Personal Sun Chapter one My Jacob

"Good morning, beautiful" I could hear the smile in his husky voice.

I just snuggled closer into his chest. This is where I wanted to be, in his arms forever. Well, since he was never coming back; Edward. Of corse I would always love Edward, but a stronger love had taken his place. The hole had nearly all but closed. Jacob squeezed me tighter to him for second, but leaned back to kiss me on the cheek. I smiled up at him. "Good morning." "Gah, I thought you would never wake up. I was strongly feeling the need to scream, 'Its alive!' you know. Because you have the Frankenstein hair thing down pat." My hands flew up to my hair, trying to smooth out the tangled disarray as best as I could, while glaring at him as best as possible. His hands grabbed my wrists, restraining me from smoothing anything. "No, no. Keep it, I like it." His white teeth really shown against his russet brown skin. He was beautiful. I laughed, "It's not that great, bed head is never good." He mused my hair, making it worse. I smacked at his arm, laughing some more. I was getting use to the light feeling in my stomach when I laughed, every thing was getting back to normal again.

"Bells? Has anyone told you that there is nothing you or anyone else can do to make you not cute? You’re like a puppy, no one can resist you" "Oh yeah, I know how the 'cant resist a puppy' thing goes. I guess I just have a thing for dogs." He propped himself up on one elbow so he could look at me, his dark eyes smoldering. He laid his head in his hand and watched me. I stared back. I still couldn’t get over the fact that he was so beautiful. Absolutely amazing. He had cut his hair short again, after I was convinced that he was growing it back out. I liked his long hair, but I was staring to get use to his short hair. I liked it too. He was so muscular. Anyone from the outside (one that didn’t know about werewolf’s) Might assume he was using steroids. His gorgeous skin color could make anyone envious. I laid my hand on his chest to compare our skin tones. I sighed, but I didn’t drop my hand, it was warm and it felt good. This didn’t break his concentration though, he still watched me. A slow wicked smile spread across his face. Oh no, " Watcha' thinking bout', pup?" His smile just grew wider, a low rumble came from his chest. "Oh I know you didn’t just growl at me!" He chuckled and leaned in towards me.

He kissed me softly on the lips once, and then again. His warm lips felt good against mine so I didn’t object. His kisses were starting to get not as gentile as the first. I needed to tell him to be careful but I didn’t want to. I could care less at this moment, I like danger. I could imagine it not taking Jacob much to lose control and hurt me, but then again I knew he couldn’t live with himself if he did. Edward was right, people, or non-humans, with super human strength had its dangers. But I had faith in Jake. He kissed me until we were both out of breath, and my cheeks were flushed. He chuckled lightly. "Oh Bells, what are we going to do with you?" I sat up Indian stile. "Well hopefully not anything to bad because that would be terrible.” He reached out o muse my hair a second time. I didn’t whine or smack at him this time, there was no need. My hair was already a mess and it needed to be fixed. I swung my legs over the bed and started to get up when he grabbed my waste. "And just were do you think you’re going little missy?" his face was a mockingly appalled. "To go brush my hair?" I could see half of my innocent face in the

mirror, I had to say, it was pretty good. He freed me but stood up beside me. When I turned to get my brush, my reflection hit me dead on. Wow. I looked pretty scary. "Ok that’s not going to work. I’m going to have to get in the shower." "Cool! Can I come with?" Sarcasm was my second nature, so I had to use it. "Jake, you are so over ruled by your hormones." Now his eyes were the ones to turn innocent. He threw his hands in the air, " Kidding!" "Are you going to stay?'' I tried to hide the hopefulness in my voice but it failed. Jacob came closer and put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me close to him. "I need to go home and change. Sam also said he needed to talk, so I‘ll see what‘s going on with him. See if he has any news on the redhead." Hatred and acid entered his voice. I looked down so he couldn't see my face. The blood drained from it, my body went cold. He put his hand under my chin and kissed me tenderly on the lips. "It's going to be okay. We will take care of you I promise." I laid my head on his chest. "I'll be back Bella, honey." "You better." I grumped at him.

