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Bintang, Ahmad, dkk. Pemanfaatan kulit mangga arum manis sebagai krim
pencegah penuaan dini
Keywords : Mangos skin, AHA, premature aging
Indonesia is a country with the biggest cosmetics consumption in the world.
One of types cosmetics that circulating in Indonesia is cream. Cream that
circulating on the market has different types and effect, one of the effect is can
prevent the premature aging.
Arum manis Mango is the types of fruits that mostly available in every
corner of region in Indonesia. In addition to the taste that is sweet, in fact, mangos
skin has a substance that use to prevent the premature aging. That substance called
Alpha Hydroxide Acid. AHA mostly available on the fruits. For prevent the
premature aging, here the steps that use for make the cream from arum manis
mango. Prepare all of the tools and materials, the wash it cleanly. After that, puree
the mango skin into the blender, add some olive oil, honey, milk each of the is one
table spoon. Then, mix it gently. Rest for two minutes, then add the pureed rice and
lime, cream is ready to use.
When using the cream, use at night, use it continously to get the maximum