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All of Me John Legend Arr. Amanda Lee ou ‘What would | do with out your smart] mouth draw ing me Fm Db Ab Eb Fm Db Ab in and kicking me out got my |head spin-ning kidding 1 Jcantt pinyou down What's going eb Fm D> Ab & Fm ‘on in that beau ti ful mind| Timon your | ma gi cal my st ery ride| diz-ry don't Db Ab Eb Fm Ds know what hit me but | IM be abight My| head's un-der wa] - ter but I'm Ab Bb Bbm BLm Fm breathing. fine You're era~zy and I'm out of my mind Eb Bbm Bbm Fm Eb Amanda Lee at eeyoreeo28 of me! a of you Love your | curvesand all your ed: Abm Abm. Fm Fm Bbm Allyour | per-fect im-perfect} ions Give your MM give my” all Youremy | end and my beginn| ing — Evenwhen when 1 lose I'm win Fm Fm Bom Bbm & by : marek yet ning Cause I give you al al of me And you give me all a @ eee pee Fes eee ¢ oe - ¢ I = t - 2 f a Eb Fm Db Ab eb 1 FH | Sr Boss ss How many | imes do Thave to tel dae: poer Fm Db Ab eb Fm Db you're} exy ~ ing you're beatiful too through e -ve-ry move| ‘my worst distrac] tion my rhy-thm and blues| head for you showing hearts Risk - ing it all ‘The worldis bea You're my down} fall T can't stop sing! Cards on the though it's hard| ting. you down you're my muse ing it's ring. bie we're both] loves | all of you} Laveyour Jeurves and all your ed ges All your | perfect im-perfec| tions Give your| ss Abm Fm Fm Bb 8m eb eb all to-me| Tl give my all to you] You'remy | end and my beg-gin} ning Ey-en |when I lose T'm win| Ab AY Fm Fm Bbm Bbm Eb ning Cause T give you all a cof me} And you give me al of you Cause T give you all D> Ab Eb Fm Db AL 104 4 ba ~— | eer ke = tate ov ee t And you give me ll of yo oh erre rte a= eo fu Db Ab eb lbvss-eptt F Eb