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Unidad XXXIII – XL
Módulo 1 al 16



Related words
Prefixes im-, dis-, mis,- ‘un’, ‘in’ or ‘il’
Suffixes “ -ity, -ship or -ness”
Suffixes –ent,-ant,-able
Suffixes- er,-,or-,ion and ment

Special Difficulties 1-4
Special Difficulties 1
Special Difficulties 2
Special Difficulties 3
Special Difficulties 4

Idiomatic Expressions 1-8
Idiomatic Expressions 1
Idiomatic Expressions 2
Idiomatic Expressions 3
Idiomatic Expressions 4
Idiomatic Expressions 5
Idiomatic Expressions 6
Idiomatic Expressions 7
Idiomatic Expressions 8

Grammar 1 Conditional sentences
Grammar 2 Some grammatical
Grammar 3 Auxiliary verbs in the past
Grammar 4 Uses of wish
Grammar 5 Gerund phrase

Accurancypreciso/ exacto
Amazed- asombrado At
the rate of-en
promedio, a razón de
Achievementlogro, éxito
Available- libre,
disponible Aidayuda arousedlevantar,
alleged- presunto
amid- entre, en medio
alloy- aleación
achieved- alcance,
logro, realizar
Breeding- criar,
cultivar, alimentar
Boast- alarde, disfrutar
Bank- banco
Bridge- Puente
Carry on- llevar
acabo Craving-anhelo
Clay- arcilla Complycumplir Citizens

Dates backdatar Definitelydefinitivamente
caer /disminuir
/ terrible
Devices- mecanismos
Depths- profundidades
Dwellings- moradas
Dosage- dosis
Data- dato
Desolate- desolado
Duration- duración
Drought- sequía
Environment- medio
ambiente/ entorno
Evenly- Igualmente
Eardrumstímpano Enduresoportar, aguantar
Exchange- intercambio
Endeavored- esfuerzo
Ecological- ecológico
Environment Medio
Execute- ejecutar
Encounter- encuentro
Extra-terrestrialExtra terrestre
Edict- edicto
Endowed- dotado

Farmland- granja/tierra
Foes- enemigos
feed- alimentar
Figure out-figurarse
Familiar- familiar
Footstep- Paso, pisada
Faithful- fiel
Field- campo
Gypsum- mineral
Ground- suelo,
tierra Goal- objetivo
gin- limpiadora
get to -fastidiar,
Guild- Gremio
Gate- puerta,
entrada, taquilla
handmade- Hecho a
harness- aprovechar
hardship- Privaciones,
hoot- sonar, grito
huge- enorme
Haul- arrastrar, jalar
Instructionsinstrucciones Iciclescarámbano Ivory-de
color marfil illenfermo

Letal. porteria M Mild-suave/leve Mankind-humanidad P Principal-principal/ director pile -montón.heredar L Load-carga Lethal.recargado occurance. camino PerformanceRealización.controlar measurementsmedida meridian. mortífero litter basura Leisure.sendero. pila Paces-pasos Path.Probable. diseñar Lodger.inventory -Inventario. existencias vez en cuando Ornate.meridiano Method-método N Network.cadena. Conectar a la red Nearly.cercano. ejecución Pace. tiempo libre Likely.paso Pollutant-contaminante Predecessorantecesor .sirena Monitoring. cerca O Output-producción /rendimiento Occasionally.occio. indicado Laid out-trazar.

On the marking his grave.-L`enfant studied the principal city. . a) headstone 3.-The a) output b) feature cities of Europe before he planned the c) capital d) farmland of a slum is difficult to improve. L` Enfant is honoured as Architect of the city of Washington.C a) capital b) headstone c) farmland d) feature 2.-A company’s survival depends on its selling its a) output b) science-fiction 5. D.-George Orwell wrote a) technique b) energetic c)instructions d)environment that many people fear will come true. b) science-fiction c)instructions d)environment 4. c) science-fiction d)breakdown .VOCABULARY Exercises Observe the image and underline the correct answer 1.

b)paces c)foal d)ivory . -It rained last night and the temperature dropped to five degrees below zero: we’re sure to have a)shale today.6.-Most church bells hang from a) gypsum b)load 8. b) pile c) gypsum d) icicles 7.-A a) foal d) steeple where we now use meters. c)foal d)ivory is dark brown when it is a young horse.-The Lipizzaner a)stallion c) steeple c) ivory d) pace turn white when they are grown horses.-Some c)pile is found in the Western Sierra of Mexico. people measured a)stallion b)paces 10.-Long ago. b) skill 11. a)accuracy b)load c) gypsum 9.

a)ground b) device 16.-The man was gravely a) slight with pneumonia. b) mankind c) spacecraft d) approach 17.-We followed the narrow baseball field.-Whenever a motorcycle goes by at full speed. b) dreaded c) risked 14. b) network c) d)sight d) device to land on the Moon was the Apollo XI.They had been friends for a long time but they are now bitter a) danger b) ill c)foes 13.-A complete a)through d) doubt d)path carries electricity to every town in the area. a)eardrums b) drawbacks c) mankind d)shuttle .-The first a) versatile d) ill that went from the school house to the c)depth 15. I feel my bursting..12.

-Synthetic fibres have.-Do you agree with his a) available b) theory ? c) goal d) development 19. replaced a) source b) wool c) handmade 23.-A is where metals are melded.-How many animals do you have to a) handmade b) feed c)dwelled d) foundry ? d)exchange 22. a) vacuum b)settlement d) vessels c) clay 21. and jugs are different kinds of a) inventory b) foundry c) harness 20. for the most part. c) inventory d)vacuum .-We`ll have to close our store for a) source b) resources d) resources on December 31 st.-Cups. pots. bowls.18.

Your place of residence is your a) settlement b) gin 25.-She hasn’t taken her daily a) dosage b) stream 26. .a) stream left at a picnic site is due to either indifference or ignorance b) litter c) ecology d)citizen 28.-This place looked c) comply d)hoot close to the wall is full of climbing geraniums. . c) harness d) dwelling of medicine c) waste d) litter but owls do a) environment b) data 27. b)chat c) leisure d) flowerbed .The a) predecessor 29.-Dogs don’ t .24.

