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AKIA Symposium at NIH, Bethesda, August 5, 2016

Dr Chang Kim (AKIA president), Welcome remarks and introduction (8:30 AM)
15 min for all research presentations (10 min presentation and 5 min discussion)
Innate System (8:45-9:45 AM). Session chair: Dr Young Han
Seunghwan Lee (University of Ottawa): Potentiating natural killer cell functions by
modulating metabolism
Sung Jin Kim (UC Davis): A novel human NK cell subset with potent antiviral activity
Young Han (UVA): Role of macrophages in tissue inflammation and repair
Hyun Park (NCI): Controlling innate CD8 T cell development in the thymus by gc
cytokine receptor expression
T cells (9:45-10:45 AM). Session chair: Dr Minsoo Kim
Jun Huh (U Mass): The maternal interleukin-17a pathway in mice promotes autismlike phenotypes in offspring
Booki Min (Lerner Research Institute): The role of IL-27/Lag3 axis in regulatory T
cell functions
Minsoo Kim (U Rochester): Visualizing and manipulating immunity with light
Eun Lee (VCU): Attenuated immune response by ERAP2
Coffee Break (10:45-11:00 AM)
Regulation of antibody responses (11:00 AM-12:15 PM), Session chair: Dr Michael Cho
Sun Jung Kim (The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research): Increased
CathepsinS in Blimp-1-/- dendritic cells alters the Tfh repertoire and contributes to
Chang Kim (Purdue): Gut microbial metabolites and B cell responses
Sujin Lee (Emory): 50-valent inactivated rhinovirus vaccine is broadly immunogenic in
rhesus macaques
Michael Cho (Iowa State): Progress towards development of a universal influenza
Sangmoo Kang (Georgia State): Immunology of vaccines and adjuvants
Lunch (12:15 PM-1:10 AM)
Sponsors Presentations (1:10 PM-1:50 PM)
Miltenyi Biotec
NIH Grant Program Officer Discussion (1:50-2:50 PM)
Coffee Break (2:50-3:10 PM)

Immune responses in diseases (3:10-4:25 PM), Session chair: Dr Insoo Kang

Minji Byun (Wash U): Genetic etiology of rare immune disorders
Thomas Cho (Saint Louis University): Mutual modulation of MIF and bacterial
endotoxin may play an important role in the pathogenesis of sepsis
Ae-Kyung Yi (University of Tennessee HSC): PKD1 in TLR signaling and arthritis
Jeong-sook Shin (UCSF): The role of dendritic cells in asthma
Insoo Kang (Yale): Defining Human T cell Subsets in Health and Disease Using
Cytokine Receptors
4:30-5:00 AKIA business and reports from President, Secretary and Treasurer.
5-6. Free time and Tour
7:00 Dinner

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