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Ihis t'ssue is devoted to the twa "happy-go lucky'' members of the Eagles, Joe
and Glenn Frey, because the Eagles wouldn't be the Eagles without them! We hope you
enjoy our tribute to two Ordinary Average Guys who's talent is neither ordinary nor average.

Back in 1993, we had a difficult decision
to make. We could follow Don Henley's
tour out west and catch shows in Houston, Phoenix and Los Angeles, or we
coul( stick around Houston and Dallas
and catch Joe and Glenn's "Party of
Tvrm" tour. Well, those of you who know
us can guess what we did. We followed Henley.

We've always kind of regretted not seeing Joe and Glenn. Well, let's put that
another way. We regretted that the timing of the shows forced us to make a

choice. We never stop and question
when it comes to Don. After watching
the HFO shows and seeing a tape of the
Walsh/Frey show, we could see that we
had missed out on something. Much of
the Walsh and Frey stuff in HFO had
been previewed in their duo tour.
Many of you who read the WT Probably
get fed up with all of the Henley cover-

age. Like we've said a hundred times,
it's not like we don't enjoy the others, we
are just limited in material on them.

That's why we've come up with this
special issue. We really do like Glenn
and Joe.

ln fact, one of the more

moments of the most recent leg of HFO
shows happened in Clemson, South
Carolina. Picture this: lt's hotter than

hell (in it's unfrozen state), there are 7
women in a row..already entranced by
Henley's decision to wear BLUE jeans
when the opening chords of "The Heat
is On" reverberate through the stadium.
Those of you who were there heard the
screams. Melissa hyperventilated and
had to be assisted by a shirtless
drunken man (Go Mell)" We'd like to
think Glenn heard us too.

Hope this issue brings back special
memories like ours.


Born: November6,


Wife: Cindy


RoyalOak, Ml


Taylor & Deacon

Hobbies: Golf, skiing, ESPN

Job: Actor, Lakerwatcher
Lives: L.A. (box?), Aspen,Kuai
Charitable Works: A Grassroots
Aspen Experience, Public
Radio in Hawaii


Born: November20, 1947
Wichita, KS
Wife: None
Kids: Emma (d.), Lucy, Fidler
Hobbies: lnternet surfing, hotair
ballooning, anything wacky
Other Job: Guest actor on TV
Lives: L.A.
Gharitable Works: DNC, Former
ball players, organs.

G!.un- irL e PRO- uilte.rt it aornelL tn- l^anrL
Well let me tell you, Christmas came early for this
Because of the information posted by L & M about
the Lexus Challenge Golf Tournament, I went and had

an incredible day! lf it wasn't for the mailing list


probably never would have happened.

The Tournament was delayed about an


because of frost on the course. People were just milling
around, some golfers were practice putting or hitting
off the practice tee. Glenn was about the last one out
of the clubhouse with his visor on backward and a big
cup of coffee in his hand. As he walked by you could

hear him complain about "running a bit late this
morning". He hit a few spent some time visiting with
the other golfers.
I had taken my'Hotel California'CD with me on the
off chance that I might get an autograph. Well, let me

tell you---he not only signed the inside picture of
himself--He saw that I was trying to take a picture of
him so he told me to give
my camera to some stranger in the crowd and take a
picture with him! GUYS, this was one of those 'arms
around the waist' poses. Never in my wildest dreams
did I think I would ever have my arm around Glenn
Freyll! I especially never expected his to be around
me! (Can you tell, I'm just a little excited about this) At
this point he was off to the bathroom(too much coffee
guess) and I was off to find my husband, because--of
course--he had missed the

sign a golf balll We decided to go
with Glenn's group for a hole or so. lt turned inlo 1 112
hours! There were only 5 of us in the 'gallery'. We
walked down the fainrvay with him. He was cracking
jokes, making comments and generally having a great
time. He took time while the other guys hit to talk, etc.
I got a great picture of him and my husband! At one
point he mentioned that he had better golf well because
he was "the 3rd best guitar player in a 3 guitar band and
he couldn't act". He smacked a great drive then turned
to us and said "that's what you call a Linda Ronstadt--A
blew-by-u"(OH BROTHER!!) lt was just a great
experience and he was 'Super'. We said good-bye to

Glenn because I decided after about 4 holes I had
better give Kevin Costner equal time(but THAT'S
another story).

