me. I can still feel my cock in you. maybe like I did when I was drunk that time with my best friend in University. Lets put them back on and try to reverse the effect.“When you gave me an orgasm while I was a woman. . I'm sure no one but Cindy and I would have noticed it. "We just have to be a little more careful. it made you respond to sex as a man. “What did you think of sucking cock as a man?” asked Cindy." "Changed? Don't be .” “I know. and the arrows were pointing to me. "Rick. Really closely. I did notice that." "I know what you mean. that seems to be sort of accepted doesn’t it?” “It does seem different. While I had been studying her face Cindy had been examining mine. "Look at my face. that’s why I’ve always liked our 69.” I wasn't too convinced this was a good idea. come and have a look at this.” said Rick. I liked it then. "Okay.” “Yes. I put on the bracelet she gave me and she turned me into the muscle-bound version of myself. “when I turned the man up just before we started. It remembered everything though. Cindy looked. . Her nose was ever-so-slightly larger. moving your female mind into the background. “What about two girls eating each other. The arrows turned the male version of your mind on. I had no idea it was like that for you. I was content to just lie on the bed and doze. but why?" "Just look." "What?!" I turned to the mirror and stared at my own face. Nothing else exists. you know. but Cindy finally talked me into trying to reverse the effects. I had spent several long hours as a woman. Her jaw was ever-so-slightly broader." I leaned closer and studied her face. "You've changed as well. Was my skin slightly darker. I won’t do it again. only the female version of my mind was really conscious.”she giggled. my male mind went off into the distance." I hauled myself off the bed and went into the bathroom. It was Cindy's voice that woke me half an hour later." I shrugged.” I said. but no more experimenting until we get home.” I said." I shivered as I remembered the force of my female orgasms. “Man up.” We were quiet for several long minutes while we thought about the session we had just had.everything is concentrated in your cock. She was staring intently into the mirror. it’s okay for a husband and wife to eat each other but not okay for two guys to eat each other. they really like men. "I think we had better leave the bracelet alone from now on. " I stopped as I realized she was right."said Rick. but Cindy wanted a shower. . Sometimes. Cindy was standing naked and was still wet from the shower. but I could see just a hint of the woman I had been the previous night. “Ok. yours feels the same way in mine. in unguarded moments one will eat the other’s pussy. “I didn’t like it. The change was ever so slight.” said Rick. Her eyes were a shade lighter. . “Why is it okay for a woman to suck a man’s cock but not okay for a man to suck a man’s cock?” “It’s that homosexual/heterosexual thing I guess. My features were ever-so-slightly refined. that pretty well describes it.” said Cindy. When I turned mine that way.

It wasn’t a big thing. I haven’t had much trouble leading you around the bed. Now I was leading her around the bed. At my insistence we didn't swap genders. Cindy leading the way while I tried to keep up. “I wondered if it might be the bracelets. the way the arrows were turned maybe. “Cindy. now Cindy was deferring to me.” she laughed.” “Could we try changing them. . . Have you noticed it?” “Well. We tried turning them both down and both up. That matched what we wanted.? I can’t see where that would hurt anything asked Cindy.” “Down. if there was any difference between both up and both down we didn’t notice it. But I wasn’t able to deal with it comfortably yet. and made love all afternoon. “Now look at the arrows. . hers was red. It worked.” We took the bracelets off and turned them around.” she said. we managed to keep from using it more than once a day. eating her pussy while I recovered enough to fuck her again or let her suck me off. even though I still had this strange erotic desire to become a woman and have her fuck me and let me suck her cock. “Why?” “I put my hand on top of hers. though she did complain that her bra was tighter than it had been. toward my hand. Cindy wanted to try it as a man again. Perhaps if I’d relented a little.She put on the bracelet I gave her and I turned her into my favorite fucking machine. Of course. We tried to resist using the bracelet too often over the last week of our holiday. I bet that’s why you dominate me now. but I was having none of it . feminine touches to my face had been reversed and she was restored to full femininity. It wasn't until the early hours of the next morning that we took each other’s bracelet off. it seems I’ve been giving in to every thing you’ve asked. This time we decided which gender we were going to be and checked our bracelets. and mine was blue. Cindy wouldn't have done what she did when we got home. we were both as horny as hell. they both point from you to me. all we had to do was look at the color of the faint glow. now that you’ve mentioned it. or pink I guess. We slept until it was almost noon. “Yes. That way the deference disappeared. she just gave in easily if I insisted on something. “Cindy. which way are the arrows on your bracelet turned. A close examination revealed that the small. lets change them and see what happens. even when I didn’t want to. By now we were exhausted.