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Spoilers for The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-forNothing Miss

Chapters 1873-2171 (Summarized by dysry summaries)

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Wei Hua (Source: Knight Fantastic Night)

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SL Su Luo (mother YH; father unknown)
NL Nangong Liuyun (2nd Prince of Dong Ling, 3rd disciple of CZ)
BY Beichen Ying
LX Lan Xuan
AYM An Ye Ming
ZiY Zi Yan (Purgatory Citys Holy Maiden)
WH Wei Hua
Su Luos Real Family
YH Yan Hua (Su Luos real mother)
Father Candidates:
Rong Yun YHs sworn brother; SLs master
Long Qing Tian Cheng Zhu of Purgatory City
A black-cloaked member of Gui Ci (Crafty Thorn)
Unknown Man Owner of YHs White Jade Finger Guard
Purgatory City
CZ Lord (Cheng Zhu) of Purgatory City; real name Long Qing Tian
1st Disciple Dong Fang Xuan
2nd Disciple Situ Ming
3rd Disciple Nangong Liuyun
4th Disciple Zi Yan
5th Disciple Li Yao Yao
1st Elder
QF Qing Feng (1st elders page)
QL Qing Lin (3rd Elder)
Blue, Yellow, Green, Cyan and Orange Clothed Girls
Serene Fairy (Wu You Xian Zi)
Genius Training Camp
LYC Luo Yi Chen
LBL Lin Ban Li
LFM Lu Fang Ming (Effeminate man in silk)
HQG Hua Qi Ge (7th Flower Brother)
HLD Hua Lao Da (1st Flower Brother)
HLW Hua Lao Wu (5th Flower Brother)
Mountain Plateau DCT
MJS Mie Jue Shi
OM Ouyang Murong
YLP Yu Lin Pai (Forest Feather Faction)
HXB Hong Xing Bang (Flourishing Flood Group)
Down Stream DCT
Ning Elder

LEX Leng Xiao

RJ - Rong Jun
YM - Yan Mo
XD Xiao Ding
201 Former 1st in the Down Stream Mountains
Middle Stream DCT
CDZ - Chen Da Zhuang
D1 - Ding Yi
L2 - Liao Er
L3 - Li San
Z4 - Zhao Si
LQY Luo Qing Yun (Granddaughter of the Serene Fairys Steward)
LSY Leng Si Yu
QZQ Quan Zi Qing
SY Su Ying (Clone of SL for the 3rd assessment)
Mo Zu Magic/Demon Clan

Items and Places

Dong Ling (Eastern Hill) ruled by the Nangong family
Xi Jin (Western Jin/Entrance) ruled by the Ou Yang family
Nan Feng (Southern Wind) ruled by the An Ye family
Bei Mo (Northern Desert) ruled by the Xuan Yuan family
*Also referred to by the names of their current ruler i.e. Dong Ling is called the Jin
Other Places
SNG - Secluded Necropolis of the Gods
Purgatory City (Lin Y Chng)
Celestial Citadel Tian Shi Cheng Bao
DCT Dragon Cloud Tower (Long Yun Ta); also Purgatory City Training Tower
Built on every mountain of the Genius Training Camp
Medicinal Ingredients and Pills
FRP Flesh Regrowth Pill
ERP Energy Recovery Pills
LRB Languishing Red Bean
RBBG Red-Black Blood Ginseng
LRP Life Restoring Pills
CSW Celestial Spring Water
RGM Raging Blood Medicine (Fen Xie Yao Ji)
BCP Blood Clotting Pill (Ning Xie Dan)
SRP Spiritual Recovery Pill (Bu Ling Dan)
Spiritual Pets
DSH Dragon Scaled Horse
PCF Purple Crystal Fish
LRB Tree Mutated Languishing Red Bean Tree
SGT Spirit Gathering Tree; 3rd mutation of SLs LRB tree
Fox Nine-Tailed Demon Fox King
RSL Red Shooting Lotus (Yun Luo Hong Lian Falling Meteor, Red Lotus)
Red War Puppet
Little Dragon Little Divine Dragon (Meng Meng)
Techniques and Weapons
SDS Spirit Dance Steps
DHS Dedicated Heavenly Sword (Ch Xio Jin; owned by NL)
CSS Clear Shadow Sword (Chng Yng Jin; owned by SL)
Communication Gem Tong Xun Jue
PEF Pure Energy Fruits (Chun Ling Guo)
Fire Crystal Huo Jing Shi
SEC Spiritual Essence Crystal (Ling Hun Jing Po)
Dragon List Purgatory Citys Ranking List (Lng Bang)
Glutton Demon-Eyed, Poisonous Emerald Glutton
DFT Divine Fairy Tea (Shen Xian Cha)

Power Levels
Ranks and Beast Crystals
4 Red Crystal
5 Orange Crystal
6 Yellow Crystal
7 Green Crystal
8 Cyan Crystal
9 Blue Crystal
10 Purple Crystal
Command level ( Tng Lng J) Black Crystal
9 stars-sub/levels
Saint level ( Shng Zh J) Dense Black Crystal
9 stars/Sub-levels
Imperial level ( Jn Zh J) Translucent Black Crystal
9 stars/Sub-levels
1-3 Beginning
4-6 Mid-level
7-9 Peak Level
Grand Master
Purgatory City Tokens
Bronze Outer Disciples
Silver Personal Disciples (Inner Sect)
Gold Members of the Genius Training Camp
Jade Purgatory City Elders
Diamond CZs Proxy; One only
Genius Training Camp Residencies
1-10 Private Mountain Ranges
11-50 Private Mountains
51-100 Upper Stream Mountains
101-200 Middle Stream Mountains
201-300 Down Stream Mountains
+301 Villas on the Mountain Plateau

Chapters 1873-1882 Misty Blood Forest

1873 Under normal circumstances, it would take a month to reach Purgatory City, but
using the 9527 Flying Ship, Su Luo arrives at the Misty Blood Forest ( Xu W
Sn Ln) within 5 days. The forest lies before Purgatory City, and only those who can
overcome it have the right to enter. Filled with blood-red trees and magical beasts,
with a sharp tower pointing out from the foliage, even members of Purgatory City
rarely stay over 3 days due to the dangers. Lan Xuan and An Ye Ming are only at the
peak of 8th ranked and SL is determined to help them close the gap in strength.
1874 Zi Yan warns SL to walk around the edge since only the Cheng Zhu (City Lord)
can survive in the centre, when SL notices that the ground is covered with rare herbs,
including the Purple Spirit Grass ( Z Lng Co), used in Master ranked recipes.
Since she can only advance through refining, and requires ingredients, they spend
their time gathering herbs, and it takes them 3 days to travel 1/3 of the way in. SL
summons her Spirit Gathering Tree, which can gather herbs faster and over a wider
1875 They continue making their way through the forest, relying on SLs Imperial
Ranked pills for energy, when they become lost. ZiY mentions theres no map, but they
could run into Purgatory City disciples. SL senses danger, but decides to stay, since
overcoming the forest is part of their training.
1876 SL tells the group to remain in position so she can use her gravity field, when a
girl in purple appears. The girl is an 8 th ranked outer disciple and chased by thousands
of 8th to 10th ranked Black Iron Centipedes ( Hi S Ti W Gng). Since
surviving is more important than training, they turn and run.
1877 The girl has already fled ahead, leaving them to deal with the centipedes. SL
sends LX and AYM to find her, as the centipedes surround SL, Beichen Ying and ZiY. SL
expands her gravity field to capture 100 centipedes, and releases her pets the SGT,
fox and sable, ordering them all to attack. After the centipedes are slain, SL lets in
another hundred, including the 3 10 th ranked leaders for BY to slaughter.
1878 Within half an hour, a thousand centipedes are dead, as the rest flee. LX and
AYM escort the girl back, as she sneers that its only natural to run and that SLs group
have no chance of entering Purgatory City. ZiY reminds the girl that they saved her,
only for her to retort that they should feel honoured for being able to.
1879 ZiY is infuriated that the girl doesnt recognize her, when the girl reveals that her
grandfather is the steward of the Serene Pavilion ( W Yu G Carefree),
serving under the Serene Fairy. As the 3 rd Elders main disciple, the Fairy is the second
highest ranked woman, only under Purgatory Citys Holy Maiden, Zi Yan. SL smiles,
asking the girl if she knows ZiY, but ZiY is ranked too high for her to interact with.
1880 SL continues asking about the Serene Fairy since she hasnt had good relations
with past Fairies (Li Yao Yao, Yan Xia). The girl boasts that aside from ZiY being CZs
disciple, she cant compare to the Serene Fairy in strength, prestige or reputation, and
that she might be replaced soon. Seeing the girl proudly brag about her ties, SL
dismisses her, only for the girl to demand they safely escort her, recognizing their
1881 The stooges demand to be compensated, so the purple-clothed girl offers to help
them enter, before settling on 10 Purple Crystals, giving them 2 each. The girls name
is Lu Qng Yn () and had strayed from her team while on a mission to slay
1882 LQY boasts about being able to enter the Purgatory City Inner Sect, secretly
doubting SL would even be able to enter the front door. As theyre about to leave the
forest, LQY smirks, urging them forward through the fog. Despite there being other
routes, LQY lies and insists that they can only enter Purgatory City by going through
the Celestial Citadel ( Tin Sh Chng Bo Angel Fortress). ZiY whispers

something to SL, who smirks and agrees to go with LQY. LQY secretly laughs at their
gullibility, as they start climbing the stairs, unperturbed by the increasing resistance it

Chapters 1883-1891 Celestial Citadel 1

1883 The citadel is made of white crystal and surrounded by statues of angels with 2,
4, 6, 8 and 10 wings. LQY explains that having climbed the stairs, they can only go
through the citadel, and that their task is to slay angels that the statues are based on,
unaware that ZiY had already known the citadel is used for training and for gaining
points. She proudly opens the entrance using a bronze token, as SL smirks at how
insignificant she is. They follow LQY into a narrow passage until they reach a hall the
size of a football field.
1884 SL is shocked at the numerous beasts that gather in front of them, including a 3legged bull, black apes and a python with several legs, as they arent from the
continent. LQY urges them to slay the beasts, exclaiming when she sees a 10 th ranked
4-winged angel. Despite its humanoid and otherworldly appearance, SL attacks with
her Clear Shadow Sword. The angel dodges all her strikes, but SL continues chasing it,
enjoying the hunt.
1885 SL slices the angel in 2, while the rest of her group slays the weaker 8 th and 9th
ranked beasts. LQY had been watching on, but rushes to place her bronze token on the
skulls of the dead beasts, only for SL to snatch it from her when she approaches the
angel, asking her to explain. Infuriated, LQY charges towards SL, only to narrowly
avoid having her wrist sliced by the CSS.
1886 ZiY reveals that the token will give 1 point for every 10 beasts slain. LQY is
shocked they know Purgatory Citys point system, but retorts that each token
recognizes its owner by blood and that its useless to them. The angel starts to
disappear and she urges them to use the token, since it would grant her 4 points
which usually requires 40 beasts, when ZiY pulls out her silver token and collects 8
points. LQY is shocked since only inner disciples have silver tokens, accusing ZiY of
stealing it.
1887 ZiY explains that silver tokens grant double the amount of points, while gold
grants triple and diamond grants 5. LQY is convinced theyve killed elite disciples,
knowing that the token and points are transferrable when the owner dies, and
disciples often assassinate each other for points. While her team did encounter beasts
(chapter 1881), it was LQY who had killed them while they were in the midst of battle,
taking their points for herself. ZiY asks if they want to continue staying in the citadel,
since its a good place to gather points. SL is excited since her diamond token will
grant her 5 times as many points.
1888 SL dismisses LQY, whos shocked they wont kill her for her points, before
running off. ZiY remarks that LQY has as many points as her, as inner disciples arent
given preferential treatment, while her silver token was given by Nangong Liuyun.
With LQY gone, SL can use her gravity field to allow LX and AYM to train, only
intervening when theres a strong beast.
1889 ZiY reveals that each hall contains an exit but once they leave the citadel, they
wont be able to enter for another month. While the beasts were gathered by CZ as he
wandered through different worlds and planes, looking for someone. ZiY then asks SL
if she resembles her mother, given CZs reaction when he saw her, while SL is curious
how CZ had linked the citadel, tokens and beasts to resemble modern coding.
1890 Celestial Citadel only has beasts 10th ranked and below, with people training
there in order to enter the training tower. SL is curious why the angels give such high
points, when hundreds of beasts appear. The halls are programed to summon random
amounts, ranging from 2-3 beasts to hundreds. LY and AYM continue training, with SL
letting in 30 beasts in her gravity field for them to slay, and healing their injuries.
1891 LX and AYM are exhausted but manage to slay the beasts within an hour.
Knowing she, BY and ZiY had only improved by enduring hardships and near death
experiences, SL lets in 50 more for them to fight. By the end, theyve reached the

peak of 8th ranked, but its still not enough since BY, ZiY and SL are about to break
through 10th to Command level.

Chapters 1892-1902 Celestial Citadel 2

1892 After 2 weeks, LX and AYM advance to 9th ranked and they accumulate 900
points. SL decides to stay until they reach 1,000 points, so each of them would have
200, when they finally run into another angel. LX slashes it, only for the angels 2
wings to become 4, as it charges towards him and AYM.
1893 ZiY exclaims that its a mutated angel, which adds another pair of wings every
time its slain. Since angels give as many points as they have wings, killing it as it
mutates would give SLs diamond token 150 points*. AYM and LX manage to slay the
angel, only for it to mutate 6 wings and reach 10 th ranked. Since its too strong for
them, BY and ZiY take over until it reaches 8 wings and Command level.
*(2+4+6+8+10)*5 = 30*5 = 150 (yes it works out)
1894 Unwilling to give up the points, SL and her spirit pets take over as the angel
reaches 10 wings and the middle of Command level. Charging with her CSS, she aims
for the angels head, but only manages to cut off 2 wings. The angel glares, sending a
lightning attack, which pushes SL to the Command level bottle neck.
1895 SL smirks, taking out her Red Shooting Lotus, fusing its destructive flames with
her CSS. The pressure overwhelms the angel, despite its water element, allowing SL to
cut off another pair of wings. SL tries to stab it in the heart, but narrowly misses, as
the angel runs off with the CSS still stuck in its ribs.
1896 SL chases the angel until it runs into a group of teenagers, led by a man around
20 Qun Z Qng (), who claims the angel and the sword for himself. The group
becomes ecstatic, noticing its a mutated angel, and that they can claim all the
accumulated points. The mans silver badge would grant him 60, when they speculate
who could have injured it.
1897-1898 QZQ uses the CSS to finish off the angel, and rushes to claim the points,
when SL arrives, telling them to return her sword. Theyre shocked at her appearance,
when a girl in the group, Lng S Y (), recovers, stating that the sword is theirs
since they had found it, unwilling to give up such a treasure, and envious of SLs
beauty. SL waves her hand, and the sword starts to drain QZQs energy, before
returning to SL. Realizing that its a legendary sword with a soul, LSY demands for SL
to return it to QZQ. Seeing SL approach the angel, QZQ asserts that she can keep the
sword but the angel is theirs.
1899 Despite SLs condescending attitude, the group claim that its impossible for her
to slay the angel at her age, and that it clearly belongs to them. SL retorts that since
she can easily slay the angel, they arent her opponents and the points arent worth
their lives. They turn to leave, when LSY stops them.
1900 LSY reasons that given SLs strength, her token should be silver ranked and she
would have accumulated a lot of points. Deciding to kill her and steal her points, the
group attacks, with QZQ leaping towards the angel with his token, only for SL to grab
him by his hair and toss him aside. The group is stunned, while the humiliated QZQ
orders them to continue attacking. BY and ZiY arrive, taking over from the fight, as SL
discretely uses her diamond token to claim the angel, giving her 150 points.
1901 QZQ accidentally glances at SLs diamond token, and rushes to take it from her,
when several 10 winged angels appear. SL urges ZiY and BY to run, as the angels
surround QZQs group, infuriated over the death of the mutated angel. The entire
group is removed, aside from LSY, who had snuck away with the tokens, having
noticed the angels before SL.
1902 As they head towards Purgatory City, BY is grateful that SL had warned them in
time, lamenting letting so many points go, while SL is glad that QZQ was removed
before he could reveal her diamond token. Meanwhile. LSY is watching on, unable to
think of an explanation for the forces behind QZQ as to why he had died, before
deciding to pin the blame on SL for acting against her.

