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By: Elizabeth Gonzales

Jenine Bufi
By: Elizabeth Gonzales
Jenine Bufi

This is a work of fiction. Names, Characters, Places and Incidents

are all created by the author’s imagination. If some may have a
certain resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events and
business establishments or locales are purely coincidental.
• The authors of this book are very well-
proud to work with each other. The unity
and cooperation we both share are indeed
the fruit of our friendship.

• To our beloved readers… please do

continue to support us. We love you. <3
<3 <3

• Let a new world… begin!

Façade… most people mask themselves with lies. Just to hide or
run away from the truth. Two people. Two different facades. One
goal: to hide the truth from each other.

Evan James is captain of the basketball team, womanizer by

heart, quick-witted, funny and sexy. He has everything anyone
could ever dream of. He’s rich or at least his parents are.
He lives his everyday life playing girls, pulling pranks on the
not-so-popular ones, and making horrible grades. Somehow he
manages to keep up his grades in order to stay in the basketball
team. The highest he ever gets on his grades are a C. It was
always C’s and D’s on his grades.
The day his oh so sweet paradise life came tumbling down
the hill was when Helena Cooper came in. Poor Evan, he can’t
wrap her up in his own middle finger. Ssssssh!

Helena Cooper is smart, hot and has the sense of humor a

guy would definitely love. She’s everything a guy would ever
dream of having. She moves to Los Angeles, California because
her mother died. Which left her everything… including all her
mother’s money. Yes, she’s rich. But she knows how to not be
snotty and just be the simple sweet girl she is.

As seconds tick by and turn into minutes, as minutes pass by

and turn into hours, then converts into days, while those days
turn into months. Slowly and painstakingly Evan and Helena finds
themselves tangled up in each others’ emotions.

Evan always made Helena contemplate… hard! By his words.

Every time he sees her, he’ll always exclaim the exact phrase
over and over and over. “You know you’re in love with me…and if
you don’t believe me now, you will when I get to kiss you.” Even
that phrase had haunted her in her dreams… even in reality.
They have that love hate relationship. But will the ‘hate’ part
last forever?
Chapter 1
Helena Cooper had recently witnessed such a terrible sight.
It haunted her dreams again. And it was just too much to bear
right now. She stood up from her bed and picked up her black
turtle neck sweater and threw it over herself. She walked
painstakingly on the staircase and pressed her weight on the wall
for she needed its support. As she reached the last two flights of
stairs, she grabbed her umbrella because she clearly didn’t want
to get wet in the middle of a storm.
She could see the vivid and disturbing light of the lightning
quite clearly. But she didn’t care, not even a bit. For the reason
that her mother died was a severe car crash on her way home.
Getting struck by lightning was the least of her worries.
As she went out the front door, she took her keys and locked
the door. She went to the park that her mother had used to take
her when she was a child. Clutching at the handle of her umbrella
as memories of them together struck her again. She couldn’t
ignore the fact that she just can’t leave this particular park
behind. Because this was what she had left of her mother. They
lived near the park in Los Angeles in their mansion-like home.
It was Helena’s park. It was their park. And nothing could
take that away from her.
It has been two years since her mother died. And it has been
two years of emptiness and depression. She just couldn’t think
straight. Whenever memories of her mother flashes before her
eyes she just gets delirious. Obviously, she lives alone in her two
bedrooms, one bathroom and everything else essential to a
home. Her mother died rich. And Helena is now living with her
mom’s money that was left behind in her will for her one and only
daughter. Now that Helena has all the money she could ever
imagine. But she wasn’t interested in the money. She’d gladly,
without any hesitation, give it to anyone who could bring back her
mother. She gave an average amount to certain charities. Then
kept the rest to buy a different home to replace the huge memory
that she had to live in alone and lonely. She kept enough money
until she had a job as waitress or cashier or something.
The sidewalk Helena always used was closed for construction
so she had to go the opposite way on the sidewalk to get to the
park. Minutes later, Helena reached the park. And as soon as she
got there, the moment the rain got heavier and heavier. It was
like the sky was holding to much burden that it just needs to let it
all away.
Helena was in pain. Too much pain that it was just too much
to bear. She let go of the umbrella she was holding, letting it fall
to the ground carelessly. She couldn’t gaze at their park and not
see their memories flash before her eyes. Delusional as it
seemed, she heard footsteps behind her. But immediately ignored
it, just like everything else. Helena felt anger, anger for fear. She
was frightened of something. Or someone. She knew someone
was with her. But she was so caught up with the memories of her
mother that she just wanted to believe it was all the makings of
her imagination. ‘Everything’s fine Helena, you’re just kidding
Or so she thought.

