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The Wasted Times @ L&M, 1996
The Wasted TimEs is an activity
of L&M's Free Time




I have never been this excited about anythingl (what little I could eat, I was too excited) and
(Except maybe for my wedding day and the birth waited for the gates to open. I had such a case of
of my children). When the tickets came in the nerves, you would have thought I was performingl
mail I put them in a very safe place and made I found and lost my ticket about four times.
sure they were still there about twice a day for two Visited the ladies room every20 minutes, and had
months. Everyone I knew teased me about how a real case of the butterflies. I was a basket case.
excited I was, Some said I was middle aged My husband had a wonderful time laughing at my
ctazy, others said lwas in my second childhood. expense (they are like that sometimes.) Son
My boss was $ure I had lost my mind when ltold Mark kept teasing me about going to see "Geezer
him how much I paid for the tickets, " I wouldn't Rock", and that everyone there would probably be
gro see God himself for that kind of money", he old.

Of course we had to be one of the first to get to

The night before leaving for Toronto I had weird
dreams about Nine lnch Nails opening for the
Eaglee. I was dreaming up throat remedies for
Don Henley. I imagined that they were staying at
the same hotelas me, my husband Larry and my
son Mark, weird things like that!

our seatsl I didn't want to miss a single note.
Being early was interesting because I got to see
some of the behind the scenes things that lots of
people miss, I saw the sound checks. I saw the

crew being
briefed about the sound and lighting systems,
and best of all I got a glimpse of Joe in his white
We arriwd at the Molson Amphitheater at about T-shirt. (He has a nice build!) Scott Crago was
3:00 PM. Got a great parking spot and decided to checking his equipment and was sweet enough
tour the area. What a great venue. Right on the to show a little boy all of the drum equipment.

shore of Lake Ontario. We had some dinner


When the concert started I knew I was in for wonder they travel
with four guitar technicians just
to keep allthose guitars in perfect tunel). Tinimy
used two different basses. I saw Joe using at least
six different guitars, The guys were als-o in fine
voice. Henley sounded a litfle raspy, but got better
as the night went on. They were really relaxed
and were having fun on stage. They even got a
chance to jam a litfle. That's one thing that I've
always admired about the Eagles, they-are great

something special. The house was packed with
Eaglemaniacs like myself. tt was traiO to sit still.
The Toronto paper compared us to the ',parrotHeads" Everyone was singing along with all the
f ys.ig, lt was great. Our selts-were iot the best,
but I brought binoculars and didn't miss anghing.
looked great. Don Fl. wore jeans and a
black T-shirt (with a white T-shirt peeking out
underneath). I don't think I ever saw anyone
wearing that combination before. Glenn's shirt
was nice, kind of a black and white leopard print,
but his Forrest Gump shoes were what cracked
me upl Realnerd shoes. Black on the bottom and
white on the top, like your Grandpa would wearl

instrumentalists as well as singers. Scott anA Oon
are "kick-ass" drummers, No one can beat Felder

and Walsh who were having a wonderful timel
fun, What a great bass
player. Four times the singer and m-usician of
Timothy was even having

Randy Meisner!
Timmy wore a chambray shirt and expoeed a lot of
chest. felder wore plaid and Joe had on a very I was
really impressed by the LeRoy,s. Al Garth
nice Guatemalan
Enough about one fine musician. Such a wonderful sax andis
appearances--the music was the important thing. violin player.
John Corey and Tim Drury were no


I have been around music allmy

slouches eitherl Scott Crago is an iwesome
life. I majored in drummer, very professional. I would like to read

music in college. My parenti owned a music
store. My Dad was a professional musician and I
guess I'm considered a semi-pro (the difference
being that I don,t always get'paidll) I've seen
many concerts in my life from pavarotti to Dylan,
but none matched the professionalism that the
Eagles have. They were note perfect! I have a
new respect for their musicianship, I even began
to rotice things that other people probabg d6n,t
notice. For example, Don and Scott use the most
expensive drum equipment on earth. Their
equipment is custom made just for them. Joe and
Don F. changed guitars after every number no

more about them in future issues of
biographies pleasel



I'm still glowingt What a great night, What a great
party with other Eagles Fansl Even my GM Exec

ultra conservative husband had a wonierful time!
Can'twait until my next Eagles concert. Hope they
don't keep us waiting long.


a /-\-Q


1 n
t'^\ N \[P

\D)/i lDrlf''- , I)\vt
,r-'rr--:t\AVp Ll\t-r\U \



After making some phone calls to Germany &
France I found out the concert dates for that
countries and ordered tickets for the shows in
Paris and Dortmund. I've never had so many

The concert in Paris last Monday was
really an evening never to forget, Not
in the last place because we were in
the front row, with the Eagles "flying"
right in front of us,.. JUST GREATII!

pleasure of my credit card.

lam an Eagles fan since lwas 15 years old, Well, last Monday the day was finally
which was in 1979. A simple calculation tells there....seeing The Eagles for the first time in
you that I'm 31 now,,,.the years go (too) my life and in Parisl Me and my wife went on
quickly! My brother (who is 39 years old) Saturday to Paris and planned to stay for a
always played Eagles records and that's why I long weekend (until Tuesday). Monday
got lnto the music of The Eagles. I bought the morning when I woke up, the first thing I
"live" album and from that moment on, there thought was..,.YES, THIS lS THE DAYIAnd it
wae no way backl I bought al their records, turned out to become one of the most beautiful
only I {and a lot of people with me)had one big days (or at least nights) in my whole life. We
problem. The guys split up! So never in 16 went to Bercy (a 10.000 seat Arena) round 3
years I had a chance to $ee them live on o'clock and there was nobody there so we
stage. ln 1992 Glenn Frey did a solo concert were the first in line to get into the hall. The
in a small club in Utrecht (here in The early arrival and also an aMul bit of running
Netherlands) in front of 400 people, Guess (not a new world record
what.,..l was on holiday. lt couldn't really have but really fast) brought us up to the first row
been much worse or what?l I can't tell you near the stage, At 7.30 Kenny Wayne Shepard
what I felt when I heard that The Eagles were wae the man to warm the crowd up. Well, I can
reforming again went on tour, I bought the be short about him, He's a good guitar player
"Hell Freezes Over" record the day that it but that's all, that'e really all, I think his songs
came out. I read about The Eagles doing a are all look-alikes of another. Nothlng special
tour in the U.S.A. and Australia etc. and after in one song except banging the guitar an
that I heard....nothing for quite a while. I made awful tot. The speaker announced him as the
numerous phone calls to the U,S.A., to Geffen man who's album is already 17 weeks on the
records, to lrving Azoffs office at Giant #1 place of the American Blues Chart. Well, I
Records, to some publishing office Keilh don't know the American Blues Chart so if he
Naysbitt or something, but nobody couldn't (or told me that he was there already tor 194
wanted) to tell me anything about the weeks I would have believed it too....
European leg of the tour. The only thing the
always told me was "please call back in two
months". Not much help so far! was
desperate, angry and confused at the same



Then one morning around march or April
1996 I read the newspaper (as usually do) and
saw the advertisement standing there: "The


- Hell Freezes Over Tour 1996 17 July 1996 - Feyenoord


Stadium Rotterdam", I really can't tell what


felt at that moment. The only thing that was for
sure that I was at the ticket office very early in
the morning that Saturday to get the tickets.


