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May 2010
Welcome to this edition of Forest Information Update. We have made changes to our web site, so you
can check it out at Mangroves are sometimes like the forgotten
forests. Not as spectacular as some and not overtly commercially productive as others, mangroves are
like that unassuming friend who is always there for you. In this case, mangroves are critical in coastal
protection during cyclone/hurricane seasons and are home to diverse species. They have also been
found to help play a role as buffers against tsunami impacts following earthquakes. Yet our friends the
mangroves have been under attack, from development and the like. The latest threat comes from the BP
oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. See below for articles highlighting the threat to mangroves. Please, feel free
to contact me if you have any queries about content or sponsorship. Kind regards, Mike Smith, Editor and

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. ESRI - As the leader in GIS technology, ESRI offers innovative solutions that will help you create,
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location information, ESRI's GIS software and solutions give you the power to solve problems you
encounter every day. Forestry and other natural resource organizations around the world are using this
ESRI software to make smart and timely decisions. ESRI provides powerful GIS solutions to more than
300,000 clients in more than 189 countries and offers mapping technology to meet today's global needs.
Using ESRI technology, you too can unlock the spatial component of your valuable data and see your
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forestry&utm_medium=text ad&utm_source=forestryinfoupdate&utm_content=forestry

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The Department of Forest and Wood Science at Stellenbosch University aims to be the preferred supplier
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societies at large, with a primary focus on sustainable management of tree-based natural resources and
the processing thereof. For detail refer to or contact Pierre Ackerman at

At RMT, our team has special expertise in moving automobile tracking system information wirelessly -
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• Collaboration
• Transparent, accountable defensible plans
For more event information please visit or email to confirm your attendance.
We hope to see you.


Southem Forestry Country Reports are in-depth facts and figures backgrounder on the countries of the
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Rai, Teresa Fonseca and Felipe Bravo, IUFRO, Mike McCall, Nicola Reid, Sylvain Martel and many more.
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huge Gulf oil spill poses a major threat to mangroves, which protect Florida's shoreline and serve as a
nursery for many aquatic species, a Florida Aquarium expert said. Allan Marshall, vice president of
biological operations at the aquarium, said the oil has the potential to wipe out the mangroves, which trap
nutrients and act as nature's nursery.

. MAKING AFRICAN FORESTS FIT FOR CLIMATE CHANGE - Africa is expected to face particularly
high impacts from climate change. At the same time, people in Africa are highly dependent on forest
goods and services and therefore particularly vulnerable to climate change.


CONSERVATION AGREEMENT - The 21 member companies of the Forest Products Association of
Canada (FPAC), and nine leading environmental organizations, have unveiled an unprecedented
agreement – the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement – that applies to 72 million hectares of public forests
licensed to FPAC members. Under the Agreement FPAC members, who manage two-thirds of all certified
forest land in Canada, commit to the highest environmental standards of forest management within an
area twice the size of Germany. Conservation groups commit to global recognition and support for FPAC
member efforts.

. FORESTRY GRAFT SAID TO COST INDONESIA $100B - The Indonesian antigraft commission is
investigating rampant corruption by hundreds of forestry and mining companies operating in Kalimantan
that may have cost the state more than $100 billion, an official said recently, the Jakarta Globe reported.
Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) deputy chairman Mohammad Jasin said investigators had
found “indications of violations” of industry rules by 470 companies, most of them miners working in
Kalimantan. Deforestation and rampant illegal logging are that main reasons Indonesia has earned the
unwanted label of the world’s third-biggest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions, blamed for man-made
global warming.

Indonesia $1 billion to help reduce forest degradation in the Southeast Asian country, Agus Purnomo,
head of the secretariat of Indonesia's National Climate Change Council, reported. "We have
a deal which will be signed on May 27," Purnomo said in a telephone interview. "The money has been
allocated, the draft has been approved." Details of the agreement will be announced at a May 27 signing,
he said without elaborating.


FORUM - The relationship between indigenous peoples and forests was among the major issues
discussed during a two-week forum at United Nations Headquarters that wrapped up today, with
participants voicing concern about the impact on lives and livelihoods of deforestation, extraction activities
and large-scale building projects. The UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues is “still very much
concerned about the continuing eviction of indigenous peoples from their forests,” said Victoria Tauli-
Corpuz, a member of the Forum since 2005 and former chairperson in a press release.

. U.S. CLEARS A TEST OF BIOENGINEERED TREES – U.S. Federal regulators have cleared the way
for a large and controversial field test of genetically engineered trees planned for seven states stretching
from Florida to Texas, the New York Times reported. The article said the test is meant to see if the trees,
eucalyptuses with a foreign gene meant to help them withstand cold weather, can become a new source
of wood for pulp and paper, and for biofuels, in the Southern timber belt. Eucalyptus trees generally
cannot now be grown north of Florida because of occasional freezing spells.

