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Km. 7, Bangkal Davao City
Lesson Plan – Arts
Grade 1
June 20, 2015

At the end of the period, the Grade 1 students are expected to:
1. Define lines.
2. Identify the Different kinds of lines.
3. Draw scenery that shows the different kinds of lines.
4. Express one’s feelings on the wonder of nature through


Topic: LINES
Reference: Brighten Up Your Skills in MAPEH – Teachers Guide pp. 24-25
Materials: Visual/ Audio Aids, Printed Pictures, Drawing Materials


A. Preliminaries
1. Prayer
2. Greetings
3. Cleanliness & Orderliness
4. Checking of Attendance
B. Lesson Proper
1. Activity
 Video Presentation
2. Analysis
a. What does the picture and the audio is trying to convey to us?
b. Why did they indulge to cigarettes smoking?
c. So what do you think is our topic for today?
3. Abstraction
a. What are the common problems why teenagers smoke?
b. Do you think their problems put their health at risk?
4. Application
 “Slogan Making”
 The students will be divided into 4 groups.
 The students will pick a leader per group; the teacher will give their
task cards.
 The students will refer their output on the rubrics given inside their
class cards.
 After that they will pick 2 representatives to present their output.
 This activity will be allotted for 5 minutes for their poster making and 2
minutes per group for their explanation.

Content contains all 3 Ideas were somewhat in an organized manner. Content needs to be . neat and has a very strong impact/appeal All members were participative Some of the members were participating NEEDS IMPROVEME NT 1 The output does not link to the topic discussed The output has a less creativity. neatness and with less impact/appea l Only 1 or 2 members of the group participated As a teenager. Relevance to the topic 2. Content contains 1 Ideas were like a collection of unrelated sentences. Participatio n of all members of the group   VERY GOOD 5 GOOD 3 Clearly links their output to the topic discussed Adequately links their output to the topic discussed The output was creative neat and an average input/appeal The output was creative. Ideas 2. how will you set an example to the individuals who are still smoking. Content Accuracy 5 Ideas were expressed in a clear and organized manner. to stop gradually and start a healthy lifestyle? In a ¼ sheet of short bond paper and maximum of 3 sentences only. Rubric for Essay writing Criteria 1. Cleanliness and creativenes s 3.Rubric for Slogan Making: PERFORMANCE or CRITERIA 1.

Sentences the accurate mostly facts about accurate facts the lesson. specifically structured. pp. Prepared by: Joenjoy P. 378-379. about the lesson. crayons. 2. Make your own advocacy material for the prevention of cigarette use. Structured sentences not related and needs to be improved. Agreement: 1. improving in the manner of relation to the lesson. Material needed are 1/8 illustration board. Sentences Some of the are well sentences constructed are related and of varied but not structure.3. Tabiosa Student Teacher . Refer your output on your book.