After 45 minutes Kenny Wayne had done his bit and then the words
came out....."The rock legend of the t$venties from Southern
California....The Eagles on stage in 5 minstes". After 15 (l) minutes
the light went out and the crowd was really going wild, but nothing
was happening during a minute or 2. Then suddenly 5 men stormed

the stage in the dark and the lights flashed on. There they werellll
The first I saw was Don Felder and the first thing I noticed (except
that they were playing the "electric" version of Hotel California
instead of the "acoustic" version) was that Don was growing his
beard again, Just like in the good old days! The rest of the evening
is best to be described as just ONE BIG PARTYI All the beautiful
songs were played except my personal favourite "The Last Re6ort".
Well hopefully they'll play that during the concert in Rotterdam or in
Dortmund, The concert in Paris started at 8.30 and lasted until

The only question I have now is....What willthe future bring and,,..lS
lhere a future for The Eagles?! Well, whatever it may be, at least
I've seen them three times then.



At the beginning the concert was a bit of

disappointment. We-and a few thousand more-spent
more that 1 1/2 hours in a kind of bottle-neck-row. Of the
30 gates on our side of the stadiurn, there were only 2

already knew was coming. I had a
longer they played, the better they
encores were fantastic. lt was


of fun. The

played and the

lit our lights on "Desperado".

open. We stood there watching everybody going in,
excepi us,

$ome papers had bad comments the next day. A
magazine even suggested that their music is for
After approximately one hour, the loudspeaker spiritless forly-year olds. No way, Josell There were
announced that we should move to the other side of the children, parents, grand-parents-fou name it. Well,
stadium because there wasn't a row there. That one we know better, don't we?
came in very bad. Thank God we were not regular
soccer fans; they would have demolighed the place. The
supporting act, due to slart at 6L00, started at 7:00, but
after 3 songs, we could hardly hear, he split.

So we had bad seats way back, but


brought my

binoculars. I never let them down, my arms still hurt so
to speak. The show started not so well from our point of
view. "Victim of Love" was out of tune. After the break,
however, it was a lot better, I think they knew, because
during the break we saw a lot of men running around on
stage pulting and plugging a lot.

When it went dark, the video screens went on and





America? Which he is now - bless him.

We met some super people from America


complete Eagles cranks - about 3 or 4 couples
had come over just for the concert - see I'm not
the only mad one around. Anyway, I've got a few
e.mail addresses to keep me going through the

long winter months - ugh. I just wish I had
another concert to look forward to. We were
sorely tempted to go to Edinburgh today for their
LAST conceil, but everything was against us only one flight, totally the wrong time and one
train, also the wrong time. I should have asked
Don to give us a liftll!!
Laet night........FANTASTIC, FABULOUS, THE
BEST EVER,.....We were about 6' away from
them - centre front row - lt was incredible. There
must have been over 50,000 people there, the
ry$alher was beautiful - the sun shone all day
{rtrhish is unusual for England) - they came on as
usual at 7,30 and started with Hotel California
and proceeded with the usual set - I promise
you, really, really, really - Don smiled at John
and me - I had my magic Henley T shirt on again
- b*thl*smile was truly wonderful. When John
antr'l found our seats - we sat down, looked at
each other and almost cried - I don't think we
could believe our luck. Our two chums were just
behind us in the second row. When we were
with Jackson Browne about 3 weeks ago he said
'willyou be seeing The Eagles?'and we told him
we were and he then said "Please say hello from
me" - anyway, during the second half of the
show, there was a quiet bit, just before Henley
sang The Boys of $ummer and my husband,
shouted out to Don "Jackson Browne says hello"
-to which Don put his head on one side, looked
straight at us and said "No he didn't" - Well, I
couldn't stop laughing, we could have taken it
further, but Don looked so confused ljust wanted
to go up and hug him. He obviously thought how could Jackson say that when he's in


Before the concert John and

I checked


whether the boys had arrived and what time they
were doing the soundcheck - No... they had not

arrived, they were due in one hours time.,..So
obviously we hung around and sure enough one hour later the cars started coming in - ihe
firEt car to arrive was Glenn and Don Felder smiling and acknowledging the crowd - I died (of
course) -then Joe arrived in a stretched limo - all
on his own....not looking at anybody - in fact he
looked a little pi.,.., off to tell the truth. Where
was Henley???????? Sure enough he arrived
last (which is unusual for a Cancerian - they are
usually such good time keepers)l His car pulled
in and he was wearing dark glasses and



cowboy hat (l died again) - and he was with
Timothy B - both of them smiling and waving to
us - with that, I burst into tears - told you lwas an
emotional wreck. But such joylt The boys
seemed in very good spirits on the stage - even
Timothy B smiled...there certainfy didn't seem to
be any problems' perhaps they will continue who knows.






What exactly is "colitaE"?
Lot of people
Henley opens up his mouth and
actually answers this question, we will
have to speculate as to what he meant
when he wrote that line in "Hotel
California", Seeing as how we're English
major types, we thought we'd put forth
our idea now and hopefully, we can end
some of the debate. We'd like to thank
librarian, Alice Gustin for the research
she sent us on this



Living in an area where Spanish is a
primary language, it's not too difficult to
figure out that the word "colitas" could
possibly be of Spanish origin. Granted,
the Spanish they speak here is not the
same as that spoken in Spain, or even LA
for that matter, we've discovered that this
word can mean "tail". That word choice
conjures up some interesting images that
wouldn't be appropriate to talk about in a
family publication. Further research has
taught us that this "tail" reference can be
taken to mean "bud" as in the bud of the
cannabis plant. Those of you "gardeners"
out there can figure out the significance



is a type of desert flower. This makes
sense in the context of the song.

However, we also remember reading or
hearing something once where Don said
that he made up the word. Knowing that
Henley takes his lyrics very seriously, this
is what we think he was up to in "Hotel
You have to look at the word with a poetic
frame of mind. Don was trying to paint a
picture that would set the scene for the

rest of the song. The song is sort of
dreamlike and can seem a bit trippy
(even though it lS NOT about drugs). He
probably wanted to infuse the air in the

an intoxicating aroma.
Something heady and sweet like a desert
flower....or if you've ev€r smelled
song with

cannabis burning, it has a kind of sweet
aroma as well. Even if we don't knOw the
literal meaning of the word "colitas" we
can get the idea. lt's much more poetic
than saying "Warm smell or
buds" and much more mature than
singing that it smelled like pot.
Just our two cents.

