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(A Joint Venture of Govt. of India and Govt. of Himachal Pradesh)
A Mini Ratna and Schedule A PSU

412 MW (6X68.67 MW)
(An ISO 9001:2008, IS/ISO 14001:2004 & IS 18001:2007 Certified)

Procurement and Contract Department

Jhakri, Distt. Shimla (HP) 172201: Telefax-01782-275948/275762
CIN No. L40101HP1988GOI008409
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No. SJVN/RHPS-P&C/F01(PPR(O&M)-RHPS-181)/2016-



Open tender enquiries through e-tendering under one bid system are hereby invited on behalf of
SJVN Ltd. from the manufacturers or their authorized dealers/suppliers for the following materials as per
description and specification given below on the lowest rate as applicable for supply to the Govt. department/
Public Sector Undertaking, on the terms and conditions listed overleaf.
Description/Specifications of items
Earnest Money Date of
Date of
(in Rs.)
opening of
of Bid
Procurement of material for repair and
maintenance of 22 KV Overhead HT line (Rupees Twenty
To 15.07.2016
at 14.00 Hrs.
from Kotla to Bayal (PPR(O&M)-RHPS- Four Thousand
up to 13.00
181). The description/specifications of
One Hundred
items are as per Price Schedule (BOQ) Only)
ScheduleI and technical specifications
attached herewith.
1. The detailed NIQ, IFB, General Terms & Conditions-Annexure-I, Undertaking regarding acceptance of
NIQ terms & conditions-Annexure-II, Price Schedule (BOQ)-Schedule-I & Bank Account detailSchedule-II, Format for Integrity Pact-Annexure-IV shall be available at
w.e.f. 27.06.2016.
2. The bids are to be submitted electronically through e-tendering at and other
mode of submission of bids shall not be accepted. The procedure for filling the bid is given in IFB.
3. The corrigendum & amendments if any shall be uploaded at and in addition
the same shall also be available on , & Central public procurement
portal Therefore, the bidders are requested to frequently visit the site till the
schedule date of submission of bid.
Enclosures:1. IFB.
2. General Terms & Conditions-Annexure-I.
3. Undertaking regarding acceptance of NIQ terms & conditions -Annexure-II
4. Price Schedule (BOQ) - Schedule-I
5. Bank Account Details- Schedule-II
6. Bidder General information-Annexure-III
7. Format for Integrity Pact-Annexure-IV

For & on behalf of SJVN Limited

Dy. General Manager

Procurement & Contract Deptt,
Rampur HPS, SJVN Limited, Jhakri.
Distt Shimla (H.P) PIN-172201.

Registered &
Corporate Office

Himfed Building,
New Shimla, Shimla (HP)
Tel: 0177-2670064,490,521,741
Fax: 0177-2670542


SJVN, IRCON Building

Ground Floor, Saket New Delhi
TELE: 011- 41659210/17
FAX: 011- 41659204/14

General Terms & Conditions (PPR(O&M)-RHPS-181)
1. Open tender enquiries through e-tendering under one bid system are hereby invited from original
equipment manufacturer/authorized dealers/supplier for Procurement of material for repair and
maintenance of 22 KV Overhead HT line from Kotla to Bayal (PPR(O&M)-RHPS-181).as per
description/specifications given in the Price Schedule (BOQ)-Schedule-I. The schedule for bid
submission & opening shall be as under:
Date of Uploading Bid Closing Date (i.e. last date Bid Closing Date (i.e. last Bid Opening Date
of Tender
& time for downloading of
date & time for uploading
of filled bids)

14.07.2016 (12.00 Hrs)

15.07.2016 (13.00 Hrs)

15.07.2016 (14.00 Hrs)