He hugged me closer to him and then let go. Jake kissed me on the forehead before he leapt gracefully out the window. I never could understand how something so big could be so graceful. Now I was alone. Great. I sighed as I gathered all my stuff and padded off towards the bathroom. Last night was the first night Jacob had stayed over. It was comforting; sleeping in his arms. Not that it wasn’t as good as sleeping in Edwards arms, he was just warm and didn’t feel like a rock. I tried not to remember sleeping in Edwards arms. I tried not to think about him at all, but my mind wondered ells were. I wandered were he was. If he had found someone new. The thought made me cringe. I bed he found someone way better for him. Someone who could provide more and didn’t put him through the pain that I did. A vampire. I leaned back into the bathroom wall and slid to the floor. How selfish could one person be? I already had what I wanted, but yet I still wanted more. I pulled my arms across my chest. The agonizing pain grew stronger. Why did this have to hurt so much? Huh, I guess love did hurt after all. I jumped when I heard a knock on the bathroom door. It had to be

Jacob, Charlie was on a fishing trip and wouldn’t be back until later tonight. "Bella?" His husky voice sounded worried. I must have lost track of time when I was sitting here. "Yeah?" I replied. I didn’t know I was crying until my voice broke. I whipped my hand across my face, trying to hide the evidence. He could tell I had been crying. "Bella, I'm coming in." He paused to make sure it was okay. But I don’t think I had a choice anyway. "K." was the only thing I could manage. He opened the door and saw my lying there, pain struck his face. "Oh no, Bella what’s the matter?" He scooped me up in my arms and took me back to my bedroom. He had changed. I touched the collar of the shirt he had on. It was white, it looked very good with his skin. He smiled at me. As he sat me down on the bed he kept one of my hands tightly in his. He started playing with my fingers. "Now tell me what happened." his caliginous eyes smothered me. "Nothing," I felt guilty as I watched our hands. "You’re a terrible liar, Bella. It's him isn't it." His shoulders slumped at

his rhetorical question. My head sunk into my free hand. "It's okay," I looked up at him. "I expected this wasn't going to be easy, and that sooner or later what he has done was going to take its toll." His eyes were calm. A tear ran down my face. "Don’t cry, Bells." He whispered. He wiped away the tear with his lips. His warm sweet breath washed over me. I inhaled as much of it as I could. His black eyes were sad. I carefully stroked his face with the back of my hand. He closed his eyes and sighed, I could tell he was in pain. The pain I felt now no longer mattered. All I wanted was for Jacob to be happy. I placed the hand that was up on his cheek, and stood up on my knees to kiss him. He was confused at first, but didn’t pull away. I didn’t remind him to be careful this time. I didn't want to. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him close to me. Edward would have pushed me away at this point. The thought of him shot a pain of agony through my chest. I pulled him even closer. Every inch of his body melted against mine. Jacobs lips parted and his warm breath filled my head. A shiver ran down spine. Jake chuckled and pulled away. I groaned, I wasn't done yet. "Jake!" He

looked at me with that confused look again and smiled. He put both his hands on my face and kissed me again. But it was to short. I took advantage of what little time I had. I didn't want this moment to end. When he was done he pressed his lips to my forehead. I laid my head on his chest, content. He wrapped his arms around me. I felt his lips at my ear. "I love you, Bella Swan." His breath washed over me, sending my head spinning. This was the first time he had said this out loud, even though I knew it was true. "I love you, Jacob." He kissed the top of my head and I could tell he was happy. I could see more of my Jacob now. I saw more of the older more mature Jacob when he was concentrating or being serious; Sam's Jacob. I was overjoyed. The clouds had parted and my sun was shining brightly on me. I always wanted it to be sunny now, for the rest of my life.        

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