Hello Motto

Brandon and Dad
• Shared Experience with my Son • Marco Torres - Distinguished Teacher • Neither of us had any formal music training • Tempo, c notes, d notes, composing - GarageBand • Relationship and Relevance - Arts through Technology

• Who I am - Jeff I am • What I want to be - a teacher and a student • What I currently do - an Evangelist on Technology Infused Education

• Kids are Wired Differently • Teach Core Content with 21st Century Skills • Minimize Whole Group and Didactic - Maximize Project Based, Differentiated, Cooperative • Engage Me or Enrage Me

The Metiri Group


Our Kid’s Environment
• 6.5 hours a day with electronics • 2 billion ring tone downloads a year • By the time they are 21: 500,000 million commercials; process some 250,000 IM and emails; 20,000 hours on videos and movies; 10,000 hours on video games; 10,000 hours on cell phones • Guess what, the average reader will only spend some 4,000 hours reading a book • What Middle Class Millenials do online (send email, surf, research music, chat with friends, homework, listen to music, instant message, check movies/TV, news and ezines, online games, meet people, stream videos, exchange work, buy stuff, online auctions)

Instructional Gap
• Digital Native Learning - prefer receiving information quickly from multimedia sources • Digital Immigrant Teaching - prefer slow and controlled release of information from limited sources • Digital Native Learning - prefer processing pictures, sound and video before text. • Digital Immigrant Teaching - prefer to provide text before sound, video and pictures • Digital Native Learning - prefer random access to hyper-linked multimedia information • Digital Immigrant Teaching - prefer to provide information linearly, logically and sequentially

Now Instinctual
• An instinct of digital music and graphic arts, virtual reality and simulations, real time response and assessment, hypercommunicators, anytime/anywhere access to updated information, interactivity and multimedia • Their minds want/need to receive, process, store and output information, many times non-linearly • Their world is instant, hyper-linked connections to information • Nintendo Generation has come and gone • Shot through Gen Y and Into the Millenials • Changing every few years

Our World, to a large degree, is “Pulp”
• Empire State Building

Technological Change??

Digital Kids & Analog Adults

• Jenna and Spousal Unit

The challenge - Instruction and Professional Development must be Technology Rich
• We'll offer technology learning through mentoring and classes • We've been provided the tools and the resources for access and production • But, Technology must become our digital hub, our environment we're immigrants, we have to learn the language by forcing ourselves to use technology in our professional and personal lives • Technology and it's integration must become instinctual in our best practices - for each of us as individuals and collectively as a whole, we must take personal ownership in this challenge

The World our Kids will Compete in
• 50% of the jobs these kids will do haven't even been created yet • You use to be more economically competitive by being a Bstudent in Iowa as compared to an A- student in India. No longer is this the case. I'm all for teaching the content of the core subjects, but we better do it with technology integration or our kids are going to be at a disadvantage. • We use to say eat everything on your plate, there are starving kids in China. We better start saying do your homework, you'll be competing with kids who are doing homework in China.

Getting IT - Top IT Action Items
#4) Educators in Online, Collaborative Environments
Teachers are classroom isolated. Principals are school isolated. Yet, too many organizational challenges exist with physical “inservices”, professional development, and “prep” time. Shift to digital best practices by going online in workflow and collaboration environments. Deploy and integrate 21st - century tools, such as; audio/video conferencing, blogs, podcasts, RSS, wikis, threaded bulletin boards, list serves, etc.. Move from the web to Web 2.0 (Read/Write, interactive web). Time is too precious - Tick, Tick, Tick.....

ConnectMe - email, conferences, chat, unified messaging, web, podcasts, etc.

Friedman - World is Flat
1st global economy from about 1400's to about 1800's was countrybased; Spain, England, Portugal, US. From 1800's to about 2000 the global economy was corporate-based; MaBell to Toyota. 3rd era of global economy is now individual-based. The individual can go from idea to design to prototype to production to sales to distribution all from a chair and an online computer, and it's happening. Across cities, state and national boundaries - without political, monetary, social or religious boundaries. Outsourcing, off shoring, and international banking all from a high bandwidth connection and a click.

