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Eldon Square Bus Station,

Metrocentre, Prudhoe,
Corbridge, Hexham

Up to every
30 mins

Market Street in Newcastle

to Wallsend High Street for

Up to every
15 mins


Market Street in Newcastle to

South Shields for Arbeia Roman
Fort & Museum

Up to every
12 mins

(no Sunday service)

Up to every
30 mins



(no Sunday service)


2/3 journeys
per day

Our TynedaleLinks 680 runs parallel to the AD122 route

between Hexham and Chollerford, giving handy links to
the villages of Acomb, Wall and Chollerford. With lovely
views as you journey through the North Tyne Valley,
the 680 gives you access to the Pennine Way and the
delightful town of Bellingham with buses terminating at
the Heritage Centre.


Hexham to Bellingham

Catch our fast X84 or X85 buses from Eldon Square

Bus Station in Newcastle City Centre to Corbridge or
Hexham, where you can change onto our AD122, 680
or 687 buses to explore Hadrians Wall. You can enjoy a
brief glimpse of the Wall as we journey through Heddonon-the-Wall as we head West. With free onboard WiFi on
our buses, you can surf the web as you travel.

X84 | X85

Newcastle to Hexham
via Corbridge

Today, you can still walk through the towns streets and
experience a time-capsule of Roman life. You can also
discover Roman armour and trinkets uncovered with the
Corbridge Hoard at the museum. The Hoard was one of
the most significant finds in Roman history, providing
us with a fascinating insight into the life of a soldier on
the Wall. The museum is also home to the Corbridge
Collection, the largest of the Hadrians Walls collections
Travel to Corbridge on our fast TynedaleXpress or Ten
routes and join our 687 for the short journey to Corbridge
Roman Town.


Hexham to Corbridge
via Corbridge Roman Town

Take our Crusader 27 bus for a journey from Market

Street in Newcastle City Centre to the coast at South
Shields and its only a short walk from the town centre
to Arbeia Roman Fort.


AD122 runs daily from

25 March 25 September 2016

Newcastle to South Shields

For Arbeia Roman Fort

Our Coaster 1 route takes you from Market Street in

Newcastle City Centre to Wallsend High Street where
you can alight for the short walk to Segedunum
Roman Fort.

Newcastle to Whitley Bay

via Wallsend (Segedunum Roman Fort)

Travel to Hexham or Corbridge via the South side of the

Tyne Valley with our Ten route, with buses running 7 days
a week from Eldon Square Bus Station or Central Station
in Newcastle and Metrocentre. Travel in comfort with
high backed seats, power sockets for your phone, next
stop announcements and free onboard WiFi.


Newcastle to Hexham
via Metrocentre and Corbridge

AD122 Bus
Welcome to

AD122 Hadrians Wall

Country Bus

(no Sunday service)

Up to every
2 hours

(no Sunday service)

3 journeys
per day

Up to every
60 mins

Buses run daily (except Sundays and Bank Holidays) from

Saturday 26 March until Saturday 24 September 2016.

Haltwhistle to Birdoswald
Roman Fort

The Hadrians Wall Country Bus makes it easy to explore

our Roman heritage and get out and about in some of the
countrys most spectacular landscapes.

Express from Eldon Square

Bus Station in Newcastle to
Corbridge and Hexham
Hexham Bus & Rail Stations,
Corbridge Roman Town,
Hexham Bus & Rail Stations,
Chollerford, Wark, Bellingham
Haltwhistle Market Place & Rail
Station, Roman Army Museum,
Greenhead, Gilsland and
Birdoswald Roman Fort
Hexham Bus & Rail Stations,
Chesters Roman Fort,
Housesteads Roman Fort, Once
Brewed for Steel Rigg, Roman
Vindolanda, Roman Army
Museum, Walltown, Greenhead
and Haltwhistle Market Place &
Rail Station

Our 185 gives access to the Western end of the Wall with
buses linking Haltwhistle with the Roman Army Museum,
Walltown Crags, Gilsland and Birdoswald Roman Fort.
Our AD122 Rover tickets are valid on all Go North East
185 journeys, giving you an ideal way to explore the Wall
from Gilsland.


Sit back and relax as we take you to enjoy the sights and
sounds of Hadrians Wall by bus. The AD122 takes you
back into Roman times where you can visit some of the
highlights of Hadrians Wall Country.

X84 | X85

Hadrians Wall
Bus Routes
AD122 Tickets
Single and Return fares frozen for 2016, for third year running

Travelling on the AD122 is great value, with a range of

1 day, 3 day or 7 day tickets.

Roman Vindolanda

Chesters Roman Fort

Nestled in a beautiful riverside location, its not hard to
see why Chesters was a good spot for the Romans to
set up a base. The fort boasts one of the best preserved
Roman bathhouses you can see in Britain today and the
museum houses the excellent Clayton Collection of
Roman stonework and objects.

A stunning excavated fort and civilian settlement with

extensive museum displaying amazing artefacts from
the site including some of the world famous Vindolanda
Writing Tablets.

AD122 Rover Tickets


7 Day


3 Day



1 Day







or Senior


Hadrians Frontier Tickets

Well make sure you dont miss your stop as our buses
announce all the stops along the route. So just ring the
bell when you hear your stop.

Roman Army Museum, Walltown

Housesteads Roman Fort

Houseteads is the most iconic of all the Wall sites. The
views and Roman remains are spectacular. Delve into the
Forts story and see a stunning collection of artefacts. A
CGI film flies through time and reconstructs Housesteads
before your very eyes!

An extensive museum which gives the whole family a

fantastic introduction to the Roman Army and
Hadrians Wall. Be transported back 2000 years when
you put on your 3D glasses to watch the award winning
Eagles Eye film!

Discounts with your

AD122 Bus Ticket
Weve got some great discounts at places to visit
on Hadrians Wall just show your AD122 bus
ticket and save!

Roman Vindolanda
Save 10% on admission to Vindolanda

Walltown Crags

Once Brewed for Steel Rigg

Change here for the short walk to Steel Rigg or continue
to walk along the iconic Wall to Sycamore Gap, one of
the most famous images of Hadrians Wall as a Sycamore
tree nestles alongside the Wall amongst some fantastic
views in all directions.

This is one of the finest places to see Hadrians Wall,

where it snakes and dives through dramatic countryside
along the crags of the Whin Sill. Not only is the Wall
well preserved here, but it also shows how the soldiers
who built it coped with the presence of large outcrops
of natural rock. At one end is Walltown turret, which
unusually was first built as a free standing tower.

Roman Army Museum

Save 10% on admission to Roman Army Museum
Housesteads Roman Fort
Save 10% on admission to Housesteads
Chesters Roman Fort
Save 10% on admission to Chesters

Plan a day out and explore Hadrians Wall from

anywhere on the Go North East bus network, with
unlimited travel on all our buses including the AD122
Hadrians Wall bus.


7 Day


3 Day


1 Day






Concessionary Bus Pass holders travel free on all

journeys after 9.30am on weekdays and all day at
weekends or Bank Holidays (holders of Northumberland
Concessionary Bus Passes may board after 9am on
If youre travelling by bus from Newcastle, you can buy
our Hadrians Frontier Ticket on the Go North East X84,
X85 or Ten services as well as any Tynedale Links bus in
the Hexham & Corbridge areas. Any of our tickets are
available from your driver, when you board the bus.
Child tickets are available for all Under 16s. Student tickets are
available on production of a valid NUS or International Student
ID card. Family tickets are available for up to 2 adults & 3 children
travelling together & must include at least 1 adult & 1 child. Please
note that Go North East Buzzfare and Get Around tickets are not
valid on AD122.