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Amanda Dement

July 12, 2016

There Is Only One First Day of School

Harry Wong

1. Am I in the right room?

My students will be able to find their name on the decorated classroom door. I will be
standing there to greet them and welcome them into our classroom.
2. Where am I supposed to sit?
Each student will have their name visible on a desk to easily find a seat. For younger
students we can match names from the door to their desk.
3. What are the rules in the classroom?
Classroom rules will be displayed year round and we will review them daily for the first
two weeks of school, longer for younger students.
4. What will I be doing this year?
Although, we can discuss what we will be learning this year in general; such as learning
to read and write, or add and subtract. Daily objectives will be written on the white board
5. How will I be graded?
Students will be graded depending on grade level by a variety of assessments. For
example, spelling tests, weekly comprehension tests or demonstrating mastery of a
specific skill.
6. Who is the Teacher as a person?
Parents and the student will receive, prior to the first day of school, a letter of
introduction from me: welcoming them to our classroom and giving some information
about myself.
7. Will the teacher treat me as a human being?
Each of my students will be treated as a unique individual. It is a rule in my classroom
that everyone is treated with respect.