-I`m sorry I’m late. c) figure out d) chat 32.a)desolate 30. c)reject d) faithful 33. but I stopped for a friendly a)display b)ease with Mary.-A dog is man’s best and most a) familiar b)mermaid friend.-The a) display b) aroused c)fabulous d)desolated of television was the radio b) predecessor c) chat d) flowerbed 31.-A a)alleged measures velocity in kilometres per hour.-Have you ever made any a)suitable b) stable of UFOs? c) sightings d) huge 34. b) plentiful c)likely d) speedometer .

c) wave 36.-The beavers activities a) submerged d) suffice the ape and the monkey in the way it organizes its b)endowed c)surpasses d)inherit 37.-Did Desmond a)lodger all that money from his father or his mother b)endowed 39.-I heard someone coming in through the a)thickness b)gate c)upkeep d)underground .35.-Water and sound move by a)quadrant b) amid action.-The old a)bridge d)threats c)inherit d)surpasses near our country house was swept away by the floods b) underground c)gate d)bark 40.-Beavers dams hold water during the season a) drought b)method c)store 38.

a 40-b .PANEL DE RESPUESTAS 1-b 2-c 3-d 4-a 5-c 6-d 7-c 8-c 9-b 10-a 11-a 12-c 13.b 31-d 32-d 33-c 34-d 35.c 36-c 37.d 21-b 22-b 23.d 14-d 15 b 16-c 17-a 18 b 19-d 20.a 38-c 39.c 24-d 25-a 26-d 27.a 30.b 28-d 29.

rich poor real unreal rico pobre real irreal short corto long largo marked marcado unmarked sin marca/ ileso skilled experto unskilled inexperto pretty bonita elementary advanced perfect Imperfect avanzado perfecto imperfecto success failure largest smallest éxito fracaso más grande más pequeño stingy básico ugly right fea wrong incorrecto correcto generous generoso honor dishonor Strong-minded Weak-minded possible imposible increase honor deshonor independiente dependiente posible imposible aumento tacaño Decrease disminución .

limited limitado unlimited ilimitado efficient eficiente inefficient ineficiente forward hacia delante backward hacia atrás probable improbable comfortable uncomfortable Interior Exterior probable improbable interior exterior cómodo incómodo Buy Sell deliver Bring dar. entregar recibir comprar vender advantages ventajas disadvantages desventajas Huge Tiny grande diminuto Credit Cash Sabe - Squander crédito contado ahorrar despilfarrar .

Atractive atractivo Unatractive poco atractivo teach Carefully carelessly Foreign Native Real False cuidadosamente descuidadamente extrajero nativo real falso Modern old-fashioned Necessary Unnecessary Religious Unreligious necesario innecesario religioso ateo permanent changeable active passive permanente cambiable activo pasivo enseñar learn rainy aprender sunny reasonable unreasonable lluvioso soleado razonable irrazonable moderno pasado de moda .

deep shallow haul push swiftly slowly a few a lot profundo superficial jalar empujar rápidamente lentamente poco mucho straight twisted rival friend building destroying aboveground underground derecho torcido enemigo amigo construcción destrucción sobre el suelo Capable subterráneo capaz incapaz known conocido unknown desconocido excess moderation nearby far away exceso moderación cercano lejano Incapable .

Más palabras opuestas important importante unimportant sin importancia Hard Difìcil Easy Fácil Familiar Conocido Unfamiliar Desconocido Following siguiente Preceding precedente Available Disponible Unavailable Poco Accepted aceptado Rejected rechazado profit ganancia loss perdida advantage ventaja disadvantage desventaja Fit apto Unfit No apto Máximum máximo Mínimum mínimo Identified identificado Unidentified No disponible appearance aparición disappearance desaparición identificado Determined determinado Undetermined indeterminado Important importante Unimportant Sin Native nativo non-native extranjero definite definido indefinite indefinido everything todo nothing nada accurate preciso Inaccurate impreciso importancia questionable cuestionable unquestionable incuestionable Convenient conveniente Inconvenient inconveniente .

-You`d better buy yourself another watch. he got a raise 20. I guess I didn’t know what I was talking about.-Sue`s got the largest/smallest piece of cake. Not a piece of furniture was left. 4.-The play was a complete success/ failure. 18. At least. 5. 17.-He was determined/ undetermined to do the job to the best of his ability. 3.-It is almost possible/ impossible that anything like this could happen! It’s unbelievable! 2.-His plan was accepted/ rejected.-She`s so generous/stingy that I bet you can’t get her to buy you a coke.-You are perfectly right/ wrong.-The fire destroyed nothing/everything. he is an excellent boy.Life has been hard/easy for him. . It is not for beginners. 10.Exercises Underline the correct answer 1.-He is capable/ incapable of making a mistake.-The interior / exterior was beautifully decorated with modernistic furniture 12. he started working at the age of fourteen.-He is fit/unfit for the position.-I`m sorry. but that medicine you’re looking for is available/unavailable.-A native/ non native doesn’t easily acquire the usage of American idioms. Brown works show the maximum/minimum of his capability 13.-Whether he has money or not is important/ unimportant. to top it all. He thinks so much of himself 11. We need a more mature man 19. 9. he says so. 16. 14. Everyone was telling every body else how good it was. he deserves it.-The identified/unidentified body lay in the hospital morgue for days. 15.-Mr. Mine is about half as big as hers. 6.-This is an elementary/advanced course. Yours is so accurate/ inaccurate you’re always late. 21.-You have a perfect/imperfect right to say so. and. 8. After all.-It is a huge/tiny apartment with only one bedroom. 7.

She will be my teacher. 36. is a woman with a modern/ old.-Miss Carroll is going to teach/ learn psychology next year.-Will you see that it is delivered/ brought to this address? 32. He knows all about it.-Supermarkets sell strictly on a credit/ cash basis.-There`s no movie following/ preceding the ten o’clock one. 23. 27.-Her husband is a religious/ unreligious man.-It was quite necessary/ unnecessary for you to call the doctor.fashioned outlook on life.-He is going to buy/sell his old house 30. He never goes to church with her. It cost a small fortune.-I made a good profit/loss when I sold my car.-You are at an advantage/disadvantage. he’s better prepared than you.-Would you like to visit some foreign/ native countries this summer? . 28. the baby is well now. Now he has to work to make a living.-He is familiar/ unfamiliar with the problem. 25.22.-It isn’t a very attractive/unattractive offer. 31.-My grandmother for her age. 35. 24. is it? 38. 33. 34. 37. The box office is closed.-He saved/ squandered all the money he inherited. 26.-He was driving carefully/ carelessly and couldn’t control the car.-Her appearance/ disappearance was reported to the police.-Her string of pearls must be real/ false. 29.