Chapters 1903-1913 Purgatory City Gates

1903 SLs group stands in front of the towering gates of Purgatory City, overwhelmed
by their regal and terrifying strength. The gatekeeper is the 3 rd elders disciple, a
woman dressed in blue, who arrogantly turns everyone aside from ZiY away, laughing
when ZiY states that its under CZs command. Despite ZiYs title as Purgatory Citys
Holy Maiden, she had been away for the last few years, and was weak when she left,
so the gatekeepers treat her with disdain. Wanting to save time, SL reveals her
diamond token.
1904 ZiY waves the diamond token but the blue-clothed girl doesnt believe its real.
She laughs, charging ZiY with the crime of using a forgery, wanting to remove ZiY so
the 3rd elders faction can claim her title. Since the girl was stronger than ZiY when she
left, she attacks and is shocked that theyre on par.
1905 The stooges fight with the other guards, while SL reflects over the obstacles
shes faced to reach Purgatory City. A yellow-clothed girl, whose strength is higher
than ZiY and her opponent, draws her sword and charges towards ZiY, when her sword
falls to the floor.
1906 The yellow-clothed girl rages at SL for intervening and for breaking the amber
sword her master gave her, as SL avoids each of her attacks. They exchange blows,
when the yellow-clothed girl pulls out a deep-blue, steel Soul Whip ( Hn Bin). An
oppressive weapon from her master, which can damage the soul.
1907 The girl aims the whip towards SL, unknowingly entering SLs space. SL darts
behind the girl, stabbing her with her Yan Hua dagger. Despite her lagging speed, the
girl manages to avoid a fatal wound, as the dagger enters her back, and SL chases her
with the CSS. SL manages to grab the Soul Whip, and aims it towards the girls back
before the girl realizes she no longer has her whip.
1908 Knowing that shes outclassed and can always get the elder to avenge her later,
the yellow-clothed girl tries to negotiate. SL ignores her, using the whip to throw her
against the city walls, causing the gates to collapse and setting off the alarms. The
blue-clothed girl leads the miserable looking yellow-clothed girl away, determined to
seek their master.
1909 ZiY mentions even the elders cant act against the diamond token, when they
arrive. The first elder is an old man, the second is middle aged, while the third is a
glamorous woman in red. The 3rd elder demands to know who harmed her disciple, and
is stunned and furious seeing SL, since her appearance makes her own peerless
beauty seem inferior.
1910 Envious of her title, the 3rd elder berates ZiY for bringing outsiders, while the first
elder eyes SL, as shes the strongest, but wouldnt be able to break the wall at her
level. SL remarks on Purgatory Citys hospitality, while the first elder realizes that SL is
the one CZ had wanted to protect. The 3rd elder sends a wind attack towards SL, only
to be swallowed by the 1st elders golden flame.
1911-1912 The 3rd elder prepares to attack again, when SL reveals the diamond token,
shocking them since theirs is only jade. SL dodges as the 3 rd elder reaches for it,
throwing it to the 1st elder to verify. The 1st elder confirms the token is real, giving it to
the 3rd elder to check for herself, as SL realizes that even he fears CZ. Holding the
token she had always wanted, the 3rd elder sends an insidious glare towards SL,
causing those who see it to back away. She then offers to hold onto the token, since SL
is too weak to protect it. SL retorts that few would be brave enough to steal it.
1913 The 3rd elder reprimands SL for destroying the city wall, when SL reminds her
that her disciples were also involved. ZiY threatens to return with CZ, when the 1 st
elder intervenes, offering to prepare a residence for SL, and for the blue and yellow
clothed girls to work as her serving girls. The 3 rd elder is infuriated since theyre her
treasured disciples, asserting that theyre too injured to serve. SL reveals an imperial

ranked Blood Clotting Pill, and the elders are stunned since only Rong Yun can refine

Chapters 1914-1924 Entrance Exam 1

1914-1915 The 1st elder leads SL away under the 3rd elders hostile gaze and the
publics commentary. Ordinary civilians live in the outer city, which resembles a
bustling town. The elder takes SL to the inner sect, which consists of mountains and a
tall white training tower, known as the Purgatory City Tower. SLs quarters are on the
Cyan Cloud Peak ( Qng Yn Fng), near the elders, as he fears for SLs life due
to her animosity with the 3rd elder. The elder reveals that they can accumulate points
faster than in the Celestial Citadel, but its still too early to tell her about the training
tower. The 1st elder leaves his Command level page, Qng Fng (), with SL and she
despairs since even a servant is stronger than her.
1916 The blue and yellow-clothed girls arrive the next day, carrying basins of water for
SL. Discontent, the blue-clothed girl tries to trip SL, only for SL to step on her foot.
Furious, the two threaten to kill her, but the yellow-clothed girl only has 50% of her
original strength, despite the taking BCP. SL slaps the yellow-clothed girls face, before
blowing her hand as though it was dirtied by touching her, as ZiY and the stooges
1917 The two girls storm off, as SLs group speculate how theyd retaliate. They return
in the evening, filling the table with enough dishes to make a feast, while acting
subservient. SL laments that its a waste for her to eat and that the food should be
sent to the 3rd elders Bright Moon Palace ( Mng Yu Din).
1918 Hearing the yellow-clothed girl cry out; SL has QF carry it to the 1 st elder instead.
The girl trembles and chases after QF, while the blue-clothed girl cowers in the corner.
Completely outplayed, the yellow-clothed girl reveals that they had intended for SL to
send the food to the 3rd elder, who had already prepared the antidote. While the 1 st
elder should recognize the poison since its one of his recipes. She then declares that
shell continue trying to assassinate SL if she stays by her side.
1919 The Lord of the Court, Lng Xng Tin (), arrives to arrest the two girls,
reprimanding SL for picking battles she cant win, before leading the girls away. ZiY
remarks that hes indifferent but hates trouble-makers, while even the 3 rd elder cant
save the girls since they tried to remove the 1 st elder.
1920 QF reveals that the 1st elder will take SL to a Genius Training Camp (
Tin Ci Xn Lin Yng). The camp is difficult to enter, but raises the strongest
geniuses by providing them with the best resources, with one expert staying for a
hundred years. ZiY laments not being able to go, since the minimum requirement is to
reach Command level, but she and BY urge SL to use the opportunity.
1921 SL heads towards the training camp, as the crowd comment on her preferential
treatment, her relationship with the 3rd elder and CZ, and how shes only 10th ranked,
laughing since they expect her to turn back crying. Since SL could slay a 10 winged
angel, BY is certain of her strength, but ZiY knows how harsh the assessment can be.
1922 The assessment consists of 3 tests. The first test involves breaking out of the
Heavenly Puppet Array ( Tin Gng Ku Li Zhn Big Dipper) which has 5
levels and a 2-hour limit for each round. A crowd gathers to watch, including a greenclothed girl from the 3rd elders compound. The girl pushes through the crowd, as SLs
actions had increased the animosity between ZiY and the 3 rd elder.
1923 The green-clothed girl declares that the title of Holy Maiden should belong to the
3rd elders favourite disciple, the Serene Fairy, whos in the top 50 of the training camp,
while ZiY isnt even qualified to enter. ZiY retorts that SL is more than a match for her,
causing the girl and her group to laugh and the crowd to pity her. Meanwhile, SL has
entered the array, as the crowd watches on from a screen.
1924 SL walks in the dark, while the screen can pick up her shadow from a close
range. She hears a clicking sound, when 3 10 th ranked war puppets, similar to the ones
she encountered in the Hidden Dragon Territory, emerge. SLs red puppet is interested

in eating the puppets, but remains in her space as it has no energy, and she wants to
hide it from the 3rd elder. The 3 puppets pounce, while the green-clothed girl gloats
how the first assessment is the easiest, but has become thrilling since SL is too weak.

Chapters 1925-1934 Entrance Exam 2

1925 The crowd questions CZ and the 1st elders judgement, when one of the Serene
Fairys suitors, Ln Bn L (), appears. The green-clothed girl reports that ZiY had
compared SL to the Fairy, as he looks at SL with disdain. The man behind him, Lu Y
Chn (), smirks and tells them to look closer.
1926 LBL is shocked since LYC is usually indifferent, but cant see why hes so
intrigued. Hearing ZiY challenge his assessment, LBL takes out his gold token that
only members of the genius training camp have and offers to wager 300 points that
SL wont last the first 3 arrays. ZiY accepts, while LYC acts as the witness. SL slays the
3 puppets, but takes the full 2 hours. The crowd comment on how weak she is, when
they notice that the puppets have disappeared.
1927 LBL is shocked, speculating SL had used a space ring, while the green-clothed
girl laughs at SL for collecting junk. SLs war puppet comments that the three werent
tasty since they were made from scraps, but insists on eating the next ones anyway.
The 2nd array consists of 6 puppets of the same level as the last 3. SL cracks their
heads in, before sending them to her space to feed her puppet. 9 puppets with double
the strength of the last ones and at the peak of 10 th ranked, appear for the 3rd array.
The crowd watches with baited breaths, while LBL is confident of his win, remarking SL
should just forfeit.
1928 The puppets circle SL, before charging towards the centre with their strongest
attacks, causing LYC to feel uncertain of the outcome, as he had speculated SL
deliberately used more time in the previous rounds. ZiY continues insisting on SLs
victory, when the battle dies down and SL is left standing in the centre. ZiY collects her
winnings from LBL, when the green-clothed girl insists on wagering 500 points for the
4th round.
1929 ZiY remarks that shed even bet on the 5 th round, and the green clothed girl
wagers 1,000 points. LBL is certain of SLs loss, but LYC believes SL will pass. SL
defeats the 18 puppets in 2 hours, and ZiY collects her 500 points. The girl is certain
she can win back her points in the next round, while ZiY laughs at how lucrative
betting is. SL arrives in the 5th array, which is a barren landscape, confident that shes
grasped the fighting habits of the puppets, when she narrowly dodges a figure flying
towards her.
1930 The crowd is shocked when 81 puppets leap from the ground, as the number of
puppets generated depends on the persons strength. LBL had encountered 63, while
LYC fought 72. The number of puppets is capped at 81. Not knowing this rule, the
green-clothed girl cheers at SLs demise, as SL smirks, trapping 18 puppets into her
space, before attacking with the RSLs flames, aiming for their weakness the navel.
1931 The puppets easily fall despite being at the peak of 10 th ranked, while SL piles
their scraps into her space for her puppet. The crowd is shocked as the number of
puppets decreases before their eyes, speculating that the 1 st elder and CZ had rigged
the array for her. LYC is impressed SL had used the puppets weaknesses but LBL
reminds him the Serene Fairy had defeated them within an hour.
1932 LYC remarks that SLs storage ring is larger than LBLs. Remembering the Serene
Fairy had wanted a larger storage item, LBL smirks, thanking LYC. SL sends the last of
the puppets into her space, and ZiY brings her to collect the 1,000 points from the
green-clothed girl. The girl accuses SL of cheating, shocking the crowd since its the
equivalent of slandering CZ and the 1st elder, as she tries to renege on her bet.
1933-1934 The girl surrenders the points, while SL heads back to the Cyan Cloud
Peaks, satisfied that her puppet has been fed. ZiY warns that the next exam is harder,
as it involves picking a blood-red flower from the peak of the heaven-defying Mang
Mountain () within 24 hours. 80% of those who make it to this stage are
eliminated. QF adds that to enter through the gates of the second barrier, SL needs to

release a Command Level aura, telling SL to advance within 3 days. ZiY and BY are
stunned since these things cant be predicted, while SL spends 3 days in closed door
cultivation. SLs mind becomes closed off from the outside world, as her 5 senses start
to awaken and her heart becomes as still as water. The day of the assessment, ZiY and
BY hesitate in interrupting her training, when SL emerges with an ethereal

Chapters 1935-1945 Entrance Exam 3

1935 ZiY anxiously exclaims that SL hasnt broken through and wont be able to
participate in the next round, but SL just laughs and appears indifferent. They head to
the second barrier, concerned over SLs mental state, with ZiY reassuring SL that
theres no repercussions if she cant pass through the gate.
1936 The green-clothed girl appears with a much stronger cyan-clothed girl,
discussing SL with LBL and LYC. The cyan girl is the only other disciple of the 3 rd elder,
aside from the Serene Fairy, whos entered the genius training camp. They watch SL
walk robotically towards the gates, led by ZiY, as LBL comments on LYCs loss. The
crowd remarks on SLs audacity, when a cloud appears, shooting down 9 lightning
1937 The crowd is stunned that SL had just broken through, while the record for
advancing to Command level is 6 bolts. LYC, and even LBL, smile at her talent, while
the 2 girls seethe in anger. The crowd stares in awe at SL, as the green-clothed girl
curses at her luck. SL forces the doors open with her aura, telling ZiY not to hesitate in
winning points.
1938 ZiY is stunned things turned around so quickly, when the doors close behind SL.
There is only one path to the peak of Mang Mountain, which consists of 9 barriers and
is riddled with beasts and hidden dangers. SL arrives at the first barrier, Wolf Fang Falls
( Lng Y P B), named after the 99 jagged rocks that protrude every hundred
meters in the 10,000m tall waterfall. While the only way forward is to climb up. SL
walks barefoot towards the base, stabilizing herself in the water.
1939 Using her spiritual energy, SL leaps up towards the first rock. She misses by 1
metre, but uses her SGTs vines to grab on instead, before using it to reach the second
rock. The crowd watches on from the screen, commenting on SLs rare plant spirit pet,
and her stupidity for not just relying on her pet from the start. LBL states that SL still
wont make it to the top, as LYC offers to wager on it.
1940 While Command level is the minimum requirement, few manage to pass the
exam, so LBL stakes 5,000 points on her losing. Having lost to ZiY before, the greenclothed girl avoids betting. SL continues climbing up, relying more on her own strength
each time, and taking small breaks due to the increased pressure. The crowd is
shocked when she reaches the top in 20 minutes, compared to the Serene Fairys 15. A
small portion of the crowd starts to believe SL might pass the second exam, as she
dries her clothes.
1941-1942 SL runs towards the second hurdle, as LYC suspects her speed has
increased. The second barrier is a man-eating swamp ( Sh Rn Zho Z) filled
with Command ranked crocodiles. SL contemplates floating across on driftwood, when
the crocodiles start attacking each other and SL realizes they wouldnt let her cross
safely. SL searches through her space, as the crowd assumes shes too scared, before
taking out a bottle of Celestial Spring Water and pouring it in the mud. The crocodiles
clamour towards the CSW, fighting amongst themselves, when SL hops on one of the
crocodiles heads. The crowd remark on her stupidity, while LBL is confident of his win.
1942 Seeing SLs smile, LYC is assured of SLs victory. The crocodile she steps on
rages, when SL squirts CSW in its mouth, and has the sable negotiate with it. The
crocodile darts to the other side at lightning speed, after the sable hints its friends
would also want a share. The crowd lament losing such a beauty, as SL sits on the
crocodile, chased by thousands of others.
1943-1945 BY reassures ZiY, as SL enjoys the ride. One of the crocodiles from the
outskirts of the horde flies towards SL. She leaps on it and squirts CSW into its mouth,
as the other crocodiles tear the first one apart, scaring her current ride into running
faster. The crowd remarks on how she managed to tame it, while LBL is stunned at the
sight. SL continues using her CSW to change crocodiles as the last ones get torn by

their comrades, until she reaches the other side. SL rushes to the 3 rd barrier as LBL
sweats over his loss. The green and cyan clothed girls attribute it to luck and the fact
that the first few barriers are easier. The 3 rd barrier is called Single Sky Line ( Y
Xin Tin), a single rope bridge, the width of human hair, suspended between two
mountain peaks.

