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Working with mobile scaffold

Working Safely Together

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Scaffold has been inspected, approved and is undamaged
Scaffold is firmly secured and positioned on a hard, level surface
Toe boards and fall protection are present
Connections are in place and outrigger is correctly positioned

Weather conditions are appropriate for working on mobile scaffold

Use correct Personal Protective Equipment that is in good condition
Lock wheels whenever the scaffold is not being moved
Follow the manufacturers/suppliers written instructions for correct erection, use
and dismantling

Secure the area with red-white barrier tape

Watch out for other persons on / below the scaffold
Use common sense, move around slowly and carefully
Check again if a scaffold has been moved or modified

Move any scaffold with people on it
Use scaffold for other purposes
Keep debris or unnecessary materials on a scaffold where someone could trip
over them or accidentally knock them off the scaffold

Hit the scaffold with anything heavy (e.g. truck, forklift)

Move any scaffold unless all materials and equipment have been secured

Always use your common sense before and during the performance of your task