Panel de respuestas 1-b 11-a 21-a 31.-b 5-b 15-b 25-b 35.-a 8-b 18-a 28-a 38.-b 7-a 17-b 27-a 37.-b 3-a 13-b 23-b 33.-b 4-b 14-a 24-a 34.-a 2-b 12-a 22-a 32.-a 9-b 10-b 19-a 20-b 29-b 30-b .-a 6-b 16-a 26-b 36.

malicia Impassive Disagree Misgivings impasible desacuerdo Recelo. dis-. ‘in’ or ‘il’ To give a negative meaning to an adjective The prefixes un in il unusual inconvenient illiterate poco inconveniente analfabeto unnatural inability illogical antinatural inhabilidad ilógico unemotional incurable illegal indiferente incurable ilegal unreliable inappropriate illegible informal inapropiado ilegible undefeated invicto .Derivations of the words with the prefixes Prefixes im-. duda Prefixes ‘un’. misTo give a negative or opposite meaning to the word The prefixes im dis mis Immaterial Disappear Mischief inmaterial desaparecer Travesura.

-I still have my a) im and irrelevant. a) illogical c) illegal b)illiterate 7. a) unusual b) unreliable c)undefeated d)unnatural 6.Unfortunately for humanity. c) inability d) incurable for a mother to abandon her child. c)mis 3.-it is disease. c) inability d) inappropriate .-My lawyer said the question was a) im b) dis material c) mis 2.Exercises Choose the correct answer 1. d) il d)un givings.-I never expected her to use such a) incurable b) inconvenient Panel de respuestas 1-a 2-b 3-c 4-d 5-d 6-b 7-d d)illegible language. then I doubt he knows how to sign his name. cancer is still an a) inappropriate b) inconvenient 5. I just can’t make up my mind.-You are such an person.-That wouldn’t be the solution. b)dis c)mis d)un 4. I definitely a) im b)dis agree with you. .

.-To acquire a) membership Panel de respuestas 1-d 2-c 3-c 4-a 5-a d) friendliness d) leadership d) leadership b) ness c) ity d) ent in that club. a) freshness 2.-What is the relation between you and Mr. - b) plasticity c)relationship of her dress made her more attractive. b)relationship c)freshness d)leadership . a) membership b)relationship c) freshness 4.-Her makes her an even more lovable person. simpatía Freshnessfrescura - Exercises Choose the correct answer 1. -ship or -ness” ity Plasticity-plasticidad Simplicity-sencillez - Noun The suffixes ship Relationship relación Membershipmembrecía Scholarship beca Fellowship compañía Friendshipamistad Leadership-liderazgo Worshipadoracion/culto ness FriendlinessAmabilidad. you have to know French. b) fellowship c) simplicity is a very important quality in vegetables.The a) plasticity 3. Carlyle? a) ship 5.Suffixes “ -ity.

a) patient 4. I guess his story is believ a)able b) ible 2.Suffixes –ent.-Oh. b) efficient Panel de respuestas 1-a 2-b 3-a 4-b . vacio - - - believablecreíble memorablememorable contemptibledespreciable SensibleSensate. 1. day! a) sensible b) memorable 3.-She is the most a) vacant b) sensible secretary he has ever had.-able ADJECTIVE The suffixes ent ant able efficienteficiente patientpaciente - defiantrebelde vacantdesocupado. God ! This has been a . but I still have my doubts. prudente Exercises Complete with the correct word.-You have to be very with him for some time.-ant.

-The doctor operated on the patient successfully.-.-Can you tell me who owns this house? I don’t know who the is.or-. They decided to employ a business a)governor b)agreement c)astonishment 5. . It is called a a) governor b) operation c) computer a) owner b) interpreter c) operation d)distribution 4.Derivations of the words with the suffixes Suffixes.ion and ment NOUN The suffixes er or ion Computer Governor Operation computadora gobernador operación Interpreter Administrator Distribution intérprete administrador distriuccion Owner Perfection propietario perfección Prosecution juicio Exercises ment Shipment envío Agreement acuerdo astonishment asombro Choose the correct answer 1.An electronic machine computes data. The d) shipment was a success.-They were looking for someone to administrate their business. a) perfection b) prosecution c) operation d)distribution 3.-Albert Johnson governs the state. He is the State d) administrator a)governor d) administrator b)agreement Panel de respuestas 1-a 2-c 3-b 4-d 5-a c)astonishment .


king happi drink dry agree avail drunken foolish child unbreak comfort mad weak force free child neighbor selfish bore .-hood dom able Suffixes with ‘Suffixes with ‘dom’ meaning the able’ mean state of capable of reason BoredomCapableaburrimiento capaz FreedomLovablelibertad adorable KingdomPortablereino Portátil Disposabledesechable Returnableretornable Disagreeabledesagradable Payablepagadero Drinkablebebible Agreeableagradable Availabledisponible Unbreakableirrompible Comfortablecómodo Forceableforzoso ness Suffixes with ‘ness’ meaning the quality of Sadnesstristeza Togetherness unión Goodnessbondad Madnesslocura Kindnessamabilidad Lazinesspereza Hardnessdureza Happinessfelicidad Greatness grandeza Drynesssequedad Drunkenness embriaguez Selfishnessegoísmo - hood Suffixes with ‘hood’ meaning the condition of Falsehoodfalsedad Brotherhoodhermandad Fatherhood paternidad Childhood niñez Parenthood paternidad Motherhoodmaternidad Neighborhood vecindad - Complete the word with the correct suffixe.-nes.Suffixes-able.