Chapters 1946-1956 Entrance Exam 4

1946 A pebble falls into the crevice, not even leaving an echo, as falcons fly overhead.
Taking a deep breath, SL rushes across the hair-thin tight rope at maximum speed,
when the sky starts turning dark a few kilometres in and SL almost stumbles. Tens of
thousands of falcons start approaching and SL realizes theyre 10 th ranked harpies with
womens heads, eyeing her as though they were starving.
1947 SL continues running, chased by the harpies and aware how delicate the rope is.
Part of the crowd cheers for the bridge to break, while 15% have started to support SL.
SL reaches towards the nearest harpy, grabbing its wing and plopping herself on its
shoulder. The other harpies flock to attack, only to fight amongst themselves as SL
had teleported away.
1948 The harpies will obliterate their opponents once they see blood, so SL had left
bloodstains on several of them, before escaping. The crowd is stunned that SL had
made it to the other side, with 25% supporting her. The cyan clothed girl calms her
friend down, telling her theres only 12 hours and 6 barriers left. Meanwhile the 1 st and
3rd elder are calmly playing chess, as the 1st elder advises her to let SL and the
disciples sort things out for themselves, referring to her as Qng Ln ().
1949 Having admired CZ for so long, QL refuses to listen, envious of the treatment CZ
gives SL. The 1st elder warns her not to provoke CZ, but shes confident that her ties
with him are stronger than SLs. With 12 hours and 6 barriers left, QL is confident SL
wont pass, but the 1st elder believes in CZs judgement.
1950 QL brushes their game of chess aside, waiting for the outcome. SL heads
towards the 4th barrier, the Demonic Labyrinth ( M Y M Gng), feeling
complicated due to her experience in the HDT. Determined to use her void to walk
straight through the labyrinth, SL laughs as the spectators assume shes scared silly.
SL starts to walk towards the wall, when she realizes her actions are being
1951 The sable offers to help, relying on its natural instinct to pick the right path, as
SL follows it. The crowd is shocked SL manages to choose her path so accurately, while
the cyan clothed girls face darkens as the 4 th barrier should be the most time
consuming, even taking the Serene Fairy 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete. The
green clothed girl is stunned, watching SL approach the exit in less than 30 minutes.
1952-1953 SL is grateful for the sable, as the green-clothed girl chants for her to lose.
The sable directs SL to the final turn, as the crowd remarks on SLs beauty, strength
and luck, and how she had broken the Fairys record. At QLs Bright Moon hall, the two
elders comment on SLs performance. The 1st elder is confident in SLs win due to CZ,
while QL offers to wager on her loss, when an orange-clothed disciple reports that SL
has already emerged. QL accuses the 1st elder of assisting SL, but CZ had carved the
maze himself, programing it to change every 15 minutes. The orange disciple returns,
reporting that SL has passed through the Yin Yang Ridge () in less than an hour.
1954 QL dismisses the girl, furious that SL had broken two of the Fairys records. QL
remarks that shell only let SL off if she gives her the diamond token, but the 1 st elder
knows that CZ wouldnt approve. The 1st elder leaves as the orange disciple reports SL
has passed the 6th barrier 10,000 Ant Cave ( Wn Y Dng K) in less than
an hour, cowering under QLs glare.
1955 The orange-clothed girl reports that SL has passed the next barrier within 15
minutes. QL rages, throwing her out, and whips her with her sleeve when the girl
returns to report that SL has passed the 8 th barrier. QL again accuses the 1st elder of
secretly helping SL, as they turn to watch SL.
1956 Although SL appears fine, she had used up several of the treasures in her space.
SL eats an Energy Recovery Pill, with 4 hours left to complete the final barrier, while
the crowd remarks on her luck, and the green-clothed girl gloats that the 9 th barrier is

the hardest since it relies on luck. SL arrives at the 9 th barrier the Dual Fire and Wind
Formed Sky ( Fng Hu Ling Chng Tin) which consists of 3 questions
chosen from 9 random categories, while the blood-red flowers are within sight.

Chapters 1957-1966 Entrance Exam 5

1957 A pair of puppets, 3 stories high, sneer when they see SL approaching, before
immediately launching an attack. SL tries to dodge, but her escape is blocked as
boulders start falling from the mountain behind her. One of the puppets fists is about
to close in, when the other puppet swipes at her feet and sends her flying. SL narrowly
escapes when the puppet stomps its foot, attempting to crush her, and starts running
while evading their attacks. She tries to injure one of the puppets legs, but is too
weak to damage it.
1958 SL continues evading until theres only one hour left, dodging on instinct, but too
weak to retaliate. Furious at being unable to catch SL, the puppets manage to double
their speed and start closing in, when the sable notices a pair of golden monkeys
behind the mountain and tells SL to grab the object in their hands. SL chases after the
monkeys, pulling them into her space to slow them down, and throwing her only two
Lethargy Pills ( M Hn Dn) at them.
1959 They were refined by RY, and she had been saving it since it would allow her to
control magical beasts for 15 minutes. SL smirks when the two monkeys stagger like
drunkards, as they had been controlling the fire and wind puppets. The crowd is
stunned since the puppets had frozen after the monkeys appeared, as previous
contestants had only focused on the puppets. While SL only has 15 minutes remaining.
1960 SL runs towards the blood red flower, but her hand is blocked by a mysterious
force. Raging, she realizes that the last of the nine petals hasnt opened, as her task
isnt complete until she destroys the two puppets. SL commands the monkeys and the
crowd laugh at her attempt, when the puppets turn towards each other filled with
hate, and start their earth-shattering fight.
1961-1962 The crowd is shocked SL had managed to turn the hardest barrier against
each other. Time starts running out, counting down from 5 minutes as the crowd
becomes anxious over SLs results. SL stands in front of the flower, waiting for it to
bloom, as the crowd starts to despair, and the green-clothed girl laughs. 4 seconds
remain when SLs hand moves towards the flower and manages to grab it within the
last second. The crowd cheers, shocked at the beautiful smile she reveals after
succeeding. SL backtracks, to the crowds confusion, lamenting the fire and wind
puppets were too damaged to feed to her war puppet, which is only 20% full.
1963 SL finds a pair of fire and wind rings ( Fng Hu Ln) one from each
puppet and tosses it into her space, along with the rest of scraps, when she notices
the golden monkeys have disappeared. SL starts to head back, when her acupuncture
points causes her to still, and a voice announces that the 3 rd exam has begun, giving
her 10 seconds to draw a lot with numbers between 1 and 9. SL is shocked, since it
wasnt supposed to start for 3 days, while the crowd protests over how unfair it is for
1964-1965 At the Bright Moon Hall, QL smirks, offering to continue playing chess with
the 1st elder, but sends him off when he reacts coldly. The 1 st elder warns her that CZ
cares for SL and he wont remind her again. Meanwhile SL had chosen the 1 st option
due to QLs manipulations, and arrives at a misty wasteland, filled with trepidation.
The crowd laments that SL has chosen the most difficult option, the Unending Task. SL
stands in the dark fog, when a light shines to reveal an exact replica of her, with the
same clothes, weapons and equipment. SL names her emotionless clone S Yng (
Su Shadow). SY tells SL she needs to defeat her to pass, and SL launches into an
attack with her CSS, as SY sneers.
1966 SY meets SLs attack with her own CSS, causing her to fall back. While their
strengths are equal, SY has the advantage since she has no emotions and doesnt feel
fear or pain. SY charges at SL using the Spirit Dance Steps, and the two fight using the
same weapons, techniques and actions, until the crowd becomes confused over which

is the real SL. The crowd laments that SL will lose since SYs effectiveness wont fade,
while the green clothed girl jeers at ZiY, who offers to wager 5,000 points on SL.

Chapters 1967-1975 Entrance Exam 6

1967 The green clothed girl had already lost her last 1,000 points to ZiY (chapters
1932-1933), but accepts when the cyan clothed girl agrees to cover her bet. LBL acts
as their witness, while SL manages to catch SY off guard and slice at her back. SL
despairs when SY doesnt falter, and her wound doesnt bleed. SY thrusts the CSS
towards SLs heart, narrowly missing, but mocks her for being flesh and blood, since
shell eventually be worn down. SL seethes over her disadvantaged position as her
dress is dyed red with her blood, and SY approaches to finish her off.
1968-1969 SL recalls that there is no such thing as fair in life, but she needs to
survive since NL is waiting for her, and shouldnt be defeated by a fake. SL calmly
looks at SY, pushing herself past her limits to continue fighting. The audience watches
with wide eyes, too scared to blink and miss a moment, as cracks start to appear on
SY, and SL manages to pierce her chest with the CSS. SY lies in a pool of her own
blood, while SL is transported back to the gates of the Mang Mountain, where she had
started the second barrier (chapter 1937). The crowd cheers as ZiY runs to greet her.
SL reassures her over her wound, asking her how many points shes won.
1970 The green clothed girl is furious when ZiY demands her winnings. The cyan
clothed girl hands over 5,000 points, telling her not to gloat over such a small amount.
Sensing the cyan clothed girl is stronger than her, and that assassinations are rife
within Purgatory City, SL asks ZiY who witnessed their bet, while the cyan and green
clothed girls smirk, knowing LBL would act on their behalf due to the Serene Fairy.
1971 Sensing that hes the strongest, SL turns to LYC, asking if hes also one of the
Fairys suitors, smiling with a beauty that even the Serene Fairy cant compare to.
Having confirmed he isnt interested, SL asks him escort them to the Cyan Cloud Peak.
LBL is shocked LYC agreed so readily, having always been cold to women, while the
green clothed girl rages, but is held back by the cyan clothed girl due to LYCs
1972 LYC gives SL a Communication Gem ( Tng Xn Ju) to call him with, before
leaving. ZiY marvels at his generosity, telling SL that as long as shes in Purgatory City,
shell be able to communicate with anyone as long as she injects spiritual energy into
it, even those outside the City. SL marvels that it resembles a mobile phone, and that
only members of the genius training camp can own one. Since LYC has at least two, SL
tries to call him with it. Only his name appears on her list of contacts, and he responds
with brief ahs, before turning silent when SL asks how she can get more for her
friends, stunned that someone in Purgatory City can show loyalty.
1973 LYC reveals that theyre prizes from the camp, and SL promises to win some for
ZiY and the rest when she enters. At her residence, SL wakes to find that QF is waiting
for her, acting more respectful since she had passed the assessment, having
previously failed it himself. He escorts her to the 1 st elders residence, a small and
humble looking cottage, made from rare materials and surrounded by precious herbs.
1974 Since the herbs are for nourishment, SL asks if the 1 st elder is injured and why he
doesnt just refine them into an Imperial ranked pill. The elder laments that imperial
ranked pills arent easy to find, when SL reveals the BCP RY had refined. The elder asks
if she can find an Imperial ranked Spiritual Recovery Pill ( B Lng Dn), when SL
reveals that RY is an Imperial ranked Apothecarist. The elder laments that since RY and
CZ are equally ranked, CZs servant wouldnt be able to request medicine from him. SL
is shocked since the elder is a 9-star Saint ranked expert, wondering how strong CZ is
to have him as a servant.
1975 Although CZ had told the 1st elder to watch over SL, he isnt allowed to intervene,
otherwise he wouldve taken care of QL. Since the 3 rd assessment had started early, SL
knows that theres a strong force acting against her and asks the 1 st elder to protect
her friends while shes in the camp. As CZ would have only asked him to protect her,
SL offers to have RY refine the SRP in return for his assistance.