By the way, when he was asked if the tour would
continue he replied "No, we're done for now" --whatever
that means?


whole thing!

About now they


looking for Glenn to tee off.

Thursday was the Pro-Am.
The pairings were a "Celeb"
or Pro with a group of 4
amateurs. This weekend on
TV is just the "Celeb" and
Pro. lf Glenn has the same Pro, he'll be playing with
Gary Player. Glenn was really nice to his fans. He
signed as may autographs as he could. I even saw him
We'd like to thank everyone who
sent money in for A Grassroots Aspen
Experience fundraiser. We managed
to raise $275 for one of Glenn's
favorite causes.
Those who participated calculated
their donations by playing a rousing


game of golf with Glenn.
It looks like our next fundraiser,

which we'll kick off in a few months
will be for "Last Chance Forever" an
organization that helps birds of prey.
Thanks Again!

Wnert a:zly- Ea.g!.e ,#iAe feyng



2qn&.......h4. Pdez lLanrchl (contnihdad. 64- DR and. Km)
Joe Walsh's manager, David Spero, is
giving me the Eagle eye. "No questions to


Joe about the Eagles!" he
Aw, c'mon. lt's already an hour past


lot better and the clop ticks on. At 6 p.m., two
a half hours after the scheduled 3:30
interview time, Spero returns again to say that
Joe is ready to meet the press. But it must be


time that guitarist Walsh, in Toronto last done at Walsh's Winnebego, because he
week for a quickie video shoot for the doesn't feel like returning to the set. The rock
star is standing outside the
Robocop TV series, agreed to
trailer, wearing

talk to The Star.


nobody put any restrictions on
the interviewwhen they invited
us on the Robocop set.
How about just a couple of
Eagles' questions? About how
much Joe is enjoying being
back with Don Henley, Glenn
Frey, Don Felder, and

Timothy B. Schmlt, after


He smiles a

knowing smile. He doesn't want
to move.
Walsh doesn't have much

to say about

Robocop, Lita
Ford, or the song they are
working on. "l really like it," he
drawls in that heavy smoking
way of his. like the song. I like


long years apart.

"Just keep 'em

a read

jacket and green

We've been patient. And


Spero commands. "Joe has a deal with
Henley and Frey: He doesn't talk about the
Eagles; they don't talk about Robocop."
You can imagine how HenleY and FreY
must be biting their tongues, to be denied

things that nobody would think
of or put together."
He's just starting to mumble about how he
might play a character in a future Robocop
episode when a makeup man interrupts to say
Walsh must have his pancake and powder
put on right this second.

free expression about Wash's duet with

The interview has lasted exactly 4

blondeshell Lita Ford on the Robocop theme

minutes. And as Walsh ambles toward the
Winnebago, the truth suddenly dawns: Joe
Walsh really rs enjoying being an Eagle again.
The man who co-wrote "Life in the

song, "A Future to this Life". Problem is,
Walsh doesn't seem to want to talk about it
either. You'd think he would, after taking
time out from the Eagles' busy tour to make
this solo trip to Toronto.
He professes to be a Robocop fan, but
sleepwalks through a fast interview with ET,
and then Spero announces Walsh has to
finish eating his late lunch before doing any
more press"
A half an hour later, Spero returns to say
Walsh is busy in his trailerwith "a old friend.
He's known her since she was a child."
Walsh decides to get to know her a whole

