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* 2016 *

DawMar" is a team of professionals in the

field of wellbeing who are passionate
enthusiasts and genuine practitioners of
what they teach. They specialise in Yoga,
Breathing techniques, Laughter Therapy,
Meditation and Mindfulness.
Wellbeing at work programme came to
life as a genuine call to share with others
their personal experience of working in
challenging corporate environment using
a wellbeing approach and professional
training in relevant fields.
Each element of the programme is
carefully thought through and supported
by knowledge and wisdom coming from
years of practice and studying with best
Masters in Europe & Asia.

DawMar team truly believes that this

programme can bring a difference to each
single employee and a company on the

It was estimated that impaired

work efficiency due to mental
ill health costs 15.1 billion
or 605 for every employee
(Sainsbury Centre, UK 2007)

Although mental health

problems cause just 25% of
absences, they account for 47%
of long-term absences
(Spurgeon et al., UK 2007)

Of those employees who said

that the organisation
demonstrated care and
concern for their wellbeing,
82% were rated as effective.
Of those who said the
organisation did not show care
and concern, only 29% were
rated as effective
(Hay Group Insight, UK)
The head of Hay Group Insight
Sam Dawson says: You cant
just have an engaged and
enabled workforce what if they
have to go home because of
stress? You have to understand
how they are feeling.

Welcome to start your WELLBEING programme with us!

Laughter Therapy
There is no need to say what a great
benefit comes from a good laugher.
You cant feel anxious, angry, or sad
when youre laughing. Laughter
dissolves various distressing
emotions. It is scientifically proven
that laughter affects your body in the
opposite away than stress.
It has a profound effect on individual and corporate performance.
to reduce stress and increase energy level,
to improve breathing & blood circulation
to relax muscles & increase immune system
to deal with stressful situations using laughter boosting
to improve personal responses as

An IT company in Copenhagen, Denmark

started Laughter Yoga sessions with
their staff of 8-10 employees. They
continued for over a year, during which
they reported an increase in their sales
of more than 40%, achieved in an
extremely competitive market.
A timeshare sales company in Hawaii,
USA asked Dr. Kataria to run a Laughter
Yoga session for their entire 80 person
sales team. That day they reported the
highest sales of the year, double the
target fugures.

Hatha Yoga or Chair Yoga

There are many types of Yoga and
many of them have appeared in
recent years. Hatha Yoga is valued
for being a classical example of Yoga.
Hatha Yoga is a great ancient wisdom
system, mind-body-spirit practice
that combines stretching and
strengthening exercises, controlled
breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques. It has a number of
health benefits and almost everyone can do it!
If there is no room to roll out a yoga mat, it is not a problem. We can
practice Chair Yoga!
to increase physical & emotional stamina
to improve focus & concentration
to reduce stress & anxiety
to improve individual performance

Yoga aims to help you relax and

concentrate on your breathing.
Yoga focuses on shifting the balance from
your sympathetic nervous division to
your parasympathetic nervous division.
When this happens, your breathing and
heart rate are lowered, and you feel more
relaxed.Yoga works your whole body and
can help you build strength and
In addition to building strength and
flexibility, yoga can also help to stimulate
some of your organs, glands and nerves
(Bupa UK)

Meditation & Relaxation

Meditation works on many levels and
improves individuals health and
overall work performance.
Meditation in the workplace can
lower a company's health-care costs
by reducing chronic stress. By setting
aside a little time every day for
meditation, a company can improve
employee morale, mental focus and
sense of well-being. This can reduce the number of sick days and
workplace injuries while increasing productivity.
to deal with stress and find inner balance
to possess a clear vision of the goals
to improve relationships with colleagues and customers
to develop leadership and innovative qualities

In 2006, Genentech, a subsidiary of the

Swiss global health-care company Roche,
began offering employees the option of
enrolling in meditation. As a result they
had increased employee satisfaction by
10-20%, increased customer satisfaction
by 12% and a huge jump - 50% - in
employee communication, collaboration,
conflict management and coaching

Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness is the practice of
purposely focusing your attention on
the present moment and accepting it
without judgment. Mindfulness is now
being examined scientifically and has
been found to be a key element in
happy and full life. People who
practice mindfulness are more adept
at working with their minds and
mental states. Mindfulness can help to reduce stress and anxiety and
conflict, and increase resilience and emotional intelligence, while
improving communication in the workplace. That benefits their
teams, colleagues and customers
to listen more attentively
to be more emotionally alert
to communicate more clearly
to direct their thoughts more appropriately
focus more consistently

Mindfulness expert for Google Mirabai

Bush says: "Introducing mindfulness into
the workplace does not prevent conflict
from arising or difficult issues from
coming up. But when difficult issues do
arise... they are more likely to be
skillfully acknowledged, held, and
responded to by the group.
TFL Transport for London has seen the
number of days taken off because of
stress, anxiety and depression fall by
71% since introducing employees to
mindfulness techniques.

Yoga & holistic studies in Europe Yoga courses Level 1- 6 (Sivananda, London 2009-2012), Well
Woman Yoga (Womb Yoga, London 2013), Yoga for Kids (Yoga Beez, London, 2013) Yoga Anatomy
(Sivananda, London 2014), Bach Flowers I, II (Nelsons, London 2013)
Yoga studies in India TTC in Hatha Yoga (Siddhartha Yoga Centre, Bhagsu, India 2014)
Thai massages and natural therapies Old Medicine Hospital, Chiang Mai, Thailand 2014
Ayurvedic studies: philosophy, main principles and therapies, oil massage AyuSkama, McLeod Ganj,
India 2014
Sound Therapy with Tibetan singing Bowl Sound Planetarium, Kathmandu, Nepal 2014
Reiki Level 1, 2 private course with a teacher, Pokhara, Nepal 2015
Work experience
Corporate wellbeing Workshop Meditation and Relaxation programme, London 2015 -2016
Yoga Workshops Introduction to Yoga and Meditation, Bieszczady, Poland 2015 (GD festival)
Yoga Teaching Hatha yoga, pranayama and meditation in classical tradition, McLeod Ganj, India and Pokhara, Nepal 2014-2015
Massage and Sound Therapies with Tibetan singing bowls Rishikesh, India and Pokhara, Nepal 2014 2015

Medical Education in Hearing Aid, Medical School, Rzeszow Poland 2008
Reiki Level 1 - Akademii Terapii Naturalnych, Wrocaw Poland 2013
Reiki Level 2 private course with a teacher, Manali India 2014
Reiki Level 3 Ma Rikta Shanti Sigrid Rubens, Rishikesh India 2015
Massage Therapies in Ayurvedic tradition Haritha Ayurveda, Rishikesh India 2015
Sound Therapy with Tibetan singing Bowl private course with a teacher, Pokhara Nepal 2014
Work experience
Corporate wellbeing Workshop Laughter therapy programme, London 2016
Pranayama Course Organiser arranging & participating in pranayama courses with elements of yoga,
breathing techniques, group and partner exercises including dance therapy etc, Bhagsu & Manali India
Reiki and Meditation Teaching - Rishikesh India and Pokhara Nepal 2014 - 2015
Massage, Reiki and Sound Therapies with Tibetan bowls - Pokhara Nepal 2014 2015