Secondly, some folks have found in L&M
certain horticultural sources that "colitas"



Nick: Good aftemoon. This is Virgin
a World Exclusive*as the
Eagles wrap up the final leg of their
word tour for the ne)d hour, we talk
with Don Henley*recorded just 48
hours ago backstage in Germany


and Holland.....
Play: "Take it Easy"

Nick: What finally convinced you

lnat the Eagles getting

together was a good idea?
Don: Well, lthink time, the passage
of time brings a certain overview,

hopefully a certain wisdom and a
certain mellowing. ['ve been reading

a book recently called The


of Happiness" which talks


how people's emotional state levels
out as they get older, you know, the
highs get less high and the lows are
less low and you don't get as

emotionally exercised

an$hing. And it's true, so lthink the
pa$$age of time and maturity on the
part of the band had something to
do with it. I think also the fEct thal

we all have children, you know,
wives and children, er families, We
have ageing parents, some of

whom are ill and again that may

sound like the monetary reason for
getting back together but frankly I

wanted my mother and my new
daughter, although she probably
won't remember it, to come and see

us play again. And there was
great clamoring, a

great desire on

the part of the public, We kept

like to joke and say we got back
together so people would stoP
bloody (laughs) asking us,.wheri
are we going to get back together
(laughingly) just to shut people up,
but that's not really the reasons.
People wanted to see us you
know, we get letters now saying
"l'm so glad you got back together
because I didn't get to see you lhe

first time around". I think the
primary reason is a bit more
philosophical than that, The

primary reason is that we simply
didn't want it to end on a bad note
for reasons of posterity; we didn't
want it to end with the bitterneqs
and the ugliness that it ended with
in the fall of 1980. I think as we atl
have gotten older we are.all a bit
more aware of the spiritual or the

karmic implicationa



actions and one of the songs that

we do in the show, which in on
one of my solo albums, speaks of

forgiveness, "The Heart of the
Matter". Yes, and I think we all

havE sort


adopted that

perspective, that outlook and I
think we feel so much the better
for it.

Play: "The Heart of the Matter"
Nick lt may well be that , you
know, forgiveness is an important
parl. remember speaking to


Glenn a couple of years.ago


think, and he was saying that you
guys tried to get back together

getting letter after letter after letter

again a few years ago and you

over all these years, over the 14

went away to write.,.So, although
you kind of buried those demons,
if you like buried might not be the

years, there were letters written and
people would ask me, almost every
day of my life "when are you guys
going to get back together, are you

going to get back together?" We

right word, but at least they are
not around at the moment- the
creative juices, that sort of, where

creative juices, that sort of, where
you two could just write a song like
that (clicks his fingers) Don laughs.
Don: Let's not be that hasty-there's
a bit more to it-two snaps at least!

Nick: But that process
returned has it?

you are a painter or a poet or a
novelist or a sculptor or any of those
things, or an actor, you're perfectly
within your rights to do it until you
drop dead. As a musician you ate

you know.
Nick: You talked about your modest
background. I mean do you think the
fact that, you know, you and the rest
of the band come from, I hate the
hasn't supposed to die young (chuckles), or term, but inverted commas "modest
fail, or go away for some other background".

Don: Not yet and it may not. We reasons, and

I think some of the Don: That's what we call

wrote "Get Over lt" relatively quickly, younger turks in the media are quite America.
I think in a couple of day's time, but frustrated by the fact that we are still Nick: Ok,



when money started
it didn't meet with a great deal of here. That also gives me great rolling in, and you started climbing
success. Whether Glenn and I could satisfaction, the fact that we are still Mount Moolah, it was kinda difficult
still be creative remains to be seen. here. None of us are dead, which is for you to handle that amount, that

We may give it a go in the future, or an accomplishment in itself. (laughs) ridiculous amount of money.
we may not. Let me just say this Nick: I cannot think of another band Don: Well it didn't all come in one
about getting back together, as I of your generation that all the big gush, like it does for so many of
these groups now, em, had
said, one of the primary reasons is members are stillliving.
difficulty with it, we all had difficulty
that we didn't want it to end the way Don: I can't either,
with it, which perhaps was one of the
it ended in 1980. I think we all had, Plays: "Life in the Fast Lane"
we all had a real desire deep down Nlck: I would like to take you back, catalysts for us giving so much of it
in our hearts to, to mend those, if I can, to the "Hotel California" away and still doing so, but after a
those hurts and those wounds and period and the sort of tensions that while you know, I figure now I have
to, and lo come together again as began to surface within the band. been doing this for - I've just turned
friends and number two, I make no You said in a recent interview that 49 years old, I've been doing this


denialsaboutthefactthatitisvery you were really surprised when sincelwaslSor16andl'veworked
lucrative and it's good business. We Glenn rang you and said "l'm going very hard. We, you know, I will say
aremusiciansandthisisthewaywe off to do a solo album and by the that wa all worked very hard. The
make our living, er and to those who way the Eagles are therefore no media again, likes to play up the
say that we sre too old and we longer" when did it strike you that - partying aspect of our existence but
should just slag off somewhere, I 'hang on a minute this is not as we all worked extremely hard, We
say (clears throat), rubbish-we are much fun as I thought it was going to were very diligent, very disciplined
about rehearsal and recording. So
musicians. Are we, am l, supposed be'...?
tostopbeingamusicianwhenlturn Don:Em.,,l meanitwasgoodand eventuallyweallcametofeellikewe
thirty or forty years old? Am I bad from the beginning, you know, earned what we got, you know,
supposed to suddenly drop my There were days of elation and joy Plays:"Wasted Time"
vocation, that what I have been and there were days when it was Plays: "Tequila Sunrise"
doing since I was fifteen years old miserable, but I accepted that as a Nickt I remember you being
and take up a new vocation and do part of life, as a fact of life. I interviewed in England about the
something else? I mean we're accepted that as a fact of any job, lyrics of "The Boys of Summer" ...there's a distinction to be made anylineof workthatonechoosesto with the wonderful irony of 'the
between rock stars and musicians- go into is not going to be fun and deadhead sticker on the Cadillac'.
we were rock stars when we were in joyous all the time. You know, I Don; Which was a true occurrence,
our twenties and now we happily come from a working class family in by the way.
leave being rock stars to the Texas and my father worked very Nick: And it just kinda struck me
younger men. We are veteran hard all of his life and his father rfl6sn you were singing that at
working musicians and we are out before him and I accepted that as Wembley that-hey-he's the guy in
here doing what we do, which is part of my lot, you know, that things the Cadillac now.
playing music. You know it's an odd were simply going to be rough Don: No- lwouldn,t have a Cadillac,
thing about the music business and sometimes- it wasn't going to be I would be embarrassed to drive a
it always puzzles me, it amuses me, euphoria every day and I knew that I gq6;11sc (laughs). No what that,
but it puzzles that line of had a good thing going and we had
thinking that rock and roll is a young a great potentiat to go very far and
man's game only. You don't find that so er, as they say in the South "ljust
in any of the other arts, you know. lf hunkered down" and got on with



