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Primary goal:
1. Coordinate work of the local multisectoral formation ensure that the group will meet
provide meeting room at the CHR office, help in drafting and implementing the work
2. Ensure balance of sectoral representation initially there were 2 pointpersons who
volunteered / voted to be the region pointperson who will coordinate with CHR regional
office. Please initiate and maintain communication with pointpersons from the CSOs. If
they are not active, initiate the meeting and together with the rest of the coalition
members replace the pointperson/s.
Attached are the submitted work plans (attached here) of each major island.
You can share this to CHR regional coordinators
1. Coordinate the regular meeting
2. Initiate initial exploratory mapping of local candidates regarding each candidates
position on issues of each sectors and groups:
LGBTI persons
Older persons
Persons with Disability
Indigenous Peoples
Human Rights (general)
3. Increase membership of the local multisectoral formation invite more members to
the coalition, provide education about the issues and the need to clamor your
representative in the coming Congress to support the enactment of a comprehensive
anti-discrimination bill (CADB)
4. Plan the Regional Policy forum with your local candidates
Forum goal
o Educate candidates about sectoral issues and the comprehensive antidiscrimination bill
o Identify candidates who can be our champion this will be compiled
nationally so that we can come up with a national list of candidates who are
supportive of the comprehensive anti-discrimination bill
1 day event with the proposed content of your program
o Introduce sectoral issues and positions
o Introduce the salient points of the comprehensive anti-discrimination bill
(STD Coalition will send the information to help you)
o Response from candidates on 1) sectoral concerns and 2) support to coauthor the comprehensive anti-discrimination bill in the coming 17 th
o Have a symbolic commitment ceremony in the program and video record
and take pictures

5. Plan on how design & disseminate IEC materials to promote the need to support
comprehensive anti-discrimination bill from mainstream society and candidates
running for public office.
6. Identify who can do translation work since STD Coalition will come up with IEC
materials there are needed to be translated into local dialect.
Some work does not need funding like conducting a regular meeting at the CHR regional
office or planning.
Based on my meeting with UNDP, UNDP funding will arrive by March and Ms. Judith is asking
for the following:
1. What is the counterpart of CHR on this campaign budget?
2. Can GovLink invite other departments to be part of this and they too can also provide
counterpart funding (e.g. info or policy can provide a small amount to the IEC
3. If funding is needed to other regional offices, CHR can initially provide funding and
will be reimbursed by UNDP provided that it is in the work plan.