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A B2B Marketer’s Guide to Improving Search
Visibility in the Salesforce AppExchange
by Obility Consulting

search volume. Suite 250. Obility has outlined ranking factors to give your listing the best opportunity to rank for your target terms. search keyword volume is not provided by AppExchange analytics. Unfortunately. Obility recommends marketers use keyword research tools to find target keywords. Salesforce AppExchange SEO As a B2B marketer for an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). avoid targeting keywords like “quoting app”. Search is the number one way new users find Salesforce apps on the AppExchange.A compelling listing that ranks well in AppExchange search is essential for attracting new customers. having your listing appear for relevant searches is a must. which are 1800 SW 1 Ave. and competitive intelligence tools such as SpyFu. Obility will also discuss strategies to drive traffic to and measure the success of an AppExchange listing. display and social media advertising). Obility's services include SEM (paid search. Look for the right combination of keyword relevance. This guide will provide an introduction to creating an AppExchange listing that will rank well within AppExchange search and is compelling to potential customers. B2B marketers must consider AppExchange listing optimization as part of their digital marketing strategy. Identifying Keyword Targets Given the importance of keywords in ranking search results in AppExchange search. Portland. About Obility Obility Consulting is an online marketing company focused on helping B2B companies drive sales pipeline and increase revenue. For example. SEO (inbound marketing) and post-click optimization (landing page testing. and branding. the first step in AppExchange SEO is to understand your target keywords to use in your listing. Your listings core keyword targets should have a high enough search volume that sufficient users will search for it but be relevant enough to your product that users will click on your listing. Keyword research tools include web analytics data. OR 97201 TEL (503) 341-7228 WEB obilityconsulting. Google’s Keyword Planner. conversion rate optimization).com st SEO for the AppExchange Introduction . In this document.

In figure 7. which have too limited of search volume. This title can be 80 characters long. . Body Content The body content is the full extent of content you can present that will be evaluated for keyword relevancy by AppExchange search. This field should include the product name and also the primary keyword for your product.Factors for Ranking in AppExchange Search Once you have identified your target keywords. so it is important to include all relevant keywords within the long description. especially in your product title. OR 97201 TEL (503) 341-7228 WEB obilityconsulting. Product Name Keywords Fi gur e 1: Ga i nsi ght li st i ng t a r ge t i ng Keywords in the product name are the " cust o m e r succe ss m a na ge m e nt " first factor used to determine ranking and relevancy of an AppExchange listing and is the most important. Obility has outlined the aspects of your listing that directly affect your rankings in AppExchange search results. you need to use the keywords throughout your listing. 1800 SW 1 Ave. learn more. It is not recommended to add too many categories to a listing. test drive. Categories The category or categories that your product will be listed in should be chosen carefully and only categories that the product directly relates to should be used. Portland. The AppExchange measures everything customers do on your listing: st SEO for the AppExchange too broad or “quote to cash application”. It is not recommended that you stuff this field with too many keywords as additional keywords could negatively affect the relevancy. Suite 250. Gainsight targets their core term in their product name and appears as the top search result for “customer success”. Customer Usage Customer usage of your listing also has an impact on how your page ranks within the AppExchange search results.

com st SEO for the AppExchange demo. Obility recommends hosting most resources on your website to allow for tracking via web analytics. You will need to specify a caption for the video.Increasing Customer Interactions Because customer usage directly impacts your AppExchange rankings. Suite 250. Customers on the AppExchange find these very useful. Other Resources You can upload up to 6 other resources and these can include whitepapers. identifying ways to increase interaction with your AppExchange listing is important. Therefore. By tracking 1800 SW 1 Ave. data sheets and more. screenshots. Demos Video demos are a key way to gain customer interaction with your listing. data sheets. This provides an integrated experience for the customer. customization guides and other resources. white papers. These resources are important to gain customer interactions as they provide customers who are interested in your product with an opportunity to learn more. are weighted more heavily than actions showing less commitment. This is the recommended method of adding video demos to your AppExchange listing  Embed a YouTube video in the same page. Portland. such as clicking screenshots. case studies. OR 97201 TEL (503) 341-7228 WEB obilityconsulting. . This takes the customer away from your listing page. such as installing an app or taking a test drive. it is very important to offer as many of these options as possible to increase interactions. but doesn’t enable you to generate leads. testimonials. Obility has identified a number of methods to increase customer interaction below. The AppExchange weighs these actions according to their level of importance as indications of interest and filters out attempts to abuse the system. There are two options for adding video demos to your listing and each have their advantages:  Specify a URL to view a video in a new page. Interactions with the resources will improve your listings popularity. webinars. Actions that show greater commitment. These can be PDFs hosted on the AppExchange or content hosted elsewhere. but enables you to generate leads.