that-let me explain that as a Nick: Was it therefore any ea$y become a front man, or as we
metaphor- I was driving down the transformation for you- from being a jokingly call it in the States, an "LV"
405 freeway in Los Angeles when I member of The Eagles to be Don -lead vocalist, you know, a stand up
lead vocalist. lt also forced me to
saw a deadhead sticker on a Henley, solo artist?
Gadillac Seville, which at that point Don: No, as l've said in many find other song writing partners and
in time, about 1985, was the car of interviews, it was a very difficult other producing partners, which I
choice for the upwardly mobile transition for me, for many reasons. did, I got,.,l am fortunate in that I
middle class. A relatively expensive One is, what we spoke about before, have very many musical friends and
car- not as expensive as your basic I wasn't quite expecting the group to alliEE in Loe Angeles, people that I
German car, mind you, but you break up so abruptly, I figured, have known over the years and so I
know, considered to be a nice car, I knew it wasn't going to last forever, had to start a whole new program
was quite difficult,
thought they were junk then, I think but I wasn't quite prepared for it to and er,
they are junk now. Now in the sixties come to a screeching halt in the especially for the first album. Making
that first album was pure
Cadillacs were
agony, although in
faehionable-all the bands
retrospect I think it is a
in Texas and everywhere
pretty good record,
across the United States
unfortunately it was on
bought the old Cadillac
Elektra so not many
hearses that were sold off
people heard it (laughs)by the funeral homes and
there I go again,
mortuaries, who used to
Nick: Subtle,
carry bodies in thern. We
Don: Yes, yeo I am a
all used to put our gear in
maeter of subtlety,
Cadillacs and travel
Nickr You said it waE an
around from town to town
agonizing time.
playing gigs, you know,
Donl Well, sure I was
and those are the kind of
casting about to find my
people you think of going
musical direction, to find
Grateful Dead
out who I was as a solo







concerts, the old hippie
days when we all drove

artist and what I wanted to

Cadiltacs hearses that

think it is a great thing and
I am glad it happened,
you know, and it turned
out quite well, but I was
just a bit unprepared at

do. ln retrospect now

were recycled from earlier

I saw this
dead head sticker of the
nevr Cadillac which was
the model of affluence
times. Then

and upward mobility and

the beginning,

it just Octoberof



1980. lnretrospectnow, wasn't,,.myconfidencewasshaken.
struek me as very ironic that kind of it was a good thing, you know, it Nick: Was it a bit to ds with the LV
car would have a dead head sticker launched me, it forced me to go into that you described-the LV being a
on it beczuse it seemed like the a solo career, But it was very difficult
naked, without
furthest thing, you know it just goes for several reasons. One reason membere around you?
to show that you can't judge a book being that I was accustomed to Don: Yeah.,.l am not by nature a



by it's cover- you know, that we all being in a band, I was accustomed flamboyant, or an aggressive
make judgment and stereotype to being the drummer and being in person. I am pretty quiet and my
people and things, it just isn't quite the back, you know, at a nice safe personality is not that of your normal
true always...
distance (laughs) safely perched microphone twirling, strutting,
Plays; Boys of Summer
behind my drums and not having lo prancing lead vocalisi.
Nick: You have said in interviews be on the front lines, as it were. I Plays: "The End of the lnnocence"
that you never planned a solo mean I do play the guitar- I am not Nick: Being a musician, and to be a

Don: No ldidn't.

the world's greatest guitar player,

but good musician you have


I do play-and so it forced me to fechnically perfect, which



Don: No you don't--not in rock and Nick: Yes, which I wanted lo do- quite enough by the end of this


Nick: Well, I was looking at the way Don: Things are going extremely
that you were playing the drums, I well. This tour has been a smashing
was looking at the way you were success. lt will end, I think we have
playing the bongos, and the six more shows, end up in
percussion's and I was thinking Edinburgh which should be quite a
about the perfection of how you do scene- yeah, with 45,000 people, I
that*really, is an art.
think, in some football field. So that
Don: Well, I mean, I think what will be a wonderful ending to what
you're saying is that you need to has been a fabulous two years and
keep time (laughs) to put it simply. we may decide to call it quits after
this, or we may not, you know..afler
Nick: OK the other thing that...
Which some people we have rested for a whib, Glenn
and I will get together and discuss
unfortunately can't do...
Nick: The other thing that
struck me is that you have got
to have passion as well.


term, this contract- but lam looking
fonarard to it. I am building my own
recording studio finally, after all

these years. I have wanted one for


long time.


have got


equipment in storage, I've just
never got around to building a
studio, I'm doing that in Dallas, so I
have a lot to look forutrard to. I am

very grateful for what


happened-on my birthday a couple

of days ago I was, well I was in
three countries that day- I woke up
in Sweden, and played in Norway

and wenl

to be here in

Holland. I spent the day being
very grateful. I contemplated

Don: Well, yeah, it's a very

my life, my past and what is

emotional thing, you can't be
on autornatic pilot very much,

and my daughter and I have

my good fortune and my family

my health, I have my wits
about me, I survived the

you know.

Nick: So then the thought
struck me, well you know-

sixties and seventies and the
eighties, so I am extremely

these guys have bEen on the
road for so long, they've been
singing the same songs over
and over again and yet there

gratefulforwhat I have. Again,




have worked very

hard, but I'm a lucky guy and


are a couple of moments, a
couple of songs within the
show were some real passion,
some real soul came acros$.
Don: Just a couple, huh?

Nick: Things,


now...where you actually get a

lump in your throat and


am just

curious to know what are the songs the possibilities--see if we actually
in the Eagles set you do, that still want to make an album with the
fire you up that still give you that group or not.
passion, because you have always Nick: What does your gut tellyou?
Don: My gut tells me it could go
been a very passionate person.
Don: changes from night to either way. My gut tells me that we
night sometimes, you know? I mean might very well begin one but that
you sorta go through a cycle of we might not finish it (laughs),
picking a song, but to answer your which is fine, you know as we said
question*l think it is pretty obvious before. I have a solo career that I
that "Heart of the Matter" is one, am very much looking fonrvard to.
"Desperado" which is the last one in This is what I like to look at as stage
the set and "Hotel California" which 2-the second half of my solo career.
have signed for three albums
is the first song in the set.
which will take me well into my
Plays: "Hotel California"
fifties and I will probably have had
Don: Let's end on a positive note.


Means that it is time to

renew. Thanks!



c JJ







a) {



\- _
-f /\ t.^
t I I N \
- t L-l-t


Since no one has sent me any cease why don't you run off and find your room
and desist orders, I'm back with another down the hall there. Ta ta!
fun-filled episode of As The Eagle Fliesl
Sorry it's been awhile, but I've been busy Don scowls, turns on his heel, and stalks
and the Eagles hadn't given me any new off to his room trc sulk before the benefit
materialto exploit: )
concert the Eagles are performing in
Diana's honor that evening. Meanwhile,
The story begins with the band boarding Diana sports Timothy B. Schmit hiding
Eagle 1 for London. They have just behind Glenn Frey and Don Felder. She
settled down for a nap after scarfing approaches him cautiously....,
down the complimentary peanuts and
Perrier, Seven hours later (they need Diana: Well hello young manl You must
longer naps now) the plane arrives at be Timothyl I have a special treat for
Heathrow Airport, undetected by the you. Your will be staying in my son Will's
British fans thanks to the shroud of room and his nanny will tend to your
secrecy courtesy of lrving Azoff and every need..
assorted bodyguards. The Eagles are Timothy: (choking back a squeal of
then whisked away to their surprising delight) Oh boy! Thanks! May I go and
accommodations-Kensington Palacell explore the royal toy chest?
Princess Diana has insisted they stay
with her-most people don't know this, Diana nods and Timothy sgampers offto
but Diana is a huge fan of 70's classic Will's room. Don Felder and Diana
rock. She is also fervently pursuing any exchange niceties and he leave to go
and all men after her messy break-up brush his teeth for the eleventh time that
with Chuck. Upon arrival at the Palace, day. Glenn and Diana are left alone...
we hear this exchange take place..,
Diana: Oh Joseph, it is so nice to finally

