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Dragana Pilipovic
Connie S. Douglas
12 July 2016
Trophy Hunting Critical Analysis
As the world spinns and time flies past us with many daily problems and issues that have
been going on thru out the whole World. World is fighting many battles like; against war, bulling
in schools, all the murders, drugs, GMO modified food, immunization for young ones, corporal
punishment, hunger, people without jobs, it is too many problems and yet trophy hunting is
another one added to the list. Trophy hunting has been around for centuries now.Many people
tried for decades to eliminate trophy hunting of exotic animals. Not untill just last year when
American dentist Walter Palmer shoot Cecil the lion, everyone feelt intense over it and is trying
intensely to do the right thing and protect innocent animals. All inocent must be protected and
saved from cruel people from all over the world. Nature suffers the most, human pressure will
eventually eliminate the wild life if something is not done about it and as soon as posible. Trophy
Hunting must be eliminated completely or at least shrunk down on the size and popularity and if
all stand together and fight for what we believe is wright anything is possible.
Trophy hunting is legal not just in Africa but thru out the World. Just in Africa on over
558,000 km square hunting of lions and other exotic animals is legaly permited. With 244 lions
killed each year. First article The Trophy Hunting of African Lions author Peter Andrew sums it
up prety well on statistics in very short article. This article is right to the point on how intense is
this hunting what the whole World calls SPORTS, and how much it is represented and popular.
Article South Africa to Clamp Down on Trophy-Hunting Business talks about where many of
these animals come from and how much hunters pay in fees to hunt and shoot certain animals.

Author John Vidal you get a tumbs up for this article, and on trying to clamp down on trophy
hunting business and putting breeders on the spot about mutation of exotic animals for the
purpose of hunting and pleasure of wealthy individuals. In addition to this article and as a
support Kevin Crowley, for his article Rich Marksman pay a premium to shoot Frankestein
Freaks of Nature explains more depply how much money tourists or hunters pay to shoot breed
animal. It costs more to shoot breed animal by as much as thousands of dollars. For example,to
hunt black impala people pay wooping forty-five thousand of dollars. Another example Golden
GNU at the silent auctions is sold for as much as $404,000.
Black Rhinoceros are most endengered species in the World, Fred Nelson writes in his article
Black Rhinoceros Conservation and Trophy Hunting in Southern Africa: Implications for recent
policy changes. Using statistics data for more than thirty years Nelson clearly wants to open
everyones eyes and let everyone know the reason for population decline is Trophy Hunting only!
In 1970 population of rhinos was at sixty-five thousand, but by nineties that number drasticaly
went down to only 2,400 in the whole World. Finding an article with government involvment in
this issue was not an easy task. Article Should Heads keep Rolling in Africa? Josh Alper did
mention former president Bush and how his administration supports ban on bringing elephant
and other animal trophy heads in to United States, this act was singed in effect back in 1989.
Thanks Alper for this article, and also thanks to Bush administration for signin this document.
Films on demand A Vision for the Future:Species Protection in Africa-The African Game,
Was very good source and educational documentary as well, it talks about all of the issues
regarding trophy hunting and animal killing. From most endengered animals down to cost and
how much of the money earned actualy goes back to the community and its residents. This
peticular finding was not encouraging at all. Awesome documentary and recommend for

everyone to watch it. Conservation Magazine for one of the issue in 2014 published an article
called Can Trophy Hunting actually help conservation? where it is writen about cost for permit
to hunt black rhino at the auctions which is sold for insanely high price of $350,000 dollars.
South Africa and Namibia both have the right to sell five permits per year for hunting rhino
which are approwed by Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species(CITES). Good
to know this information even after ban on hunting for rhinos was signed in effect in back in
1989. Great informative article from Conservation Magazine. Article Sport Hunting is an
Unnesessary Form of Cruelty to Animals by Dawn Laney explains how long hunting exist,
100,000 thousands of years was used as a survival tool. Now after so many years has passed
animals are hunted for sports and many animals are wounded and left to suffer in wild. As well
as introducing canned animal hunting where animals are inclosed in small cages and hunted.
This is yet another finding of extreme cruelty invented by humans, and yet another great article
thanks Laney for all the information. Africa News Service 13 December 2007 published article
Caprivi San Benefit from Trophy Hunting which states that Caprivi San community benefits
from hunting which is misleading and simply not truthful at all. Article by Daily Beast Prince
William Defends Trophy Hunting is one article that was very disapoiting, here we have a Prince
who all of the England looks up to and supports talks in the interview for News Screening how
he is a big supporter of hunting as long as they dont pay for with his money. When he was asked
if he thinks if killing of Cecil last year was unforgivable he stated Yes. Confusing answers
provided by the Prince makes us question him and his humanity. Donna Batten in her article
Game points all rules and punisments by law of the individuals who break the rule of hunting
and punishment for it. Rules like; hunting on privately owned land and number of animals
allowed to be hunted per year ect Great information collected Batten and greatly appriciated.

Graham Adam H. in his article Airlines Ban Game trophies for New York Times proudly writes
on airlines and how they are coming together and banning transportation of head trophies. Ban
was initiated by South African Airlines, Lufthansa, Emirates and British Airlines, latter joined the
ban were: Air France, KLM, Iberia, IAG Cargo, Singapore Airlines and Qantas. Trophy Hunting
business industry is worth approximatly $675 million, and only three percent of that money goes
to community people and business owners. Great information refreshing for eyes to read and
great end to Trophy Hunting research.
All the research done and collected is for personal and educational purposses only. Trying
to understand why is trophy hunting the GAME one of the most respected sports for centuries.
Actually made the author of the essay come to a sad conclusion that Trophy Hunting will never
be completely banned, its been around for thousands of years and will probably be around for
many more. All the research and all articles read were for good cause and benefit for many
people including animals. But it is a great comfort to know that Animal supporters are doing
everything possible even if they are small steps, they are still steps toward solution and safety of
all animals in the World. We as individuals are only small fish in a pond going against all the
whealthy individuals; Lawyers, Doctors, Royal families, Judges who practice and enjoy hunting
for trophy heads, but even a small voice matters and can be heard far if we speak up loud and
clear. Supporting exotic animal hunts and financing it is not something autor is pleased about,but
is very proud of what is being done to suppress it and lower the number of its victims. It is a
misleading statement that conservations and people living there have much use out of hunting.
We can make a diference if we join our forces. Like it was said earlier Nature is the biggest
looser in it all and unfortanetly it will be destinguished by human pressure. Lets join together in

fight for our Nature and our beautiful World and make it a better place for everyone. All for one
and one for all!