Helena wasn’t the type who gets easily afraid of anything.

She had always been brave. She successfully hid her tears at her
mother’s funeral. But all it took to let it burst was for her to be
alone in her room.
As brave as she could appear, she embraced the cold, icy
droplets as it slammed her cheeks, leaving it all wet yet beautiful.
She even let the icy droplets soak her clothes. She believed that
she was destined to just stand and shiver under the crying sky.

“One day, I know I can be free…” she trailed off.

All Helena has ever wanted was to be free. Free from the sadness
she had to go through every day. Free from the loneliness, that
no one could ever fill. Free from…

What other emotion does she want to be free from? That’s

exactly what she has to find out for herself.

As the seconds ticked by, they turned into minutes… still the
weather hasn’t change. Like it was getting heavier by the minute.
And Helena was still standing at the exact spot she had been
since she came. She was standing still yet shivering at the
sidewalk of the park. She contemplated with herself of how long
she’d been standing there. But her mind just closed itself off. And
all Helena could do was pick up her carelessly dropped umbrella
and closed it. No use using it now. She began walking further
down the sidewalk of the park as if she was never stuck-up
earlier. Two joggers ran passed Helena hurrying to get home with
a Labrador on their leash. Then… Helena reached the part of the
park wherein another flash of memory hit her.

“Mommy, mommy, I wanna come here every day. So when I

grow big and old our memories will stay here. Then I’ll have to
remember you forever and always.” A nine year old Helena
jumped up and down.

Those days… are long gone.

She was down on a swing set by the middle of the park. Wet as
she was… she let the water on her clothes run dry. And let the
rain do all the noise.

Step. Step. Step. Step.

There it goes again. The rhythmic step that she’d heard earlier.
Helena thought nothing of it. She still thinks it was just a small
figment of her imagination. She kept her eyes closed and
contemplated hard. Ignoring the rhythmic steps her imagination
was creating. Still it continued…

“What the—” her scream was cut off short.

She jumped off the swing, again the hard rain dripping her wet
when she was almost close to being dry. She snapped her head
toward the noise just to find a guy with hazel eyes, his velvet
black hair dripping wet and sticking to his forehead and his
clothes… was soaking wet just like hers. Helena could’ve had a
heart attack. Let alone, because she could clearly see his eight
pack beneath his v-neck white shirt.
“What the hell is wrong with you? Don’t you think you’re
trying to end my life just a little too early?” Helena’s serene voice
rang through the park and her hazel eyes dilated. And Evan James
vividly saw it. It was a sign that… she fancied him.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” His husky voice
made everything all sound too good to be true.
“Well… your sorry doesn’t help you that much.” She
“Really, I’m sincerely sorry. I was just trying to—” his
apology was interrupted.
“Yeah, yeah, I know. Trying to end my life early. Ha-ha.”
Helena said with patent sarcasm.
“You have such sense of humor.” Evan James laughed. A
rich, husky laughter with pure masculinity poured in it. It melted
Helena’s insides.
“Uh-huh, whatever. You better leave it all behind. Not that
we’d see each other again and you’d get to hear some of it
anyways.” Helena walked away as soon as she finished her
statement. And Evan James followed her.
“Wait! What’s your name? I didn’t get to formally introduce
myself. I’m Evan James.” Evan tried to stop her walk by reaching
for her elbow and turned her gently to face him. Then held out a
“I’m… Well I am…” she stuttered but thought better that she
paused and tried to regain equanimity. “I’m Helena Cooper.” She
said with such emotion.

