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Form 1 Science Unit 6.

1 : Various Forms of Energy

1. Energy is the _________________________________________________________________________________________________.
2. Energy is measured in __________________________________.
3. Two main forms of energy are
(i) _______________________________________________ which also known as potential energy.
(ii) _______________________________________________which also known as kinetic energy.
4. Complete the chart below :-

5. Potential energy is the energy that an object possesses due to its ____________________________ and
____________________________. Work is done when the ________________________________________________________
is released. It is stored in the objects that are _______________________________ , ____________________________ ,
____________________ and raised at ___________________________. The amount of potential energy depends
on _________________ and ______________________ from the Earths surface.
6. Kinetic energy is the energy that an object possesses due to its ____________________ which depends on
its ________________ and ____________________.
7. A hot object has ____________________________ while light energy is the energy gained from objects that
_____________________________________. The sun is the main source of heat and light energy on Earth.
8. Sound energy which travels in _______________ is produced by ________________________________________. It
can only travel through _____________________ but not _________________________.
9. _______________________________________ is the energy stored in foods, fuels and other chemical
substances while electrical energy is the energy produced by __________________________________________
in the form of ___________________________ which is then converted into other forms of energy to do
10. Nuclear energy is the energy stored in the __________________________________________________ which is
also known as ________________________________. There are two types of nuclear reaction including
________________________________________ and ___________________________________________.

Form 1 Worksheet Unit 6.1 prepared by Ms Sue

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