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1642 N Bell Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647 | C: 8123408262 | |

Professional Profile
Creative professional with extensive project experience from concept to development. Talents include Audio Engineering, specifically in audio post-production for picture, multi-track studio recording and sound design.

Relevant Experience
Live Sound Engineering
640 hours of set-up and live recording/mixing/post-production for Jacobs School of Music performances.
Sound reinforcement for Jacobs School of Music performances.
Planned set-up including choosing microphones, microphone hanging/placement, patching, monitor mixes.
Audio Engineering
Experience tracking/editing/mixing with Pro Tools and WaveLab.
Session planning, setting up microphones, patching, headphone mixes.
Mastering in Pro Tools and Wavelab.
Sound for picture: recording/mixing ADR, production dialog, environments, foley, diagetic and non-diagetic
music, sound effects, and knowledge of the stem structure.
Audio Electronics
Experience in reading schematics.
Knowledge of troubleshooting.
Experience building microphone cables, VOM meter, cable tester, and an amplifier.

Expert in Pro Tools for Music and Picture: tracking/editing/

Proficient in patch bay configurations, signal flow and

outboard gear.

Proficient in WaveLab recording/post-production/mastering.

Proficient in studio maintenance/troubleshooting:

soldering, cable construction.

Expert in microphone theory, placement and recording


Advanced knowledge in reading schematics.

Advanced in manual rhythmic editing as well as beat detective Competent in HTML and CSS programming.
and elastic audio.
Trained in Sound Reinforcement: signal-flow, mid-size sound
system configuration, signal-processing, mixing in a live

Proficient in Premiere Pro Elements, Final Cut Pro and Avid

Media Composer.

Advanced in pre production techniques for video projects,

including writing treatments, budgets, cash flow and doing

Proficient in Surround audio recording and mixing for music

and video.

Bachelor of Science, Recording Arts; Minor in Telecommunications
Indiana University Jacobs School of Music - Bloomington, IN, USA


Work History
Audio Engineer/Sound Designer
A Womans Worth - Bloomington, IN

Feb 2016 to Present

Live Sound Reinforcement and Mixing

Hot Tuesdays, Jazz Combos at Ford Hall - Bloomington, IN

March 1st and March 8th 2016

Multitrack Studio Recording and Mixing

The Breakes EP - Bloomington, IN

Feb 2016

Audio Engineer/Sound Designer/Transferring Engineer

Craft TV - New York, NY

May 2015 to Aug 2015

Audio Intern
Nutmeg Post - New York, NY

May 2015 to Aug 2015

Web Design Assistant - Caracas, Venezuela

Mar 2011 to Jul 2012

Bilingual Spanish/English.