Scotland's native forests is starting to emerge for the first time. Surveyors are conducting research in
about 730,000 hectares of woodland across the whole of the country as part of a six-year study. Their
results have so far detailed the location, size and type of forests in eight local authority areas.

thought of as safe refuges for animals and plants, are under increasing threats from invasive species
which not only affect biodiversity but also people’s livelihoods. Protected areas can have huge social and
economic value, particularly in Africa, where national parks are a major tourist attraction and a significant
source of income. But according to the Global Invasive Species Programme, of which IUCN and CABI are
partners, many managers of protected areas in Africa are not aware of the severity of the problem which
is on their doorsteps nor how to address it.

. PREHISTORIC FROGS FACE EXTINCTION - The world’s most ancient frogs may soon be mined to
extinction, if the New Zealand government’s plans to open up a conservation area for mining go ahead.
The primitive Archey’s frog (Leiopelma archeyi) and Hochstetter’s frog (Leiopelma hochstetteri) are two of
the species that inhabit the area of ‘high conservation value’ on New Zealand’s North Island where the
mining is planned to take place.,706,NS.html


This section is devoted to resource inventory tips and miscellaneous blurbs for whatever uses you care to
make. Please limit contributions to one paragraph or so. Thanks, Mike Smith.



TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE – “Pay it forward!” If you can help with any of the requests below, please
take the time to do so. Your kind assistance will be appreciated and rewarded.


writes via Forest Information LinkedIn Group: Have there been any studies done that estimate the impact
of carbon credit markets on private timberland rotation ages? Since it seems like we're headed toward
"cap and trade", market forces will influence private land owners to keep trees standing and sequestering
carbon. However, there is a point of deminishing returns for carbon sequestration (80 years?, 100 years?)
when it makes more sense to harvest and replant. This might dramatically change the wood available for
harvest. Has anyone tried to estimate the impact of this? How likely is it happen? Reply, go to the query

. FEEDBACK ON CARBON MAPPING - Mike McCall writes via Applied GIS and RS: The K:TGAL
Community Carbon Forestry research & field implementation project has been developing a community-
based and community-operated forest carbon mapping, measuring and monitoring methodology. This
has involved partner universities, NGOs, agencies and communities in the Himalayas, East and West
Africa, the Netherlands, PNG, and Mexico over the past 5 years. We have developed an effective
methodology for communities to utilise mobile GIS (using iPAQs, and experiments with SmartPhones)
and alternative GIS software including CyberTracker, for carbon forestry (in community-managed
standing natural forest) within a REDD framework. The basic Training Manual and publications are
downloadable from the K:TGAL website. There are also 2 PhD theses which apply this methodology.
See the following web site, and go to: Resources and Publications / 2. Community measurement,
monitoring and mapping of forest carbon, at:

. COASTLINE CHANGE DETECTION - Tatsiana Hubina, PhD writes: Dear friends, would you be so kind
to help!. The task is to study the coast line changes (erosion etc). The data available is a set of digital
orthorectified aerial photography (for 3 different years, but each year has its own spatial resolution
resolution: 1 x 1 m, 0,25 x 0,25 m, 0,30 x 0,30 m) and QuickBird satellite imagery for one year (resampled
0,60 m). Is there any possibility to compare these data? What is the way to make it homogeneous? What
is the way to resample the data? Thank you so much.

OPPORTUNITIES - Several readers of FIU are seeking employment in the forestry field. If you have jobs
available and are in need of good people, please consider posting your vacancies in FIU (there is no
charge for this service) and the following outlets:


. WOOD POLE SPECIALIST – IRELAND - The successful candidate will have the following: A formal
qualification (degree or equivalent) in Forestry or a related area At least 3 years experience in a
field/operational role in the area of Forestry/Wood Pole specification, testing, management and
procurement;. The role is technical and it is essential that the candidate has a high level of technical
competence and experience in the field of wood poles/forestry as and is sufficiently competent and
experienced to safely commence hands-on works from the outset; Prepare technical specifications for
wood poles, including wood treatment, forest inspection, factory/saw inspection, safety, quality and
environmental best practice. Please email Nicola Reid on

. GIS SPECIALIST - MEREDITH, NH - The Town of Meredith, NH, USA, is seeking qualified applicants
for the position of GIS SPECIALIST. The GIS Specialist is a full time position located within the
Community Development Department. Ideally located on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire’s Lakes
Region, Meredith offers a high quality living and work environment including a strong sense of community,
abundant recreational opportunities and a commitment to community planning. A Bachelors Degree in
Natural Resources, Planning, Computer Science or related field plus three-five years of GIS-related
experience required. Any combination of education and experience demonstrating the necessary
knowledge, skill and abilities will be considered. See /gis.php for additional information.
Questions regarding the position should be directed to John C. Edgar, AICP, Community Development
Director at:

. UNEP-WCMC/CHEVENING SCHOLARSHIPS - Applications are invited for UNEP-WCMC/Chevening

scholarships to the University of Cambridge MPhil in Conservation Leadership - a full time, one year
masters course. Successful applicants will spend part of the year on placement with the UNEP-World
Conservation Monitoring Centre. The closing date for applications is April 30th, 2010. The MPhil starts in
October, 2010. For Further information, please visit:


Development Scholarships (NZDS) scheme offers the opportunity to people from selected developing
countries to undertake development-related studies in New Zealand. This may include study related to
education, health, rural livelihoods, governance, human rights, or economic development, depending on
the human resource development training needs of the home government. New Zealand Development
Scholarships are offered for full-time, tertiary level study at participating New Zealand education
institutions. Further Scholarship Information and Application


Obtain from your local library or from the sources provided.


. Forestry Notes. April 2010. Volume XIX, Issue 5. Includes: The Fight for Longleaf; Pellet Heating
Systems Earn Favorable Reviews; Temperate Forest Foundation Aims to Educate; RSF Offers Nine-
Point Strategy in Response to Recent Trends; Forestry Briefs.

. Ecology and Conservation Papers at the 2010 ESRI International User Conference.

. Wildland Fire Management Handbook for Trainers. Fighting wildfires requires the participation of
local communities, since most fires stem from human activities, says a new version of FAO's "Wildland
Fire Management Handbook for Trainers," co-published by the UN agency and the Finnish Ministry of
Foreign Affairs.



. Douglas Brinkley. Under Threat in the Gulf, a Refuge Created by Roosevelt. Online at Environment
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. Eating like a Bird Helps Forests Grow. Biological Conservation Newsletter. No. 305. May 2010.
Articles based on study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

. Vaclav Vojtech. OECD Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Working Paper: 24 - Policy Measures
Addressing Agri-environmental Issues.


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. U.S. Government regulations Regard ArborGen and Biofuel Forests - Decision and Finding of No
Significant Impact: Permit applications 08-011-106rm and 08-014-101rm received from ArborGen
LLC – Field testing of genetically engineered Eucalyptus grandis X Eucalyptus urophylla.


. Giulia Conchedda, Laurent Durieux, Philippe Mayaux, An object-based method for mapping and
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. Richard Condit. Defining and mapping vegetation types in mega-diverse tropical forests. Trends in
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. The Atlas of Global Conservation. To mark the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, The Nature
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the planet’s animals, plants, and habitats and the threats they face.

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. Map of the Investigation of the Asiatic Part of the USSR for Hydrogeological Purposes in 1932.
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. Case Study: Opportunities for Carbon Forestry Activities in France. CDC Climat Recherche in
Paris has published a report identifying the opportunities for carbon forestry activities accessing the
voluntary carbon market.

. Forests and Society – Responding to Global Drivers of Change – This new book will be launched at
the XXIII IUFRO World Congress 2010 and b) the production and distribution of regional policy briefs. The
IUFRO World Forests, Society and Environment network has recently published policy briefs on Europe,
Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Contents:

. Lead author: Mirjam Macchi, Contributing authors: Gonzalo Oviedo, Sarah Gotheil, Katharine
Cross,Agni Boedhihartono, Caterina Wolfangel, Matthew Howell. Indigenous and Traditional Peoples
and Climate Change – Issues Paper. Published by IUCN. March 2008.


. Campbell, Sally; Waddell, Karen; Gray, Andrew. Washington’s forest resources, 2002–2006: five-
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Station ID: GTR-PNW-800.

. A first estimation of above ground woody biomass in Africa using satellite imagery and forest

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. E P Gordov and E A Vaganov. Siberia Integrated Regional Study: multidisciplinary investigations

of the dynamic relationship between the Siberian environment and global climate change. 2010
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. Jacek Borowski (et al.). Investigation results of the photographic method of tree increment
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pomiaru przyrostów drzew z zastosowaniem komputerowego programu DENDRO.) Rocznik
Dendrologiczny. Vol. 53, 2005.


. Oil rig in a forest – Responsibility in Practice. Filed under: Foreign Policy, Government, International
Relations by Jonas Rey on Friday, 21 May 2010.