Here is a brief review of the show the Eagles did at the
Wheeler Opera House on Dec 28th. The show was
almost identical to the recent stadium tour they did,
although they left out a couple of solo numbers
(Smugglers Blues, All She Wants to do is Dance) and
added Peaceful, Easy Feeling (this was not played in
L.A.) The biggest difference was that it was performed
in front of 300 - 400 people and not 50,000. It was
announced after that proceeds for the show (which
included an auction at intermission - 2 SIGNED JACKETS, 3 SIGNED GUITARS and an all-expensed paid


is living full-throttle once


doing what the Eagles' used to do: Sticking it
to the press.
Joe Walsh, the man whose slide guitar
sounds like the punchline to a great joke, is
keeping the Eagles flame burning brightly,
scorching press butt just like the old days.
God bless him. Everybody's so different;
Joe hasn't changed.

to an orga-


called United neighborhood, set up by the Eagles, to
help small communities fight big business. They

donated $150,000 to the cause. The show was
fantastic. One other thing. The Band set up two huge
speakers facing into the streets of Aspen for the whole
town to hear. (ed. we heard fltis was just for two
songs,) great night night to end the year.


l{ann| Rpr* o-tl Rerk ilannl

Well, it's public-spiritedness time
again, and in the interest of the
common good and doing unto
others, I have been working hard
at some scientific research in
your behalf.

Anyway, l've been taking a poll
of which Glenn is the preferable
Glenn, and what follows are the
results. Leave your calculators
at the door, we'll post the winner
on a giant tote board come column's end. Here we go.

The subject in question today is
the Holiday Spa Health Club ad
that features ex-Eagle Glenn
Frey in two manifestations. Hard
Rock and Rock Hard.
Hard Rock is the old Glenn Frey:
rumpled work shirt, droopy mustache, flowing mane. Rock Hard
is the new Glenn Frey: sleeveless muscle shirt, tights, barbell,
square head like Frankenstein.
(Whoops. Strike that from the
record. A little personal bias
leaked out,)


Old Editor: "Oh, the new one,
but it has nothing to do with his
shape. lt's the mustache. lf he'd
lose the mustache, I'd prefer the
'70s Glenn."

Woman I work with: "OId Glenn.
He's sexier that way. That's the
way I remember him from the
Eagles. He looks like an &! in
the new picture."

Guy I work with: "l have to go
with the new one. I don't like
those droopy Fu Manchus. But
it's only the mustache that looks


work with:
"Hard Rock. He looks more sensual, more of a fantasy look.
He's got a kissing face. l'd rather
sleep with him in the desert

Another woman

You don't have to thank me; it's
my job.

Another guy I work with: "My gut
reaction? The old Glenn. He
looks more casual and relaxed.
The new one looks too pretentiously sexy, too certain of himself, too conscious."

Note of caution: That last remark
was from the lyrics of an Eagles
song. I just want to be sure you
know that and that the people I
work with are of sterling character. Shallwe go on?

Yet another woman I work with:
"The old one. The new one looks
too GQish. The old one looks like
he'd be fun. The new one is too
into himself""

Another guy I work with: "Old. He
was doing better music then."

Yet another guy


work with:
"Neither. Hippie burnout vs. Bruce
Willis wannabe."
New editor: "The new one. I don't
like all that hair. lt looks dirty. But
of course, you're talking to a person who goes to the gym six
times a week."

Man l've known for a long time: "l
haven't seen the ad, but I can tell
you without looking. I hate them
both. The 'Miami Vice' version
was bad enough."
Woman I used to work with: "l find
them both really repellent and
hostile. I'd cross the street to
avoid him. The long-hair one
looks like he's a drug addict with

ln a previous issue of the WT, Tanya
Touchstone wrote an editorial about the
rarity of some of Joe's solo work. Here,s
some really good info about some other
Joe items compiled by Tanya. Thanksl
"There Goes the Neighborhood" is now
out of print. At $5.99 to $7.99 (it varies)

for C.D. at your local Best Buy store,
you might want to quickly add this to

your collection.

