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A Traditional Kipperkarten Primer

The following Kipperkarten meanings appeared on my blog Fate Keeps On Happening in March
of 2013 at
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Stella Waldvogel
Reading Kipperkarten can be easily done with these meanings and some simple Lenormand
techniques such as those found in the Treppner course, The Essential Lenormand by Rana
George, and Lenormand Thirty-Six Cards: An Introduction to the petit-Lenormand by Andy
Traditional timing associations are provided for many cards. For cards where there are none,
youll have to wing it. Bear in mind that they tend to be logical rather than intuitive.
As always, use a traditional deck for learning. The choices are easy, since as of this writing there
are only five and that is enough. The most traditional are the Original Kipperkarten (shown
here, published by ASS Altenburger and Knigsfurt-Urania) and the Salish. Ciro Marchettis Fin
de Sicle is a stunning Kipper with a Victorian setting. There are a few changes and some extra
cards, but Mr. Marchetti does not veer from the traditional meanings - if anything, his cards
make them even clearer. The Leidingkarten are modernized, but true to the traditional
meanings, and would still be OK for a beginner in my opinion. The Mystisches Kipper, like the
Mystical Lenormand (both are by Urban Trsch), is at odds with tradition and in some ways,
deviant. The art is interesting, though, and once youve got some practice under your belt its fine
to use it.
Card Meanings

1. Main Person - Male significator.

2. Main Person - Female significator.


3. Marriage Card Usually indicates relationships, bonds, or friendships you need some
backup cards to predict an actual marriage. Good when its ahead of the sig. Behind it, this card
can sometimes mean separation, if other cards support this.

4. Meeting Getting together can be romance, friendship or business, see nearby cards to see
who or what its about. Friends, good luck, harmony.

5. Good Lord AKA geezer. Old guy, boss, relative. Wise, experienced, etc. Brings good
news when close to the sig, with no bad cards near. In an affair, Card number 1 is the lover and
no. 5 is the husband.

6. Good Lady Same as 5, just reverse the sexes. If it lies ahead or above the sig, then pleasure
is shown, in every respect. But behind the sig, she can be a troublemaking female relative.

7. Pleasant Letter Contacts, news, letters, messages, calls, texts, emails, paper. Usually
informal (no. 27 requires a signature). Generally, though not always, good. As always, pay
attention to nearby cards. A pleasant message when this card is located ahead or above the sig,
but behind it or otherwise badly aspected, it can show defamation, grief and sorrow.
Timing: a week

8. False Person Like the Fox in Lenormand, it says WRONG. Ramp it down and its a faux
pas a false step. Ramp it up and its flat-out deceit. Bad decision, deviousness, things that are
hidden, or a dishonest person. Close to the sig, this card shows bad luck and danger; when far
beware of loss, hypocrisy and betrayal.

9. A Change A change in circumstances. With No. 21 Living Room, a move or relocation, and
soon. Far from the sig, the change could be delayed.
Timing: 6 or 7 weeks
10. A Journey Road trip, leaving something behind, transport or vehicle. With No. 24 Theft, a
caution against loss or theft while travelling, or an auto accident. You really want good cards
surrounding this one Malkiel calls it one of the Master Cards and the cards around it can be
somewhat amplified, in my experience. Pay special attention to the card that the driver points to
with his whip.*
Timing: a week

11. Winning Much Money Money other than regular earnings (lottery, inheritance, bonus,
etc.), close to the sig in a GT or a large spread, a lot of money; far, the money is out of reach
at best, losses at worst. When its not about money, it can describe a nearby card as a lot.

12. Rich Girl A young woman, well-to-do girl, daughter, younger mistress, lucky life, no
worries/being carefree. But with a bad card near it, family-related grief.

13. Rich Good Lord Younger man, company/employer, money matters (usually positive),

business. Always brings good news and favorable luck when no bad cards are near.

14. Sad News Mildly depressing news, minor illness, weakness in general. The closer to the
sig, the sooner it occurs.

15. Good Start In Love Love or friendship (check nearby person cards). But near card no. 8,
obstacles and dishonesty.
Timing: spring

16. His Thoughts can be taken literally: what the person you are interested in is thinking. His
thoughts are good when not surrounded by no. 8, 14, 23, 24, 29 or 30. Also, making plans.
Timing: 4 weeks

17. Getting A Gift Joy, praise, recognition, profit, general happiness. Lucky card, especially
near the sig, and it takes the edge off of nearby negative cards
Timing: Winter, or next holiday or celebration Xmas, birthday, etc.
18. A Small Child Something new, something small, something much loved, a little bit of
something, a fresh start. Card No. 36 Hope/Big Water + No. 18 A Small Child is the pregnancy
combo. (18 + 36 is dreaming of/fantasizing about pregnancy). Bad cards near this one can bring
anger, grief and sorrow.
Timing: Spring, or shortly

(A note on No. 18: If you ever wondered about that curious stork in discarded winter boots on
this card, keep in mind the German origins of this deck. This link may prove helpful:

19. A Death A deadly event, an ending. (Literal death only in certain combinations.) Close
to the sig, a possible death in the family. If no. 21 is also nearby, it will occur suddenly and
Timing: night time or winter

20. House House, apartment, real estate, land, yard/garden, home, stability, security. Near the
sig, good luck and mercy in all undertakings. But in the center of the spread, all persons who
surround this card are dangerous.
Timing: 6 months

21. Living Room Your own personal space home, apartment, sometimes even a motel room
or office. Anyplace the world cant intrude. Close to the sig, the events indicated by other
nearby cards will happen very soon. (Its in the room, i.e., close.)
Timing: 4 weeks. (Fiechter gives 24 hours to 4 weeks, adapt for context)

22. Military Person An official of any kind, when literal: cop, judge, etc. Can be a friend or
relative. Can also be intimidating, unapproachable. But its often just an exclamation point
describing a neighboring card: Its official!

23. Court Decisions, public affairs, public building. Neutral or unpleasant literal court, tax
office, negotiations, rattling cages, etc. Good news about legal matters when near the sig, bad
when distant.

24. Theft Loss or theft of any kind: money, goods, love, friendship. Ahead of the sig, you will
recover your losses; when this card is distant, the loss is permanent.

25. Come To High Honor Close to the sig, very favorable for recognition, promotion,
achievement, and career advancement. Distant, what is shown by the surrounding cards will
become reality. Usually business related. Working smart as opposed to menial labor. Work
that requires knowledge. With 34, self employment.

26. Great Luck Just what it says. Best card in the deck unexpected good luck is on the way.
Amplifies nearby good cards and reduces bad ones.
Timing: summer

27. Unexpected Money Finances, formal contracts (signature required),

speculation/investments, a little money, unexpected money coming in through work or a raise
(check nearby cards), sudden and unexpected good luck, everyday money activities.
Timing: a couple of weeks

28. Expectation Often referred to as 3 Months Patience, but not literally 3 months. Longing,
aching expectations. It advises waiting and letting things resolve themselves. Dont act.
Timing: from a few weeks to a couple of months.

29. Prison (Hospital, in Leidingkarten) Large building or corporation, being trapped in a

relationship or situation. Fear, isolation, loneliness. No. 23 Court + no. 29 Prison, literal prison
or jail time. Bad luck, a family secret may be revealed.
Timing: A blockade. Time passes slowly.

30. Magistrate Disagreements, problems, and stress, but also having someone to go to for
resolution. Decision. Conversations. Judge, lawyer, doctor, etc. Close to the sig, unavoidable sad
31. Short Illness Illness, addiction, problems, depression. With No. 14 Sad News, a serious
illness, but with favorable cards only a short illness is indicated. Back of a person card, the
back; above it, anything from the head to abdominal area; below it, problems below the
waistline. Card No. 36 Hope/Great Water + No. 31 can warn of heart problems. This is also the
bed card, so, sexuality. With 24 (Theft), an affair. With 21 (Living Room), intimate sex. With
22 (Military Person) it can get sporty.

32. Grief And Adversity Literally what it says. Also brooding, worries, obstacles, frustration,
sometimes headache, fever, jealousy or rage, but things will come to a good end if no. 5, 6, 7,
15, or 26 are close.
33. Cloudy Thoughts This one is always a warning, consider the surrounding cards very
carefully. Many meanings including profound worry, rejection, deception, pessimism,

confusion, lack of freedom. This card has a depressive quality, while 32 leans more towards a
panicky state. Love and good luck will blossom, if it is close to no. 26; discouragement and
misery if its far.

34. Work, Occupation Usually (but not always) refers to working for a company, rather than
self-employment (it only refers to self employment in combination with 25). Manual labor,
hand crafting. Close to the sig, work, position, services or a good ending of an enterprise. Can
be hobbies, but also drudgery.

35. A Long Road Sometimes referred to as 2 Years Patience, meaning a long time, or a lot
that needs to be done, a long road ahead, a long way to go, a great distance. Behind the Sig,
two years (or a long time) before, in front of the Sig, two years (or a long time) in the future.
Timing: a couple of years, or a long time
36. Hope/Great Water Dreams, fantasies, fortunes. No. 36. Hope/Great Water + (card) is a
dream (or fear) coming true; (card) + No. 36 Hope/Great Water means its only a dream.
Surrounding cards and positions are extremely important with this one. Hopes will reality, if
card no. 26 is close to it. It can also stand for a message from a far country or overseas.
Timing: summer

All versions of the Kipperkarten (with the exception of Ciro Marchettis) are available here If you have trouble navigating the site (its in German),
send them an email they have some very nice bilingual people there who are happy to help!
The special edition of Ciro Marchettis Kipper, the Fin de Sicle (I had the honor of
contributing to the PDF instruction booklet, along with Ciro, Susanne Zitzl, and Fortune
Buchholz) is no longer available. But watch this page he will be announcing a US Games
version in summer of 2016.!kipper/c1irz
All images ASS Altenburger/Knigsfurt-Urania, reproduced here under Fair Use