Glenn: I have to apologize for Henleyhe tends to, ramble. Speaking of


about fifty times

meet youl I've admired your work for ramblin', did yqu know 1 sang that word

on Bob Seger's

Joe: (blushing) Well, ya know, thanks a "Ramblin'Gamplin'Man"?
lot Di! l've admired your legs for years! Diana: Ph was that you? Mr. Seger
Diana: Hee Hee Hee! Will you be my definitely rocks,! Um, Glenn, I see you're
clown prince Joseph?
wearing a wedding band and I was just
wondering how married are you exactly?
Joe: Sure thing!
Glenn: (inching closer to her) Well how
Don Henley steps forward to introduce maried do you want me to be?

a touch of suaveness

himself and add
to the

The romantic moment is abruptly broken
when Timothy, runs in dressed like a

DonH: Diana, it is a pleasure to meet cowboy and shooting off two toy pistols,
you. Your home is magnifique! Thank
you so much for having us. At some Glenn: (laughing that certain way he
point I would love to disluss the ills of does)Rw, gJont-Cet outta here youlittle

the world with you and hear your desperadoi
thoughts on nature, politics, world

nucleartesting.... Diana giggles, then looks at her watch
Diana: (yawning) Oh yes. Yes, Don. and realizes she only has four hours to
We'll have to do that sometime. For now, get ready for the concert. She excuses

little desperado!




Diana: (grabbing him by the collar) I SAID clear out
Diana giggles, then looks at her watch and realiaes NOW!
she only has four hours to get ready for the concert,
She excuses herself and rushes off to the royal lrving


runs off and informs the Eagles qf

makeup chamber. Glenn briefly ponders what change in plans. There is a collective gr.oan, but
no stopping th'is
might have been if Timothy hadn't ruined things, but everyone realizes there
is soon consumed by curiosity about the quality of Princess. Diana lakes the stage.
toilet paper at the place and heads off to "squeeze
Diana: I'd like to dedicate this to my slimy exthe royalCharmin".
husband (sniffl whom I loved very deeply,
Hours later, the Eagles take the stage at Wembley I know yo)u need
stadium and the London audience is treated to a Someone you can talk to,
70s trip down memory lane. Diana is fiont row Who will understand what you're going through
center and dancing up a storm. Glenn and Don H. When it comes to love, there's no easy answer
find this amusing and decide to invite her onstage Only you can say what you're gonna do'oo-oo-ooto perform Glenn's bowling duties on "Life's Been oo!
Good". As a special surpnse, the pins have been Are you gonna stay with the one who loves you,
painted with the faces of Prince Charles, Camilla ar are you going back to that wench you love?
Parker Bowles, and the Queen! Diana winds up Someone's gonna cry when they know they've lost
and laughs hysterically as the pins go flying in alt you,
directions. As she heads back to her seat , she someone's going to with they were neve? born
stops to whisper in lrving's ear...
because l'm coming after You with aff,:axe and
chopping off your head and.......
Diana: Oh, lrving dear, I have a lovely idea of how
to end the show!
Security rushes onto the stage -and, Carries a
lrving: (looking around nervously) Oh yeah, Di? psycho Diana off and heads to the local institution
What's that?
for mad princesses. The Eagles vyave goodbye to
Diana: Well, as you know, I've been going through her and hurry off to catch their fligh| [ack h9n1p.
some tough times in the romance department and Everyone agrees this is one show theltlt.NEVER
lwould like to sing "The One You Love" becbuse it
so aptly suiis my life,
lrving:'Yifesl Um, I'm not sure that would redlly suit
the show or





* I.,




The various next and Don procastinating as Crow,

Bryan Adams, Melissa
members of much as possible over getting Etheridge
and John
the Eagles started on his next solo album Mellencamp, will be part of the
returned to the only natural thing to do 'All-$tar Garage Band" for the
the US after seems to be to play the ever 1996 City of Hope charity gala
their very popular charity benefit circuit. on October 16 in Los Angeles.
successf ul And boy are the Eagles doing The annual event raises
European enough of that over the next between $3 and $4 million for
tour around month or soll.......As reported AIDS, cancer, and Alzhiemer's
August 6th. last month, Henley will be related charities and remains a
USA Today, performing in Houston on key record business charity and
quotiongAugust 24, at a benefit forschmoozefest. Seatsforthe
Performance prostate and breast cancer gala start at $500 with premium
m a g a z i n e, research. We should have tables going for as much as
noted that the band has played more about that next $50,000
165 shows during the last 26 month..,....,..The Los Angeles
months to 3.5 million fans. Times and USA Today are ln Bernie Leadon news (see, we
Concert grosses tabulated from listing the Eagles as performing didn't forget he was once an
134 shows total $169.9
Eaglell),.........8ernie has
million. The numbers for
recently been named vice
Europe aren't in yet, but
for the week of July 15th
the two Dublin concertsl

were the top grossing
concert, with over $S
million in ticket sales.

The tabloid, The Globe,
reporied in mid-July that f l'
the Eagles flew to Europe
on separate planes, were along with Barbra Streisand
staying on separate floors of the and Neville Brothers at a
hotel in Dublin and were using a Septemer 12 gala at the Los
"middleman" to pass messages Angeles
back and forth" We doubted the supermarket mogul Ron
veracity of this, especially since Burkle. The $2,500-perthere was a big break between person (and up) benefit for Bill
the last Canadian date and the Clinton's reelection bid and
first show in Dublin so it would the Democratic National
president of A&R for the
seen natural that everyone Committee's Victory'96 Fund is new pioneer Music Group label
would get there on theirown. As chaired by Burkle, DreamWorks to be headquartered in Fianklin,
for the hotel situation,.....the SKG partner David Geffen and 1p. The president of the
Eagles discussed that at a press the Hollywood Women's company, itrartie Lico, states
conference in Dublin. Read the Political Committee. The 16s1he ind Leadon are already
story elsewhere in this issue. president and first lady are both ;n
With the tour over and the band scheduled to attend.,... Also,
still contemplating what to do Don Henley, along with Sheryt


Golf Channel on September 21 We couldn't throw this all
at 1234 pm (ET) and again on together once a month without
the 22nd at 6:30 pm (ET).

the help we get from you all!!

This just in....the LA Times
reported that Don Henley is
VERY generous when it comes
to helping out Democrats. Since
1991, he's donated $107, 685
to the DNC.

Lastly, for those of you who
missed the first Eagles fans
discussions with two or three gathering in New Orleans, the
artists to sign them and plans next one (tenatively planned for
call for the release of three or the summer of 1997) is in the
four albums the first year. early stages of planning. lf you
Besides working with the Flying are al all interested in attending
Burrito Brothers, the Eagles, or assisting with the planning,
and Run C&W, Bernie has most please contact Rick Rogers at

recently been a partner in or drop us
lnterAccess, LLC, an lnternet a line and we'll pass along the
company serving music industry info to Rick.
clients such as MCA Records
We'd like to thank Debby R,,
and SESAC,
Phyllis M,, Andrea M., Annette
D. for concert photos in this
Don't forget that an interview issue. Thanks also to Karen
with Glenn Frey from earlier this M., Deb again, and Alice G, for
summer will be repeated on the supplying us with various info.