Note: Please note that the bid shall only be submitted through e-tendering & the bid submitted in physical
form shall not be entertained under any circumstances. The Bidder should be a firm of reputation having
sufficient expertise and experience in the subject tender with sound warranty/service support capability.
The bidder must mention the make of items in the price schedule (BOQ) itself. Please upload
Brochure/Technical literature containing all necessary information along with supported documents along
with bid.
2. Bid Securities/ EMD:
a. The offer must be accompanied with an earnest money of Rs.24,100/- (Rupees Twenty Four
Thousand One Hundred Only). The EMD/ bid security shall, at the bidders option, be in the form of
a crossed demand draft / Banker Cheque payable at Jhakri / Rampur Bushehr (H.P.) and drawn in
favour of RHEP, SJVN Ltd, Jhakri (Other mode of payment shall not be accepted). Bid
security shall remain valid for a period of six months beyond the original bid validity period and
beyond any extension subsequently requested.
b. EMD of the bidder shall be forfeited, if the bidder withdraws or amends its bids or impairs or
derogates from the bid in any respect with in the period of validity of the bid.
c. Bid without EMD will be out rightly rejected.
d. The EMD amount of the successful bidder shall be converted into security and shall be released
after the Guarantee/Warranty period.
e. No advance payment shall be made under any circumstances.
f. The EMD of unsuccessful bidder without any interest shall be released only after the issue of
award letter.
3. MSME/SSI Units: The Units registered with National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC)/ District
Industries Centers (DICs)/ Khadi & Village Industries Commission(KVIC)/ Khadi & Village Industries
Board (KVIB) are exempted from payment of EMD, subject to :
a. The NSIC / DICs/ KVIC / KVIB Registration certificate still remains valid up to the date of validity of
b. The bid is accompanied with a copy of valid NSIC/ DICs/ KVIC/ KVIB Registration Certificate.
c. Photocopy of application for registration as NSIC / DICs/ KVIC/ KVIB or for renewal of NSIC/ DICs)/
KVIC/ KVIB will not be acceptable. Such offers will be treated as offers received without EMD.
d. MSME Owned By SC/ST Entrepreneurs: The MSME units owned by the SC/ST entrepreneurs are
exempted from payment of EMD, Subject to;
i. Submission of photocopy of valid SC/ST certificate issued by competent authority along with
the bid.
ii. Submission of photocopy of registration certificate with District Industries Centers or Khadi and
Village Industries Commission or Khadi and Village Industries Board or National Small
Industries Corporation.
e. In a bid, if prices quoted by participating Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) fall within the price
band of L1+15%, such MSE shall also be allowed to supply 20% of the total tendered quantity by
bringing down their prices to L1 prices . In case of more than one such MSE (L1+15%) the supply
shall be shared proportionately (to tendered quantity), subject to the condition that such MSEs match
the L 1 price. Further, 4% out of above 20% (i.e. 20% of 20%) shall be from MSEs owned by SC/ST
entrepreneurs. This quota is to be transferred to the MSEs in case of NON-availability of MSEs
owned by SC/ ST entrepreneurs.
4. The scanned copy of the EMD /MSME registration is to be uploaded on above mentioned website. The
bid is to be submitted through e-procurement and hence the EMD/MSME registration is to be sent to
the undersigned by post after submitting the bid along with required details through e-procurement on
the web site and must reach to the undersigned before closing date. If the EMD/MSME registration is
not received before the closing date and time, then the bid will be out rightly rejected. Therefore,

the bidders are advised to submit the EMD/MSME registration in person or through Registered
post/ Speed Post on or before the stipulated period.
5. Clarification of Bid:- If any clarification is required at any stage of bid evaluation, the same should
be attended by the bidder within seven(07) days from the date of receiving of such clarification,
otherwise the bid submitted by the bidder will be treated as non responsive.
6. Please note that an agent on behalf of the Principal/OEM or Principal/OEM itself can bid but both cannot bid
simultaneously for the same items/Products in the same tender. If an agent submits bid on behalf of the
Principal/OEM, the same agent shall not submit a bid on behalf of another Principal/OEM in the same tender
for the same items/products
7. Prices: Firm prices as applicable for SJVN Limited for delivery FOR Bayal/ Badrash basis by Road
Transport to be quoted and should be valid for 120 days from the date of opening of quotations. Bayal/
Badrash is at a distance of approximately 130 Kms from Shimla on Hindustan Tibet Road (NH22).
8. Taxes and Duties: The prices should be inclusive of Excise Duty, Railway Freight, Road Transport,
Transit Risk Insurance, Packing, forwarding, loading/unloading etc. but exclusive of Sales Tax/VAT,
Entry tax, Local Taxes, Octroi if any. The applicable rate of taxes and duties shall be clearly mentioned.
Further it should be clearly mentioned whether the taxes and duties are extra or inclusive. In case
nothing is mentioned it shall be presumed that the rates quoted are inclusive of taxes and duties.
9. Sales Tax/VAT, Local Taxes & Octroi: Indicate clearly the applicable rate of Sales Tax/VAT, Local Tax
& Octroi if any in the price schedule (BOQ)-Schedule-I itself. The firm should have valid PAN/VAT No.
/TIN and same has to be uploaded along with the bid.
10. Entry Tax: For the supplier from outside Himachal Pradesh entry tax as applicable will be effective and
shall be paid by SJVN Ltd directly to the concerned authorities. The supplier will have to obtain form
XXVIA from Excise & Taxation barrier at the entrance to Himachal Pradesh and submit the same to the
consignee along with the bill. During bid evaluation, the bid of the bidder quoting outside from Himchal
Pradesh shall be loaded at the applicable rate of the entry tax.
11. The rates and amount should be filled in both figures and words. In case of ambiguities the rate in words
shall prevail. If there is any discrepancy between the unit rate & total price (i.e. obtained multiplying unit
price & quantity), the unit rate shall prevail & the total price shall be corrected by Rampur HPS, SJVN
Limited accordingly.
12. The bidders shall quote the prices in Indian Rupees only .All discount /rebate should be mentioned in the
Price Schedule only.
13. Delivery Period: All the items are to be supplied within 45 (Forty Five) days which shall be reckoned
from the date of issue of supply order. However, the supplier will have to make all out efforts to supply the
materials as early as possible at the site.
14. Terms of Payment: The payment to the bidder will be made as under after submission of all the required
documents acceptable to Rampur HPS,SJVN Ltd;
a. All the payments for the supplies rendered by non-MSEs (Non- Micro & Small Enterprises)
supplier/contractor under the contract shall be released within forty five (45) days from the receipt
of invoice/ bills form the contractor/ supplier complete in all respects. In case payments are not
released as mentioned above, SJVN shall pay the principal amount plus simple interest from the
date immediately following the date agreed upon @ 8% p.a.
b. All the payments for the supplies rendered by MSEs (Micro & Small Enterprises) supplier/
contractor under the contract shall be released within forty five (45) days from the day of
acceptance, subject to submission of invoice on or before the day of acceptance. Day of
acceptance means day of actual delivery of goods; or where any objection is made in writing by
SJVN regarding acceptance of goods or services within fifteen days from the date of delivery of
goods or the rendering of services, the day on which such objection is removed by the contractor/
In case payments are not released as mentioned above, SJVN shall pay the principal
amount plus compound interest with monthly rests from the date immediately following the date
agreed upon @ three times of bank rates as notified by Reserve Bank of India from time to time.
c. The payment shall be released through electronic fund transfer on the details to be
provided by the bidder along with his bid on bank account details (schedule-II). Bank charges if
any, shall be borne by the supplier.