And what emotion was it?

Names were exchanged. Hands were shook. Skin touched. A
conversation there and here. Helena thought she was alone… not
until he came. But no, she wasn’t ready to admit it… yet.
Chapter 2

Helena woke up in her bed, her clothes slightly wet and a

headache slowly forming and she felt very tired. She tried to get
up in one swift motion but it was a blatant mistake, it only made
her dizzy.
She knew something has happened but couldn’t point her
finger on it. She rose from her bed, for the second time, and
finally succeeds. Helena walked towards the bathroom, did her
old routine. Looked in the mirror, splashed some water on her
face then brushed her teeth. How awkward? It was like an
automatic thing. An everyday pattern. A habit. But how unlikely it
was that she would have her sickness… again. Her sleep amnesia,
yet again started. Triggered by something, not any doctor could
uncover. It was the way of her mind protecting her from thoughts
or memories that could cause pain. Aaaah, Evan James was quite
a sight that even the thought of him struck a piercing pain in her
head. Helena automatically placed her hand on her forehead
gently. “Ugh! This pain must stop.” She said through clenched
The pain finally subsided. Helena thought she could use
some shower for she was covered in sweat earlier. And so she did.
She stripped from her clothes, her waist-length black hair falling.
Opening the shower and letting the water find its way on her
body. Her smooth, healthy hair; her perfectly angled face, her
alluring neck, her flawless collarbones, her bare back, all in all…
Helena was forever an enticing mortal. No beauty could match
hers, some may try to bring her self-esteem down, they had
succeeded in making her feel isolated and worthless but in the
eyes of a truly awakened gentleman or even just a person passing
by… her beauty is a patent subject to their eyes. Again, the cold
water eased her. Though the headache was still there, still lurking
just behind every thought her mind could process.
“Who the heck is that guy I keep on thinking about?” she
exclaimed out loud as though her anger could be released from
her words. She grabbed her Vanilla flavored shampoo; just the
aroma of it relaxed her to her very core. After rinsing and letting
the water drown down her thoughts, she grabbed her towel and
wrapped it on her luscious body. Waters dripping and wild on all
places, what a sight she could be if someone shall see this… this
vulnerability her body is depicting.

She walked in her room, quickly switching her stereo on and

plugging her I-pod. She keeps on scanning until she finds the right
song… The intro plays then a mesmerizing voice sings

Moment of honesty
Someone’s gotta take the lead tonight
whose it gonna be?
I'm gonna sit right here
And tell you while it comes to me
If you have something to say
you should say it right now

Helena Cooper sang along. Just making the song sound more
“You give me a feeling that I never felt before
And I deserve it, I think I deserve it
Its becoming something that's impossible to ignore
And I can't take it
I was wondering maybe
Could I make you my baby
If we do the unthinkable would it make us so crazy
If you ask me I'm ready”

Again an image of a man appeared before her eyes… velvet black

hair, clear emerald eyes… red luscious lips, a perfect eight pack.
The piercing pain struck again. So Helena grabbed her
undergarments. Both a matching red. After wearing it on, she
took her plaid shorts and a sleeveless white top. Looked in the
mirror and hit the stairs. On the way down, she evidently needed
to take hold of the railing, pressing her weight on it. After a
couple steps, she finally made it on the kitchen. Grasped the
handle on the refrigerator and took out some water. She already
had an Advil and a glass in hand. She successfully chugged down
the water along with the Advil. Now all she has to do is wait for
the pain to completely diminish. Helena slumped down on the
couch and grabbed her copy of Hamlet by William Shakespeare.
She’d read it for thousands of times. And she never got tired of it.
Turning the book page by page, time dragged on. She was just
reading about the part where Horatio tells Hamlet about the ghost
of his father. Such mystery written with every word. And Helena
was so caught onto it, that nothing mattered anymore.