en verbos. adjetivos o adverbios.2. Observe estos ejemplos Noun English .-RELATED WORDS/ RELACION DE PALABRAS En inglés existen algunos sustantivos que con solo cambiarle el sufijo (terminaciones al final de las palabras) se pueden transformar.Spanish Principal-director Education-educación Origin-originality Recreation-recreación Formality-formalidad Reality-realidad Family-familia Colony-colonia Specialization-especialización Thought-pensamiento Skill-habilidad Usefulness-utilidad Suggestion-sugerencia Destruction-destrucción Product-producto Attention-atención Attraction-atracción Creature-criatura Imitation-imitación Formation-formación Cooperation-cooperación Reason-razón Comparison-comparación Preference-preferencia Service-servicio Comfort-comodidad Definition-definición Completion-conclusión Elaboration-elaboración Strength-fuerza Width-grosor Depth-profundidad Activity-actividad Intensity-intensidad Evidence-evidencia Government-gobierno Reaction-reacción Verb -----------educate originate recreate formalize realize familiarize colonize specialize think To be skilled (in) use suggest destroy produce To be attentive attract create imitate form cooperate reason compare prefer serve comfort define complete elaborate strengthen widen deepen activate intensify evidence govern react Adjective principal educational original recreational formal real familiar colonial special thoughtful skillful useful suggestive destructive productive attentive attractive creative imitative formative cooperative reasonable comparable preferable serviceable comfortable definite complete elaborate strong wide deep active intense evident governmental reactionary Adverb principally educationally originally ----------formally really familiarly ---------- specially thoughtfully skillfully usefully suggestively destructively productive ly attentively attractively creatively -----------------cooperatively reasonably comparably preferably ----------comfortably definitely completely elaborately strongly widely deeply actively intensely evidently ------------ ----------- .

in love. a) intensity 8.-The b)destroy b)destructive street in town is being repaired. 1-c 6-a 2-b 3-a 4-b 5-b 7-c 8-b 9-b 10-c d) intensely b)prefer c)preferable d)preferably . a) reason b) reasonable c)reasonably 10.-You must be b)intensify c)intense to walk than drive.-The audience listened to the beautiful music.-Just look at all this! Some people are by nature! a) destruction 3. Will you please listen? a) suggestion 7.-I`ve a b)originally c)origin to make.Exercise Choose the correct answer 1.-Knowing foreign languages can be very a) usefulness Panel de respuestas d)originate b)use c) useful d)creative in an executive job. a) attention b) attentive c)attentively d) attraction 2. d)produce a) original 6. that I can feel it to my bones.-He owns a very b)principally c)complete business d)completion a) product 5. d)usefully . c)destructively a) principal 4.They are young. and they want to get married.-That vase b) productive c) productively came from China.-I would a) preference 9.-The cold is so b)suggestive c)suggestively d)suggest .

celery ! beings are susceptible to fault.Special difficulties 1 or or o o or o or o o Choose the correct word in parenthesis He answered Everyone is so respectfully. respectively quiet. costumes I a foreign country Are you taking the evening to Dallas? plane. This is very Austin is the o ! Why? personal. stationery at the bookstore or or o or o or o or or o o Choose the correct word in parenthesis We have to get plenty of wood. Humane Who the game this time? Our team won. and we’ll need a fire What couldn’t I do if I go a raise in salary. personnel capital. principle . plain . You can rely on him I usually get my stationary. beat It is hard to get used to the customs. quite I trust you. capitol when I talked to him don’t tell a soul! . Human. would o .D of the State of Texas He is a man of principal.The nights get cold in the woods.

They usually go to the show. widely broadcast. There is a cafeteria The train is due due to in five minutes. serial stranger. hardly pass The settlers had to cross a wide. dropped by. fall or drop by tirar. The child his toy. fell birthday. late lately The bridge was very narrow.near or nearly cerca o casi wide or widely ancho o muy due to or due Debido a o deber The country or a country Pueblo o país hard or hardly Difícil o casi drop. dropped by. She comes from with very different the country a country customs. I’ve never seen him before adopted. dispositivo o idear Adoptado o adaptado Extraño o extranjero cereal or serial bore or boar famous or notorious Cereal o serie Taladrar o jabalí Famoso o muy conocido Choose the correct word What kind of I’m sure he’s a cereal. Two cars could hard. alien did you have this morning? in town. dropped. caer o pasar the east or The East El este o este Choose the correct word near nearly the store. adapted . dropped by. dropped. device or devise Aunt Rose’s house to agree her on her adopted or adapted stranger or alien Aparato. fell We dropped. fell The little bird’s nest from the tree.

Fred is an child .They don’t have any children of their own.

Leonardo da Vinci was a and engineer. sculptor. . notorious painter. device a hole. famous. boarded devised. then he filled it with dynamite. architect What do you think Leonardo da Vinci had in mind when he his strange machine? First he bored.

The floors in their house are made of Who do you think will be the next marble. major steal. I advise. marvel mayor. please. he is a very intelligent man besides. You’re going to besides or beside elude or allude Además o al lado de Eludir o aludir precede or proceed deny or refuse Preceder o proceder negar o rehusar it! hang or hung Ahorcar. to . translucent Do you want heavy material or ? They are extremely rich people. beside hung. steel You don’t plan to borrow that book. colgar o colgado advise or advice Aconsejar o consejo Choose the correct word Don’t rush. mother. refused . advice Please listen to his advise. university. advice He works for an important company. alluding with the meeting. hanged Why don’t you come right out and say it! You’re Ann Let’s He proceed. compliment. my clothes are neatly you to think it over .translucent or transparent steel or steal Translúcido o transparente Acero o robar sensitive or sensible complement or compliment Sensible o sensato Complement o felicitar Choose the correct word marble or marvel Mármol o maravilla major or mayor Mayor o alcalde Don’t be . all the charges against him. sensitive He finds music a to his activity. he teaches at the in the closet eluding. Yes. complement transparent. preceded denied. He’s not the man for you sensible.

prefect pair or pear Ingenious or ingenuous childlike or childish Par o pera Ingenioso o ingenuo Inocente o infantil uninterested or disinterested luxurious or luxuriant rob or steal Indiferente o desinteresado Choose the correct word Two thieves stole. hard hardly I refused rejected He’s makes a living to go. childish ! He acts like a child of five and certainly doesn’t act his age. I just wasn’t in the mood. disinterested . ingenuous I don’t see how you can look so very interesting vegetation. uninterested. luxuriant ingenious. pear Peter is so Lujoso o exuberante robar o robar all the money in the safe of pliers so I can fix this lamp. She is very former. to try to deceive you.real or reel real o carrete hard or hardly Perfect or prefect Perfecto o prefecto formal or former Duro o casi continually or continuously contantemente o continuamente rejected or refused Formal o el/la primero Rechazar o rehusar Choose the correct word This is a real. asking for money continually continuously He is the in Building II perfect.The play is . robbed Bring me a pair. The tropics contain He is too luxurious. formal He earns so little that he in her speech. reel diamond. childlike.