lf any of you have been searchlng for
the long out of print tiile "Got Any
Gum?" it's still available (album and
cassette only) at an old antique record
store called "The Record Shop', which
was featured on 60 Minutes several
years ago because the now deceased
owner never returned his overstock of
albums. Their address is: The Record

Shop, 211 Main Street, Big Spring,

Texas 79720. lf you wish to call and
order by credit card, the phone number
is (915)267-7501. I got a copy about

low self esteem, the muscley one
looks threatening and nasty."

have to go with the long hair. The
new one is too in love with himself. I get the feeling that if you
ever went out with this guy, he,d
spend all his time looking in a

Man l've known for a short time:
"Rock Hard. The old one looks
like he's on drugs and going
nowhere. The new one looks like
he should be out cleaning his hot
tub. lt's very symbolic."

Woman in the doughnut shop:
"Do I even knowwho this man is?
OK. Rock Hard. Do I have to say
anything else? OK, the new one.

The only other hippie mother at
my daughtefs school besides

me: "The old one looks more
interesting to me. He looks like

he has a personality. But really it
looks like he got a nose job more
than anything else."

He looks clean."

And there you have it. Survey
says" six for Rock Hard, three for

"l hate them both" and seven for
Hard Rock. Hard Rock it is.

My daughter: "He looks like a Told you he had a Frankenstein
hippie in the first one. He looks head in the old one.
gross. ln the new one he looks
(This is the Los Angeles Daily News_
better. He looks studly."
February 16, 1999)

One more woman I work with:


one year ago, and the salesperson told
me they still had quite a few left at that

time. Again, you may want to act
quickly on this.

Henley fans will want to know that Joe
includes a tune written by Walsh and
Henley called "Falling Down." The lyrics
are by Walsh and Henley, music by
Walsh. This is really a beautiful song,
and a very good album.

Walsh's 1974 album, "So

A company called "Music Dispatch,, has
available a book of note-for-note guitar
transcriptions (with tabs) taken direcily

off the record by "some of the best
transcribers around." They have
available "The Best of Joe Walsh-19
Greatest Hits" for $22.95, plus shipping
and handling. You can't find any

published music

of his


except Eagles song books, so this is a

real findl The order number



write Music
Dispatch, P.O. Box i39ZA, Mitwaukee,
Wisconsin 53213. Also available is the
guitar instruction video
play guitar from this video) at
$19.95, plus shipping and handling,
order number 00324313.


lf you would like to see the


Life of

lllusion" video try writing to Alex Coletti


MTV. The address



Music Channels, 1S1S Broadway, New

York, New York 10036, (212) 2SB-AAOO.

Another video in the MTV archives is
from "The Confessor" album (1gg5),
which features a really good guitar solo.
lf enough people write, they just might
air them on VH1 on their show featuring

the 1980's. Nothing ventured,


Tanya Touchstone

0221 6.367 2@com pu$erve. com


0U20A26. You can order by telephone





84, Tnki.a Tenpenny

was a great idea, so Linda sent me a
plastic booklet cover, a colorful title

like Joe.
His fans buy all his albums and he makes a
Iot of dough.

page, and a draft of a cover letter
telling Joe about the e-mail list and
the IRC chat sessions. Meanwhile,

A hundred thousand women wanna be
played like Joe's guitar.
/ guess fhaf's why he says that life's been
good to him so far.


bought some bright tie-dyed paper to
use for printing the messages.
As Joe's birthday approached, the

messages kept coming in from all
over the world, eventually totaling 24.
Although some of the greetings were

brief and to-the-point, others were
more elaborate and creative. ln
keeping with Joe's famous (or
infamous) sense of humor, many of
the messages were pretty funny. For

excited to learn that he would be
appearing with the Blues Brothers
Band at the opening of the Chicago

House of Blues on November 24 and
25. Although attendance at the first
night's performance was by invitation
only, tickets for the second night's
performance were available to the
public for a mere $20. Unfortunately,
they sold out in only 4 minutes and
wasn't one of the lucky few who got
through to TicketMaster in time.