Chapters 1976-1986 Pill Rush 1

1976 The 1st elder is tempted, since the SRP would not only cure him, but would help
him advance to Imperial ranked, but rejects since CZ wouldnt allow him to trade with
her. He advises SL to have her friends enter other training camps to keep them safe.
The Genius Exam Training Chambers ( Jng Yng Sh Lin Sh) is for 10th
ranked and below and would suit LX and AYM, but the annual tuition fee for each
person is 10,000 points. While the World Preparatory Training Camp (
Tin Xi Y Bi Xn Lin Yng) would help BY and ZiY prepare to enter the Genius
Training Camp but costs 20,000 points each. SL is shocked since it would cost a
combined 60,000 points each year.
1977 SL is distressed since they only have 6,000 points, and has 7 days before she
enters the camp to earn 100,000 points 60,000 for their tuition, 40,000 for their daily
expenses. She contemplates selling RYs Imperial ranked pills, when she recalls that
shes also an Apothecarist, and had filled her space with rare herbs from the Misty
Blood Forest.
1978 Since shes been eating Imperial ranked pills she hasnt been practicing, but
needs to improve her Apothecary to heal NL. SL enters her space, spending 49 hours
to refine a batch of SRPs using the RSLs flames, and is shocked to find that shes now
a Master ranked Apothecarist. Although it wont be able to heal the 1 st elder, a Master
ranked pill would be more effective than relying on the herbs.
1979-1980 Rejoicing at her unbelievable speed and the points shell earn, SL makes
the most of her time and continues refining, taking 9 nights in her space less than 1
in real time, to refine 50 bottles of pills. In the morning, BY senses the change in SL,
guessing shes advanced to Master ranked. BY, ZiY, LX and AYM are shocked when SL
reveals the pills, and confirms that she had advanced overnight. SL then mentions
selling the pills, causing their eyes to light up.
1981 BY reminds SL their herbs are limited, but can gather more by issuing a task at
the Mission Hall, since pills are scarce in Purgatory City, but rare herbs are common.
They then head towards the market place, where people can freely set up stalls.
1982-1983 Since the trip between the markets and her residence is long, and pills are
rare, SL calls LYC to escort them. They set up in an empty stall but few people are at
the markets, while the pills are placed in understated bottles. A 30-something man
with a dragon beard approaches, asking ZiY for Superior ranked BCPs. When ZiY tells
him no, the man assumes the rank is too high and asks if they have Advanced,
Intermediate or Elementary ranked pills. Both he and ZiY are exasperated before SL
clears up the misunderstanding to inform him they only have Master Ranked Pills. The
mans cry draws an audience since Master ranked pills are rare and sells out
1984 The man has ZiY reveal a pill to verify. Seeing how stunned the crowd is, SL
states the price as 200 points for a bottle with 3 pills, having intended to sell it at 100.
Since not everyone is as rich as the green clothed girl, SL kept the price down to make
it more affordable. The man jumps at the offer, having been willing to buy even if it
had been 300 points, before disappearing, fearing someone would steal it.
1985 The rest of the crowd also rushes to buy, fearing the pills would run out. SL tells
them to line up, revealing she has 50 bottles, and the crowd falls in line, no longer
fearing that the supply is limited. BY sells the bottles as ZiY collects the points until the
pills are all sold. The crowd erupts in excitement, knowing SL will sell again the
following day, when SL mentions they can redeem pills by trading in herbs.
1986 Thousands of people follow SLs group as they walk to the Mission Hall. SL writes
out a list of herbs priced by points, allowing them to redeem pills for every 100 points,
with 10 types of pills to choose from. Since there are few Apothecarists in Purgatory

City, the crowd rushes to buy low priced herbs, and SL doubts she can refine enough
pills to cover the markets demand, but has 60 days in her space to do so.

Chapters 1987-1996 Pill Rush 2

1987-1988 SL returns to her compound, when a group of sturdy men appear, ranging
from 10th ranked and Command level. The men are from Medicine Aid ( Yo Bng
pun on Will Aid), a gang supported by one of the top 3 in the Genius Training Camp,
with a monopoly over the pill market. They surround SL, threatening her for selling
pills without their permission and demanding 10,000 points. SL smirks, knowing they
have QLs support, before calling for LYC. The men turn to run, sensing LYCs killing
intent, since hes also ranked in the top 3, swearing they wouldnt try to harm his
friends. LYC laughs when SL praises him, rubbing her head. He mentions his master
had warned him SL is too showy given how weak she is.
1989-1990 SL feels embarrassed, having to need his help twice within a few days,
when he walks off, telling her to call whenever she needs. Sensing LYCs underlying
motive, BY warns SL not to get too close, not wanting SL to stray while NL isnt there.
At night, SL returns to her space and continues refining pills. While its been 10 nights
for her, it was only 1 for everyone else, and the rest of her group is shocked when she
hands them a bag of Master ranked pills. SL, ZiY and BY enter the Mission Hall, having
already sent LX and AYM to the Training Chambers with the 20,000 points they had
earnt the day before. A crowd gathers at the hall, having redeemed the herbs and are
waiting for the pills.
1991 The crowd becomes angry, demanding their pills, as the president of the hall
hides, doubting SL can fulfil her promise. SL laughs, placing the sack in front of them,
before having them line up. The crowd is stunned when SL opens the sack to reveal
bottles of pills, rushing to redeem their points, when SL mentions that the task will
remain up for 6 days.
1992 More people start to swarm, as they had doubted the validity of the offer over
the first day, and the pills are soon sold out. SL immediately leaves, not wanting to
waste a second, before shutting herself in her room to refine. The next day, SL fills a
sack with 150 bottles, sending QF, ZiY and BY to sell them.
1993 Few people bothered them as QF represents the 1 st elders support, while SLs
popularity has soared and the public would willingly protect her. By the end of the 7
days, SL had managed to advance to 2-star Command level. Command level is divided
into 9 stars, with 1-3 stars at lower Command level, 4-6 at peak and 7-9 at peak. While
their overall sales resulted in 170,000 points, as well as several rare herbs.
1994 SLs 7 days had circulated more pills than 7 years, causing the forest to be
emptied, preventing them for earning as much in the future. SL tells BY and ZiY to use
40,000 points for their tuition, before dividing the remaining 130,000 points between
the 5 of them to buy the best equipment and support. SL takes 30,000 points, while
the rest are given 25,000 points. ZiY is touched since people usually kill each other for
points, but SL warns them that theyll be in separate camps and need to protect
themselves. ZiY assures SL theyll enter the Genius Training Camp the following year,
while BY warns her to stay away from LYC.
1995 The 1st elder escorts SL to the camp, causing the steward to greet her
respectfully. The camp is located in the deepest part of the mountains, surrounded by
magical beasts, so few new students can travel alone. Steward L () takes SL to a row
of plain villas, built on the plateau at the peak of the mountain. SL is discontent at the
training environment, when the steward tells her that all new entrants reside here until
they rank in the Dragon List ( Lng Bng) top 300, and that shell be here for a
while. The top 300 reside in the Down Stream Mountain ( Xi Yu Shn), spaced
10 miles away from each other, while the top 10 are given their own mountain ranges.
1996 Only 3-5 people have progressed into the top 300 in their first assessment, with
the Serene Fairy being the latest. The assessments are monthly and SL laments
needing to stay at the villas for a whole month. The villas themselves are tolerable and
clean, but SL is more concerned with the weird characters that live in them, as several

people have been mutilating themselves within sight, driven insane by the pressure. A
mental catalogue is sent to SLs brain with lists of items for her to redeem. SL
hesitates over claiming the 2nd volume of the SDS, but holds back, not wanting to use
her last 10,000 points.

Chapters 1997-2006 Genius Training Camp 1

1997 Continuous banging noises resound through the wall, making SL dread her stay.
Her current residence contains thousands of members who had failed to make the top
300, while the top 200-300 reside in the Down Stream Mountains. The top 100-200 live
in the Middle Stream, and the top 50-100 live in the Upper Stream. The top 50 are
each given their own mountain, but the top 10 are masters of their own mountain
range, with enough servants to form a small kingdom. However, their greatest benefit
is their proximity to the Core Spiritual Source ( H Xn Lng Yun), which the
camp and city are formed around.
1998 Hearing the noise, SL looks through the one-sided crystal wall to see a group of
people beating up a girl, as she curls up to protect her head. Not wanting to save a
stranger, SL turns away, when a vicious girl in red kicks the girl towards SLs house,
causing her to cough blood and faint. The red clothed girl then knocks sharply on SLs
door, telling her to compensate her since her wall had damaged one of her people.
1999-2000 SL smirks when the red clothed girl tries to intimidate her and sends
several of her henchmen to attack. SL weakens them in her space, beating them to
tears before they even realize shes moved. The men cry that SL has somehow warped
their strengths, but the red clothed girl refuses to believe them, and turns to whip SL.
SL sends the RSLs flames in the form of a lizard towards the girl, burning her whip and
heading towards her neck. The girl runs, crying for her henchmen to save her, only for
the flame to divide into 6 and chase after each of them. SL calmly eats, as they
scream in agony, before falling to the ground.
2001 The flame returns to the RSL, as SL approaches the miserable girl in red. Fearful
of such a strong newcomer, the girl seethes that her senior sister, Wi Hu (), will
retaliate. Unaffected, SL tells her to have WH bring 100,000 points with her when she
arrives, causing the girl to punch the ground in anger.
2002 The girl seethes over being scammed as SL tells her to pay 10,000 points for
each brick she damages, when WH arrives with 10 henchmen, each stronger than the
ones SL had just defeated. WH is shocked when SL demands 100,000 points to release
the girl in red, as WH is at 9 star Command level, about to break through to Saint
Level, while SL is merely 2 star. WH tells SL if she can last 10 rounds against her, shell
pay. One of the men tries to object, when SL taunts her for having to rely on others,
causing WH to ban them from intervening.
2003 If SL lasts 10 rounds, shell win 100,000 points, but if she loses, she has to forfeit
3 of her treasures. The match begins and SL charges towards WH with her CSS,
breaking apart WHs attacks. WH is shocked, but continues forming hand seals. SL
knows that her strength is inferior if it werent for the CSS, but refuses to lose. She
infuses the RSLs flames into the CSS, charging towards WH, as the flames burn away
all her attacks, before stopping and re-sheathing the CSS.
2004 WH is in awe at SLs strength, when she realizes shes stepped into a fire cage.
As WH has the ice element, she tries to break out of the cage, but fails since even a
Saint ranked expert might not overcome the RSLs flames. WH panics as the cage
starts to contract, and converts her life force into ice essence to counter the flames,
when the RSL grows tired, and retreats into SLs space, causing others to suspect SL is
playing around with WH. SL is much weaker without the RSL, but asks WH if she wants
to continue.
2005 Despite SLs display, and using most of her energy to resist the cage, WH refuses
to surrender and rushes towards SL. SL draws her into her gravity field, slowing her
down, and slaps her. Her henchmen are stunned since WH had been an invincible
existence for them, but SL has slapped her until her face is swollen. After 10 slaps, SL
declares her victory, having lasted 10 rounds. SL then asks the henchmen if they want
to fight. Despite being able to win against the tired SL, the men back away after
seeing WHs defeat.

2006 The men discuss their next action, when the girl in red screams that WH would
punish them when she wakes, furious over WHs loss. WH wakes as SL tells the men
they can buy the right to leave. The men offer 10,000 for each person a total of
100,000 points. SL hides her delight, asking if their life is worth so little.

Chapters 2007-2015 Genius Training Camp 2

2007-2008 The men raise the offer to 150,000, despairing over losing most of their
savings, before leaving. The girl in red screams for them to tell her father, as SL kicks
WH awake, telling her to pay the 100,000 points. WH sits on the ground, refusing to
pay. The girl in red cries, telling her WH had never been too bright, but had finally
recovered her mind until SL injured her. She then tells SL that WH will continue chasing
after her unless SL kills her. SL is stunned as WH starts to hug her leg, unwilling to let
go. WHs eyes are clear and pure, and SL realizes she has an intellectual disability. The
girl reveals that WH never had any points, but tells SL not to kill her since WHs
strength would allow her to earn more. SL dismisses the girl in red, telling her to pay
the 100,000 points. The girl runs as SL smiles, thinking of how to use WH.
2009 SL has her SGT tidy the messed up room, when she realizes her pets havent
advanced, while having WH defeat magical beasts would be the fastest way to earn
points. SL spends 5,000 points to buy a map of areas filled with magical beasts. The
Camp has 3 magical beast zones: Peak Zone for Imperial ranked experts, Critical Zone
for Saint and Shallow Zone for Command level. Since theyre both Command level, SL
decides to go to the Shallow Zone, and kicks WH awake.
2010 WH is excited when SL reveals that theyre heading to a dangerous area. SL tells
WH not to act without her orders, and to see who climbs further in the Dragon Cloud
Tower ( Lng Yn T) at the end of the month, used for determining the Dragon
List. Those who make it to the top of the DCT can qualify for the Down Stream
Mountains DCT, with passing each DCT giving them the right to participate in
subsequent DCTs, making rapid rises in rank easy for those with enough strength. SL
packs her space with food, as WH happily stuffs herself with CSW and chicken that the
fox had roasted.
2011 SL is stunned when WH finishes 20 chickens and tells WH to earn her keep. They
head to the Shallow Zone, as people watch on with shock and envy that WH is actually
walking behind SL. The Shallow Zone is a dangerous area, with normal parties
comprising of at least 10 members. Fearing she might provoke the beasts, SL warns
WH not to mindlessly charge ahead, threatening to withhold the chickens if she
2012 SL had spent 10,000 points on the 2nd volume of the SDS and 50,000 on a set of
S-ranked armour. She spends her remaining 90,000 points on 3 Pure Energy Fruits (
Chn Lng Gu), for 30,000 points each, giving one each to the fox, sable and SGT
to improve their energy absorption rate. The RSL requires several Fire Crystals (
Hu Jng Sh) for sustenance, which costs 10,000 points, and SL plans to earn enough
points to buy them. At the Zone, she releases all her pets, when WH attacks them. SL
holds her back, and the pets glare as WH complains that theyre too weak to use and
too skinny to eat.
2013 20 9-headed Fire Snakes arrive, causing SLs pets and WH light up. 15 are at the
peak of 10th ranked, worth 1 point each and 5 have just broken through Command
level, which give 10 points for every star theyve reached, up to 90 points. SL tells
them to compete over the number of points they earn, as the pets work together
against WH. WH leaps out and decapitates the snakes, relying on sheer force, while
the pets rely on strategy. The fox leads them towards the SGTs vines, as the sable
finishes them off.
2014 The contest ends within 30 minutes, with WH earning 48 points and SLs pets
earning 42. SL tells them to try harder in the next competition, before using her
Diamond Token to collect 450 points. Since theyre in need of training, the group heads
towards the centre of the zone, allowing SL to earn 10,000 points in 5 days. WH
finishes the next fight quickly, salivating at the sight of rabbit magical beasts, which
SLs pets prepare, washing their hands in CSW.

2015 The fragrant smell reminds SL of the little dragon and his appetite, while the
sable teases WH with the rabbit, only to give it to SL, telling her it isnt enough to feed
her, causing WH to storm off. WH returns with a rare 9 star, 7 Tailed Divine Deer, one
of the top 3 foods in Purgatory City. They watch as the deer roasts, soaked in CSW, oil
and spices, waiting to devour it, only for it to disappear just when its done.