gait . site I heard someone coming in through the the car to the garage. altar May I have another peace piece They are going to have to hall haul of pie? It must be an interesting sight. or sight Sitio o vista gate or gait fare or fair Tarifa o justo alter or altar Puerta o modo alterar o altar haul or hall Jalar o salón piece or peace Pieza o paz Choose the correct word How much is the on the bus? fare. fair The bridge and groom knelt before the alter. to see beavers at work.

conservar. asignar. aumentar o subir dar o hacer el mejor esfuerzo . c) takes off c) over care d) into my cats while I am away? b) take/ down c) take/ off d) take/after To put English To put in To put in a good word for To put one over on To put up a front Spanish poner. tener parecido con cuidar.-A new manager has taken a) after a) take/ of d) takes a back operations at ABC Chemical. . continuar A put.Could you her mother. encargarse de despegar Choose the correct answer 1. b) down 3. ser tímido.up job To put one’s best foot forward ascender. mantener. dominar esconderse.-She’s such a charming girl! She a) takes over b) takes after seat 2. hacerse a un lado tomar las cosa con calma arriesgarse parecerse a.IDIOMATIC EXPRESSIONS 1 To take English To take over To take a back seat To take things lying down To take one’s life into own hands To take after To take care of To take off Exercises Spanish invadir. introducir hablar bien de convencer/engañar ( a alguien) quedarse con.

-John makes some extra money after school hours.-Carl his best when he was interviewed by the manager of the company. presentarse como candidato a un cargo hacer mandados. trabajos Exercises Choose the correct answer 1.Exercises Choose the correct answer 1. b) put/up job c) put in/ for d)put/ in To run English To run out from To run short To run away To run a temperature To run down To run for To run errands Spanish provenir..Do well a) put up/ a front in a good word b) put/for me when you talk to Mr. dañado competir. a) put/ foot forward b)put/in a good word for c)put/ in d)put/up a front 2. agotar. a) runs for b)runs short of c)runs errands d) runs down . correr desde. deteriorado.-Will you please Miller. a) put/ foot forward 3. c) put/ in d) put/up a front ? I do need that money and he can lend it to me. inconveniente. averiado.andar corto huir.-Do you know who is a) running down b) running for president? c)running short d)running errands 2. agotarse. gastar. alejarse tener temperatura recorrer hacia abajo (un texto o un listado). He for his neighbors. partir desde Carecer.


sin sentido that she was marrying him for . but they never keep c) says d) tells the truth. a) saying 4. the less they believed b) telling c) says d) tells me. sin rodeos Punto de partida o de salida. a)saying a) say c) says d) tells the children a story when their b) telling 3.-The babysitter was mother came in. principio Punto de vista.-The more he insisted on him. do you really have the money to pay for that car? b) tell c) said d) sold To point English To point out Beside the point Boiling point Good points The point of a gun Point blank Point of departure Point of view Pointless Exercises 1.-She told him point money Spanish Notar. cualidades En la mira de una pistola A quemarropa. resaltar. a) saying b) telling 2. inicio. opinión Sin importancia. punto máximo.-Carl and max are always their word. limite Ventajas. señalar Ir al punto Punto de ebullición. - they will do it. colmo.IDIOMATIC EXPRESSIONS 2 To tell English To tell the truth To tell a lie To tell the time To tell a story To tell someone where to get off Spanish Decir la verdad Decir una mentira Decir la hora Contar un cuento Ponerle el alto a alguien Exercises Choose the correct answer 1.

-All this talk is him. a) pointless b) of view c) blank d)of departure . c) the point of a gun d) good points .-Andrea is such a nice girl! One of her a) the boiling point b) point blank d) good points is her friendliness.a) out 2. We are not going to be able to convince b) point of view c) beside the point 3.

huir separarse. apartar la vista emprender el vuelo alejarse. de lado Hacia atrás hacia Hacia delante English eastward westward leftward rightward skyward homeward Spanish hacia el este hacia el oeste hacia la izquierda hacia la derecha hacia el cielo hacia casa . escapar. aventar (por el viento) disimular. fugarse Exercises Choose the correct answer 1.-My parents a)blew /away b) went/ away d) stay away them d) put/ away it c) threw / away d) put/ away on a two week-vacation. lejano (a) quitar.-We had to pay the bill a) take away b) right away c) go away 2. irse.IDIOMATIC EXPRESSIONS 3 away English To go away far away To take away Right away To stay away To keep away To put away To throw away To blow away To look away To fly away To get away To break away Spanish partir. mantenerse a distancia apartar. arrojar.-Our girl finished washing the dishes. de inmediatamente apartarse alejarse. malgastar arrastrar. b) went/ away c) threw / away d) put/ away ward English upward downward sideward backward toward forward spanish Hacia arriba Hacia abajo Hacia un lado. retirar deshacerse de.-Mary didn’t want they hat anymore so she a)blew /away 4. tirar. then she a)blew /away b) went/ away c) threw / away 3. retirar inmediatamente. apartar. en el momento. alejarse. escapar lejos.

we saw that he had a patch on his left eye. a) toward b) upward c) downward d) forward .Exercises Choose the correct answer 1.-The beauty queen sat on her high throne and looked subjects below a) toward b) upward c) downward at her d) forward 2.-When the soldier turned his head toward us.

fallar caer en la trampa avergonzarse Exercises Choose the correct answer 1.-Before Angel knew it.-Don`t in your work or you can’t have your vacation next week a) falls behind b) falls for 4. alardear fracasar.IDIOMATIC EXPRESSIONS 4 To fall English To fall in love with To fall asleep To fall in line To fall off To fall for To fall behind To fall back To fall to one’s knees To fall from office To fall over oneself To fall short Fall into the trap Eyes fall Spanish enamorarse de quedarse dormido formarse. . replegarse arrodillarse dejar el puesto. a) falls behind b) falls for 3. a) fell/off b) fell/asleep c)fell/ back 2.The government fell a) from c) fall in line d) falls short d) falls short office and the enemy took over the city b) over 5.I saw such a beautiful fur coat in the display window that I with it. he marry him a) fell into c) fall in line b) fell short c) into d) of the trap and he asked Carla to c) fell from office d)fell back . ser engañado retrasarse. resagarse retroceder. . dejar el cargo ser labioso.-That silly girl! She usually in d) fell/ love the lines that the boys give her. alinearse derribar hacer caso. dejarse llevar.

