DATE-28/05/2008 TO- Chief Minister, Gandhinagar. Gujarat, Copies sent to1.

president of India, new Delhi,
2. 3.

chief justice of supreme court, new Delhi chief justice Gujarat high court, Ahmedabad

4. prime minister of India, 5. national human right commission, new Delhi 6. national women commission, new Delhi, 7. home minister, India 8. home minister ,Gujarat 9. kashiram Rana MP,surat
10. central

vigilance commission, India

11.Gujarat state vigilance commission,
12. DIG

police, Gandhinagar

13.collector surat 14.police commissioner surat
15. central 16. all

investigation beauro, India

media ,TV news channels


Subject – Attempt to kill tenant and firing attempt their women made by criminal Balramdas guru girivardas and others, at Tulsiwadi trust, tinpate ka vad temple, ashwanikumar under police protection of varachha and Surat police. Corrupted Police and delayed justice system making Gujarat no-1 in crime. Many FIRS registered but no arrest made. Reference1.

FIR no-I/230/08,dt-23/5/08,varachha police station, varachha road, surat, Gujarat IPC 143,147,149,307,436,452,323


FIR no- I/190/08,dt-22/4/08,varachha police station, varachha road, surat, Gujarat IPC 143,147,149,342,452,427


FIR no-I/139/08,Dt-14/3/08, varachha road police station, surat, Gujarat IPC143,147,148,149,323,504,403


4. many previous criminal record can be found from surat ( more then 50 FIR which not include RAPE FIR before 40 years )and Bihar police

Respected all,

In Gujarat no safe security and no proper justice system prevail, It can be proved by case as mentioned under.

when crimes of one criminals of Bihar comes in Gujarat be a sadhu dressed to hide himself then becomes trustee of surat Tulsiwadi trust Tulsiwadi trust registered by A/437.ashwanikumar, surat-395008, on land of R.S. no 12, T.P.scheme no-15,, f.p. no-8, 2443 sqmt land .and story of criminal Balramdas origins of Bihar (laluprasad' village Mir ganj, fulwariya-bhavanichhapra, gopalganj, Bihar). Crime rate increased automatically when corrupted police and improper justice system


helping such persons in the fear of religious umbrella and local government.

Previous crime record proofs, itself that negligence of police and natural justice system results in crimes of violation of human rights and in crimes of women related offence . Is any license of killing given by Surat police to such criminals openly with support even in police protection provided to tenant RAMBANSH RAMOMKAR TIWARI and his family residing at Tulsiwadi?

Immediate legal action must be taken and arrestment made to prevent further violence of criminal team lead by Balramdas and subhash babulal chaudhary (Bihar), pujari Ravindra Singh, ranjit chaudhry, sajanlal and son and relatives of Balramdas.


Provide immediate SRP protection till all criminals arrested to tenants of Tulsiwadi trust Surat as local police protection failed.

All police record, criminal records, court matters are just a paper stake, no proper inquiry made till date. Police connection with these criminals is well known. One more proof of corruption highlighted in said case with corrupted joint charity commissioner Amrish upadhay and K.C. chaudhary not taken possession by appointing RECEIVER even though order of jt. charity commissioner ANTANI ended in suomotto scheme and appointed Balramdas and their family permanent trustee. If such criminal will get such support then no democratic value will prevail. Hope immediate action in the matters. Thanking you Gujarat vichar manch, secretary, Surat Email-