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Name _____________________________________ Date __________________ Period ________
1. What are the ages of the following?
a. Universe

b. Solar system

2. How far away (from Earth) are the following?
a. Moon

b. Sun

c. Proxima Centauri

d. Andromeda Galaxy

3. About how many stars are in an average galaxy?

4. About how many galaxies are in the universe?

5. What is our cosmic address?

Compare astronomy and astrology. Define the following terms: a. The Sun is _____ times bigger than Jupiter.Astronomy 6. 7. 9. law d. 10. Neptune is _____ times farther from the Sun than Earth. theory Review for Test: Cosmic Perspective — Page 2 of 4 . Jupiter is _____ times bigger than the Earth. 8. hypothesis e. fact c. belief b.

Describe each scientists' contribution to understanding the universe. Einstein i. Ptolemy c. a. Copernicus d. Aristotle b. Tycho Brahe e. Newton h.Astronomy Review for Test: Cosmic Perspective — Page 3 of 4 11. Hubble . Galileo g. Kepler f.

What does it mean to say that a star is 100 light years away? Review for Test: Cosmic Perspective — Page 4 of 4 .Astronomy 12.