ApplicantGujarat vichar manch surat To;1.President of India, rashtrapati bhavan, new Delhi 2.

Prime minister, parliament house, new Delhi 3.Foreign minister , parliament house, new Delhi 4.Railway minister, , parliament house, new Delhi 5.Home minister, , parliament house, new Delhi


6.Finance minister, , parliament house, new Delhi 7.Deputy home minister, manekrao gavit, , parliament house, New Delhi 8.Governor of Gujarat, Gandhi agar, Gujarat Subject- 5000 Crore rupees water theft scandal from canal by colortex ind.pvt ltd and others 45 industry in Surat municipal pandesara GIDC. Hon’ sir, Undersigned applicant hereby ,keep your-self noticed by ,this application for ,5000 Crore rupees water theft scandal from canal by


colortex ind.pvt ltd and others 45 industry in Surat municipal pandesara GIDC. This total scandal is approximately of Rs 5000 cores water theft from the canal of Bhestan minors specifically for agricultural needs but to make industry convenient through illegal 11 Km pipeline (54 inch dia) laid parallel to canal and on paper some agreement made to cheat the people of India by local government and concern departments of irrigation surat.all pipeline laid in government land and developed two pond to collect the water and delivered to colortex ind pvt ltd and other 45 industries. 1.24 hour water theft going on by (54 inch dia)pipe


2.60 H.P 2 motors,24 H.P. 8 motors,15 H.P.2 motors,5 H.P.1motor,3 H.P.3 motors – approximately 364 H.P.(1 H.P. carries 10000 liter in one hour ) 3.1000 ft * 300 ft and 300ft *300ft two ponds are made to collect this water and delivered 24 HR to pandesara GIDC industries .ponds made to show for fisheries but used for theft water delivery station Total scandal is done by local state government to get the election fund from industrialist. This way huge black money can be available to local BJP government which is not possible through 90 % poor Gujarati. In Gujarat to stable the BJP government national


level BJP leaders are arranging, meeting and outcome is a water theft scandal. Main local Industrialist named Jayantilal jariwala kabutarwala is main ROLL PLAYER in this Scandal. Colortex industries and other allied group of industries are beneficial of this water. Narottam Patel, Kashiram rana, Atalbihari Bajpai, BAL Krishna Advani is involved leader to setup the scandal. Local officers are tool of this network. If any local officer not helps to participate they transfer and arranged their favored office in line. This way regular election fund arrangement is made. it is said approximately 65 cores of rupees election fund given by Jayantilal jariwala kabutarwala to is also said that ,Even

in august 2006 raid by 300 officer team of income tax dep’t raid 400 cores of rupees given by this Jayantilal jariwala kabutarwala. Background of this Jayantilal jariwala kabutarwala is very poor color painter before 25 years & doing gundagiri at local level and in BJP alliance becomes the rich industrialist main election fund provider. Jayantilal jariwala kabutarwala possess following lands • Plot no 91 bhestan main road -colortex marketing office • Plot no-244,249,251,258 water receiver pandesara plots • PDI color Godown in sachin GIDC


• Plot 32 with two hidden godown • In Bhestan vakhariya godown • Naka tex godown • Near pajarapol compound • 40-45 industries with different name within 2 km area • S-no-80 in western side of western railway at surat near Bhestan two fisheries pond made 15 ft depth pond made by Gujarat fisheries permission where no water avail in past. • Water theft for pandesara industries from 11 km away Canal junction of Bhestan minor at near chalthan di-surat on national highway ukai and kakrapala reservoir water passes through.Ukai dam was built

by government by using forest land and right of aadivasi habitants of catchments area mainly to provide water to agriculture but here water given to industries and by means of legal way to theft the water. Ukai reservoir provide water to 376000 acre land whole year, kakrapala reservoir is 40 km away from ukai which supply 562000 acre land, one major line goes to chalthan main line and from the junction of Bhestan chalthan minors there is three diversion one goes to sachin, other goes to Bhestan, and between this three this scandal water connection starts. Where no board, no identification mentioned and this water gate is opened whole year, which connected by 11 km 54

inch dia water line to supply industries. This 11 km pipeline has vent pipe outlet at every 1 km 15 ft height. It is parallel line laid with the purpose of organized crime. Fisheries ponds are just tool on paper since today no single fish developed here. Two ponds are connected and kept full whole year.7 underground bore well place to get water theft. On gate electricity meter are placed but it is just used when reading to collect. • This scandal is of water theft, electricity theft and also case of illegal waterline passed below railway line. This rote of railway is of heavy use daily 140 trains, goods trains passed over the line and culvert made to pass this water theft

related water pipeline. Culvert digs 15ft deep 150 ft long. It is harmful to railway if any accident occurs. Reference material to prove this scandal is sent herewith attachment. Please do immediate CBI inquiry and punish organized criminals as early as possible. DateGujarat vichar manch