c)horsemanship is his hobby.-Because his was the best in the company. I remember that she won a prize for good in school a) penmanship b) salesmanship 2.-My friends a) accepted their friends who was hurt c) assisted d) attended the horse ballet in Vienna b) agreed c) assisted d) attended . a) penmanship b) salesmanship English “attend” “assist” “agree” “accept” Exercises c)horsemanship The special use of the following verbs Spanish means to be present asistir a means to help ayudar a alguien may be followed by a noun estar de acuerdo may be followed by a verb aceptar Choose the correct answer 1.-My son has ridden since he was little. a) accepted b) agreed c) assisted d) attended 2. he was made the sales department head. . so is the art of writing well Arte de escribir bien Salesmanship is the activity and art of selling Actividad y arte de vender Exercises Choose the correct answer 1.-Some football players a) accepted b) agreed 3.-She writes so well.We gladly her as a member into our club.In a word ending in the suffix “ship” we recognize a noun The suffix “man” added to some nouns give them the meaning of “to manage” Noun Definition Horsemanship is the activity of managing and riding horses Equitación Penmanship is the activity o managing a pen. a) penmanship c)horsemanship b) salesmanship 3.

ponerse de pie. tener una enfermedad ‘Get’ as a substitute for reflexive or object affecting action To get fat To get tired Exercises engordar agotarse.-. levantarse To get down bajarse.-Indians get a) killed quickly. empaparse To get spoiled echarse a perder. introducirse en To get over venir hacia ‘Get’ as obtain (have) or purchase (buy) To get one´s something comprarle a uno algo. c) get in touch d) get spoiled with herbs when they have an illness b) spoiled c) fat d) better .-I think I can a) get to c) get up d) get over with them by noon. ponerse en contacto con Get ‘ as communication or understanding To get to comunicarse con To get something entender algo To get across explicar. cansarse Choose the correct answer 1. descender To get in entrar en. dar a entender ‘Get’ as movement To get up pararse. morirse To get in touch with comunicarse con. They should be there b) get busy 3. traer algo To get a desease enfermarse de.IDIOMATIC EXPRESSIONS 5 To get Get meaning become English Spanish To get better mejorar To get dirty ensuciarse To get rich enriquecerse To wet mojarse. dedicarse To get killed matarse. descomponerse To get busy ocuparse.Everybody wants to a) get a desease b) get rich 2. atarearse.

UP English To set up To make up To stay up To cheer up Time is up To make up for last time Spanish instalar.-I have to a) cheer up b) time is up c) stay up d) set up the circus tent by noon.-I was feeling sad but all those happy songs have made me a) cheer up 3. apoyar el tiempo ha terminado. continuar. componer unir. colocar. inventar. ensamblar mantenerse despierto animar. before the animals arrive.-Aunt Anna likes to up stories to tell the children a) catch b) go c) eat d) make 2. b) time is up c) stay up d) set up . se termino el tiempo compensar tiempo final recuperar el tiempo perdido decidirse arrebatar subir comer por completo To make up one’s mind Catch up Go up Eat up Exercises Choose the correct answer 1. construir.

pasarse con tiempo extra pasar la noche oír por casualidad al extranjero descuido alcanzar quedarse dormido estar terminado. en exceso de En general. . otras áreas. varias veces pasar a ver. lo extra de. a) over all 5.This morning. concluido. estar finalizado. venir. he was told what to do.IDIOMATIC EXPRESSIONS 6 OVER English overdo overtime overnight overhear overseas oversight overtake oversleep all over To do over over and over To come over over and above over all Spanish exagerar. I didn’t hear the alarm clock because I a) overtime b) overlept c)oversight 3. repetidamente. superior a. hacer otra vez una y otra vez.-Hamburguers are eaten b) all over 4. otros lugares repetir. mayor que. considerando todo Exercises Choose the correct answer 1. - d) overdo c) over and above c) all over d) over and over d) over all . visitar. persuadir lo adicional a.-Most soldiers are being sent a) overseas b) overhear c) overnight 2. - when you have a moment a) come over b) do over a) over all over d) overtake today. b) all over c) over and above d) over and .

then I’ll do some shopping. explotar irse.OFF English make off get off go off drive off see off drop off swept off cross off Spanish escaparse con bajar dispararse. entusiasta grateful to agradecido con courteous to cortes con. b) make off c) drop off d) drive off 2. dispuesto a famous for famoso(a) por. propio de anxious about ansioso (a) de/por/debido a particular about animado por/de/debido a. digno de characteristic of característico de.-She`s leaving for Hawaii tonight.-First I’ll a) get off the children at school. a) drive/ off b) see/ off c) drop/ off 3. mal de annoyed with disgustado (a) con. the bomb could have a) driven off b) made off c) gone off her d) get/ off any second. amable con married to casado(a) con ill with enfermo de. preparado para. repleto de. celebre por necessary for necesario para . enojado (a) con familiar with familiarizado con eligible for adecuado para. común de. característica de worthy of merecedor de.-Everybody was tense. partir despedir a alguien dejar a alguien en algún lugar obtener el apoyo de alguien tachar o rayar de la lista Exercises Choose the correct answer 1. d) got off List of Idiomatic expressions of adjective + preposition English Spanish typical of típico de. molesto(a) con. Many of her friends will at the airport. listo para.

Choose the correct answer
1.-She was very annoyed
a) about
b) of

her children for getting her floor dirty.
c) for
d) with

2.-Peter couldn’t come. He is ill
a) about

b) of

3.-She is married
a) to

c) for






his friends

5.-Leonardo Da Vinci is worthy
a) to

d) with

a very prominent man.

4.-He is very particular
a) to


our greatest honour.