Chapters 2016-2025 Genius Training Camp 3

2016 WH is infuriated and chases after the thief with her treasured Giant Deep Sea
Refined Steel Club a prize from the Hidden Dragon Territory lottery that SL had given
her not knowing that its an extremely valuable magical beast, a Demon-Eyed,
Poisonous Emerald Glutton. The Glutton is a bird that reaps 200,000 points as its eyes
can be used to refine Master-ranked Energy Surging Pills ( Chng Lng Dn).
2017 Chased by WH, the unlucky Glutton runs into two youths. Knowing how valuable
it is, they enter into an intense fight as the Glutton is at 7 Star Command Level, while
the two men are at 5 stars. The two discuss hiding the find from their boss and
splitting the rewards, when theyre stabbed in the back by a third man they call Hu Q
G ( Flowery 7th Brother), who gloats that he can claim all 200,000 points. WH
charges in like a lunatic, swinging her club at HQG for stealing her prey.
2018 WH rages that the Glutton had stolen her food. HQG is stunned, knowing its real
value and tries to negotiate for her to leave it with him since its useless to her. His
dismissive tone over her lost food causes her to rage, chasing him with her club. The
Glutton had been playing dead and takes the opportunity to fly away. As WHs hatred
towards the Glutton is deeper, she abandons HQG and chases after it.
2019 Since the glutton had disappeared without a trace, WH vents by hitting HQG with
her club as he begs for mercy. WH addresses herself as the boss of half the mountain
side to HQGs confusion, and tells him to compensate her for the loss as she starts
searching around his chest.
2020 SL praises WH when she finds a box of Fire Crystals, admiring her luck.
Delighted, WH gives the box to SL in return for extra chicken. HQG is shocked at the
exchange, offering 10 chickens for her to return the box. WH refuses, thinking it isnt
enough for a meal, and slaps him before searching him for food.
2021 Failing to find anything, WH beats him, causing all the treasures hidden in his
back and sleeves to roll out, including pills SL had refined, Pure Energy Fruits, and
training manuals. SL laments that they cant cover the value of the Glutton.
Remembering how she lost the deer, WH kicks him 1 metre into the ground, not
knowing whether hes dead or alive, and they continue tracking the Glutton, relying on
the sables nose.
2022 They encounter 30 Tranquil Eyed Purple Spiders (chapter 1618 lottery stones),
with strengths up to 5 star Command level. Before SL can think of a plan, WH charges
at them with her club, beating them, but fails to kill them. The spiders spin around,
spitting out toxic purple silk until WH is fully covered, when SL rushes towards her and
uses her gravity field, weakening those within 100m. Wanting to finish it quickly, SL
tells WH that shell get an extra chicken for each spider killed, causing WH to leap up
and fight.
2023-2024 WH is shocked that the spiders are so weak, and SL releases her pets, with
the three working together to dismantle the spiders. The turnaround causes their king
to call for reinforcements. SL is furious when the spider king looks at her with pity,
thinking her fate is sealed, and she sends the RSLs small red and orange flame into
the horde of spiders, causing the king to sneer. This changes to shock when the
spiders start to burn, spreading the fire as they run around. WH chases after the
weakened spiders, and accidentally clubs the king to death in the process, causing
even SL to envy her luck. With their leader gone, the spiders want to flee, but SL traps
them so her pets can train, while WH can gain more chickens.
2025 SL collects the points with her Diamond Token, stunned that the spider king is
worth 100 points, giving her 500. WH suddenly stands and runs off, causing SL to feel
unsettled. The sable reveals that the Gluttons energy is weak, and that there are
other strong forces within the vicinity. SL places her pets away and follows as WH runs
into the Glutton, surrounded by a group led by an effeminate man in silk. The Glutton

was able to match two experts, but WHs appearance shifted the balance. The group
retreats as the Glutton starts to reveal its demonic eyes.

Chapters 2026-2034 Genius Training Camp 4

2026 The Gluttons demon eyes will appear as its about to die, with serious
consequences for those within range. The group watches on as WH approaches, only
for the energy in its eyes to recede. The man in silk frowns since the demon eyes of an
infuriated Glutton are the most effective. Wanting to incite it, he throws a Spirit Bomb
towards them. Angry over almost tripping over it, WH kicks it aside towards the group,
and it explodes, killing 2 of the henchmen. The man in silk manages to dodge in time
and is furious, watching the unharmed WH swing the Glutton around by its tail, after
causing him to lose 2 men.
2027 The mans eyes gleam as he thinks of using WH to infuriate the Glutton, sending
a dagger to slice its tail. The Glutton locks on to WH filled with pain and anger, as her
mind becomes cloudy and she stumbles as though intoxicated. The Glutton uses the
last of its strength to claw at WH, only for her to trip and stomp on it, when it flies over
her head and falls dead. WH, the man and all his followers are all shocked at her luck,
when the man emerges, demanding the Gluttons head.
2028 WH refuses to hand it over since SL will only feed her when the task is over and
cant redeem the points without its head. One of the mans guards sneaks behind WH,
aiming a poisonous palm attack at her, when WH senses SL and drags the Glutton
towards her. The men are stunned she had fled at such a critical time. WH is delighted
when SL praises her, as it means shell be fed, when SL promises that the Gluttons
eyes are even better tasting than chicken. She leans over to redeem the points when
the man appears, sneering for them to leave the Glutton behind.
2029 SL refuses since WH had slayed the Glutton, pointing to the club marks, and that
they had chased it first. SL laments handing over the Glutton would mean no braised
meat, causing WH to attack two of the men, smashing their heads like watermelons.
The man in silk grabs the Glutton in SLs hands, refusing to let go despite the risk of
damaging the core and reducing its effectiveness, when SL releases the RSLs flames.
2030 Sensing that the flames are dangerous, the man pulls back, shattering the core.
Furious, SL takes out her dagger and removes the fragile core from the Glutton as WH
defeats the goons. Sensing his loss, the man offers 200,000 points for the damaged
core which had been his purpose for entering the Zone, telling SL its useless to her. SL
threatens to stomp on it if he disrupts her, telling WH to throw him out when he
continues. He attacks WH as she approaches and while SL is distracted by the core.
2031 Both are at 9 Star Command Level, but WH appears to have run out of luck as
the man L Fng Mng () manages to advance to Saint Level. LFM laughs,
kicking WH towards the trees, while SL cant move due to the fragile core. LFM
approaches to finish off SL, when SL feeds WH a pill.
2032 WH feels the warm energy spreading throughout her, before picking up her club
and charging towards LFM. LFM is stunned at WHs lightning speed as she lands a
heavy blow on his head. The two continue fighting, when WHs strength starts to fade.
LFM is ecstatic since its unlikely theyd have more of such a rare pill, and starts
preparing his attack, when SL throws a bottle towards WH.
2033 SL states that she only has 56 Imperial ranked ERPs. LFM is stunned at her
extravagance and fearful of her background, and tries to negotiate a truce, only to run
as WH continues chasing him. Seeing how both of them are tired, he offers to leave,
but WH wont let him off until she kicks him to settle her grudge.
2034 Given the strength of SLs support, LFM tells WH to kick gently. WH mercilessly
aims for his stomach, only to trip over a branch and fall. LFM laughs before pulling her
up, and WH lets him off. LFM leaves as SL repairs the core, relinquishing the Glutton.
SL senses killing intent as she stores it away, and starts to heal WH to prepare for the
next fight, when she turns and counters an attack from a man in black with her CSS.

Chapters 2035-2043 Genius Training Camp 5

2035 Her opponent is Saint ranked, and aims swift and fatal strikes, resembling a
hidden organization elite. Perplexed, SL uses her gravity field, CSS and RSL to counter.
A stronger man jumps out and starts attacking WH, causing SL to emit killing intent
and slice her opponents neck, before rushing to contain WHs opponent in her gravity
field, but he bites his tongue and commits suicide before they can question him.
2036 SL doesnt recognize either of them and raids their 1m 3 space storage items to
find a yellow powder, which causes their corpses to melt into a yellow puddle. They
disappear as another man in black appears and examines the puddle. The fingers he
dips in it starts to rot and he slices them before it can spread. Filled with a murderous
aura, he heads towards SLs direction. Since the contract on the space rings have
disappeared with the mens deaths, SL cuts WHs finger to form a new contract to
open them.
2037 SL finds 10 Black Crystals in one ring and 12 in the other, remembering NL had
mentioned it was useful for dark element practitioners, which only exist in Crafty
Thorn. SLs mind drifts, thinking how she mightve offended them, and to thoughts of
NL, when WH complains of her hunger. As they leave, a group of people led by HQG
2038 Running into HQG, LFM had mentioned that the Glutton went to SL. HQG directs
his boss, the Saint ranked Hu Lo D ( Eldest Flower Brother) to SL, as they
threaten her over the Gluttons core. The cyan clothed girl emerges, sneering as she
informs HLD of QLs animosity towards SL. Although the group is strong, WH charges
towards the cyan clothed girl as the two are equally matched, while SL confronts HLD,
when a shock spreads through her brain and she falls over, coughing blood.
2039 HLD surrounds SL with a menacing flame Sky Raising Scaled-Dragon*, a fire
marginally weaker than the RSL, when the RSL wakes and shields her with its flames.
Recognizing the RSL, HLD is shocked, and SL takes his momentary distraction to attack
his back with her gravity field and CSS, only for him to bat it away. HLD is determined
to kill her and to take her treasures for himself, sending explosive attacks towards her.
SL falls to the ground with wounds worse than after her battle with Yan Xia (chapters
*( Jio Lng Ch Tin Name of a legendary dragon, appearing in the sky i.e.
Shenron Emerges)
2040 Close to death, SL tries to contact LYC using the Communication Gem, but it
doesnt respond. When she tries to stand up, HLD punches her back down, as she
coughs up blood. Unable to resist, SL starts to lose consciousness, when WH swallows
all the ERPs SL had given her, causing her energy to surge. WH swings her sword at
the cyan clothed girl, cutting her arm off, then charges towards HLD, telling SL to run
as HLD defends against WH. SL is touched that WH is trying to save her, but wont
abandon her.
2041 Furious that WH had injured the cyan clothed girl, HLD charges at WH, punching
her neck and stomach as WH urges SL to escape. SL cries over WHs action, and eats a
BCP before activating her gravity field. Having recovered so quickly, SL catches HQG
off guard, instantly decapitating him with the CSS, before rushing to the crying cyan
clothed girl. The girl manages to dodge the CSS, only to be attacked by the RSL. SL
continues attacking, when HLD finishes his fight, tossing WH aside like a doll.
Infuriated from watching the cyan clothed girls struggle, HLD uses all his energy to
attack SL.
2042 Just as HLDs hit is about to land, WH grabs SL, shielding her as the attack hits
WHs back. Before HLD can attack again, a black shadow whisks them away. HLD is
stunned, but the cyan clothed girl reveals she saw a familiar looking man in black, and

warns HLD to remove SL before she can tell the 1 st elder or CZ. HLD slaps her, furious
she had only revealed SLs ties now, and resolves himself to hunt SL down.
2043 Feeling familiar fingers stroking her cheek, SL calls out for NL, sitting up despite
the pain, but fails to find anyone. Thinking that NL should be miles away in the Eastern
Sea Territory, she finds WH lying on the ground, on brink of death. SL now regards WH
as one of her own and is pained by her state, grateful she had eaten the Red-Black
Blood Ginseng.

Chapters 2044-2053 Genius Training Camp 6

2044 Sensing WH is still alive, SL slices her wrist, letting her blood drop into WHs
mouth. After eating an Imperial ranked BCP, WH starts to recover, when SL notices
that the embroidered quilt she was covered in, is the one she used while living in the
Su Manor. Ecstatic and certain that NL had rescued them, she steps on a black
Communication Gem. Picking it up, she injects her energy into it.
2045 The gem lights up, revealing NLs name. SL selects it and tries communicating
with him, but gets no response. However, these items and the fact that the men in
black she had killed (chapter 2037) were dark element users, confirms that NL had
been here. Thinking of WHs state, SL clenches her fists, determined to make HLD pay.
Recalling how the Glutton had gotten them into this mess, SL takes its red eyes from
her space and plans to instantly advance by 4 stars by crushing 10 Imperial ranked
ERPs in when she refines them, so that the pills would be near perfect.
2046 SL tries to contact NL again, before entering her space and storing the
Communication Gem away. After 3 days in her space, SL recovers and emerges as
though she was never injured. It takes her another 3 days to heal WH. WH is shocked
when she sees the recovered SL and her own condition, cursing that in the past, a
healer took months to restore her for lesser wounds. SL then asks if she notices any
2047 WH panics, telling SL that her body feels abnormally warm, and SL asks if she
also senses improvements in her blood and physique. WH suspects that theyve
already died but feels hungry, when SL reassures her, envious that WHs physique has
become invincible, giving her resistance towards attacks. WH marvels at this, telling
SL next time shell buy more time for her to run, causing SL to feel pained over how
simple and sincere she is.
2048 SL has WH guard her, knowing that her body would be vulnerable when she
enters her space to refine the ESPs, despite only peak Master ranked Apothecarists
succeeding. Before entering, she has her fox and sable roast enough chicken for 5-6
days, and gives WH a training manual she had won from the HDT lottery. As WH trains
and eats, HLD has contracted Gulping Rats ( Tn Sh Sh) to canvas the zone as
the species is small and rampant throughout the forest.
2049 The sacrifice HLD had paid caused him to sweat while negotiating with the
leader of the rats. Using a blanket search, the rats start to approach the area SL is
hiding in, as she and WH continue practicing and refining, unaware. The following day,
a rat follows a fragrant scent into a cave. It spies a beauty and a brawny woman, but
is unable to resist carrying out 5 chickens.
2050 Not wanting to share with its pack, the rat spends a day to eat all the chickens,
but caves in to temptation and runs back to the cave to steal more. The real attraction
lies in the CSW SL had used, and the rat continues sneaking a small amount at a time,
unnoticed by WH, as the rest of the rats are encroaching. A few days later, WH is
stunned to find that all the chickens have gone, and paces around, too distressed to
practice, before leaning over SL, silently begging for her to wake and feed her.
2051-2052 Luckily for WH, SL soon wakes and is shocked to find WH begging for
chicken, after she had exhausted herself with making them priceless ESPs. After
feeding WH, SL gives her an ESP and WH throws it into her mouth with blind trust, just
as the thieving rat returns with its pack. The rats scurry into the cave, only to fall into
a trap SL had set near the entrance, as SLs rank rises from 2 star to 4, then 5. The
shocking effects were only possible since SL had added 10 crushed ERPs. The cyan
clothed girl removes SLs barrier and enters the cave, followed by the rats. Her sneer
at trapping SL soon turns into shock, as she realizes SL has reached 5 star, and
advances to 6 star before her eyes, having only been 10 th ranked a month ago.

2053 Stunned at SLs talent and potential, the cyan clothed girl resolves to remove her
before she can become a larger threat, aiming her dagger while SL is still in the midst
of cultivating. Entirely focused on SL, the cyan girl fails to notice WH, who charges at
her back with her club, determined to defend SL. The cyan clothed girl becomes mad
with jealousy, noticing that WH has also promoted but to Saint level.