15. Security Deposit: 10% of supply order amount (after adjusting EMD) will be retained as security which
will be recovered from the payment of the supplier and shall be released after expiry of
guarantee/warrantee/defect liability period.
16. Inspection: The inspection of the materials shall be carried out by authorized representative of PSM
deptt., SJVN Limited at Rampur HPS O&M Store at Bayal/ Badrash. During inspection of the material, if
any item found defective/damaged, the same shall be replaced at free of cost and in such case freight
etc. will be to firms account only.
17. Guarantee/Warranty: The material under the scope of supply shall be covered under warranty/
guarantee for a period of One (01) years or as per manufacturer policy whichever will be more from
the date of supply against any manufacturing defects under normal working conditions. The period of
guarantee /warranty should be clearly mentioned in the quotation.
18. The supplier shall submit the manufacturer test certificates, Load test certificates & warranty certificates
at the time of supply along with material as applicable.
19. The purchaser reserves the right to reject any or all the quotations without assigning any reason thereof.
20. The purchaser reserves the right to increase/decrease the quantity at the time of placing the order.
21. The purchaser reserve the right to place order in part or in full on its sole discretion without assigning any
reason thereof.
22. Facsimile quotations/conditional bid will not be entertained.
23. No deviation from NIQ terms & conditions and technical specifications will be accepted. In case of any
deviation from NIQ terms & conditions and technical specifications is observed, the bid shall be out rightly
24. If it happens to be a holiday or poor internet connectivity on the day of receipt/opening of the tender, the
quotations shall be opened on next working day at the same place and time.
25. Dispute: In case of any dispute of difference arising out the contract between the supplier and the SJVN
Ltd. the same shall be referred to the sole arbitrator who shall be appointed by the HOP, Rampur HPS,
SJVN Ltd. Jhakri. The award of the arbitrator shall be final & binding on both the parties.
26. Jurisdiction: In case of any dispute out of above conditions, the court of Rampur, Bushahr, Distt. Shimla
(H.P) alone shall have the jurisdiction to adjudicate upon.
27. L.D. Charges: If the delivery of material in full & in good condition is not completed for whatsoever
reason within the stipulated period, an amount @ % ( half percent) would be deducted from the
payment due to supplier for each week or part thereof , subject to the maximum of 5%( five percent of the
total order value). Only in case , short supply in all respect are delayed beyond stipulated period, in that
case besides L.D. EMD/ Security shall also be forfeited without any notice.
28. It should be ensured by the supplier that all the precautions are taken for environmental protection as
well as health and safety of those handling the material. Further all legal and regulatory requirements
related to the Environment, health and safety are complied with.
29. Signing of Integrity Pact : In order to ensure transparency, equity and competitiveness in its
procurement, SJVN Ltd has decided to adopt Integrity Pact. The Integrity Pact (IP) envisages an
agreement between the prospective Bidders/ Contractors and the buyer committing the persons / officials
of both the parties, not to exercise any corrupt influence on any aspect of the contract.
The Integrity Pact duly signed on behalf of the Employer is enclosed as Annexure- IV of the
Bidding Document, as such all pages of the Integrity Pact duly signed by authorized representative of the
Bidder and witnessed shall be submitted along with the bid. Failure to sign the Integrity Pact shall lead to
outright rejection of the bid.

Note: All the above General Terms & Conditions-Annexure-I, Undertaking regarding acceptance of NIQ
terms & conditions-Annexure-II, Price Schedule (BOQ)-Schedule-I & Bank Account Details- Schedule-II ,
Format for Integrity Pact-Annexure-IV of PPR(O&M)-RHPS-181 shall form the part of supply order.

For & on behalf of SJVN Limited

Dy. General Manager

Procurement & Contract Deptt,
Rampur HPS, SJVN Limited, Jhakri.
Distt Shimla (H.P) PIN-172201