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Apostles Lutheran School

Miss Schleusener
May 24, 2010
408-578-4800 (school)

Jesus Time: Hezekiah Prays for God’s People
How do we react in times of trouble? Ignore problems, fix our own troubles, or trust
in God and act as God directs us or in an appropriate manner and praise God for His
goodness. He does not allow problems to come to us without allowing them to help us
grow closer to Him and without giving us a way to get through it.
We see that Hezekiah taught God’s people to only worship the one true God. He tore
down all idols of wood and stone. God blessed His people and Hezekiah from their
Memory Treasure for Friday: Psalm 50:15 “Call upon me in the day of trouble; I
will deliver you, and you will honor me.”
Hezekiah Prays for Himself
King Hezekiah becomes very sick. Isaiah comes to tell him what will happen, Hezekiah
will die. Hezekiah begs and pleads to continue living and serving God. On his way home,
God spoke to Isaiah. “Tell Hezekiah that I (God) will make him well.” He lived 15 more
years. Hezekiah used his time to love, praise, and serve God.

Writing Math
• Review
Writing Process and Free Exploration • Evaluations
Begin sentences with a capital letter. End with a • Halves, fourths
punctuation mark . ! or ?. Write with a space • Write numerals
between each word.

Complete writing activities for the year.

Practice writing the first and last names.

• Sharing ideas, listening to others sh

Social Studies/Science

Camping Unit: camping tools and equipment, stories, bugs, animals you might find, basic safety

Music and Movement
Shared Literature: A House is a House
for Me Prepare and Review:
Review songs for graduation
Letter: review, evaluation Review the instruments of the
Vocabulary: castles, igloo, teepee or Percussion Instruments: Pastor Bork on
tipi, hut Monday
Strings: Dave Zimmerman on Wednesday
Sight words: review Wind: Julie Bork June 2
Piano: Paul Anctil June 2
Review: consonant and vowel(worker)
sounds, long vowel combinations, blends
(bl, tr, cl, br, st ), digraphs (sh, ch,
th, wh, ph)
Calendar of Events
May 24, 2010
Monday- bring folder

Tuesday-Full Day All children attend
Return the folder

Bring for our Unit
Flat sheet
Stories about camping, bugs
Music Instruments
Please Bring
Small box for making a stringed instrument
Empty pop or water bottle for making a wind instrument

Wednesday- Return the folder
8:45 Women’s Bible Study in the Fellowship Hall

Thursday-Full Day
Return the folder
Field Trip
Dress for the weather
Bring a labeled car seat as needed.
Parents Arrive 9:00
Departure 9:15
Return 3:00

Friday – chapel
Return folder

May 27-Field Trip to Happy Hollow
May 28-Turn in $2.00 for Pizza and Pop on Yearbook Signing Day
You do not need to have a yearbook to buy the pizza and pop. As of last week, there were yearbooks
left. If you still want one, purchase one as soon as you can.
May 31-No School Memorial Day
June 2-Yearbook Signing 3:15-4:15
If you purchased the pizza, it will be served during the time of the signing.
June 3-Kindergarten Graduation at 11
Friends and family are invited to attend the 11:00 a.m. program in the Fellowship Hall
Parents will come at 10:45a.m. to help the children prepare for the graduation as needed.
Refreshments follow the Graduation Program
June 3-Classes Dismiss at Noon

Read stories for fun with your child each night.
Monday: Look for a flat sheet and flashlight to bring to school


Musical Instruments to Bring on Tuesday
Small box for making a stringed instrument
Empty pop or water bottle for making a wind instrument

Tuesday: Play the bug game.

Wednesday: Read an old reading story to or with Mom and Dad.
Reading for memory, echo reading (reading just a step behind mom or dad),
inventing a story, or reading exact words are appropriate for your child in
Kindergarten. Enjoy where they are at.

Email Miss S. if a family member(s) served our country. If you
have a relative who is currently in training to serve our country, please share
their name with us too. We will put up a star with their name on it.

Thursday: Play a game.

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend.

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