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Robin Padilla mulls withdrawing account from BPI

Woman who bashed Melai and her daughter apologizes, claims her FB account was hacked
Trillanes: Duterte’s billions possibly from illegal sources
Inday Sara to ‘stupid’ Trillanes: We wouldn’t have used real names if we wanted to conceal assets
Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago mulls return of death penalty due to rising crime and corruption
Not related: Dentist surnamed ‘Duterte’ denies being dummy holder of mayor’s property
Duterte supporter in Camiguin says LP followers placed iron spikes on the route of their caravan
Trillanes says Duterte plotting a communist gov’t, mayor says solon guilty of treason for secret China talks
Duterte: Trillanes a paid dog, Joseph de Mesa an invention of his mind
Duterte’s partner cries foul over Trillanes’ list, says he included any ‘Duterte’ he could find
Police exec facing admin raps for alleged partisan FB post, gets backing of pro-Duterte supporters
Miriam puzzled at Trillanes’ list showing Duterte’s alleged numerous bank accounts
Group accuses China of poisoning fish in Pag-asa Island to drive out residents, decry lack of gov’t action
No millions: Duterte presents peso and dollar account worth P120K and $5K
Roxas: Choose me if you want a clear and honest leader, Duterte if you want chaos
Daniel Padilla sees Roxas as a martyr, tells ‘know-it-all’ non-voters to shut up and quit grandstanding
Trillanes files plunder raps against Duterte for ‘ghost’ workers, mayor’s lawyer calls him a publicity hound
Retired general Jovito Palparan scores Duterte for Red links, says he’s a threat to democracy
Duterte camp happy with INC endorsement, say mayor’s message resonating among Filipinos
Watch: Trillanes’ anti-Duterte ad features children, draws outrage
Woman assaulted by man inside PUV to press raps, says she doesn’t want him to victimize others
Miriam Defensor Santiago: ‘Daang Matuwid’ symbolizes the Filipinos’ ‘ultimate frustration’
Election law-compliant: ABS-CBN defends self over anti-Duterte ad, says it was “duty-bound” to air it
Video: Duterte matriarch tells Trillanes he shall reap what he sow, says he can still ask for forgiveness
Trillanes to ‘Dutertards’ outraged with controversial ad: The truth hurts
Roxas to voters: Leni and I will correct the government’s shortcomings, address your concerns
Results out as early as tonight? Comelec chair tells voters not to sleep
Comelec’s Guanzon says ‘KathNiel’ violated no election rules, blames media for viral pics
Not just his nephew: Robin Padilla also bashed for taking picture of shaded ballot
Joma Sison congratulates ‘President’ Duterte in advance, looks forward to ceasefire and coalition gov’t
Duterte: I won’t sit as president if there is cheating
Watch: Sen. Grace Poe bows out of the presidential race, wishes Duterte the best
Sad: Admin of Sen. Miriam’s FB page signs off, recounts days as feisty senator’s ‘first volunteer’
Bongbong Marcos’ adviser cries foul over Leni’s lead, to ask Comelec to stop tally
Roxas concedes, wishes Duterte a successful presidency
GMA News, CNN Philippines apologize for Chiz’s vote tally discrepancy, says it was a typo error
Watch: Leni says she’ll support Digong ‘100 percent’, debunks ‘resignation’ and ‘Plan B’ rumors
Leni says Bongbong — not her — dreams of Malacañang return, is more likely to backstab the president
Duterte to offer Leni a Cabinet position under his presidency
Leni to ‘vicious’ basher who wanted her dead: Every day I wished it was I, not Jesse, who rode the plane
PPCRV nixes Bongbong’s request to stop quick count: People have the right to know
Miriam backs Bongbong, accuses “authoritarian” gov’t of “manufacturing numbers”
Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago to supporters: Cheer up, that’s life
Binay bows out of presidential race, extends his congratulations to Duterte
Leni says she has forgiven bashers, is more focused on bigger responsibilities than online fighting
Alma Moreno takes loss quite well, says God has something greater in store for her
Quim’s Cake Bakeshop and Cafe to give away free cakes as promised, but…

crime Duterte to corrupt cops (including generals): Resign now before I become president Duterte: Joma Sison welcome to return to the country Baron Geisler airs side on “Beast mode” video. will think about it though Mark Villar accepts Duterte’s offer to become new DPWH chief Not keeping the change: Duterte returns surplus campaign funds to donors .PDEA: Duterte asking for list of persons involved in illegal drugs Sandro Marcos apologizes to Enchong Dee after fake Twitter account called the actor gay Comelec to investigate Smartmatic for unauthorized script tweak Duterte camp says up to public to choose incoming president’s new nickname Melancholic: Sen. Miriam hints at return to family life after losing presidential race Election’s over: Mocha Uson urges Filipinos to stop in-fighting. tells public not to be too quick to judge him Duterte to Reds: I can give you DAR. says change Filipinos want should start with themselves Duterte camp to leftist leaders: Dialogue with us instead of mouthing off black propaganda Correcting an ‘injustice’: Duterte to make Lapu-Lapu a hero. ‘shoot-to-kill’ orders in all-out war vs. and DSWD top positions Gibo confirms being offered defense chief post by Duterte. DOLE. Vicki Belo present beautiful baby daughter for the first time Duterte plans death penalty return. support Duterte instead Viral: Baron Geisler goes beast mode. chokes student film crew for delayed script Duterte spokesman: Well-performing PNoy admin officials to keep their posts Comelec says OAVs completely tallied. DENR. give him the highest honors Not President please: Duterte wants to be called mayor. to use his own pick-up as presidential vehicle Hayden Kho. shows Duterte and Marcos as winners Duterte’s partner Honeylet thanks mayor’s supporters.

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