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Salah behind Wahaabis in

Saudi Arabia and elsewhere

A reply by Huzoor Mujahid e Ahle Sunnat, Hadrat Allaamah

Syed Shah Turaab al Haq Qadiri
(May Allah Almighty preserve him)

Translation by Mohammed Shakeel Qdir Riaw


All Praise is due to Almighty Allh, who sent the Ambiy

Alayhimussalaam as guidance to the people, Peace blessings and
Salutations upon the leader of the Ambiy, Sayyidun Raslullh Sall
Allahu Alayhi Wasallam; His illustrious Companions Radi Allahu
Anhum Ajmaeen who are our stars of guidance as well as the best of all
companions to have walked this earth. Upon the Ulam e Haq Ahle
Sunnat Wa Jamat who are the manifestation of the truth and upon all
those who follow and will continue to follow Maslak e la Hadrat, the
path of recognition of Haq in this era.

I pray that Almighty Allh accepts my humble eort in His Majestic and
Divine Court. May Allah grant health to Qibla Allama Shah Turabul
Haq Qadiri sahib, Huzoor Taajush Shariah Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan
Qibla, and Huzoor Muhadith Kabeer Hadrat Allama Zia al Mustafa
sahib Qibla. May Allah Almighty preserve all of them. Ameen Thumma
I dedicate this translation to Al Mujaddid al Azam Imm Ahl al Sunnah
Alaarat Azeemulbarakat Imm Amad Ri Khan Radi Allahu Anhu
Faqeer Mohammed Shakeel Qdir Riaw

Shah sahib Qibla, I wanted to know what is the hukm for Sunnis
when they go for Hajj and Umrah,with regards to performing Salah
behind the najdi imams ?

The Salah of a Sunni is only valid behind a Sunni Imam, and not
behind followers of any other sect.
Before the saudis took over, the Turks were in power. They made
arrangements that four Salah congregations would take place, with
four musallahs put down on all four sides of the Kaaba.
Hanbali, Maaliki, Hanafi, and Shafi'ee - each follower of each Imam
would perform Salah behind his Imam, therefore there was no
issue whatsoever.
The Turkish era of rule was the rule of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah.
When the saudis came they took the rule from the turks, aal saud
and aal shaykh took over the rule of the country.
Aal saud are the worldly kings which namely control today, who
went as far as naming the country by this name also (saudi Arabia)
after taking the country by force. The aal shaykh are the children of
Muhammad ibn abdul Wahhaab.
Before attacking the Sacred Haram, aal saud and aal shaykh made
an agreement that they would jointly attack Makkah Mukarramah

and Madinah Munawwarah and when the new government is

established, aal saud will take over the kingdom and rulership,
whilst aale shaykh will deal with all the religious aairs.
The Imams will be their own, qaadis, madrassas, muhadiths,
muftis etc will all be supplied by aal shaykh. Following the
conclusion of the agreement, they attacked Madinah Munawwarah
and Makkah Mukarramah.
A few years ago, the Saudi government celebrated their 100 year
anniversary. King Abdul Aziz was shown on tv riding a horse
within Haram Shareef, slaughtering and murdering people with his
Who were these people being unlawfully murdered ? Had the jews
suddenly appeared inside the Haram Shareef ? No, these were
Sunnies being murdered. The Imam of Masjid Nabawi Shareef was
slaughtered whilst being on the musallah by a sword.
Only 200 people attacked Madinah Shareef. When I first visited
Madinah Shareef in the year 1977, I stayed with Huzoor Qutb e
Madinah Shaykh Zia al Deen Alaihir Rahmah. I stayed with them
for 40 days and would listen to them quietly about their history.
Huzur Qutb e Madinah told me, only 200 people from the najdi
army attacked Madinah Shareef. The Turkish were such staunch
and respectful Sunnies that when they were attacked, they
surrendered and laid down their weapons by saying that they will
not allow blood to be spilt within the sacred court of the Most
Beloved Sall Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam, they allowed themselves to
be slaughtered and attained martyrdom without defending
themselves, and the same was the case in Makkah Shareef. They
took over the country in this way.
People forget everything!

The first thing they did after taking over was that they bulldozed
Jannah al Baqee Shareef. They dug up the graves of the blessed
personalities in Jannah al-Baqee Shareef, dug up the graves of Ahle
Bait e Kiraam. The Most beautiful Mazaar in Jannah al Baqee
Shareef was that of Sayyiduna Uthman Ghani Radi Allahu Anhu.
They took it apart stone by stone and flattened it into the ground.
Then they demolished the Mazaars of Jannah al Maala shareef.
They demolished all these Mazaars and the najdis of that time
would say, The green dome is the biggest idol, this needs to be
destroyed, MaazAllah. But they did not succeed in this evil plan.
This took place in the time of Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar,
Molana Abdul Hamid Badayuni, Molana Abdul Aleem sidiqui.
There was a journalist by the name Riyaaz al Hasan or Riyaaz al
Hussain, whose interview was published approximately 30 years
ago in the newspaper Jang. He was a member of the delegates that
went to Saudi Arabia to protest.
The Saudi government promised them at that time that they would
rebuild these mazaars. The small stones that you see today at the
Mazaars of Ahle Baqee which enable us to recognise the maqaam of
Sayyidah Fatimah Radi Allahu Anha or Sayyiduna Imam Hasan
Radi Allahu Anhu, is due to those people who campaigned at that
time. Even till today they have not fulfilled their promise of
reconstructing the Mazaars.
The Tomb of Sayyidah Khadeejah al-Kubra Radi Allahu Anhaa was
beautifully built in the Jannah al Maala graveyard, come, and I will
show you all those pictures taken prior to this demolition.
Now, you tell me, that those evil people who slaughtered
thousands of Sunni Muslims, forcefully took over Makkah Shareef
and Madinah Shareef. Have you all forgotten everything? And you
still dare ask, Why cant we pray behind them?

We do not pray behind them because they consider us, the people
of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah, as mushriks. Now, you tell me,
would you pray behind someone who calls you a mushrik?
This is why we do not pray behind them!
If anyone wants to study this history, then study the book of
Allaamah Abdul Qayuum, Tareekh Najd o Hijaaz. If you want to
research who was Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhaab search on
internet for the book 'Confessions of a British spy'.
Who was this Humphrey? There were seven spies who broke up
the Turkish rulership, six of them were men and there was one
woman. They went to Istanbul and caused havoc.
Humphrey studied the Darse Nizaami course with a Shaykh in
Istanbul and also studied the Arabic language. He would say
"whenever someone suspected me of spying, I would begin
speaking in Arabic". He has completely exposed Muhammad bin
Abdul Wahhaab in this book which has been published in Arabic
from Kuwait, and also from London, from the countries they were
from. It discloses everything regarding Muhammad Ibn Abdul
Wahhaab and how he misled him, debated with him and convinced
him that alcohol is not haram, and then he persuaded him that
Mutah is also halal, ultimately he made him form a temporary
marriage with the female British spy.
He would praise and flatter him by saying "you are a great servant
of Allah. You are like Sayyiduna Umar Farooq, and Allah Almighty
has destined great things for you".
If you do not believe me, then read this book by the british spy.
The book is available openly on the internet. This is the reality of
the ale shaykh and aale Saud.

Today the simple Muslims think that because this is Haram

Shareef, the Imam here will also be someone very pious and god
fearing. We do not pray behind these people because of their evil
beliefs and their past actions as well as their beliefs regarding us.

Translated from the urdu audio

by Faqeer Mohammed Shakeel Qadiri Ridawi
Rabi al Awwal Shareef 2014