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Worksheet - Basic

1. Fill the space with the correct phrasal verb, verb or noun from the box below.
1. __________, I´ll be with you in a minute.
2. They always ________ _______ my ideas. That is so unfair!
3. I have put on weight, I have to _______ _____ at the gym.
4. I know it´s hard but just ________ with it.
5. Susan, could you please _________
_____ the lights. Thank you.
6. If you want to make different musical notes then you have to ________ that trumpet.
7. The police is going______ _____ custody that robber because he is a ____________
8. This is your birthday cake, you can ________
______ the candles now.
9. Someone is knocking at the door, Can you ________ the door?
10. We received a letter, Did you _________it , too?
11. I think John and Mary have to _________ _____ because they don´t love each other.
12. Oh Excellent, you did well. ________ _____ with the good work.
13. The students left the classroom and didn´t ________ _____
14. Oh this is a mess!, You have to ________ _____ all your things now.
15. You have to _____ _____ on the next bus stop.
16. You forgot the keys, so you have to _____________ ______ here.
17. When the teacher _____ _____ the classroom, the students have to _______ ____.
18. We know that you are an expert in English, but you don´t have to _______ _____
Show off

stand up

get off

Pick up

keep up


break up

blow out



work out



hold on
come back

rip off

turn off

get into
take into
Put into

tidy up

silly B. The ______ man was the only one who could lift the heavy load. happy 3. It looks______. strange D. A. tall C. I use it every day to build things. She was born in 1936. tall D. We were driving east. 7. A. The ______ woman has many wrinkles and grey hair. smart B. He always gets good grades. bad … healthy A. proud D. rarely D. The key is different from the others. serious C. popular 5. warm B. When the sun goes down. l______ bring a hammer to work. identical … different D. young … better B. A. never B. so we turned around and drove ______. left D. parents B. A. A. the sky gets______. young C. scared D.2 MULTIPLE-CHOICE 1. strong 2. but we needed to go the opposite way. west B. They are both ______. dark C. and that I need to eat ______. kind 4. skinny … more D. similar … fruits B. 8. A. right 10. funny C. wet 9. special … red C. always C. sometimes A. bright D. friends C. tired A. north C. They want to run away and hide! 6. old D. The kids are ______ of the ghost. healthy … meat C. A. Oranges and apples are ______ . strong B. calm B. Timothy is ______. old … vegetables . My mother says I am too ______.