Global Audience

Painting on Refrigerator Door - Cool Global Audience Online - Cool

It’s Happening
In 2003, 25,00 US tax returns were prepared in India. In 2005, over 400,000 Over 90% of the interpretations of U.S. x-rays are now done oversea’s I took an online Cisco VoIP class from a company and instructor in Saudi Arabia Students can take AP Calculus online from teachers in India Stanford University has entered the online high school market place One of the fastest growing - Florida Virtual High School - 6 years - 77 to 33,000 students (part & full time), with 280 teachers (part & full time)

Remember when - “Made In America” was the marketing pitch 5 years ago - 38% of products were made oversea’s Today - over 70% of products are “Made in China” And, we sleep on...... Now we get, “Welcome to WalMart”

Shanghi of Past

Shanghi Today

Who will it be?
1600’s Spanish 1700’s Dutch 1800’s English 1900’s Americans 2000’s ???
Concept - http://www.daggett.com/

Power To Learn
•Students will spend their adult lives in a 21st Century global, information-based society where multi-tasking will be a must, and technology will be essential to productivity. Students need to gain core academic knowledge through real-world experience. Real world experience is not textbooks and pulp.

Ubiquitous Computing

Digital Presentations of Learning & Digital Portfolios


Ubiquitous Computing

Florida Task Force - Technology

Florida Task Force on Technology - We can no longer imagine a world of work where executives, engineers, secretaries and salespeople all wait at their desks for their once a week opportunity to use a computer lab at the end of the hall. The days for students to wait for their turn with technology must likewise end. The tools for learning must be available where students work, not in a special room at the end of the hall.

Changing Tides
• Good to Great - Technology was the Accelerator - they thought differently about technology - we must do the same • Phoenix is the 3rd highest, high-speed (broadband) internet connected city in the US • Fastest growing high bandwidth subscribers are India, China, Thailand, Japan - we’re going to be playing catch up soon • Teach them the standards, but teach them adaptability, flexibility, embrace change, integrate technology

Big Picture

• Accelerated Reader - Just Read • NASA and Russia - Simple Technology is Good

It’s All About Teaching Well
Trying to keep all in the loop - changes wanted by Kindergarten teachers as explained by Roger - trying to keep up with all the customization - pretty soon it's going to be: standards based grades on non-articulated standards, for inclusive students, in a multigrade classroom, who are non-English language learners, with an Individualized Education Plan, but Fall Far Below on objective 5 from Concept 4 of Strand 2 of the Dual Purpose Assessment, but exceed on Standards Aligned Measure #2, resulting in a 3 week pullout program through a team taught block schedule, as analyzed through a pivot table of cohort disaggregated data, delivered through the web portal of the warehouse as captured by optical scanned bubble sheets with oblong marking points, provided to the parent in their home language through translation services brought on by an OCR ruling that dictates No Child Left Behind in order to meet the accountability requirements of AzLearns, as monitored by the Teacher Evaluation System, and stipulated in the Long Range Plan by negotiation through a professional learning community of all relevant stakeholders, prior to the Bargaining Agreement. Ehh, I was but a mere small-business man, but I sense this industry is falling in love with their self-perpetuated concept of, "a sophisticated answer out of a gross approximation" - I use to think that all we had to do was teach well.....;-( Do we really need all of this to focus on teaching well?????

But, don’t forget •Reading Literacy •Numerical Literacy •Media Literacy

Parting Thoughts
Focus on Teaching Well - start including technology in your teaching and in student learning. Don't stress if it doesn't quite work right, but don't give up either - the sun will shine tomorrow - God speed, chat or email me on how I can help, talk with your mentor, and may the force be with you.