To grown out of
out of
To be made out of
To be out of
To be out of-date
To go out of one’s way

surgir de; provenir de; resultar de; desarrollarse de
que no le queda la ropa
sin; con poco de; fuera de, escaso de, quedarse sin
estar hecho, fabricado o construido de
carecer; tener falta de; estar escaso de, quedarse sin
,agotarse, acabarse
Estar fuera de época o de moda; caduco
desviarse; tomarse la molestia, complicarse
A la intemperie; a campo abierto, al aire libre

Choose the correct answer
1.-I am
a) out of date

b) out of

c) out of doors

2.-Umbrellas are
a) out of date

b) out of

c) out of doors

b) out of

c) out of doors

3.-Let`s have our party
a) out of date

be aware of
in favor of
be out of order
take care of
be fond of
be in charge


estar conciente de, darse cuenta de algo
A favor de
Fuera de servicio, estar descompuesto
cuidar de
ser asiduo a, tener cariño a
estar a cargo de

Choose the correct answer
1.-I am very
her baby brother
a) in charge
2.-Who will take
a) in favour of

b) in favour of

c) fond of

d) aware of

your dog while you’re on vacation.
b) care of

c) be fond of

d) be aware of

3.-I am well
the fact that
the position than I am.
a) aware of
b) in charge of

she is better suited for
c) fond of

d) care of

fuera de discusión
Examen de habilidad
estar hecho para, recortar
durar, aguantar, resistir
limpiar a fondo

figure out
out of the question
try out
be cut out
put out
hold out
clean out


Choose the correct answer
1.-It is
the question! I have no money to buy a new car.
a) cut out b) out of
2.-She is
a) put b) figure

c) hold out d) try out
out to be a great lady!

c) cut


3. him out. Maybe he’s just the man you need.
a) hold b) cut c) figure d) try

strive for
luchar por (algo)
wish for
pedir (como deseo) algo
believe in
creer en
progress in
progresar en
satisfaction in
satisfacción en
argue about
discutir con (alguien de algo)
forget about
olvidarse de (algo)
worry about
preocupado por
agree on
estar de acuerdo con (en algo)
wait on
servir a
influence on
influir sobre (en algo)



-They were arguing a) on b) for 5.Exercises Choose the correct answer 1.-I definitely believe a) on b) for the price. c) about d) in .-She has a strong influence a) on b) for a better world to live in.-After much arguing. d) in matters of no importance.We should all strive a) on b) for c) about 2. c) about d) in first things first. they finally agreed a) on b) for c) about 4. . d) in her husband c) about d) in 3.

en todo lugar Origen humilde and it matches my bedroom set. a) standing b) go c) ask c) pay for a raise in pay is not easy! b)asking b) looking LOW English Low gear /slowly Low grade /an inferior quality Low-boy/ Side table Low-bred/ vulgar High and low / everywhere Low-birth /humble origin Exercises Choose the correct answer 1. . . tocador Vulgar. c) low boy d)low grade who have achieved success . a)low bred d) looking for all that stupidity? 4. aguantar. prosaico Arriba y abajo. por todas partes.-Someone`s been here a)standing c) paying b) low gear 2.Are you still for your car? a) standing b)going 2. c) paying d) going Spanish baja velocidad. solicitar buscar Choose the correct answer 1. 1a velocidad baja calidad Cómoda. significar Ir por pedir. cajonera.I bought the most beautiful.IDIOMATIC EXPRSSIONS 8 FOR English pay for stand for go for ask for look for Exercises Spanish pagar por tolerar.-There have been many men of c) paying d) looking for you.-How can you a) stand 3. soportar.

-The pain was so terrible. that it kept me awake a) deep into the night thinker b) deep in thought c) deep dark secret d)deep . altas horas de la noche endeudado. honduras.-The baby must be feeling better. aprietos En las tinieblas de la noche. enigma inteligente.-I didn’t hear what you said. hundido en deudas Sueño profundo. en el quinto sueño deep in debt deep in sleep Exercises Choose the correct answer 1. a) low bred b) low gear To deep English deep deep in thought deep dark secret deep thinker Deep water deep into the night c) low gear d) low boy I wouldn’t buy one if I were you c) low boy d)low grade Spanish profundo Pensativo Misterio.a) low birth b)low bred 3.-Those refrigerators are of. He’s a) deep in debt b) deep in sleep water 2. de profundo pensamiento Problemas. I must’ve been a) deep into the night b) deep in thought c)deep thinker c) deep dark secret d)deep d)deep thinker 3.

FUTURE MAIN CLAUSE would.ConditionalConditionalsentencesstences Objetivo: El estudiante formulará oraciones utilizando el condicional if A conditional sentence in the present or future tense is true depending on another event or situation 1. .POSSIBILITIES Oración principal Futuro + Computer will master the world We will benefit tremendously might + verbo en forma simple Computer might master the world I wouldn’t worry. These sentences depend on a hypothetical or unreal situation 1. could.-HABITUAL Oración condicional If + presente If they think and act on their own If we continue to use computers If + presente If you want to get well If she wants to get off easy Presente + A computer authorizes the payment of a check He usually takes a taxi If + presente If you want one cashed If he is late to work II. Observa las conjugaciones verbales de la oración principal y la condicional 1.-OBLIGATIONS Auxiliar + verbo en forma simple + You must take care of yourself She should tell the truth 3.-REAL SITUATIONS: Those that depend on a real or factual condition that can and will be realized. could.Conditions that are contrary.-PAST would. 2.( I didn’t know) . might + have + pasado participio They could have been here on time I would’ve come immediately CONDITIONAL CLAUSE If + pasado o subjuntivo If they thought and acted on their own( they don’t) RECDCFDG If I were you ( I am not you) If + had + pasado participio If they had taken the early plane (they didn’t) If I had known about it.fact.

