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Samsung Device - AirWatch Enrollment


The IGT account must be approved for mobile email.

The person enrolling the device must have an active Google account.
The device must be plugged in with at least 80% charge on the battery.
The device must have internet connectivity
The user can navigate a Samsung device and is familiar with the Home and Back

If you have any problems or questions, please contact the CSG






1. Press on the Play Store icon

2. Search for and select AirWatch

MDM Agent

3. Press Install

4. Press Accept

5. Press Back and scroll down to

More by AirWatch and press MORE

6. Press AirWatch Samsung Service

7. Press Install

8. Press Accept

9. Press Back and then press

AirWatch Inbox

10. Press Install

11. Press Accept

12. Press the Home button and then

press AirWatch Agent

13. Press Email Address

14. Enter your IGT email address and

then press Continue

15. Enter your IGT network

Username: domain\username (see
below for a list of domains)
Password: IGT Network Password
and press Continue
igtmaster\username (IGTMASTER
femaster\username (FEMASTER
hemaster\username (HEMASTER

16. Select Corporate Dedicated

and then press Continue (selecting
any other ownership will not enrol the
device correctly)

17. Read the Terms of Use and Press


18. Press Get Started

19. Press Continue

20. Press Activate

21. Press Activate

22. Press Device Settings

23. Press Password

24. Enter and confirm a passcode and

press Continue
Passcode Requirement: Passcode
must be at least 5 characters long
- At least one letter
- At least one number
- At least one special character
Simple passcode combinations will
NOT be accepted.
For example: abcd!

25. Confirm your password and press


26. Press Continue

27. Press on Continue

28. Press on Exit

29. The device is now enrolled but

needs to be encrypted before email
will synchronise. Press the Home
button to return to the home screen

30. Go in to Settings and select


31. Press on Encrypt device

Note: Device must be plugged in and
charged to at least 80%

32. Press on Encrypt device

33. Enter your device password and

press Continue

34. Check the Fast Encryption box

and press Encrypt device
The device will encrypt, reboot and
then prompt twice for your passcode

The device is now enrolled and the email container will start to
sync email

Please Note: It can take up to an hour for the mailbox to

synchronise completely. Accessing the AirWatch Inbox before
the device is fully synchronised may cause error messages to
appear. If you continue to experience the error messages after
an hour has passed, please contact the CSG.