Chapters 2054-2062 Genius Training Camp 7

2054 Catching the cyan clothed girl off guard, WH swings her club, knocking off the
arm that had been painstakingly reattached, before swinging her club again, and
sending the cyan clothed girl to fly towards the wall, creating a dent. Wanting to
retaliate for all the injuries QLD had inflicted, WH continues beating the cyan clothed
girl, causing her to fall towards the ground. Furious that WH and SL have improved so
much within such a short time frame, the girl falls towards SL, preventing her from
advancing to 7 stars.
2055 While the ESP normally only allows its user to advance by 1 star, SL reveals to
the cyan clothed girl that its effectiveness rises if Imperial ranked BCPs are added,
allowing her to pass the false information to the 3 rd elder using her Gem, before WH
finishes her. Since SL was practicing, WHs ESP was only half as effective, allowing her
to rise to 2 star Saint level, while her pets were also given failed versions, allowing
them to improve. Cleaning up, they run into Hu Lo W ( Flowery 5th Brother)
who is after the 200,000 point bounty HLD had placed on them.
2056 HLW has his men surround SL and WH, but is baffled over their current
conditions, having heard they were close to death. HLW tries to intimidate them by
bringing up HLD, when WH swings her club at his head, smashing his brains apart.
Terrified, his men turn to run, when SL traps them in her gravity field, allowing WH to
bash them to death, while complaining over how weak they are.
2057-2058 SL and WH encounter waves of HLDs men, finishing them off without
giving them the opportunity to retaliate, until they finally run into HLD. HLD is furious
as his men seem to be disappearing, when SL taunts him for expending so much effort
and over the fate of his men, when he could have waited for her at the Dragon Cloud
Tower. HLD realizes theyve both advanced, becoming more determined to remove
them before they become a larger threat. Feeling anxious, HLD and his men
immediately attack, only for several of the men to meet WHs club, as SL watches on,
until only 5-6 are left.
2059 WH continues smashing the men like watermelons as they run, while SL faces
HLD. At Saint level, HLDs cultivation is still higher that SLs, with the gap in strength
equivalent to 7 stars. SL taunts him with the ESP, and HLD is shocked at the effects, as
he had wanted it for another purpose, and envious of SLs gains. SL is curious what
other benefits the Gluttons eyes would bring, when HLD notices that his men have
almost all been killed, and erupts in anger.
2060 HLD directs all his anger at SL, chasing her as she runs to buy time for WH. They
head into a forest, when WH manages to land a hit on HLD as hes preoccupied with
SL. HLD staggers, and SL turns back, teaming up with WH to hit his head, smash his
kneecaps and beat him up with all their trump cards.
2061 Vowing to drag them down with him, HLD sets off an explosion, trapping SL and
WH before they can run. All the trees, rocks and beasts in the area are cleaned out,
leaving the earth scorched from the impact. Using his final strength, HLD had ignited
his internal energy and directed all his hatred towards SL, causing an explosion
comparable to a Saint level Spirit Bomb. WH had shielded SL in the last moment but
rapidly recovers from her charred state due to her invincible physique. However, SL
was HLDs target, with the explosion possibly causing irreversible damage to her
2062 SL tries to heal herself within her sea of consciousness as WH worries over her.
While there are no lasting effects, SL might not be able to recover in time for the
Dragon List, and contemplates sitting out for the month, when her Communication
Gem lights up. SL is disappointed when the one NL had left is still grey, but LYCs had
lit up asking her if she needed help. Remembering how she had sent a distress signal
to LYC several days ago (chapter 2040), SL shrugs him off, when he sends another

Chapters 2063-2072 Purgatory City Training Tower 1

2063 From his end, LYC fights a group of 5, while revealing that people who place on
the Dragon List in their 1st month are rewarded with a Communication Gem, reigniting
SLs interest since they werent included in the catalogue. But the tournament begins
the following day. SL is distressed since its unlikely she can make it to the venue on
time, when WH comforts her with chicken wings to fly with, only to eat them herself.
2064 SL recalls that she still has the golden ship CZ had given her, and injects spiritual
energy into it until it can fit both her and WH. Watching on, WH is so shocked that she
even stops eating, before running inside. Since SL needs her energy to recover, WH
takes over supplying the ship with energy to fly them.
2065 SL wakes to find the ship near a hill, as its energy consumption rises
exponentially when they fly past, making it easier just to walk. As SL has mostly
recovered, they head towards the DCT, which is only open for monthly assessments.
Each mountain has a DCT, with those in the top 3 given the chance to access
subsequent towers. SLs aim is to enter the Upper Stream Mountains, as the top 100
form the core of the camp. Suddenly, SL and WH sense danger, dodging a shower of
arrows from a 7 star Saint ranked expert.
2066 WH blocks the arrows with her club, but one manages to dart towards SL, only to
be cut by her CSS. While they failed to find the archer, the sable was able to catch
their scent, but SL feels unsettled as the assassin was skilled enough to almost kill her.
SL praises WH for blocking 6 of the arrows, feeding the broken pieces to her war
puppet, before arriving at the training tower.
2067 A stern looking woman in her 30s, Mi Ju Sh (), stops them from entering,
exerting her pressure over SL, until LYC appears and stops her. LYC tries to invite SL in,
but MJS argues that SL is late and hadnt registered, reprimanding LYC using the rules,
which SL had never heard about.
2068 SL is reluctant to return since she wants the gem, when LYCs hand glows,
allowing SL and WH to rush inside the doors. MJS threatens to report LYC to the Camp
elders, furious that he had caused her to fail her task. LYC glares, warning her not to
mess with SL if she wants to live, causing her to freeze up in terror.
2069 This is also WHs first time entering the contest, and cant provide SL with
information. The DCT has 7 barriers, and is separated into 7 levels. The first floor is
empty, but SL senses fluctuations in spiritual energy on the second, when they run
into the sidekicks that had followed WH. WH is confused why theyd cry tears of joy at
seeing her, as they had been bullied without her protection, while SL finds WH
endearing for not holding grudges or retaliating, even though they had abandoned her.
2070 WH asserts that she doesnt remember them, refusing to return since her
conditions with SL are better. SL dismisses them, when the group mention the
overbearing pressure that the floor gives, which SL barely notices and WH is unaware
of, showcasing the difference in strength. SL then asks about the DCT.
2071 Each DCT is different, but they can continue climbing up the current one as long
as they can withstand the spiritual pressure, while the time limit is 12 hours. SL throws
them a Master ranked ERP before proceeding. The pressure in the 3 rd level is applied
evenly throughout the floor, causing the hundreds on it to sweat. To SL, the pressure
feels like a gentle ocean wave, while WH cant sense anything. The pressure in the 4 th
floor is a lot higher, but WH still has no reaction. The people enduring on this level are
at least 5 star Command level. Although SL is 6 star, her space element ensures her
mental strength is only a little lower than WHs.
2072 One of the men on this floor was from WHs gang, and rushes towards her, as
the rest fear him reporting his grievances. However, WH kicks him away, before
threatening anyone else whod try to recognize her. The weight of the 5 th floor still has
little effect on SL, but she notices dozens of people injured on the floor, as two forces

appear to be fighting. Not wanting to be involved, she and WH head to the 6 th floor,
when 5 brawny men appear to block them, and 6 th man declares that only those from
the Hng Xng Bng ( Flourishing Flood Group) and Y Ln Pi ( Forest
Feather Faction) are allowed to proceed.

Chapters 2073-2080 Purgatory City Training Tower 2

2073 The man smirks at SL, introducing himself as u Yng M Rng () and
reveals that the higher levels are under his control. He asks SL to join his group, since
its a pity to lose a beauty, only for SL to reject. OM warns SL that she cant face all of
them, as they have 10 men on the 6th floor, while the 7th floor is reserved for the top 3
to proceed to the next tower. He then tells her to accompany him and tries to place his
hand on her shoulder, only for SL to slice it off. His men rush towards him, addressing
him as their 5th young master, as he rages for them to kill SL and WH. WH swings her
club around, easily knocking them out, with her actions showing no resistance from
the overbearing force of the tower.
2074 SL tells OM to leave, as he watches in shock at her majestic appearance, and
that he hasnt heard of such a strong person WH is willing to follow. SL smiles when
she reaches the 6th floor, as the pressure still isnt much to her, when the HXB and YLP
leaders arrive. SL reveals that HXBs OM has left, but is still alive, warning them to
step aside. Although SL had wanted the two factions to wear each other down with
internal disputes, the two leaders smirk at each other, determined to deal with her
first. SL faces the 9 star Command level HXB leader, while WH fights the YLP leader.
2075 SL defeats the HXB leader in 3 turns. Meanwhile WH beats the YLP leader with
her club, ignoring his attempts to surrender. Seeing how ruthless they are, the HXB
leader tries to negotiate for the 3rd place, offering his support, but is unable to provide
SL with a Communication Gem, which can only be used to contact one person, and
cant be overwritten, or a Spiritual Essence Crystal ( Lng Hn Jng P), since he
doesnt have the right to buy it. SL dismisses him, as WH throws the YLP leader down
the stairs.
2076 Since the two levels were reserved, WH and SL are the only ones to proceed to
the 7th floor, when the spiritual force causes SL to stagger. WH is concerned over SLs
injuries, but SL manages to endure, cloaking herself with her own spiritual energy, and
telling WH to claim the tower flag. SL slowly makes her way, as WH matches her pace.
The two leaders realize that theres one spot left, and race to the 7 th floor, only to
rebound to the 5th floor due to the pressure. WH watches SL turn pale, with blood and
sweat flowing down her skin, and offers to carry her across.
2077 Despite the tearing pain, SL refuses since this is a barrier she needs to
overcome, when the force causes her to advance to 7 stars, reducing the pressure on
her. They make their way towards the flag, only to find it hoisted on a foothill the
height of 2 people. SL sits on WHs shoulders to reach, but the pressure on her
increases, almost causing her bones to crack. WH warns her she can only last one
attempt, and SL trembles as she reaches for it. A white light flashes, and SL finds
herself at the gates in front of MJS, unsure whether she was successful or not.
2078 SL is still dazed when WH starts eating the meat in her storage ring, and the
crowd speculate over the results, mentioning that SL was strong enough to kick the
HXB and YLP leaders out. MJS coldly approaches, congratulating them for qualifying for
the Down Stream DCT, and giving SL her reward.
2079 SL rages at MJS when she realizes that the reward is an SEC. MJS reveals that it
was LYC who gave it to her, and SL contacts him with the Gem. LYC replies that she
needs the SEC more, and that she can win Communication Gems in the Down Stream
Mountains. SL is suspicious when MJS dutifully warns her that she needs to arrive at
the next DCT within an hour, causing MJS to hint that shell meet a strong opponent.
MJS had wanted to keep her options open since LYC is supporting SL. She hands SL 2
tokens to enter the Down Stream DCT, warning them that only 1-2 people pass each
2080 SL and WH fly on the golden ship, as the crowd watches in envy, and SL uses the
SEC to recover. Since only the top 100 have the right to buy it, SL is even more
determined to climb up the ranks. Right now theyre still unranked, and will only enter

the top 300 depending on their performance in the Down Stream DCT. They approach
the DCT the following morning, with WH smashing anyone who tries to disturb SL.

Chapters 2081-2089 Purgatory City Training Tower 3

2081 SL laughs when she sees all the contestants cultivating outside the DCT,
reminding her of exams in the modern world. More people start to gather, when the
Supervisor in his 70s to 80s arrives, followed by 4 assistants. All the contestants bow
to greet him, aside from SL who continues to cultivate, unaware. The crowd comment
on her audacity, and the old mans eyes flash, before calming the crowd.
2082 The 4 assistants walk around assessing the contestants by placing a drop of their
blood on a jade token carried in their pouch. WH watches over SL as the rest of the
contestants ignore them, since they came from a lower mountain. As the Down Stream
Mountain assesses those ranked 201-300, and several contestants were participating
in the Middle Stream DCT, there are 98 contestants, sorted into groups of 10, with the
last group containing 8 SL, WH and 6 others. Worried that the group will be reduced
to 6, one of the men urges WH and SL to register. Since SL is still cultivating, WH slaps
the man and snatches the pouch from an attendant.
2083 The attendant is still stunned, when WH places her own blood on the jade, and
pricks SL for a drop of hers, asking if they qualify, and to leave them alone. She then
takes rope from her space and uses it to tie SL to her. WH refuses when the rest of
their team members advise her to abandon SL, shocking them with her dedication,
and they have no choice but to accept since this DCT assesses their performance as a
2084 WH continues carrying SL throughout the DCT, coordinating with the other 6.
SLs body emits brief flashes of energy, which goes unnoticed. 20 8-legged bulls
charge at them when they enter the 1st barrier. WH stands to the side to protect SL,
forcing the other 6 to act. They finish their task by beheading the bulls, but are
discontent with SL and WH, deciding to prevent them for accumulating any points, and
to split it between the 6 of them. The 2nd barrier has 40 bulls. Usually members would
take 4 each, but the 6 men sweat to defeat them, as WH yawns. The Supervisors
group stand before the tower, watching the assessments on 10 screens, with the
rankings constantly fluctuating.
2085-2086 A man in his 30s, Lng Xio (), rages over SL and WHs attitudes, as
neither have been ranked and are just sitting there, but the two old men are intrigued,
with the Nng () Elder wagering that they might end up with 2 of the top 3 places.
LEX offers to give them a Grand Master ranked pill each if he loses, in return for an
SEC from each of them if he wins, betting that SL and WH wont make it past the 5 th
barrier. The Supervisor wagers that theyll fail at the 6 th barrier. One of their team
members is still bitter over WHs punch, and tries to direct the bulls towards them,
only for WH to thrust her club, sending him flying towards a bull. The bull is furious
that a man is impaled on its horn, and tosses him against a wall.
2087 The man is about to bleed to death, when the bulls charge towards him, and the
system asks if he wants to forfeit, where he would lose all his points and rank at the
bottom of the list. With only death as an alternative, the man resigns and is carried
out. Having lost their target, the bulls rage, charging towards WH, only for her to place
SL down and turn them into meat patty. The other 5 members and the supervisors are
in awe.
2088 WHs ranking moves to 299, with the other members too scared to provoke her,
but SL is still asleep and unranked. The 3 rd barrier has 80 bulls. With only 5 members
from their team fighting, they have little choice but to beg WH to intervene. WH roars,
afraid they might disturb SL, and raises her club to meet the bulls, as the 3
supervisors comment on her limited intellect, since its impossible to defeat them
alone, only relying on sheer force. WH continues attacking, as her rank slowly climbs
up, shocking them into silence.
2089 Despite reaching 260, WH is only concerned that SL might not wake and feed
her, before continuing to remove the bulls. The 5 team members and 3 supervisors are

still in awe at her strength, but LEX refuses to admit defeat, since SL is her weakness,
and still unranked.