Well, I wasn't going to see


perform in person, but I had to do
SOMETHING. lt dawned on me that
Joe's birthday (November 20) was just
a few days before the House of Blues
opening, so I proposed that members
of the Eagles e-mail list send me their
birthday greetings for Joe; I would then
print them and deliver them to the
House of Blues.
The bifthday messages began to
arrive almost immediately. Soon Linda
Weekley suggested that we bind the
messages into a booklet. I thought this


"Ihis is my Marilyn Monroe impression
Hope you like it!"
Hah-pee...Birth-day..*pucker* too

yhooo *swoon* "bat


wave* *pucker* toooo hyooo *wink*

H ah

pee...... birth





And when lfeel like rollin'you won\ see no
wheelchair there."

He said, "l'll be performing in a hat made of
Seffng lofs of toes a-tappin'with my bran&
new Joe Walsh tunes!
l'll keep running for high office and composing
weirdo themes!"
And he played a lick heard iround the wotd
despite the cheers and screams.





But Joe gave him a boot ight in the
That doesn? rhyme!
He said, "lIl keep on rackin' but not in a


example, Barbara Fraser wrote:

When Joe Walsh turned 49 last
November, he received a special gift
from the Eagles e-mail list. Here's how
it all happened:
Because I live in the Chicago area
and am a major Walsh fan, I was

Joe was paid a visit by that nasty Father

pwesidennnnt *wink* *swoofl *
Hah-pee Birth uh day....tooo yhaoo
b/ows klss* *waves*

Happy Birthday Joe!! Don't get into
too many fights with sfreef signs//

Joe, the smoke alarm is shieking, so blow
out those candles quick;
PIug in your favoite gurtar and get out your
favoite pick.
We'll all sing "Happy Birthday" and you'll
finally get your wish:
An end to this silly rockabilly bitthday song
from Tish!

And Phyllis Keeton wrote:

I delivered the booklet to the House of
Blues on Joe's birthday. I was pretty
sure that Joe wouldn't be there, but I

Happy Birthday to an

wanted the messages

extraORDINARY, way above-AVERAGE
GUY! ln the Big Cookie of Life, YOU
are the Chocolate Chips.

Finally, like several other


members, I wrote a song for Joe:
A Funky #49
Can you believe that old Joe Walsh is

tuming forty-nine?
His caRe burns like a bonfire and yet he's
feeling fine.
He doesn't mind the bifthdays'eause he'll
stay young as long
As he can find the heaft and soul ta wite

another song.
A hundred thousand fellas wanna play guitar


arrive on

time. With a bemused look on her face,
the receptionist took the booklet and
assured me that she would put it with
Joe's "other stuff." Apparently we
weren't the only ones whs sent


to him at the

House of


We haven't heard from Joe, but we

hope he read our messages and
appreciated them. Anyway, I certainly
had fun putting them together.

join the Eagles Mailing List

send e-mail to
m a cj ord am o@mcw eh. m oorhead. ms and put the phrase
subscrbe eagles-list in the hody af
fhe rnessageJ

Guitar World, January

This 1957 Les Paul dunior Stantlard
is a veleranr of the laet Eagles' tour,
and was occasiotrally pulled out for
both slide and uon-slide work.


1957 robacco sunlruret ks Paul,
wirh all.original equipment. Like its
owler! a claseic no worse frrr wean

1986 Takamine EN lO steel-string
acoustic. For that special solo.

A 1956 or'57 Grctsch Chet Atkine'
Joe nresenled a sirrrilan t*o-pickrrp
incl nrrrrerrl * ith arr onrega-,ler'oraler-l
head.tock to Peter Tir*nslrerld'

198.3 pale-*reen Schecter
Strat copy. Primarill.a spare,
fhis guitar has seen nroderale use
the curent toun

One of Joe's main live inslrurnents'
this 1972 gold-toP lrs Paul is
outfitted with a Bigsby tailPiece.