T+{eY LiKe uS!
That'E rightl ln the August issue of Texas Monthy (the one
with euperhunk Matthew Mcconaughey on the cover) our
Henley website was recognized in an article about the top
100 Texas Websites, The text of the writeup reade: "This
is a page for hardcore Don Henley fans-who else would
want to read Don's Congreesional testimony on the
Copyright ExtEnsion Act of 1995? Don't miss the photos
of aoma of Don's most embarassing public moments

(they love him warb and all); try out hie spicy and
adamantly beanless chili recipe; check out the link to the
Don Henley Environmental Guy Frge, which details the
rock star'g campaigns to save YIlaHen Fond and Caddo
lake. hfip://



The day had finally come for me to visit the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I had been
waiting since the opening to see it! The
building is impressive from the outside*all
glass and


Henley. This was a real work in progress.
There were notes in the corners of the tablet
and even a space where Don had been
rhyming words. lt was really something to



was almost worth the price of

admission to just see that! Joe's "Life's Been
Good" was there also. I heard a rumor that
Joe wrote it otf the top of his head, and it
looks like that is what he did. There were
hardly any mistakes on the paper. Way to go
Joe! There was also Don Henley's drum set
and the keys Timothy had collected from the
hotel rooms they had been in. lt was a good
size duffel bag so it really gives you an idea
of how many places they have stayed in.
One of Don Felder's guitars was there. All

Once inside our ticket taker suggested we
start at the 6th floor and work our way down.
That sounded like a good idea to me $o off
we went to find the elevators and the 6th
floor. The 6th floor is impressive. Once you
step off the elevator there is nothing but
darkness and quiet. We thought we were on
the wrong floor until our eyes adjusted to the
darkness, and we could see that there was
dim light at the end of the small hallway that
we had been let out in. We walked into a weweremissingwassomethingfromGlenn.
room that was lit only by the tiniest bit of MaybeGlenncoulddonateoneofthosenifty
light. Painted stars on the domed ceiling shirts that we are all so fond of! fiust kidding
added to the glow, There were huge pieces Glenn!)
of glass that had been etched with the
autographs of some of the most famous of There was also a video room on that floor. lt
Rock stars. The room itself, because of the was a darkened room with different size TV
darkness and quiet, left you feeling like you monitors, lt showed themes and clips of
were on holy ground.
videos for those themes. lt played some of
the greatest music while those clips were
The rest of the floors were a jumble. There being shown. I stayed for it twice because it
was no clear+ut floors. You had to really was so good. lt was very well done! There
look to see what floor you were on. There were some really great pictures of Led
were plenty of pictures, Rolling Stone Zeppelin, They almost had two walls
Magazines that went back to its inception devoted to them. Also there has been some
and other magazines such as Cream.
interesting letters written to Rolling Stone
On the third floor (at least I think it was the
third floor!) I found what I had been wanting
to see since I had heard it was in the Hall of
Fame. There was a tablet with the words to
"l Can't Tell You Why" written by Don


over the years and they are on exhibit there.
One from Charles Manson is especially

All in all r^/€ were done in about an hour and
30 minutes. lt would've taken longer if we

had stayed to see the two movieq they show. about Rock music and she felt it was a total
Since we had already spent $12.95 to gefi in waste of money.
we didn't feelas though we wanted to spend
another 5 dsllars a piece to see the 20 As for any Elvis Presley fans out there,which
I am proud to say I am not and never willbel
I was thinking there was yet going to be
A word of caution to anyone that is going to another glitzy Elvis shrine that would take up
visit the Hall of Fame. lt is very expensive! half the hall of fame, but there wasn't. There
T-shirts were 935! Key chains, pens and were a couple of pictures and that was
magnets which were nothing special were all.There was also a walt of radios that were
$7! Food is another story in itself. Let's just encased in plastic. lf this was something
say you need to eat before you go! There is symbolic it went right over my head. 1
also a charge for parking if you can find
would've much preferred an Elvis exhibit
than looking at old radios!
Last but not least you really need to be into
Rock and Roll. lf you are only somewhat All in all I would say that there were enough
mildly interested don't bother. I went with pictures and memorabilia to almost make
someone my age who didn't know much the price worth paying.



Other Eaglee
Michele Namba sent

us this photo of an
Eagles' autographed

guitar that hangs in the
Universal City Hard
Rock. Deb Rogers

daughter, Shelby

starting her


Eagles' collection. Y'all
have probably all seen
our DH shrine before.
No Eagles collection is

complete without the
HFO pogs.


Bqg" gqy V''eel(eNr ::iil;fili!##ilffi,;;ffi;
' Rt/t
Ul Klt
' -'n\ Unnnnn
\uuUKO j:i,rE1,'Bt8,lfi[i,-'if*o'il']J.i.i"flt!liJ'*:;


jail and Reprise said' "l CAN'T TELL YOU
A white ago we printad a story by ACRInFL that used got thrown in
got taken there, but it was a conspiracy'
all of theEaglei, song tittes
get going' I WISH YoU
to come up wtth ii" it yow own. Ricknoge;s toolr us lf'{-U.h yeah, well y.q Fv9 to said "remember,
up on that chaaange. iere is
I was dririing past the LAST R{SORT here in GREEKS
Jackson, Ml, it's can'"i tftu
looked kind of dull when I pulled in the parking lot so I said good-bye and asked "PLEASE
figured it was WASTED TIME and
lt was night n9w a1{ we went to the club. lt was
NIGHTS alright, you could tell there was
Since it was almost o,clock
TONIGHT from the smetl of
about to begin, I p[yed LIFE lN THE FAST LANE on my going to be a HEARTACHE
and met several nice
stereo to get in a TRVIH mooO.
I was TWENTY ONE and
and attempted to sneak into class. Myfriend Jason is MY girls, Two of them thought
beer for them. I replied "only if
MAN, one of my best friends and fellbw schernist, so he isked if I would buy some
me". They agreed and
distracted the teacher, a real wlTGHy woMAN. lt you TAKE lT TO THE LIMIT with
he looked like the
worked and I sat down, the class was
we did our deeds and this girl named Amy
TTMES (REpR1SE), Needtess to say Jason and I decided commented that
to skip schoot. we made like a M|DNIGHT
show emotion." Jason had a great time with the other girl
NIGHTINGALE out of ihat hell hole.
We jumpeJ into f,ir OL, 55 and were off. We named Jenny. The lext morning Jason said "THE
cool and we should invite her
went lN THE ClTy and arrived ar the sAD CAFE. After FROM YESTERDAY was
getting no sleep the night before I had a PEAGEFUL, andherfriendtocomewithusONTHEBORDER"'
EASY FEELING and also felt like a GERTAIN KIND OF it was because he didn't think LOVE
said "l really want to share a NE!|Y YORK
FOOL with Too MANY HANDS. As we went in, the radio ALIVE. He also
was playing elevator music, lthought it iounded like MINUTEwithher''. lreplied,"theTRAIN
He got hold of
DOOLIN-DALTOI| (tnsrnut|,tENTAL--).
them and they made it. Jason an.d I thought this was the
was a GOOD DAy lN HELL.
After sucking down countless cappuchinos,

we best,three day weekend in history as a TEQUILA

glowed as the train went on'
heard a rumor that.fdWfes DEAN was alive'and OUT OF SUNRISE
CONTROL, he supposedly was an OUTLA\lll
met this girl named Kate who had LYIN EYES and told us
that rumor. We kept asking her "lS lT TRUE?" I also

asked her "what was with everyone here?" She said
replied "that sounds like the truth." We decided to leave'
before I left I said "TAKE lT EASY", and Jason said "l
have VISIONS of you in my dreams and I want to give you
THE BEST OF MY LOVE', She said "Get lost you