Evan James woke by the shards of sunlight penetrating

through his window. Another day has just begun. He looked up,
only to be faced to face with the sun. He immediately covered his
eyes with his left hand. Then hit the pillows again. It was a
Sunday, so there was nothing to do but… Helena Cooper. Her
image filled his mind abruptly. At first, she was standing in the
middle of the park, staring blankly at nothing, and then the
umbrella just dropped. Almost quite dramatically. As if it were the
way she moved, the way her hand dropped gracefully. The rain
soaking her, soaking her black sweater, making it clung to her
body like it was her second skin. Showing every curve… Evan
stopped thinking. Forced his mind to go blank. He looked down,
“No shit, boner!” He laughed. A velvet rich sound, purely husky
and so… enticing.
He got up from bed and went to his bathroom. Splashed
some waters on his face and brushed his teeth. Then, dragged
down his boxers, fully entering the shower. The icy slide of water
down his body made him shiver. His thoughts drifted away
instantly. And went to… Helena, again. Then, it was decided. He
was going to drop by her house later on before he went to hang
out with his friends. After bathing, he got out the shower. The
towel just tied by his waist. His abs was the subject of his body,
except for…
Waters dripping everywhere, getting all untamed every
minute. A drop of water on his perfectly carved face that came
from his velvet black hair, sliding all the way down on his broad,
muscled shoulders, continuing downward on his clear shaped
back and also his faultless eight pack, all the way down to his
Evan James opened his shirt drawer and grabbed out an
Alesana shirt, then pulled on his ripped blue jeans plus his black
and white converse all stars. He was ready to go, but something
in him felt… nervous. Well, that was the first. He never really felt
that way since… Ria. She was his first love, but when she died.
The compassionate heart of his died with her. Ria Silver. She was
long gone from him. But Evan already moved on and became the
ladies man on his school. It was different when he was with
Helena. Helena reminded him of Ria in a unique way. But still…
Helena was such a sight.
On the way to Helena’s house, he saw the sky turning bluer.
It was an amazing view. Again, he continued to pace. Step by
step followed by another step until finally he reached her house.
He drew one final breath then…

Helena quickly woke up and propped herself on one elbow as

she heard three knocks on her door. She rubber her hands in her
blurry eyes. Her headache had completely subsided, thanks to the
pill she drank. Slowly and painstakingly, Helena got up from her
temporary bed and walked towards her door to look at the
peephole. She opened the door, almost hesitant and… it was
almost like in slow motion. The wind exactly blew the hair from
his face leisurely, when the door was open for full view. Helena
thought a music played in the background. ‘Where you from? You
sexy thing?’ When the music stopped, the ambience turned
“Hey Helena.” His sweet smile melted her heart
immediately. His was familiar too. Helena was thinking if she
would answer back.
“I’m sorry, do I know you?” She said not meaning to be
“You don’t recognize me?” he asked, not believing what she
just said.
“What? How? Helene we met… in the park yesterday; I
walked you home.”
“Look, I’m sorry if you think you know me. I think there’s
something wrong with your brain or something. But please do
leave my house at once?” Helena’s tone represented finality.
“How’d you know my name?” then she hit the floor, a slight
faint took over. The piercing pain was there again. And Evan
followed her to the floor and her hand tight. Both hands fit
perfectly on his. Then everything turned black, images after
images flashed before her eyes. His jet black hair, his emerald
eyes, his eight pack… Evan James. She came back to reality the
instant she remembered her name.
“Evan… I’m so sorry. My… my sleep amnesia triggered again
I guess.” She stuttered.
“It’s okay. Sssh, I’m here.” Evan hugged her tight, still on the
floor. He couldn’t let her go. He wouldn’t let her go. He need not
let her go.