Chapters 2090-2099 Purgatory City Training Tower 4

2090 WH clears the 4th barrier before they can react, allowing them to proceed to the
5th. The team secretly acknowledge her as their leader, but still feel that SL is a
burden. The 5th barrier onwards assesses individuals, causing them to feel tense, when
they see WH place SL down and reach for her bag. Certain that its her weapon,
theyre shocked when she pulls out chicken and eats it instead.
2091 Ghost fires with haunted face start appearing and multiplying, attacking the 50
contestants who made it to the 5th floor. The candidates scramble to fight them and
accumulate points, using various attacks, and howling in pain when they receive
painful burns. The number of candidates drops into the 20s as more flames gather
around them, only for it to instantly disappear, turning the room pitch black. Looking
around, theyre stunned to find that WH is still eating, while SL continues to cultivate.
2092 WH ignores the comments on how shameless they are, relaxing as everyone else
expends their energy, when their team mates defend WH. They retreat when the rest
of the candidates rage, demanding for SL and WH to be thrown out, when the ground
shakes and they notice that all the ghost flames have converged into one huge fire
ball, heading towards SL and WH.
2093 The contenders flee, only for the fireball to flare up and change directions,
weaving around the room, burning the candidates who fail to escape, as several
charred bodies appear outside the tower. The Ning Elder is stunned that the fire had
changed directions when it approached SL, commenting that this exam is harsher than
the previous ones, since the Supervisor can set the difficulty at his discretion. The
Supervisor laughs that the last exam was too easy. 12 remain, including 2 of the 5
from SLs group.
2094 The Supervisor laments that they can only proceed to the 6 th barrier when the
fireball is destroyed, and cant participate again for 3 years if they fail at the 5 th. SL
starts to regain consciousness and manages to overhear this. She opens her eyes,
asking the RSL if its interested in eating the ghost flames, as the remaining
participants crowd behind WH, hoping she can repel the fireball again. WH readies her
club, when the fireball turns and runs.
2095 WH chases after it, as the audience speculate whether the chicken had given her
special powers, when the fireball starts flying up towards the sky, chased by the RSLs
orange-red flame. The RSL weaves around the fireball, appearing to choke it, when WH
swings her club, causing countless ghost fires to disperse. The contestants watch in
awe, as WH walks away with a smile, having recognized the RSL.
2096 WH ignores the shower of praises, as the other contestants decide to follow her
and her rank rises to 203. Meanwhile the RSL has returned to SL, whos in the final
stages of repairing her soul. The 6th floor is quiet, with the contestants alert, having
struggled in the last barrier. The 201st ranked is a man in his 30s. Since his strength is
inferior to WH, his 3-4 team members advise him to remove SL so WH is free act,
rather than protect SL. The floor suddenly changes into a vast swamp, and a bony,
sharp claw reaches for one of SLs team mates, dragging him down into the swamp by
his ankle before anyone can react.
2097 The swamp returns to its silent state, as the terrified contestants turn to WH for
support, while glaring at SL. WH spies several lotuses in the water, and plans to jump
across their leaves to reach the other side. She carries SL, not noticing an ice blade
has cut the rope binding them, as the other contestants cheer for SL to fall. WH
dodges a claw reaching for SL, and becomes distressed when she notices the cut rope.
The contenders try to comfort her, stating SL was a waste of effort and is only using
2098-2099 WH rages, when SL wakes and calms her. The group is shocked that SL
talks down to WH, and that WH would be so obedient. 201 reprimands SL for

shamelessly relying on others. SL smiles, asking them what she should do about it, not
even bothered to mention that she had saved them in the 5 th round. 201 states that
the 6th round is up to her. The swamp starts to emit piercing noises, causing the
contestants agonizing pain, as SL sneers and blows on the Clear Sky Whistle she had
won from the HDT (chapters 1681-1682), dispelling the sounds, when a beast charges
towards her, only to meet WHs club.

Chapters 2100-2109 Purgatory City Training Tower 5

2100 LEX had lost the bet, but the Supervisor is certain SL will fail at the 6 th barrier
since the 6-Tone Demon had escaped here. The Supervisor should have stopped the
exam but it would mean sealing the DCT for 6 months, so he chose the most difficult
setting to disguise it instead. Meanwhile SLs ranking is last, but half the time in the
tower is already up. The other contestants scream over the demons claw, when SL
reveals the Fire and Wind Rings she had taken from the 2nd entrance exam (Chapter
2101 Having also passed the assessment, the other contestants recognize the rings,
and are stunned SL could just take items as she pleases. Using the wind ring for
speed, and fire ring to enhance her attack, SL charges at the demon with her CSS, as it
turns to flee. Wanting to save her energy for the 7 th floor, SL disappears in a flash,
shocking the other contestants. The supervisors are also in awe, having recognized
SLs space element. Even LEX puts aside his condescension and watches with interest.
2102 SL appears in front of the demon, trapping it in her gravity field as it attempts to
escape, causing it to howl in terror as she decapitates it. The other contestants regard
her with respect, as LEX laments over placing the wrong bet. The crowd is stunned as
SL jumps 70 ranks to 230. 201 tries to charge ahead, as SL walks to the 7 th floor
unaffected, when she asks if he can guarantee their safety, causing him to fall back.
2103 201 had ranked the highest last month, but only made it to the middle of the
tower, making him inferior to SL and WH. 201 feels bitter towards SL as she assumes
the leadership role. Two contestants, Rng Jn () and Yn M (), reveal that the
7th barrier contains 9-eyed demon spiders. SL warns the contestants to quit now if
theyre not fully committed, not wanting them to drag her down, when they approach
the spiders nest a cave 2 storeys high. SL and WH stand at the front, with SL
regretting not participating in the first few rounds, since it would be difficult to climb
from 230 to the top 3.
2104 Their only means to cross is a platform that can only support one person, but up
to 9 demon spiders can appear at once. 201 taunts SL as she approaches. Fearing for
SLs safety, YM rallies the other participants towards the platform, only for WH to block
them with her club. SL brandishes her CSS, cutting down 7 of the spiders in 3 strokes,
before throwing her CSS to pierce the 8th. The crowd is stunned that a 7 star
Command level can defeat the spiders so easily.
2105-2106 The audience react as SLs rank climbs to 219, when a 9-Paired Poisonous
Spider appears, making the earlier spiders pale in comparison. 201 tries to gather
support by offering Superior ranked pills, when SL gives them each a Master ranked
Antidote. 201 crushes his bottle in anger, as the other members hesitate to accept
such a precious gift. SL directs them into position, as the poisonous spider approaches,
using her dagger to pierce its weak spot Its feet. The spider howls in anger, spraying
fire, but misses SL as she teleports around. The crowd is stunned as they watch the
now 7-legged spider chases after SL.
2107 RJ and YM are shocked that SL could face the spider alone, while still in her
teens. Those above Command level can alter the age they appear at, but most of the
camp comprises of those over 30. The Serene Fairy had entered in her teens, but RJ
and YM regard SL as superior. Suddenly, SL orders them to attack. The rest are
shocked to find they were arranged in a circle, and only WH responds in time, clubbing
the spider on its head, before SL pierces the same spot with her CSS, beating it into a
pitiful state.
2108 SLs rank rises to 210, while WHs reaches 202. RJ is ranked 204, and charges at
the remaining spiders with the other contestants, trying to increase their ranks. LEX
laughs as he watches, commenting that SL will miss out, when the Ning Elder retorts
that SL will win since he trusts his friends judgement, secretly recalling CZ had
wanted him to look after SL, but still hadnt expected her to perform so well.

2109 SL continues her stalemate with the poisonous spider. Not wanting to drag the
battle out, she teleports behind it and slays it with her CSS. Before she can relax, eggs
start falling from the spiders back, as small poisonous spiders hatch and jump around,
making it hard to attack. RJ warns SL of their toxicity, when 201 sneers, telling SL that
he doesnt want to risk fighting anymore, leading several others to resign.

Chapters 2110-2121 Purgatory City Training Tower 6

2110 Only 5 remain - SL, WH, YM, RJ and Xio Dng (). RJ rages that theyve quit at
such a critical moment, as the audience comment over how such a shameless and
petty person could be ranked so high. The Ning Elder stops 201, stating that SL will
pass regardless, betting 2 SECs on the outcome. 201 hesitates since he had saved up
for years to buy one, but is goaded into agreeing by the Elder.
2111 RY and YM are despondent, asking SL if they should resign as well, since they
cant face so many spiders. SL remarks that its easier to work with a small group she
can trust, as numerous poisonous spiders surround them. The audience remark that
they still had a chance if 201 hadnt sabotaged them. While their attack is inferior, the
groups speed is decent, since the remaining contestants all have the wind element.
2112 SL tells the other 3 to run from the spiders for 3 minutes, reassuring them with
her confident attitude. RY, YM and XD run in different directions, each followed by 5
spiders, as SL and WH use their strongest attacks against the remaining 5. The RSL
coordinates with WH while SL uses her gravity field. After 3 minutes, RJ and YM have
reached their limit, as the spiders close the gap, spraying toxins at them.
2113 RJ despairs when SL and WH laugh at him, only to realize they had managed to
slay their 5 spiders within 3 minutes. Since YM is in a worse state, SL and WH work on
his spiders first, telling RJ to leave 2 of his with them and to hold the other 3 off for
another minute. YM, XD and the audience are all speechless, watching SL and WH
easily defeat the spiders, while 201 fumes, bitter that they had hid their strength.
2114 Since the spiders are toxic, SL throws them each an Imperial ranked Antidote, as
hundreds of spiders continue to hatch. While the audience is impressed with SLs
progress, 201 retorts that its impossible to kill all the spiders within the remaining
time. Realizing this, the participants start to despair.
2115 SL points to the platform (chapter 2104), where the tunnel can now fit several
people since its no longer blocked by large spiders. RJ and YM offer to help, but SL
tells them to leave first, giving WH a bottle of water to splash on herself. When WH
runs, the spiders follow, as though they were entranced.
2116-2117 WH runs in circles without attacking the spiders, as RJ urges SL to finish
them off. In the last 3 minutes, WH runs towards the tunnel, as all the spiders rush
inside, and sends a ball of light after them. SL unleashes the RSL inside the tunnel,
burning the spiders into soot, as the audience and participants speculate over whether
they succeeded. Suddenly, they notice SLs rank has climbed to 201, commenting how
far SL will go within the Dragon List, and speculating over the mysterious water she
had used.
2118 After such a turbulent competition, the crowd is in awe at SLs performance, with
some comparing her favourably to the Serene Fairy, while others commenting that
that Fairy is still ahead, ranking in the top 50. SL is indifferent, and approaches the
Supervisor for her reward.
2119 SL is delighted that that reward is a Communication Gem and turns to leave,
when the Ning Elder gives her 3 SECs. He states that theyre rightfully hers since he
had won them from gambling on her, and mentions their mutual friend. LEX, the
Supervisor and the former 201, have mixed feelings over their loss being publicly
2120 Ning Elder reminds the Supervisor that SL also has the right to draw a prize. The
Supervisor hesitates, since SL has always been displeasing to him, when SL speculates
that the Ning Elder had sent LYC. The Supervisor signals for an attendant to bring a
gong-shaped jade tablet, as the Ning Elder explains that new entrants can draw a
prize for every DCT they complete in their first month.

2121 The worst prize is 10,000 points a days work for SL, while the best is 1 of 5
archaic bones (Ti G G Hi ). The skull raises intellect, arm increases
strength so a Command Level can send Saint Levels flying, while the leg bone
improves agility, allowing normal users to surpass the speed of teleporting, although
the Ning Elder is still uncertain of the effects combined with teleporting. The crowd
salivate over the possible prizes, as the Supervisor rages, telling them theres less
than a 1 in 10,000,000 chance.

Chapters 2122-2132 Purgatory City Training Tower 7

2122 SL prepares to draw, when she recalls all the things WH had done for her, and
steps aside. WH states that shell only draw for SL. WH spins the contraption, and
rages when a bone comes out, apologizing to SL and asking for a redraw. SL and the
audience are stunned, knowing how valuable the forearm bone is.
2123 The crowd comment on her luck, as LEX attempts to buy the bone. The
Supervisor offers 500,000 points, causing the rest of the crowd to start bidding, while
the former 201 and Supervisor glare viciously at SL, causing her to feel overwhelmed.
SL tries to calm the crowd, hinting she might consider selling it.
2124 The crowd goes wild, thinking that SL is stupid enough to sell it, when she
suggests having bidders write the amounts theyre willing to place on a piece of paper.
The Ning Elder smirks, realizing that SL doesnt plan on parting with the bone and
helps her collect the bids. The Ning Elder advises SL as she goes through the bids,
recognizing LEXs and the Supervisors offers.
2125 Since she plans on stealing it back, SL goes with 201s 2 million point bid and
spends it on 40 PEFs and 20 Fire Crystals, lamenting over how quickly the points are
used. Fearing the news may have leaked, 201 heads to the Critical Zone (chapter
2009) to refine the bone. SL had told the Supervisor in exchange for 100,000 points,
and hinted it to LEX since he was too unsettling to deal with.
2126 LEX is still stunned SL had spent the 2 million points on pet food. After
discussing, the Supervisor decides to track 201, while LEX watches over SL, doubting
she had sold it in the first place. The Middle Stream DCT starts in 2 days, allowing SL
to act at night. Aside from the fountain, a tree had also emerged in SLs space. SL had
turned the leaves into tea, and offers some to the Ning Elder for helping her, and to
ask him to distract LEX. The Elder is shocked, identifying the tea as Divine Fairy Tea (
Shn Xin Ch).
2127 SL gives him a packet of DFT, boiling some with CSW, which the Elder recognizes
from the 7th barrier. The Elder reveals that LEX is ranked first in the Middle Stream, but
has the ability to rank in the top 100. Since SL is participating in the Middle Stream
DCT, LEX will also make an appearance. The Ning Elder warns SL that the next DCT
only has one barrier, but relies on team work. Each person is given a jade nameplate
and colludes with others to gather more. LEX had stayed for a long time and has
several subordinates, allowing him to pass easily, while SL is a newcomer and might
end up staying there for a while.
2128 Authors note on someone stealing her identity and scamming fans
2129 SL reassures the Ning Elder that the bone will return to her, teasing him as he
drools while thinking about her winning a second bone. SL and WH fly towards the
Middle Stream Mountains, as the crowd speculate over how far she might go,
comparing her to the Serene Fairy. One spectator comments that SL is more talented
since she didnt have the same support as the Fairy and isnt from Purgatory City.
2130 A caped figure overhears the gossip and sneers, before following after SL. SL
notices LEX following her, while the sable identifies him as the mysterious archer
(chapters 2065-2066). While shes certain hell make things difficult for her in the
Middle Stream Mountains, she doesnt know why. When theyre 3 hours away, SL grabs
WH and teleports as LEX chases after them, heading towards the Mountains.
2131 The Ning Elder appears before LEX, lecturing him for playing around before an
important assessment, offering to escort him to the DCT. Meanwhile SL had teleported
deep inside the Shallow Zone after 201, using the sable to track the bone, when she
senses the Supervisor approaching.
2132 SL calms the excited WH down, telling her to lie low and wait to take down the
Supervisor after hes removed 201. Sensing someone, 201s rage turns to shock when

the Supervisor appears and bashes his head in with a palm. 201 manages to stab his
stomach, before falling. SL stops WH as the Supervisor removes the dagger embedded
in his stomach, and tears off 201s arm, laughing.