We were off again' Jason felt like a VIGTIM OF
getting burnt. I told him "GET OVER lT and

wait'till SATURDAY NIGHT", then he could TRY AND

ROW at the BITTER CREEK, the local dance club. lf you
are lucky, you can see the DISCO STRANGLER doing
the HOLLYWOOD WALTZ, the tatest dance craze here in







TheOryi B of these kids should be dead. 43
addicted to drugs, And 15 habitual criminals.

ln Rgality:

every one of them has become a

productive member of today's society.
So far, we've raised $197.06 forA Grassroots Aspen

Experience, the organization responsible for
changing these kids' realities. Our goal is $250.
C'mon, we came up with more than $300 for Don's
trees. These are kids...won't you help?


Go'v\e[? $ BLaNCfie
Remember to e-mail your answers to Gomer2l@

Di0NeY',$ Qua$iiloDo

Last month's question: On March 20, 1980, Joseph
Riviera held up the Asylum Records office in New York
demanding to see either the Eagles or Jackson
Browne. What did he want?
The answer: Financing for his trucking company.
Good job, Christine Hofton-Clawson!lt
Thie month's question: This one one comes from a
reader who wishes to remain anonymous, What crop
did Don Henley grow for his 4-H or FFA project in high

Last Month's Anagrams
A dense jam = James Dean
Got money, hideout! = Get You in the Mood
Hey L&M, great frosty ride!= The Girlfrom Yesterday
Hollow goofy kind = King of Hollywood
Line on a breed = Bernie Leadon


This month's
Famous eod stare
Key funnywear
Lend honey
Remind flighty
Rub our toad



'lt's no great secret that the European press
|ealty didn't enioy the HFO tour. The followlng
is a reprlnt of the nicest afticle we've seen yet'
ft was written by OIaf Tyaransen in a magazine
called HOT PRESS. While it takes quite a
snotty tone, we thought it was worthwhile for
some of the comments made by the band
'members, Enjoy or seethe,.,it's up to you.





around). Wh€h 8m photographers finished, the
band took theif seats and the interrogation began
in earnest. {Jnfortunately, most of the time it was
far too earnect.
The first question came from some Dutch Pepe Le

Punk-type jou1"no. "l haf a question for Meezter
Don Henley pleeze," he staged in an accent so
thick that you could have made a sandwich with it'
"Meezter Henley, after zelling 100 million records
f,his article is specifically addressed to all of those
prczzure on you to write new

;'eaders who possess neither


radio nor

a worldwide, waz it real

television and who rarely bother to read the daily
press or surf the lnternet. f this applies to you,
then read on in wonder. Presumably, however, the
;'est of the western world is already well aware of
tHe act that recently reformed 1970s AOR
sup€rgroup The Eaglis have just embarked on
the European leg of their Hell Freezes Over tour,
phich kicked off with two sold-out lrish gigs last
peek, and will have seen, heard or read about it

material for the Hell Freezes Over album?"

"There was sqme," Henley answered. "We didn't
really look at it as a body of new work, it r[aas
more retrospeqtive material. We had a lot of other

things going on-a television show was being
filmed and we were getting ready to go on tour-so

we did the best we could given a short time frame.
We look forward to writing some new matbrial.
Perhaps in thp future. We can't really keep on
by now'
recycling the older stuff, although it seems to be
just firie.'' (much laughter)
I only make this assumption because it seemed

that representative from iust about every TV

ptation, radio programme, mdsic magazine and
broadsheet in the EU were present at the press
ionference organised to promote the tour, held in
the Dodder Room at Dublin's RDS on the eve of
lne deuut gig last Thursday, wiin attfive members
of the band in attendance.

The Sunday Vlortds Eddie Rowley took it Lpon
himself to welcome the band to lreland "(as did
most of the lrish who got to ask questionS) an
asked what took them so long getting here. "lt's a
long swim," came the glib reply^ Personally, I
would've expected a bunch of Eagles to be able to

After keeping us waiting for half an hour or so, the
they felt they'd
band eventually trooped out to tumultuous Somebody asked the band how
Glenn Frey
Bpplause and were immediately confronted by a
is just to
gaggle of photographers who seemed to shoot
inore film in their allocated three minutes than
bavid Bailey used in his entire career. Glenn Frey, whether it's as a musician or a singer or as a
so hopefully we're just getting better.
Don Henley, Don Felder, Joe Walsh and Timothy songwriter,
singing and playing better then
E. Scfrmit looked disgustingly healthy for a bunch
pf ageing rockers and, much to mY we ever have; certainly, the band isabetter
1970s. We're lot more
focussed these days."
[adn't, I could have asked them why they didn't
call themselves The Bald Eagles this time
When asked to retrace the steps which led to The


h lot more focussed these daYs."

When asked to retrace the stePs
which led to The Eagles' 1995
ieunion, Joe Walsh blanklY refused


put, figuring that it was a fair enough

question. Glenn FreY eventuallY
answered. "Well, from the time that

we disbanded in 1980 there were
!W"ys offers on the table for us to ::=1
get back together. We were close to
floing it around 1990, we talked about
it a little bit but, you know, sometimes

a little bit of serendipity
involved in this, and I think what
ptarted to line up in a way that now it
made sense for all of us."


flsked whether the band were likely to stay together
fhis time around, e replied. "We're the one-day-at'a

so I think our message is that you can be a damn
good rock band without all that stuf{' I don't know
ilfry roct< peopte who die horrible deaths from
substance abuse are made such martyrs. That's a
ad example for young kids growing up and we're

plans except to make it
fime band. We have nor real
up again, though,
inrougn to August
here to show that there's life after all of that'"
you won't hear about it. We'll do it quietly."
lThe Eagles' reunion album and tour are both named

Hell Freezes Over because that was the answer

oiven bv Don Henley a decade ago' asked when the

fand were ever going to reform. He's obviously

bnangeO his mind since, but rumours still abound
better this time
fhat the band aren't getting on much

iround. These rumours have been given further
predence during their stay in Dublin' When asked
how they were getting on these days however, the

