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Mariel Acol


First off, I wasnt supposed to enroll in this course since I am taking to many majors, but
since it has 6 hrs of class every week, might as well take it in my block than spend
hours in a block I completely dont know, There were a lot of moments that I remember
in this class. I can even remember the very 1 st slide we made. I can remember that
because everyone was having a hard time, and I was lucky enough to make at least
one slide. Turns out, when I passed it, I gave the wrong slide so Maam Yap couldnt see
a single thing on my slide. Anyhow, I managed to get through the next experiments,
especially on the slide of the bones. I almost got a perfect score on that one. Besides
learning academically, I think it really is a big help that I get to practice the thigs I
learned from every Biology course I had ever since 1 st year to this course. I remember
moments that, me and my members were all almost giving up on every slide, and
making 10 slides all at once just to be sure. I enjoyed Biotech. Mostly because its more
on using your hands, than thinking. I enjoyed every single time of it. The time I spent
with my friends, the times I spent on those slides, I think Ive used at least a hundred
slides. All those money I used to buy gloves, caps, and masks every week was okay
because I had a lot of fun in doing all those things. Biotech was a very fulfilling subject
for a Biology student, because this is where your skills will really be tested. I am still
glad to be able to take this course even with all the other majors. I am thankful for the
time and the knowledge I got to spend and learn in this course.