And noq for the Piece de
rcsi6tatrce-ai original Leslie

fr)taliilg sPeeker cabinet'

A 196? Fender Custonr Esquire. One
of 25 existing such instruments, itg

cream lurish is cornplemented by a pickguard.

1967 Fender Precisicrr bass. Joe
picked this one up al a VemPhis
pawn shop for a paltry $15O.

perfonrrilrg *Intlian Sunrmer'"
and, wlren weather pennits''o-{slres
The Rain An(l I-.' J(te prefers this
rrmale. lasr'r'etr'lterl cuslotn acouslic'


Jnit To* l0 Eanto-tfile G-uita,n Snl.att
What's "Monstering"?

Maype I should explain what

is. /f's like the
Jekyll and Hyde story. lt's
when you take foreign subsfances and chemicals into
your body and slowly, but

surely transform yourself into
the party person that you are.
So your monster is who you
are when you're high or when
you're drunk. We even meter

it. How big a monster; were
you half monstered or
monstered last night? We do

a lot af monsteing. We work
hard and play hard. Monsters
love company too.

Joe Maphis on Ricky Nelson's "Stood Up"


James Burton

on "Fools Rush ln"

"These guys...didn't have anybody


Sing" "...lts


to. They didn't know what they were doing.
They didn't even know it was rock and roll. I
respect those guys because they didn't cop
any licks.

Les Paul's "How High the Moon?" "To me,
Les Paul is very much it. Les Paul is just

Jimi Hendrix's nPurple

The Ventures "Walk-Don't


"...blew everyone was like
you almost had to be on acid to
conceive what he was playing."

Run" "...changed an awful lot of
guitar players' lives."

Duane AIIman's "Statesboro

Jimmy Page's "Stairway to
Heaven" so/o " amazing.
That whole song is his finest

Blues" "He's really resonsible for
me learning how to play slide, and
he's the best that there'll ever be.

moment, and it's one of the finest
things ever in rock and roll.

It's incredible slide playing-the
tone, this right-hand touch. He was

Jeff Beck's uJeff's Boogie"-


two-note solo, doubletracked,

has an amazing voicing.

"That song has probably the finest collection




of unipque licks and tricks. I can play


ridiculously amazing. lmagine
if he were still

would have done

note-for-note, but it took me a long time to
figure all that out.

Leo Kottke'Anything that Leo Kottke ever

Eric Clapton's Crossroads-"

reocrded is one of my top solos. Ah, man,
he's (whistles). He's very tough and unique


testifying. He never played the same lick
twice in that solo, and I have the gut feeling


I love him.....nobody

can touch Leo

Kottke on acoustinc 12-string bottleneck.

that it was absolutely spontaneous."

George Harrison's "And Your Bird Can

We all love Glenn, but

face it, sometimes he
has an accent when
singing. Why, I don't's not like he
came from Texas, he's

from right here


Michigan. Anyways,
here is a little translation of his words that
should help you out.

Tna.nt!.dte/L Glen-n

Alive="A Lov"




"Yes, Mel?"
"Do you think people will miss Henley this issue?"
'A few might, but I think people will be glad to see
some other Eagles' featured for a change."
"Yeah, you're probably right. I sure hope people
don't go into withdrawal or something. We're going to
have Don in next month, right?"







Lickity Splitly=???

"We sure are. I miss
my Donny."
"Wouldn't it be neat to do a Felder/Schmit issue in
the near future?"
"Gee, I hope we have enough stuff on them."
"Maybe people could send us some things so the
issue isn't sparse."
"That's a great idea!"

