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North Kitsap Schoo! Distriet No. 400 EVALUATION REPORT ~ Superintendent (Certificated) Name _Patrice Page Location District Office ‘Type of Evaluation X Annual []Semi-Annual [Other Ifother than annual evaluation, indicate period of time covered by report: AAs part of your annual evaluation, we, the Board of Directors, have reviewed your performance objectives and your program improvement pPlan(s) and summarized our evaluation of your overall administrative performance inthe categories below: ‘The Superintendent's job description will be the guide for each Criteria. Criteria 1. Leadership. Leads the organization, operation, and resources promoting a safe effective, and nurturing learning environment. Establishes and deploys the District mission that is congruent with school and community values and engages all staff to align efforts tothe mission and for sueces forall students 1 2 3 38x 4 ‘reat of Strength — Regarding leadership: You area great leader. Keep it up. Your energy makes a big difference in running the school district. ‘Accomplishments regarding safety ae: District has continued participation inthe ESD safety co-op. Bulding emergency plans have updated. Monthly distric-radio ‘checks have been instituted. Faciity building security assessments have been made and final reports pending. Regarding alignment of staff efforts to mission: Deployed alignment of staf to support mission of success forall students: Increased communication between secondary schools, communication between secondary | and elementary and between CTE and general education, Restructuring and re-building the cabinet in time of transition Regarding deploying mission that is congruent with community values: NAEP has made a pose change. Started the ITEP committee. Re-energzing the parent committee. ‘Opportunities Yor Growth | | Continue to do the work to focus district cabinet leadership on the strategic objectives forthe mission. The groundworkis there as cabinet leadership has been veloped. Alignment of work to the strategic objectives of al 3 graders reading at level and top 5% ofthe state in graduation rate shouldbe strengthened | Reep doing your best as you always do. You can never get tit al everyday. 2. School Administration and Management. Steward of facilities and provide forthe acquisition of facilities to meet future needs. Performs duties ‘and provides information as described in District policies. 1 2 3 38K 4 << “areas of Streneth Generally this isa well un district. Keep the following advice in mind (Source: 7 Keys to Becoming a More Effective Manager, Google}: 1- delegate wisely (most BRIE ign crmutate ciate ranges Semone immense lasting solutions, 7- dont take it to seriously (Smile the world smiles back) Regarding facility stewardship: Long-range fcity study has been completed. Focusing repairs on the neediest tems ist. Regarding policies: The last ofthe polices were revised and updated inthe last year. The suggested quarterty updates from WSSDA are being incorporated ona regular basis. There isa process in place to maintain policies. Additionally, procedures are inthe process of being updated. Reinforcement of reference to policies has been made to administrators. ‘Opportunities for Growth ‘Need to use the long-range facility study to drive curent actions to support it. Desire to have a better understanding of the repair backlog. Ensure thet the fciities Can always count on Patty to assist and answer questions quickly and satisfactorily. Phone calls are answered on the spot, and if unavailable she calls back very quickly; same goes for e-malls. She has also made sure that Kori works inthe same manner. This is necessary in our work and very much appreciated. ‘+ District staff is engaged and working hard ‘+ Great work with coaching/mentoring the Cabinet © The Cabinet is great! ‘+ Keeps Board well informed through individual monthly meetings and reports ‘© Frequency of Board communication ‘Areas for improvement: ‘+ Board needs to hear from other administrators. I all information getting to the Board? The Board needs to hear the whole story. Questions need to be answered directly. The Board expects objective and complete data. © Teacher morale needs to be uplifted ‘© Suggestion to delegate when possible ‘OTHER COMMENTS ‘+ Patty took over a very tenuous situation when she arrived in 2012. She was faced with closing an elementary schoo}, a severe budget crisis, administration challenges, a changing Board, and a number of union contracts. ‘+ There are challenges and areas Patty can improve. The fact that she occasionally ‘angered or upset people is more indicative of her success, rather than failures ‘No leader worth their sat pleases everyone, and | would be more worried ift never heard complaints. ‘+ Patty's task is now to continue the ongoing healing that came from huge transitions and challenges. ‘Superintendent Evaluation Page June 26,2014 | . e 9 ‘Patty works harder than anyone; she puts in ridiculous amounts of work time in office and at community events. ‘© We are exceedingly pleased with her work ethic, her leadership through dificult times, her willingness to protect the Board from the public and take the bullets, ‘and her commitment to making North Kitsap School District the best it can be. © Bottom line: We are significantly improved and better off asa district in June 2014 than in June 2013. We have good reason to believe the trend will continue. ‘AVERAGE OVERALL SCORE: 3.275* (13.1+4=3,275) ‘Rating Scal 40 Distinguished 3.0 Proficient 2.0 Basic 1.0. Unsatisfactory (26 1H Mele _ bw Beth Worthington Date Le Meili bedtoy Cindy Webste(-Martinson: Date Superintendent Evaition Page dune 26,2014 #2 North Kitsap oe School District recon rse Phe (at 779-8702 A Great Place to Live & Learn ‘To: Patrice M. Page, Superintendent, North Kitsap School Distict #400 June 28, 2013 From: Board of Directors, North Kitsap School District #400 Subject: Annual Evaluation ofthe Superintendent, 2012-2013 |In accordance with District Policy 1630 and the Superintendent's contract, this isthe annual performance evaluation of Superintendent Page. Superintendent Page has performed all the duties expected ofa superintendent and. ‘marked progress in achieving all board goels and tasks during this fist year ofher leadership ofthe istrict. She encountered significant challenges in many areas during ths year and has achieved Positive results in solving problems that have plagued the district for several years. These include but ‘are not limited to: 1. Closing an elementary school because of declining enrollment which resuited in and an estimated annual savings of more than $300,000. In accomplishing this emotionally charged task, there was high level of community and staff involvercent, with reports, data, community ‘meetings and well attended public hearings, 2. Reonganizing the district staf into a highly functional and responsive organization, 3. Establishing budgetary procedures and guidelines which will restore district fund balance from less than 3% to the board goal of 5%. 4. Identifying long standing problems, whether in learning, maintenance, personnel or expenditures, and creating strategies to quickly resolve. '. Keeping the board informed and communicating with staffto a degree that had not been done previously. ‘6. Maintaining high visibility in schoo! buildings and classrooms despite an extremely busy schedule and emergent problems needing work. ‘Superintendent Page took the helm of a school district which needed a true professional to provide ‘song and compassionate leadership. She is that person. She has far exceeded the expectations ofthe ‘board in her first year. Its the desir of the board that she continue her leadership of the district for ‘many more years.