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Shekhar Chandra
13 July y

Lead Happier Life

Work Happier too!

Everyone of us wants to be happy and lead a happier life. We want to be a

Leader of our own social life. As Leaders are supposed to judge things
well and take right decisions. We do intend the same but fail at times in
fact many a times. This seems to be an illusion, an illusion that you can
make valid judgment. Lets look under the hood of our brain and
understand how it works Just like any other optical illusion, in case of
decision illusion, a knowledge that its a illusion has no effect on you.
This give us an illusion of simplicitythat the world is predictable!
people who tend to predict have no ideain fact they have no idea that
they have no idea! we don't learn that we don't learn.
Thus most often we happen to be knowing something, knowing statistics of
something but fail in applying it! Knowledge is domain dependent, it
took some 60 years, after we sent the man on moon to put a small
wheel in the suitcases to make travel/ transportation easy!
There is an old adage, If you fail to plan then youre planning to fail. But there
is fallacy named Planning Fallacy that says It always takes longer
in (non-linear) life. Our Brain is not cut out for non-linear thinking. So
when we take an arduous task at hand, we might fail, this thought
doesn't occur to us. We are highly optimistic and very conservative in
our plans on paper. Even if the plan is prolonged beyond limits, we dont
QUIT rationally, because we get consumed by our experience.
Our Brain is Amazing in two ways
1.1. Things that happen to uslets call it system 1 its
effortless!runs the show most of the time and helps us make sense


of whats going aroundThe working memory is associative

memoryfor example you see your father in a bad mood and your
automatically decide to behave well that evening!
1.2. Things that we do lets call it System 2its effortful used
when you are asked to give the answer of 47 * 37in control can
overcome your system 1 but most of the time it accepts the
suggestion form system-1this typically happens when faced with a
tough question, System2 endorses the readily available answer from
system1 to a another question, and this happens without your
awareness. And it seems System2 has changed the question without
you even knowing it.
Our jumping jack, System1 is like a machine of jumping to conclusions
and it does through Associative Activation and Substitution.
It loves contextual coherence!Activation sentence like he is
Sexysubstituted a later sentence as but he undresses maid
himself where the actual sentence was but he underestimates
It loves logical coherence: Do the numbers add up?
It loves Associative Coherencethats the reason we love stories
from child hood Beware many a times there is narrative fallacy
that is the conclusions come first, arguments later and our
system1 loves this cooked up narrative!
Our System1 has such a penchant with stories that it can create a causal
story in order to establish an understanding and thus take a
decision accordingly. Our Confidence is not a judgement its a
feeling and it comes from the coherence of the story! we
often go over board with our own causal story and bitten by
overconfidence bug!