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The Letter from DARSHAN SINGH to Russell Perkins of September 30, 1974, and the reply No. 219, Laxnibal Nager Dathi~119023 September 30, 1974, Mey dame. Aeathor Dalgectte, perkins, I have received the latest issue of Sat Sandesh, ziving details about Beloved Master's leaving for t3achkhand', I express my appreciation of the get-up and format of the journal and also the literary excellence of its contents, but I feel it my duty to add that it suffers from mis— statement of fucts, presumably due to the distorted vorsion put up by interested persons. I hasten to say that no meeting of the villagers ote. vita the Mansging Gounittees took place on the evening of september 1, as nentioned on page 19, col. 1. The Secretary of the Kirpal tthani Satsang society, vio wus authorised to sign the release dated the September 3,1974, wis Mr. 4.3, Nanocha, a respectable business man, uho eld this office for the last several years ani viose work won the approbation of the Great Master, and NOT Dr. MM, Chopra, unser vhose signatures the release ws issued. Hence the release is not authentic, It is understood that Mr. Manocha refused to sign the release as it we full of mis-statements, The views and wishes of the devotees through the representatives of the various Centres were not ascertained before arriving at tie decision, as stuted in para 2 of the release, I, therefore, feel that it is my duty to furnish you with the true facts for your activities in U.S.A. not for self promotion, but in order to void harm to the Sat sangis in your country, whose spiritual welfare is as mich our concern as it was of the Beloved Master. After the Beloved Master left for his Home Sternal on September 21, 1974, some vitel events took place in the Ashram, vhich are narrated below— On the morning of 23rd August, respected Tal Ji called me and my wife end informed us that Maharaj Ji had made a vill, in which he had declared ne ag His Spiritual Successor. I told her that Maharaj Ji had talked to me about this personally somatime back. Sue expressed no surprise at this and seid he 4id so at her insistence, and she added that she would search for the original will in the Master's papers, Later on some other manber of the Managing Committee, vho had seen the will with the Seloved Master at Dehra Dun about a couple of montha back, informed Mr. A.R. Manccha, the Secretary of the Managing Committee, about it, so immediately on knowing this, he went up to Tai Ji and enyuired from her if Master had mde any will. In reply she told him that he did mko a wll in my favour, but the will was not traceable, Since the will was not available, Secretary, along with members of the Managing Comittee approached Mr. Hudha Krishan, an eminent lawer, aged about 75 years, who is an initiate of Baba Javan singh Ji Maharaj for the last four decades ‘and who had the unesteomable boon of oeing close to him as disciple and legal adviser throughout his life-time, which role he continued to play throughout the Kinistry of my father, as his friend, legal ami literary adviser, who had drafted the will, to confirm tie execution of the will and to ascertain its contents. after getting the first hand informtion from the Lawer, a necting of the Managing Uomitvee of the Kirpal iuhani Satsang was held on 26th August, 1974, und the ommittee uneninously adopted a solution declaring me to be the Spiritual successor of Maharaj Kirpal Singa Ji according to his wishes, the relevant wrds of the Resolution are reproduced below~ ee "Resolved that Shri Dershen Singh Duzral 4s dected do-Ghaizman of the Managing Comittee of the society and as per wishes of His Holiness Sant Kirpel Singh Ji Meharaj he will cyrry on the work of Satsang, sermonising, preaching and spirituel literature etc., as iis Spiritual Successor." Next day similar Resolution was adopted by the Managing Committee of the Manav Kendra. After each Resolution was passed, all the menbers of the respective Committees bowed before me, in token o? reverence safone—mo, chus acknowledging me to be the Master's Spiritus] Successor. Ostensibly, all the nembers locked happy about this decision, but in fact some of the members, including Tai Ji, as it transpired later, vere jealous of my getting into this position according so the wishes of the Master, So they planned to undo that had been done and it is undersiood that trunk cslls were madé at che instance of Tai Ji to her bench—men and hatchetmen in Punjab, vho were told that relatives of Maharaj J: had made her agree to give Gadi to me, so they should come to Delhi and undo shat had been agreed uyon by the Committees on the 26th and 27th august, 1974, On getting this tele,honic nessage, some people from Chandigarh, amritsar and Jullunder net at Ludhiana and decided the line of action. scores of these coughs armai with lathis and other weapons came to Sawan Ashram in 5-6 buses and on 3ist august, und on the instigation of Tai Ji, began an out-cry there that anyone who dared oppose the installation of Tai Ji as the Bel] and the dndaell of Kirpal duiani Satsang and Nenav Kendra, shell be done avay with, At night Tai Ji p-rsonally became active and summoned mother necting of the Committee and got herself installed as President of Kirpal ithani Sat Sung, by show of force and other devious mears a attempt wus nade to uniermine my position as ieclared by Maharaj Kirpal Singh Ji as well as by the Committees on the 26th and 27th august, 1974, Tei Ji thinks that she has full sway over the property of the Savan Ashram os well as Manav Kendra and their material assets. Nost of the Members of the Kirpel thani Satsang Society inducted during the Master's last iliness to svell its number from 7 to 13 are her yes men. the spiritual work, viicn should be the paramount activity of the Kirpal @ihani Satsang is ground to a halt and its affairs on that account ara in a mere stalemate What che devotees cave for 4s not che number of tie lehbers of the tenating Gonnittee nor the edifices raise: in the Sevan Ashram but the spiritual benefit and the spiritual upliftment for which they came to the lotus feet cf the Master. I donot fully know what the conditions in U.S.A, are, bub levsers are pouring in from devotees and workers of various Gentres in this country expressing feeling of gloon and'frustration uni asking for guidance of Living Master as Successor of sant eS ick rOe: OS da Cite, OME BRE VO gE Bg