Jni,t Thz fnz.,apaan-


tJ& furr?rJl Tlottt-

Everyone considers Glenn to be the "acting Eagle" but as of late, Joe's
film and TV credits outweigh Glenn's. For sheer quantity of work, Joe
has edged ahead of Glenn by one. Unless you choose to count the number of episodes...then Glenn's the winner! lt's up to you to decide who is
the better actor, though.
Glenn: Miami Vice, Wiseguy, Let's Get Harry, South of Sunset, Jeny
Maguire, Quantum Leap
Joe: Zachariah, Blues Brothers, SCTV camping skit, promised Land,
Duckman, Drew Carey.* h-rutentinsz in
For additional
information, check
out the conventian
homepage at:
our gracious host, Rick.

Chetrc.lannl Taking.

The 1997 Eagles FAN Convention in
Cleveland, Ohio is still in the making. ln
case you haven't heard, is still
planned for July 25th to the 27th, which


is a Friday to a Sunday event. The

planning committee and I have come up
with several interesting and entertaining
events throughout the 3 day period.

There will be a few planned group
events and some time when you can
basically have a free period for
shopping, personal sight-seeing, etc...
This is open to all interested parties.

lRC, mailing list, WT subscribers,
friends of those going, anyone. I would
like for you to contact me if you wish to
attend. Via E-mail, you may reach me

at My postal

address is:
307 Cuttis Avenue
Jackson, Ml 79203

Sadly, I will be moving midway during
March, so if you decide to write
thereafter in March, you can write to:
108 Shadowood Lane
Battle Creek, Ml 49014

When writing, please address it "Eagles
Fan Convention lnfo" so I know what it
is regarding.

This is going to be a GREAT time, I
would hate for anyone to miss the
opportunity to meet their online friends
or just all-around Eagles fans!

Thanks for your time,
Rick Rogers:
Organizer/Chairsperson of 1 997
Eagles FAN Convention.

This is a public service message to all lS WRONG and we're pretty sure that
wordsmiths every time his name is misspelled,
everywhere. Glenn Frey's name is Glenn's feelings get hurt. The
spelled just like that. Two "N"'s and an misspelling is an insult to the proud
"-ey" at the end.
generations of Freys who came before
We have no clue why people insist on Glenn.
spelling it "Glen Frye" or "Glen Fry" THIS Consider yourself informed.

the critics, pundits, and


than a few peoPle have won-

dered what's going on with the

The best answer seems to be that things

are still up in the air. Several


members have mentioned the possibility
of another album, and Glenn has said

he's going to be working on his golf
swing for the winter. We'll just have to
wait and see what happens this spring.

Henley recently appeared with

John Mellencamp,

Jewel, Tony Rich and
new best buddy VH1 President John
Sykes in Denver to protest TCI's decision to drop VHI and MTV from cable
Iineups. Upon hearing about the protest,
TCI reinstated the services. "This is a

testament to the power of music, the
power of democracy, the power of consumers," Henley said. "The people

have spoken and been heard. I'd like to
think our coming here made a difference. But I'd just like to commend TCI
for listening to the public and for taking

600 Toronto #29
McAllen, TX


such quick action."


Walsh appeared at the Oklahoma
Clinton's recent inauguration. "The President asked me to
come out and play some rock & roll for

$1 6/year


Ball at President

($20US for international)

$8/6 mos ($1OUS)
Check or Money order payable to
Lisa Mielke

about an hour," he says. Joe PlaYed
some solo songs, some James Gang
songs and some Eagles songs. He
ended his 90 minute set with "Life's

The return address works or send

Been Good."

e-mail to


reported in late December

that Don had been one of the celebrity

guests at the first ever snow polo match

held in the US in Aspen shortly after
Christmas. While we all imagined Don
sipping Champagne and watching the
game, Henley was probably furiously
phoning the AP and demanding a retrac-

tion. So, in the spirit of accuracy.....Mr.
Henley was NOT at the snow Polo
match in Aspen....don't think he
was......he wasn't.

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