Chapters 2133-2143 Purgatory City Training Tower 8

2133 Thinking of all the benefits the bone would bring, the Supervisor stabs 201 in the
heart, gloating that it can only be refined after smearing the juice from the Dainty
Spirit Grass (Xi Lng Co ) onto the bone, cleansing the impurities. Not wanting
to waste time, the Supervisor starts absorbing. WH is still held back by SL, when she
notices the dagger in 201s hand moving to stab the unsuspecting Supervisors back.
2134 Under SLs urging, WH swings her club towards the injured Supervisors head.
The supervisor can only dodge, and runs into SLs gravity field. Trying to flee, he falls
directly onto the waiting CSS as SL had already calculated where he would land. Using
all his remaining strength, the Supervisor forms a ball of light, but loses control of it
when WH smashes his head, and the ball of light bounces around, before tearing him
apart from his waist. The Supervisor screams in agony but will take a while to die,
when he sees SLs smirk.
2135 SL hints that LEX will meet the same fate as him, and the Supervisor laughs,
thinking hell stop her from drawing a second time. This turns into shock when he sees
the golden ship CZ had given her, and rages when SL takes his Dainty Spirit Grass,
which costs 500,000 points to redeem.
2136 SL is delighted with her winnings, when she notices the Supervisors silver token.
Since the Supervisor isnt completely dead, she uses his energy and fingerprints to
transfer his 600,000 point into her diamond one, when he finally dies, filled with hate
towards SL. WH powers the ship as SL integrates the bone. While it has merged with
her arm, shes only absorbed of it.
2137 LEX arrives at the Middle Stream DCT where he thought SL had fled, and asks
around, but cant find her. RJ was ranked 203 but decided to save his token for the
following month, so only SL and WH would arrive from the Down Stream Mountains.
LEX is furious when SL appears after him, and commands her to stop, only for SL to
ignore him. The other participants comment on how LEX wont let her off easily.
2138 LEX berates SL for slaying his sworn brother, which SL identifies as HLD. Since
HLD is already dead, she doesnt try to deny it. WH comforts SL by praising her
intellect, but LEXs support in the Middle Stream is too strong, while the DCT can be
any terrain. Feeling overwhelmed, SL wants to send a message to LYC.
2139-2140 SL notices that NLs Gem is glowing black and brings WH to a secluded
area to talk to him. NL had been worried about SL since he cant protect her, telling
her to take care, and to quickly advance to Grand Master Apothecarist. While he
hadnt replied since his illness had left him dizzy. SL teases him about unknowingly
sending sweet messages to someone else since he hadnt identified himself, when he
reveals that Crafty Thorn is adjacent to Purgatory City and that he had rescued SL
while on a mission. The Ning Elder also owes him a few favours, but NL becomes
furious when SL brings up LYC. SL states that LYC had also helped her under someones
urging, when WH reminds SL to head to the DCT.
2141 Hearing SLs lack of confidence, NL tells her to use her head to turn things
around, revealing a trick. Finishing the conversation, SL buys the thing NL had
mentioned, lamenting that shes poor again, when LEX appears with 20-30 followers.
Unperturbed, SL walks towards the examiner, whom she refers to as MJS II due to their
similarities, as MJS II and the other participants stare at her coldly.
2142 Of the several groups, LEXs is the largest, while the second largest faction is
headed by a tower-like man who might even be stronger than WH. When she
approaches, the tower-like man regards SL as an insignificant bug. The doors open to
reveal a desert. As the battle starts, SL grabs the reluctant WH and runs, not wanting
to get caught up in the early fights since LEXs group is too strong.
2143 LEX wants to chase after SL but is blocked by his rival, the tower-like man. Since
SL had stood near him when LEXs men had surrounded her, the man thought they

were targeting him. SL continues running, as the man suspects SL is too scared to
gather the easier nameplates. The audience remark that contestants in the Down
Stream Mountains must be too weak for SL to advance, when she arrives at a remote
water source and sprinkles something in the water.

Chapters 2144-2153 Purgatory City Training Tower 9

2144 SL has WH dig a pit, stating that they should just lie in wait for people to come to
the water source, since the battle will go on for 3 days. At noon, the temperature rises,
causing WH to sweat, when a Saint ranked man comes flying. WH greets him with the
ancient bandit line*.
* The mountain paths are opened by me,
the trees are planted by me,
if you want to pass through,
leave the name plates behind!
2145 The man, Ch Ln (), turns to flee when he sees WH, only to be stopped by
SL. SLs smile makes him unsettled, as she deduces that he had taken several
nameplates and has come here to wait out the end of the competition. Chu Lin refuses
to give up the nameplates, when WH hits him over his head, winning them 3
nameplates without even using SLs poisonous pit.
2146 SL coaxes WH with 3 chickens to continue cultivating. The rest of the day is
uneventful, but SL had reached a breakthrough, absorbing another of the bone.
They spy a group of 3 people heading over, and SL tells WH to ensure that they land in
the pit they had set up, to prevent them from escaping and alerting others. A 3 star
Saint level arrives, respectfully followed by an 8 Star and a 9 Star Command level.
2147-2148 The men are all sweating from the heat, as the two Command levels
address the Saint level expert as Brother Chn (), asking for a break since LEXs men
wouldnt chase them to such a remote area. Chen Brother identifies a water source,
and the Command levels rush to seat him and serve him water, when he smacks the 8
star, accusing him of trying to poison him. When the 9 star tries to placate him, Chen
Brother starts feeling strange and smacks him as well, taking both name plates. As he
turns to leave, he sees SL and WH, realizing they were the ones that tried to poison
him. WH charges at him, allowing him to barely block, when a flash creates a hole in
his body before he can react, causing him to cough blood.
2149 The wound isnt fatal, but Chen Brother struggles facing SL and WHs combined
attacks, as they aim for his wound, causing him to regret dismissing his attendants
since they could have easily dealt with the two of them. Facing SLs CSS and WHs
club, he flees northwest, only to land in SLs trap, howling in pain as his foot starts to
rot, exposing the bone, and the poison spreads further up his leg.
2150 SL smirks, asking if hes willing to negotiate to save his life and Chen Brother
hands over the 5 nameplates, including his own, furious since he had risked his life to
steal 2 from LEXs men. Following NLs plan, SL has now easily obtained 8 nameplates.
The audience watches from the screen, stunned at SLs plan, but doubtful over her
outcome when she faces LEX.
2151 SL and WHs seamless teamwork earns them another 4 nameplates, when SL
asks WH if she trusts her, letting 2 of LEXs men escape. SL now has 12 of the 100
nameplates, and waits for LEX to find her. At night WH sleeps soundly, while SL keeps
watch, waking WH when she notices theyre surrounded from 3 sides. LEX appears,
determined to kill SL after spending 2 days trying to find her.
2152 SL retorts that she had deliberately drawn him here to take his nameplates,
causing him to scoff. LEX orders his men to surround SL and WH, as SL mocks him
over his claim of ranking first, retorting that the tower-like man, Chn D Zhung (
), is ranked even higher. LEX laughs, when his notices some of his men have been
assassinated, as CDZ appears to ambush him.
2153 When CDZ confronts him, LEX states theyll duel after he deals with SL. SL knows
CDZ wont intervene to help her, as dozens of LEXs men surround her and WH, each
at 1 star Saint level or above. The audience, LEX and CDZ are all certain over SLs
demise, when she starts laughing, grabbing WHs hand and waving her 12 nameplates

around and telling CDZ if LEX kills her, all her plates will be his. She then throws the
nameplates as all the men start fighting amongst themselves for it, and teleports
away with WH, unnoticed.

Chapters 2154-2163 Purgatory City Training Tower 10

2154 LEX and CDZs men start taking each other out, as SL and WH watch on from a
tall ramp nearby. Caught up in the battle, LEX has forgotten about SL, ordering his
men to take as many nameplates as they can. By midday of the 3rd day, the two
groups are too caught up in the fight to pick up the nameplates scattered on the floor.
LEX tries to negotiate to split them, but CDZ refuses, wanting them all for himself. If
someone manages to collect of the nameplates, theyll automatically qualify for the
Upper Stream Mountains. They resume their fight, when CDZ notices two heads
emerging from the sand.
2155 CDZs shout distracts LEX, allowing him to land a hit, but both are drained from
the fight. Determined to kill SL for manipulating them, LEX leaps towards her, only for
CDZ to stab him in the back. LEX screams at him to remove SL first, but CDZ refuses,
wanting LEXs nameplates.
2156 Unwilling to part with it, LEX has no choice but to finish CDZ off, going all out. SL
laughs, whispering to WH, as the trial reaches the last hour. With a sly look, SL offers
to pick the nameplates for CDZ before he tramples on them. LEX tries to warn CDZ,
whos outraged, insisting that such a beauty wouldnt lie.
2157-2158 LEX berates CDZ, as the intensity of their fight assists SLs cultivation. CDZ
attacks with all his strength, but LEX manages to catch him off guard, before tripping
his feet and stabbing him. SL reaches for CDZs nameplate, as WH rushes towards LEX
with her club, excited to finally join the battle. LEX is stunned at WHs speed, when she
attacks his nose, causing it to bleed. Before he can react, SL appears behind him,
creating a hole in his back. Overwhelmed by his hatred for SL, he throws WH off and
tries to chase her, when he notices his foot has been corroding. SL reveals that
everything that had occurred was within her calculations, causing LEX to sweat in fear,
as SL smirks thinking he cant out scheme NL.
2159 The crowd is stunned, as SL and WH start picking up all the nameplates,
remarking that its the first time someones accumulated the full 100. SL walks out of
the tower, entrancing the crowd with her peerless beauty, as they start to accept all
her astonishing achievements. LEX is still discontent, as SL hints she knows MJS and
MJS II were working for him.
2160 LEX rages at SL for the cheap way she won, when he demands to draw her prize
for her, to make use of his bad luck. Since the item will belong to SL, she agrees,
asking CDZ to officiate, since she hadnt attacked him during the competition, and
they have no mutual animosity.
2161 SL tells LEX its up to him, and he randomly spins and stops the contraption,
shocked when two prizes emerge a Clear Sky Doll ( Qng Tin W W) and the
wisdom skull bone. LEX feels as though hes used up a lifetimes luck, when SL takes
advantage of their shock, grabbing the prizes and teleporting away with WH before a
fight breaks out. LEX recovers, with hate burning in his eyes, determined to kill SL.
2162 LEX orders his men to chase her, as the rest of the crowd comment on how hes
drawn 10,000 points several times before, but used all his luck for SL, doubting
whether he really hates her since LEXs actions always benefit her. LEXs men, Dng Y
() and L Sn () assure him that Lio r () will intercept SL at the Fading
Day Forest (Lu R Ln ) before she reaches the Upper Stream. SL couldnt
teleport far due to the increased gravity in the area, switching to the golden ship and
barely escaping from L2. While the ship is fast, its defences are negligible in front of
Saint level experts.
2163 L2 reports SLs escape and her ship, as LEX rushes to the forest, set on removing
her due to her strong background and luck. The ship rocks, and is about to fall apart
from L2s wind attacks, causing WH to bump her head. Furious, she leaps out of the
ship, charging for L2 and chasing him into the forest. SL has no choice but to follow

since the forest is the only path to the Upper Stream Mountains. LEX laughs as L2
leads them towards a nest of Bee Ants, filled with millions of ants, hiding himself in a
10,000 year tree. L2 is delighted as WH stands above the centre of the nest, disrupting
the ants mating season with her stomps.

Chapters 2164-2171 Purgatory City Training Tower 11

2164 SL senses something wrong, as the sable notices L2 in the tree. L2 and LEX are
elated as SL approaches the trap, having once encountered the ants themselves, and
being the only 2 from their group to survive, only for SL to stop 1 meter away. L2
chants for her to continue, only for her to pull WH back, as LEX demands the details
from his end of the Gem.
2165 LEX is enraged that SL escaped the trap, as D1 and L3 swear to remove SL for
him. Frantic, L2 decides to lead SL and WH to a maze so that theyd be lost for 3
months and miss the Upper Stream DCT. When SL prevents WH from chasing after L2
again, he throws pine cones to bait her. SL notices LEX isnt going to ambush them,
when they arrive at the maze and L2 enters, lingering near the entrance.
2166 Seeing WH charging into the maze, followed by SL, L2 relays the news to LEX.
Certain that SL will be worn down after 3 months with no food, water or way out, LEX
is delighted. L2 turns to leave, when hes kicked back inside, despairing as he recalls
the maze will change every 6 hours, and he had only escaped before by relying on
LEX. Meanwhile SL feeds the sable grilled meat, coaxing it as it directs her out. LEX
arrives as his followers lay tables and chairs outside, preparing tea and snacks as he
contacts L2.
2167 L2 cries that he had trapped himself inside. Knowing that his men are loyal due
to the protection he offers, LEX promises to save him after, but cant help feeling
uneasy. At the end of the maze, Zho S () reports to LEX that SL and WH have
appeared, when LEX recalled how easily SL had solved the Demonic Labyrinth
(entrance exam; chapter 1950). Furious, LEX abandons L2, commanding his men to
stop SL before she reaches the Upper Stream. Z4 offers to lead SL to the ancient ruins,
which is devoid of any real treasure and would buy LEX time to catch up to her.
2168 Z4 uses his spirit pet pig to lure WH using her appetite, and is delighted when
WH is intrigued by the ruins, only for her to find and punch him instead. SL takes his
map, realizing they had been led through dangerous areas, towards the Misty Blood
Forest. SL tells WH not to kill Z4 and wagers whether she or WH can leave the forest
first, offering to roast the pig for her if she loses, causing WH to race forward.
2169 With WH gone, SL stays to face LEX. LEX is enraged when he discovers SL hadnt
entered the ruins, while Z4 deliberates over telling him SL had taken his map. Slapping
Z4 to death, LEX kicks his corpse aside as his men resolve themselves to face SL,
following him into the forest. The trees inside the forest are sensitive to blood, as SL
and LEXs group avoid the blood splatters from magical beasts. The men soon catch
SL, as LEX commands them to douse her with blood and leave her in the forest for the
2170 LEX stands at the highest platform in the forest, gloating as he watches the tree
roots and branches encircle SL, absorbing the blood as she struggles. To maintain a
fresh supply, SL will be kept alive for up to 30 days as she slowly bleeds to death. SL
appears, stabbing the laughing LEX with a dagger through his chest, as his legs start
corroding from the same poison she had used in the last DCT (chapter 2158). Shocked,
LEX asked if she had sacrificed WH, when SL reveals its the Clear Day Doll he had
drawn for her (chapter 2161), which can imitate appearances. Realizing his loss. LEX
laughs and cries in despair.
2171 Indignant that SL had used his own prizes against him, LEX struggles before
dying. SL asks the remaining followers whether they want to face her or leave, as they
turn to flee. At the edge of the forest, SL wakes WH, who shouts for her to roast the pig
since she had won. SL and WH approach the gates of the Upper Stream Mountains,
only to be turned away. They run into a beautiful woman, whose looks are even better
than Li Yao Yaos, surrounded by 5-6 handsome and fawning men. SL hides behind WH,
realizing the woman is QLs favourite disciple, the Serene Fairy, when WH asks about
eating a dog, causing the group to laugh at her.

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