Helena struggled to get up, only to be assisted by Evan to

the violet couch she owned.
“I gotta go. But if you want me to stay, I’ll stay.”
“No you should go.” But deep in her heart, she wanted him
to stay.
“I’ll be back at six pm… if that okay with you?” his voice
filled with concern.
“Okay.” She felt heat rush to her cheeks

Again, another day for them. Another secret told. Her sleep
amnesia was yet to be feared, again.
Chapter 3

Evan walked down the sidewalk and glanced back only once,
sadly with no Helena standing in the exact spot where she was,
waving goodbye at him.
He was quite exhilarated. Evan couldn’t wait till 6pm with
Helena waiting in her house. Probably reading an intellectual book
about the history of the Roman and Greek mythology or
something related to history. Evan wasn’t just the type of guy
who would ask something like ‘What are you reading?’ because…
well, it was never in his nature to do that.
Then all of a sudden, his cellphone rings. With blasting sounds
that could have been heard by someone a meter away.
“Hello?”Evan talked into the phone.
“Hey man! Its Jason here, you coming or what? Is some girl
keeping you up, player?”Jason answered; obviously Evan could
hear a smile forming on Jason’s lips through the phone.
“Actually, yes but this time it’s different… Just like Ria’s but
more.”Evan strained to say Ria’s name.
“I wanna meet this girl. What’s her name?”Jason asked eagerly.
“Jason, please do not ever do what I think you’re going to
do?”Evan asked annoyed.
“Trust me bro, I’m not gonna go after your girl, alright now?
I’m not like that. You’ve never seen me do that to you in your
whole life before. not when you had Ria, and certainly not now. I
thought you would have known that by now. I just wanna meet
the girl that my boy’s in love with. It’s been a while since I’ve met
a girl that makes you happy as hell.”Jason said with pure
bittersweet and obviousness.
“Err, yeah. I guess you’re right. I shouldn’t have judged you
like that. Her name’s Helena. And wait what?! You think I’m in
love with her? That’s crazy! I just met her yesterday. How do you
even know that she makes me that happy?”Evan asked in denial
of everything he just opposed to.
“Well, to answer your questions I’ll simply answer with, I-can-
hear-it-in-your-voice. It doesn’t matter if you met her yesterday.
Ever heard of love at first sight? Its sorta like that, except you’re
in freaking denial.”Jason stated with an all-knowing tone.
“Maybe, just maybe, you’re right. But I’m not sure yet. I have
to be totally sure that I’m in love with her before I can tell
her.”Evan said.
“That’s the best friend I’ve always known. So you coming
“Yeah, I’m on my way.”
“Alright, see ya then.”
They hung up.
Evan walked home first, which was only going out on the road
and two blocks down. He was going to pick up his motorcycle. He
didn’t use it this morning to go to Helena’s place because he
wanted to have long walk and simply think before he came to her
He arrived in a matter of minutes. He took out his remote and
went in and took out the keys. Evan hopped on in one single
motion. He started the bike, revved the engine and moved slowly
out of the garage. He took out the garage remote and it closed
the garage door.
He rode out the driveway and onto the road. He kept going
until he reached Jason’s place where all his friends were gathering
so they could go out to hang around the mall or something like
that. But they had something to talk about. Something important.
6pm would just have to wait.


“Is Evan coming?” asked chase.