And speaking of bad examples to young


growing up, the final questiorl wort-h- repeating here
ilas aJxeo by the inimitable Sean Moncrieff. whose
bright yellow euit was so that the band
teti no deserved a chance tb ask the something'
S"rn't question was put to Timothy B Schmit'(who
hadn't 6een asked very much throughout the
conference), and it was as irreverent as you'd
exoect. He wanted to know What the B in his name

the reply, amidst much
bano stited that they were "doing just fine", and stood for. "Bruce," came
the press .conference
ieasoned that they weren't alt staying together
to soundcheck for the
to various family commitments.
to file some of the
following day'i
inay flock together, but Eagles obviously need a bit
written' Sorry, but
most uriexciusive
of space.

seeing as Hot {Press is a fortnightlymagazine, most
of thjquotes l've used here are probabty already as
And have age and family
familiaito you as the chorus of "hotel California"'
fhe band ou1 over the years? When ?sked about
fheir drug intake, Joe Walsh replied: "Th.e Eagles
supergrodps for you' Everything
don't take drugs and we've found that the band But that's reformed
a hundred times before, and
works very weli that way. lt's a large beast we ride they do has been done
charlged. Remember, you
pnd the onty way for us to keep it under control is for it's only the
everybody io stay real clear. I mean, we came from
a qeneration thit experimented with all kinds of

su5ut"n".. I wouldn't[t say we don't know about 'em,

br*tre'vegnourn up a bit and we have children now,


First off, let me just

say that

assigned the seats that the God of Ticket Master
feels you are worthy ol and you go late to miss
the lame-o opening act, and you find your seats,
and you scream and sing and generally have a
great time (unless you are at a John Tesh
concert. Then you just sit there and clap like the
people that attend golf tournaments), and then
you leave, and pray that you will get out of the
parking lot before the sun comes up. lt's not that
way in Europe. And, since Annette is the concert


flying. Despise


actually. But, since

my dad lives


I do it

quite a bit. And, it's
not just those quick
2 hour jaunts to get
to Holland, either.

goddess, we followed whatever she said. ln
addition to the two of us, we had Adrian and Jeff
along for the fun.

on a cigar-shaped-





We left my dad's house in Noordwijck around 12
PM, a later start than we had hoped for. We got
to Flander's Expo at around 2;30, and we were
the second group of people to show up early. We
sat in the parking lot, assembling signs, until they
opened the doors at 7 PM. We could even hear
the sound check! The fact that we were going to
be in the first row didn't hit me until after they took

Girl here. But, this
time, lwas heading

for a most
experience. A
much better
experience than
your average


my ticket, and passed quickly through the
security check, and the front doors, and I started
running. To be honest, I didn't really know where
I was running to, but I just followed the crowd. I
ran until I hit a big black barrier. I had hit a Home
friend, Annette, We have been planning my Run. lwas in FRONT ROWlll!! After a brief time
arrivalin her homeland ever since she came here of accelerated breathing, I noticed I was staring at
in February. I had only seen the guys once, in Joe's mic stand and the plastic German
February of 1995, here in Minneapolis, so I was Sheppard. I made it! I was going to see Joe up


For I was going to see the Eagles, not once, but
twice, in Gent and Rotterdam. And, as an extra
bonus, I was attending these concerts with my

thoroughly excited.

close and personal!

So, as we took off, the thought of leaving behind
prepared for the
upcoming events that would not change my life
exactly, but would certainly give me a greater
appreciatlon of the music that I have listened to

After living through the opening act (poor kid, his
equipment failed), we waited for the stage crew to
get the Eagles show set up. We could see Joe

a new boyfriend faded as I

and $pero running around backstage, and they
even waved when I screamed at them.

for so long.

Then, the lights went down, and I could see them
Now, let me just say that in America, it's a totally file on-stage, and I could hear Don Felder's boots
different concert-going experience than in pound out the beat, and then the song started.

Europe. At home, you buy a ticket, and you get Hotel California, of course. One spotlight after



lvtY 5T:




N6 To


enough, there they were, in the front row agaln.
Lucky girl. We also saw Spero milling about
arounC the entrance to the Back Stage. He looks

just like Jerry Garcia! He even seemed to be
having fun.

They took the stage at about 8 PM, while it was
still iight. They didn't use the screens until about
10:30 PM when dusk hit, so there were no great
close-up shots that we all love until later. Thank
Goodness that "Al1 She Wants to Do is Dance"
pound out the beat, and then the song
show, so we were treated to the
started. HotelCalifornia, of course. One spotlight was later in the
hijinks. I am glad I got to see that
after another reveared each Eagre srowrv]"rir" usuar Joe/Don
live' I think it was the highlight of
they were teasing us. Then, all the fight went';p] :,Tq3^:'fo,med

and Don Henley started singing. lt was a big tne snow'
After a blistering
Heaven. Of course, if it was reaffy ffeaul"n,'l But, again' it all had to end'
the lights came
would be on Joe's lap, but that's another ri"ry. n"tforriance
Dad really
Joe looked great, and the guys all were;il;g
ltape all
and laughing and having a great timel Wh;i;
show! The set list was a familiar on", Oui'ifr"i my Eagles, CD's for him when going to invest in
decided that she was
didn't matter! I was 10 feet from Joe! f .oufO']il my sisGr
CD's' Wow' That's a strong
happyl During the acoustic set, I screamed';ii;
there' coming from the
Joe to play "Turn to Stone." He smiled. I' t*;tly
"--."J re.commendation



a train ride back to the car' and
Well, as all good things must end, so did the .Now' we had
up' The next day' we
concert. After Desperado, our audience *ifi il;
Eagles came to an end. We hung out attei i["
family ("Oh
lights came up to try to get some guitar pi.f.t, I the Jet-setter
didn't get one, but I reallididn't mi;d. t was near
will it all
Joe. Sigh. Three hours later, t was trome ( I ride?l?!,..ry!"n great
drove home, since everyone was exhautt*d1.
and I am
io*orro*, we would do it again.
The next day, we drove to Annette's house,' met guYs lgokef ^haRpy'

up with the crew again and headed ilfo

tne energy was incrediblel
hay*e to pardon

Rotterdam. Since I nad inin splints from standing
ir'E me if l. can't remember
yesterday, I decided not to hang out
"t a some,of the subtleties of
stadium to try to get front row againl so, artei
was just
brief trip into Rotterdam, my-dad, my iit1"i,9" shoy-'
in the
Adrian and I headed to the stadium at around s h'ppy to
PM, They were just letting people in. lt took
about an hour to get in the door, nut we iounJ tg"ll'Afterall'itmightbe
some not bad seats, and settled in to see yet another 14
another spectacular show. Dad was very excited'
Heck, even my Grunge Sister was excited. We
used the binoculars to see if Annette and crew
had achieved front row status again. Sure



Tll0$e Ea0Le$ $tJRe ARe $LloY

fWtl T'fifi Tile T0t,lR i$ 0lleR!

Even though Don Felder has opened a
moving company, he still proudly displays the
Eagle on his vans.
photo submifted by the Blaiss family.

Don Henley has followed in the
other Don's footsteps and has
taken up the realty business^
photo submifted by the Blaiss Family

Glenn is such
a popular
professor at
Ohio State,
that they
named a
building after
photo submitted
by Deb Rogors