com st SEO for the AppExchange the resources you will better be able to understand what resources are of interests to your AppExchange customers and which need to be improved. customers may sort by rating and since the ratings are a key feature of the search result listing. Portland. Customer Reviews Customer reviews may not affect your listings ranking in AppExchange search results. OR 97201 TEL (503) 341-7228 WEB obilityconsulting. it is important to get more reviews for your listing and there are some proven strategies for doing this:  Ask: Ask your satisfied customers to write a brief review on the AppExchange  Team effort: Both sales and marketing need to work together to generate more reviews  Goal: Set a goal for your sales team to generate more reviews  In the Moment: Don’t be afraid to ask customers to review a product during a discussion and walk them through the process Respond to Negative or Inaccurate Reviews One of the best aspects of the AppExchange review system is the ability to respond to reviews. but they directly impact whether or not users click on your listing. Since 1 negative review may be highlighted at the top of your review page it should 1800 SW 1 Ave. Therefore. it can have a big influence on whether customers view your full listing.Screenshots Screenshots are an important way that customers will find out more about your product and clicks on screenshots will improve your listing’s popularity. and ultimately buy your app. Obility highly recommends you work with your customers and partners to increase the number of positive reviews on your listing. You can have up to 8 screenshots that are 1MB or less in PNG format. Suite 250. Get More Reviews Although customer reviews do not affect the default ranking of listings in the AppExchange search results. . Salesforce allows you to respond to reviews that are negative or inaccurate and every care should be taken to do this.

Search Result Tile Logo: This image should include the product name. 1800 SW 1 Ave. star rating and number of reviews. In addition. Additionally. Fi gur e 2 – se a r ch r e sult s de fa ult t i le li st i ng 1 2 3 3. Portland. rating. 1. but can be sorted in other ways ( st SEO for the AppExchange be a priority to respond to all negative or inaccurate reviews. Number of Reviews: The total number of reviews for the product. This makes having a complete listing essential for improving ranking. Star Rating: The average rating for the product in AppExchange. The image should be 280 by 205 pixels PNG file no larger than 300 KB. but a high rating is likely to result in more clicks on a search result. Of course. the image can contain a very brief marketing message. OR 97201 TEL (503) 341-7228 WEB obilityconsulting. Search Listing When a customer searches on the AppExchange by default they will see the matching products arranged in a grid with an image. When moused over the tile will show additional information and listings beyond the first six will show a small tile search result.Anatomy of an AppExchange Listing As discussed above. The importance of reviews and ratings for a product listing is discussed earlier in this document. a complete listing presents an opportunity to engage and convert potential customers. 2. company name and a primary keyword for the product. Getting more reviews is discussed earlier in this document.). A higher number of reviews is likely to result in more clicks on search results. These listings are ordered by relevance. many of the areas of an AppExchange listing have a significant effect on ranking of the listing in AppExchange search. . Suite 250. etc. you may also want to respond to some positive reviews.

The image should be 60 by 60 pixels PNG file no larger than 100 KB. st SEO for the AppExchange Small Logo: This image should be a small version of your company logo. Suite 250. It must be shorter than 255 characters.Sea r ch Re sult Sm a ll Ti le Li st i ng 1800 SW 1 Ave. brief description and social shares. product name. 1 3 4 4.Ove r Ti le Li st i ng 2. Fi gure 4 . This should be shorter than 80 characters. 3.1. Brief Description: This is the short description of your product offering and should contain primary and most secondary keywords for the product. . OR 97201 TEL (503) 341-7228 WEB obilityconsulting. Product Name: This is the name of your product and can contain a primary keyword for the product. The small tile search result is limited to the small logo. Fi gur e 3 – Se a r ch Re sult Mo use . Social Shares: The total number Facebook likes and Twitter shares for the product listing page.

These PNG images must be smaller than 1 MB each 1800 SW 1 Ave. Small Logo 2 Product Name Tag Line: This is a short phrase that describes your product and should contain your primary keyword and 6 possibly your secondary keywords. 8. Banner: This image should key marketing messages as well as primary and secondary keywords.Listing Homepage 1. 5. 9. The second option allows lead tracking and is suggested. 2. Demo Link: You can either embed a YouTube video or provide a link to a URL were your potential customer can view the video. . Social Shares Note: The above information shows on all listing tabs Fi gur e 5 : Li st i ng H o m e pa ge 3 4 5 8 7 6. 3. Release. pricing information and the categories the product belongs too. 4. Screenshots: Up to 8 screenshots showing your product and its capabilities. st 9 SEO for the AppExchange The listing homepage is the primary place for you to make a strong impression on your potential customers and the content on this page has a huge influence on the way your product shows in AppExchange search results. Pricing & Category Information: This is the date the product was released. OR 97201 TEL (503) 341-7228 WEB obilityconsulting. The 1 image should be 1200 by 300 pixels PNG format image no larger than 1 MB. Brief Description 7. Suite 250.

