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Touch down in the Holy Land at Ben-Gurion airport and head straight for nearby Tel Aviv, our local Sin City. Drop your bags smack in the center of town at the Hotel Cinema, an affordable boutique hotel that once housed one of Tel Aviv’s first movie theaters. Then get ready to explore this modern Jewish metropolis and discover why the vibe in Tel Aviv really does rival that of the world’s greatest cities. • Hotel Cinema, 1 Zamenhoff Street (corner of Dizengoff Square), Tel Aviv

the road to the ever-trendy Sheinkin Street, where hip threads options abound. Guys, the offers at Marsel are guaranteed to give a cooler-than-thou look and you can stock up with some undies from Menz, a shop solely devoted to men’s undergarments. That’s right, underduds for dudes. • Delicatessen, 4 Barzilay Street, 03-560-2297 • Shani Bar, 3 Mikveh Yisrael Street • Kisim, www.kisim.com, 8 Hahashmal Street, 03-560-4890 • Marsel, 12 Sheinkin Street, 03-620-8483 • Menz, 34 Sheinkin Street, 03-620-6966

holyland for the holidays
The Hagim–Israel’s holiday season–means time off if you’re secular, lots of time in shul if you’re more traditional. But from Sin City to synagogue, the editorial staff of The Honey has a host of fresh things to do in this very Israeli season when nothing gets done and everything else in life has to wait until ‘after the Hagim.’
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Need some holiday finery? Head for Tel Aviv’s neighborhood of the moment, Gan Hahashmal. This neighborhood is steaming with creativity, boasting some great shops filled with original designs. Gals, check out one of our season’s favorites —the shirtwaist dress at Delicatessen. Pair it with shoes by Shani Bar and a new bag by Kisim. Then head down

out and about
Tel Aviv’s glorious weather during the hagim demands you to get outside and play! Hit the beach or head over to Park Hayarkon where you can rent bikes, paddle boats and even Segways. Go for a run, windsurf (look for the equipment rentals behind the Hilton), swim, splash and enjoy being in a city built on
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the dunes. And when in Tel Aviv over Yom Kippur, make sure to rent bikes or roller blades for the holiday. You can even cruise down the Ayalon highway on this day of no driving. • Park Hayarkon, www.parkfun.co.il, 03- 642-0541 The Hagim in Israel are all about gift-giving, so head to SoHo in Dizengoff Center for onestop shopping. If you’re in town on Thursday afternoon or Friday, head down to the Center’s basement for the designer shuk, where you’ll find the latest trends by Tel Aviv’s budding young designers. While you’re shopping, make sure to quaff some pomegranate juice from one of the city stands, and mix in some fresh orange juice for an extra flavorful and nutritious treat. • SoHo, www.sohocenter.co.il, Dizengoff Center, 03-621-2450

• Breakfast Club, 6 Rothschild Boulevard • Brasserie, 70 Ibn Gvirol Street, just across from Rabin Square. Open 24/7, 03-525- 0773

Inclined to do some praying? Check out Beit Daniel, the Center for Progressive Judaism in Tel Aviv or Beit Tefillah Israeli in Tel Aviv, where secular Israelis pray together. For some serious spirituality, head up north to the Kabbalah Center in Tiberias, and in Jerusalem, get yourself to Kahal Edat Yshurun Yerushalayim in Ramot for an old Yekkishe (German) style of davening, complete with ‘kretchzing’ (wailing) singers and moody old men, or try the Italian synagogue downtown and put a little pasta into your prayertime. • Beit Daniel, The Center for Progressive Judaism in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, www.beitdaniel.co.il, 62 Bnei Dan Street (near Park Hayarkon), 03-544-2740 • Beit Tefillah Israeli, www.btfila.org, 38 • King George Street, 077-300-3655 Kabbalah Centre, 15 Echad Ha’am Street, Tiberias, 04-671-5503 • The Conegliano Synagogue, www.jija.org, 27 Hillel Street, Jerusalem, 02-624-1610

from tzedakah educator and philanthropic consultant, Arnie Draiman. Arnie has a vast network of mitzvah heroes from his work with the Ziv Tzedakah Fund, the brainchild of tzedakah master Danny Siegel, and can direct you to giving schwarma to IDF soldiers, feeding hungry school children or painting an apartment for a person in need. Take your checkbook and embark on an adventure worthy of the time of year. • Arnie Draiman, soosim@netmedia.net.il www.draimanconsulting.com, 050-515-6776 • Ziv Tzedakah Fund, www.ziv.org

Sukkot, our very own pilgrimage festival, is the best time to shake it in the honey land. To feel fruitful, head to Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda market, to be greeted by tables full of citrusy etrogs, sharp palm branches, willow and myrtle wands. Go south to Mitzpe Ramon for a biblical night under the stars in your own swish sukkah, courtesy of Succah in the Desert. Or head north to the Acco Fringe Theater Festival and experience avant garde performances staged against the dramatic backdrop of this ancient port city. And whether your watering hole is a bar or a sukkah, it wouldn’t be Sukkot without Dancing Camel’s holiday microbrews, made with etrogim, dates, and other flavors of the season. • Machane Yehuda market, between Agrippas Street and Jaffa Road, Jerusalem • Succah in the Desert, www.succah.co.il, Mizpe Ramon, 08-658-6280 • Acco Fringe Theater Festival, www. accofestival.co.il, main@accofestival.co.il • Dancing Camel, www.dancingcamel. com, 12 Hataasiya Street, Tel Aviv, 03-624-2783 Wishing you a happy, healthy, and, most of all, sweet new year.
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Tel Aviv’s hottest clubs will ring in 5768 with an array of parties to keep you hopping all night long. Things get going late – after midnight—so first digest your holiday meal and then hit the town. Lots of options at the Namal (Tel Aviv’s port), and in south Tel Aviv on Lillienblum and HaMasger streets, including Whiskey A-Go-Go and afterhours hangout Breakfast Club. Breakfast will be waiting for you at Brasserie, a favorite restaurant of Tel Aviv’s beautiful people. • Whiskey A-Go-Go, 3 Hata’arucha at the Tel Aviv port, 03-544-0633

While you’re busy having fun, let’s not forget what this season is all about: love, respect and kindness. Take a charity education lesson

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