“Yeah, he just had some business with his girl.”Jason smiled.
“Really?” asked another one that goes by the name, Lance.
“Yep, he says they got great…chemistry like it was when he
had Ria.”Jason answered.
“Hmm, seems out of character for him.” Leo said with smile
“Oh shut up with your freaking British accent!” The other three
guys said in unison.
“You guys are just jealous because I can get more girls with
my accent!” Leo slumped back in his chair and pouted.
“Well, considering you don’t tell them that you almost got
STD’s one ti—“Lance was immediately interrupted.
“Hey! THAT…was an accident and you know it! That slut
practically attacked me and I couldn’t help it. You know I’m a sex
addict! And guys have their own urges.” Leo contradicted.
“Whatever.”Jason responded shortly.
“That is no-” Leo said, but was cut short by mid-sentence.
“Okay, we get your chiz, now will you please shut your
face!”Jason yelled.
“Okay…what the hell does chiz mean?” Leo asked.
“It is a slang word in the dictionary meaning ‘swiz or
swindle’. Or it can simp—” Lance explained.
“Okay! Thank you very much captain dictionary! I didn’t want
the whole fucking definition.” Leo retorted.
“Fine Mr. dick head. I wasn’t going to give you the whole
definition anyways.” Lance denied.
“Guys calm down.” Chase said. ”Apparently I’m the only one
here that can stay calm for more than ten minutes. Now, Jason
has a close count behind me but he’s never gonna get as close to
my count. ” Chase said competitively.
“Is that a competition I hear?!”Jason urged.
“Maybe………maybe not.” Chase said.
knock knock knock
“I’ll get it!”Lance yelled.
Lance opens the door to reveal Evan behind the door with his
keys in hands and touch screen in the other.
“Come on in, lover boy.” Lance smiled mischievously.
“Don’t bother me with what Jason told you please.”Evan said
“Alright. Cool.”
They started walking to the kitchen where all of the guys were.
“So Evan, when do I get a piece of that?” Lance asked
“Don’t piss me off Lance. I can and will kick your ass if
Lance stopped in his tracks while Evan kept walking. Then
Evan turned around and said “Are you…coming, buddy?” a
devilish grin appeared on Evan’s clear and perfect features.
“Um, sure.” Lance answered fearfully.
Evan laughed and gave Lance a nudge and then said “I’m just
kidding with ya.”Evan said jokingly. ”But if you try something…I
will hurt you Lance, now let’s go.”
They walked in the kitchen and started conversing.
“So, what are we going to do about those drug dealers?”Leo
asked nervously.


Helena drove to the Mall. to shop for school clothes of course.

She would start in less than a month and she hasn’t started
purchasing anything yet.
She decided to go to Florida mall. Maybe check out Claire’s, Hot
Topic and of course she would love to see the Jc Penny’s they
have there.
She reversed out of the drive way and later made a turn on
wine-guard road then made a right turn.
She glanced at all the stores around her such as borders target
and also restaurants.
Helena smiled, thinking about this beautiful day. The sun is
out, the day is quiet with a few chirps from the birds in the blue
sky and everything is going perfect.
Helena thought about Evan for a moment. His luscious ebony
hair that Helena has yet to run her fingers through ,his amazing
hazel eyes that puts you in a trance, and oooh, his body that
could make any girl swoon! What a sight.
Just thinking about Evan made Helena drool a little. Just a little…
She finally made it to the mall and parked her car in the
parking space closest to the entrance.
And when Helena walked inside she gasped. Everything was so
beautiful, so new. it looked as if God had came to this mall and
gave it a makeover. Obviously, thinking that made Helena
seemed crazy to herself.
She knew she was going to spend hours there. Well, her hours
may be limited due to the occasion at 6pm.
First, she hit Claire’s and bought a lot of ribbons and bows. Then
some jewelry with garnet and sapphire stones.
After Claire’s she went to Hot Topic. She found some nice
colorful nail polish, a very cute black and white neck chocker with
a few trinkets hanging on it and she even bought a black, purple
and white dress with lace covering most of the dress and to finish
it off she took in her hands, matching black heels and a couple of
You might not have known this. Helena has her own little…dark
side…if you could put it like that meaning, she dresses in a way
that tells you that she is a punkish girl sometimes but she can be
girly too. That even confuses Helena herself.
She walked out of hot topic with her bags and bumped into
someone. All of her bags fell to the ground.
She got down to pick them up quickly and Helena looked up to