. 4. Fi gur e 6 .Li st i ng De t a i ls Pa ge 1 2 3 4 5 Listing Reviews Tab 1. case studies. Suite 250. Negative reviews that can be addressed should be via a comment. 4. 2. 5. Language and other Details Other Resources: This area can contain data sheets.Li st i ng Re vi e ws Pa ge 1 2 4 1800 SW 1 Ave. Portland. 3. Fi gur e 7 . Company Contact Information App Package Details Requirements. It must be shorter than 1200 st 3 SEO for the AppExchange 1. All reviews: This shows all reviews ordered by date reviewed (by default). If a negative review exists it is recommendable to write an official response to address issues mentioned in the review. Most Helpful Positive Review: This shows the most helpful positive review and any responses. customer testimonials and more. Review Highlights: This section shows the average review score. OR 97201 TEL (503) 341-7228 WEB obilityconsulting. webinars.Listing Details Tab 2. Full Description: This is a detailed description of your app and should include a full set of primary and secondary keywords. These can make your listing more popular with potential customers. Most Helpful Negative Review: This shows the most helpful negative review and any responses. total number of reviews and the distribution of reviews by star rating. 3.

Portland. OR 97201 TEL (503) 341-7228 WEB obilityconsulting. Be sure to mention your AppExchange listing in blog posts both on your site and in any outside blog posts your company authors. Figure 8 shows the AppExchange as the top organic listing for “salesforce contract management” on Google. Blogging Blogging can be a great way to generate links to your AppExchange listing and to make sure your customers know your product is available on the AppExchange. Social shares also have a positive impact on ranking in external search results. This makes promoting your AppExchange listing in your social marketing efforts very important. Be sure to post on Facebook and Twitter about new AppExchange listings and updates to existing products on the AppExchange and be sure to use your AppExchange listing URL in those social mentions. Fi gure 8: Google se a r ch r e sult s i ncludi ng A ppE xcha nge co nt e nt Social AppExchange displays the number of Facebook likes and Twitter shares of your AppExchange listing on both the search listing and on the listing homepage. Suite 250. You can add your product to these sites or if your app is already listed you can claim the listing and provide further information.AppExchange listings are indexed by Google. Bing. It is important to think about how to rank well on those search engines. and other search engines. Be sure to link to your AppExchange listing. App Review Sites Other business app review sites such as GetApp and G2Crowd offer another avenue to reach potential customers. These sites can also generate leads for your sales st SEO for the AppExchange Offsite strategies . 1800 SW 1 Ave. Obility has provided further information about app review sites in the Sources & Resources.

We recommend including the source of the link (utm_source=AppExchange). etc.) Tracking code on links Links from your AppExchange listing to your website (for example to a hosted resource) should have a unique Google Analytics tracking code for each URL. marketers must do their best to measure the performance of the AppExchange and identify how any changes to their listing impacts performance. AppExchange also offers web analytics so that you can understand how many people viewed your listing and whether they found the site on AppExchange search or external search (Google. leads generated and activity related to your other resources. An example link with tracking code might look like: http://www. AppExchange Analytics Fi gure 9 . Suite st SEO for the AppExchange Measuring Success . This will allow you to track the number of clicks on this content and understand that the traffic came from the AppExchange.As in all marketing efforts. Bing.AppExchange web analytics Within AppExchange you can use analytics reports to track a number of activities related to your listing including the number of app installs. OR 97201 TEL (503) 341-7228 WEB ampaign=Product%20Name A good tool to build an analytics link is the Google Anaytics URL Builder 1800 SW 1 Ave. the medium of the link (utm_medium=referral) and the name of the product listing (utm_campaign=Product%20Name) in the tracking code.

It is also necessary to increase customer interactions by adding relevant resources to your listing. Improving the ranking of your listing starts with identify primary and secondary keywords and insuring that these are inserted into key areas of listing. Driving traffic to your listing using offsite strategies and social media can improve the performance of your st SEO for the AppExchange Summary . Finally. you should measure the success of your listing to validate your marketing strategies and show ROI. Suite 250.The importance of a quality AppExchange listing to an ISV is difficult to underestimate. as external search engines index AppExchange listings. Portland. so gaining additional listing reviews and responding to negative or inaccurate reviews is extremely helpful. 1800 SW 1 Ave. Customers are more likely to click on your listing if you have more reviews and a positive overall rating. How your listing appears outside of the AppExchange should also be an area of focus. OR 97201 TEL (503) 341-7228 WEB obilityconsulting.

Suite 250. st SEO for the AppExchange Sources & Resources: .Build Your Brand Google Keyword Planner Google Anaytics URL Builder App Reviews and Listing Sites   GetApp – Business Apps Marketplace G2Crowd – Business Software Reviews 1800 SW 1 Ave. OR 97201 TEL (503) 341-7228 WEB obilityconsulting.Salesforce-Provided Resources         How do customers find my listing How do I increase my listing's popularity Associating a Test Drive with Your Listing Uploaded Content Tab Publishing and Listing Requirements Checklist AppExchange Listing Resources Mastering AppExchange Reviews: 9 Ways to Increase Positive App Reviews Announcing Web Analytics External Resources          Optimize Your Service Listing on AppExchange Boost AppExchange Success: 5 Best Practices The Top 7 Reasons why the Salesforce AppExchange is under hyped Partner User Groups: Which Half is Wasted? AppExchange Marketing Best Practices Expanding Your Reach: How to Build a Killer Listing on the AppExchange How to Build the Perfect AppExchange Listing AppExchange Marketing Playbook .