-Observa estos siguientes verbos y como cambia su esquema.see.Some grammatical constructions permit an object noun o pronoun between two verbs Objetivo: El estudiante analizará algunas construcciones gramaticales que permiten que un pronombre o sustantivo de objeto se encuentre entre dos Verbs meet.-Cuando el verbo principal es un verbo de percepción o de los sentidos como se observan en el siguiente Subject + verb + object noun + or pronoun They made Peter stay longer simple They made him stay longer verb simple form + (c) El segundo verbo se escribe en forma El segundo verbo se escribe en forma simple Subject + verb + object noun + v-ing /simple or pronoun form + (c) I heard the children coming upstairs v-ing- I I I heard them coming upstairs heard the children come upstairs heard them come upstairs simple form Observe que el Segundo verbo se puede escribir en forma simple o con terminación -ing 2. se usará el siguiente esquema: Verb of feeling or perception feel.-Ahora si el verbo principal es un verbo del siguiente cuadro.remember-discover-find.have.imagine-hear. se usará el siguiente esquema.let.noticecatch-pick . Verbs make.smell.taste. ¿En que forma se escribirán estos verbos? Veamos: 1.

tell. persuade. ask.Subject + verb + objective noun + We paid the man standing at the door v-ing + (c) El segundo verbo se escribe con terminación -ing 4. get. expect. teach. choose. etc. advise.-Ahora si el verbo no corresponde a los cuadros anteriores.. invite. Subject + verb Sammy Sammy + objective noun + to + verb + (c) or pronoun wants Bill to buy a book wants him to buy a book . permit. entonces se usará un infinitivo como segundo verbo. order. Ejemplo de algunos verbos que pueden seguir este esquema: Verbs want.

she she couldn’t might have.( no contraction informal speech) Example We could Robert should They must Ellen might En forma interrogativa Could I Should she Must she Respuestas cortas not not not not have have have have have have have gone paid studied written copied baked forgotten Yes. Auxiliary verbs in the past: could.mustn’t have might not have.couldn’t have must not have. may. (Might’ve) Ahora obsérvelo en progresivo today the bill very much that letter the answers? that big cake? her appointment? . (Should’ve) No.Auxiliary verbs in the past Objetivo: El estudiante formulará oraciones incluyendo verbos modales en tiempo pasado en sus tres formas. Yes. might and must Subject We + modal Auxiliary could Robert They Ellen + have + should must might have past participle gone have have have paid studied written + complement today the bill very much that letter Forma negativa con sus contracciones would not have – wouldn’t have could not have. should. have. you should have. Observe Modal auxiliary verbs Los verbos modales en el pasado son seguidos por el auxiliar have y un verbo en pasado participio.

Modal auxiliary verbs in the progressive action in the past Subject Helen + modal Auxiliary might + have + been + present + complement participle have been calling her mother .

Uses of wish Objetivo: El estudiante analizará y aplicará el uso de wish en las oraciones. (They didn’t) Don’t you wish you had started studying English years ago? (You didn’t) ALSO: Wish + could + have+ pasado participio How I wish I could have bought that dress Future: Wish + could o would + verbo en forma simple I wish I could go to Montreal next summer. (He isn’t) Mr. McGregor wishes his daughter continued her college education. Observe el uso de wish La palabra wish sugiere una situación irreal Present: wish + verbo en tiempo pasado Philip wishes he were an engineer in electronics. (She dropped out) Past: Wish + had + pasado participio Wish they had come to the wedding reception. (But I can’t) Her parents wish she could come home for Thanksgiving. (But she can’t) .

they are ready to build their lodge Having received my paycheck. I didn’t know anything about it . I had the money I needed Not having heard about the accident. action: the building of their lodge Having constructed their dam. action: the construction of their dam nd 2 .Gerund phrase El uso de “having” + pasado participio The use of ‘having’ + past participle in the gerund phrase Ejemplo Observe como se unen las dos oraciones introducidas por having st 1 .

-The teacher helps them 9. b) riding have c) rides d)ride him yesterday.-They found the lost child c)correct 7. b)to correct a) sitting d)repair/ could have have had nothing to fear. . b) calling/ must 12.If Helen a) will/ call me.-If you had c)could have/ repair a) correcting c) kept/would 6. He’s so fat b) to play c) playing d) plays the gloves that she didn’t like. I b)calls/ will 2. I a) will/ had 3.-His uncle taught Jim a) calls/ must d) sits the blue dress. b) would/ keep 5. b) to sit a) to ride d) would/ keep their mistakes.-Alice should have a) to buy d)calls/would c) must/ calling d) must/ called the fruit before dinner.V.-I can’t imagine Mr. b) buying c) bought d) buys .Exercises Choose the correct answer 1.-I talk to her. b)would/had c)had/ would d)had/ will watch tonight’s movie if somebody a) can/ repairs b)repairs/ can 4.-I remember the girl c) sit b) wore c) to wear 8. . a) wears 11.-She d) corrected on a bench in the park.John my T. Peter a) played me d) wearing basketball. you a) keep/ would a horse. your word. a) made/ to return b) made/ returning c) made/ return d) made/ returns 10.-If I money. c) would/ calls buy a new car.

I have it. a) having/gone b) have/ gone 26.-I wish I could b) had/ buying 20. b) had c) haven’t 25. b) having / rest c) have/ rest d) having/ rested received their telegram we didn’t meet them at the airport.He wishes I a) have d) can’t a dog. - taken the children to school. d) had/ lost .-Paul wishes he a) was c)have/ watching c) could 17.-Ann might been a) had/calling her mother. b) could/given c) given/will 14.-Angel might c)have/ calling been b) had/ watched 16.-Not having a) have/ lost d)have/ buying an architect. a) have 24.13. a) hadn’t a) was d) have/ watched her at least ten years ago.-I wish I finish the work on time. b) were 23. 18. Sue felt a lot better.-He wished he had a) knew d)have/ called the car outside. - for several hours.-Angel wishes he b) were d) having c) be d) being c) be d) being taller. b)had/ called 15. 22. she supermarket. . a) had/watching a) will d) will/ given c) having/ went enough training.-I a) given/ could have you the address. he b) had/ lose c) have/ lose d) having to the d) have/ went the race. b) have b) know c) known b) haven’t c) couldn’t 19.-I wish I c) have/ bought b) has c) had 21.-Not d) knowing that dress! a) had/ bought a) have/ rested d)would studied to be a lawyer.

C 20-c 24-d 28-a Philip a present d) forgotten/ bought back home d) stay/ went .27. my cousin b) stay/ gone c) stayed/ gone Panel de respuestas 1-b 5-c 9-c 13-b 17.c 12-c 16.-Having a) stayed/ went with us for a few days.a 22-b 26-d 11-d 15-C 19-c 23-d 27-b 6-a 3-a 7-d 4-c 8. I didn’t b) forgotten/ buy c) forget/ bought 28.-Having a) forget/ buy his birthday.C 21-b 25-c 2-c 10-a 14-c 18.