. Anderson, M.G., Ferree, C.E., Olivero, A.P., and Zhao, F. 2010. Assessing floodplain forests: using
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M. Tischler, M. Garcia, C. Peters-Lidard, M.S. Moran, S. Miller, D. Thoma, S. Kumar, and J. Geiger. A
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Volume 2, Issue 2, Summer 1982, Pages 117-132.

Download videos from the web or from the sources provided.

. International Day of Biodiversity, see:

For a more complete listing of upcoming inventory and monitoring related meetings, see:


. 26 May 2010. World Resource Institute Briefing on New Initiative to Curb Illegal Wood Trade.
World Resources Institute. 10 G Street NE Suite 800, Washington, DC 20002. Live Webcast: Email questions to Camilo Ramirez at

. 7-8 June, 2010. Forest-People Interaction, organised by Institute of Forestry, Nepal.

. 28 June-2 July 2010 – 18th Commonwealth Forestry Conference. New Session Added: Post-.
Copenhagen: Delivering REDD+. For more details on the conference, go to:

. 21-22 June 2010. Second Open source GIS UK Conference. CGS, University of Nottingham, UK.

. 6-9 July, 2010. The Geoinformatics Forum Salzburg (GI_Forum) at the University of Salzburg,

. 28 July 2010 - The Dive GIS summer course will celebrate its 5th anniversary in 2010! The 5th edition
of the course will be held from the 28th of July to the 7th of August in Crotone at the Capo Rizzuto Marine
Protected Area. Enrollment deadline is May 31st! Go to: or write an email to

. August 9-13, 2010. Northern Primeval Forests: Ecology, Conservation and Management PRIFOR
2010 conference, Sundsvall, Sweden. Julia Rauchfuss, Dept of Natural Sciences, Engineering &
Mathematics, Mid Sweden University. 851 70 Sundsvall, Sweden. Email & web site:

. 23-28 August 2010. XXIII IUFRO World Congress "Forests for the Future: Sustaining Society and
the Environment", Seoul, Republic of Korea.
1st Announcement:

. Forestry Information Session - At the World Forestry Congress there will be a session on “The
evolving role of information specialists in today’s rapidly changing world: are libraries still relevant?” Visit:
Contact: vanda.ferreira(at)

. 9-11 June, 2010. Conference on Forest Ecosystem Genomics and Adaptation. A call for abstracts
is NOW OPEN for the scientific conference on 'Forest ecosystem genomics and adaptation', organized by
the EVOLTREE Network of Excellence ( San Lorenzo de El Escorial
(Madrid), Spain. Website:

. June and July dates 2010. The Vespucci Initiative for the Advancement of Geographic Information
Science announces the 8th Annual Summer Institute on Geographic Information Science. To be held
at the following locations:
14-18 Florence (Firenze), Italy
Interfacing social and environmental modeling

4-10 July 2010. Las Navas, Spain

20th Anniversary Meeting on Cognitive and Linguistic Aspects of Geographic Space

. 28 June – 1 July, 2010. International Workshop on Collective Action, Property Rights, and
Conflict in Natural Resources Management. Siem Reap, Cambodia.

. 28 June – 2 Jul 2010. 18th Commonwealth Forestry Conference. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
Organized by the British Forestry Commission. Contact: cfcc(at)

. July 20-23, 2010. Accuracy 2010. International Spatial Accuracy Research Association (ISARA). Ninth
International Symposium on Spatial Accuracy Assessment in Natural Resources and Environmental
Sciences. Leicester, UK.

. 2-13 August 2010. Short courses for technical personnel: Collecting and processing forest
inventory data. Dili (Democratic Republic of East-Timor).

. 23-28 August, 2010. – Forests for the Future: Sustaining Society and the Environment. Seoul,
Republic of Korea.

. 3 - 6 SEPTEMBER, 2010. International Conference in Landscape Ecology. Organized by CZ-IALE

Brno – Prague, Czech Republic. "Landscape structures, functions and management: response to global
ecological change". Details are available at:

. 7-9 September 2010 – ForestSat 2010 - organized by the Laboratorio do Territorio (LaboraTe), a
research and teaching group at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), which incorporates
teachers and researchers from diverse areas of knowledge. The event will take place at the USC
university campus in city of Lugo (Galicia, Spain).

16-18 September. SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS. International aerial archaeology conference. AARG
2010 Bucharest. Address for conference correspondence: Dave Cowley, RCAHMS, 16 Bernard Terrace,
Edinburgh, EH8 9NX, Scotland. Email
Conference website -

. 20-14 September 2010 - Structures and Processes of the Initial Ecosystem Development. Cottbus,
Germany. IUFRO 1.06.00.

. 27 September-1 October 2010. Recent Advances in Quantitative Remote Sensing, to be held in

Valencia, Spain, from. For further information please visit the website at

. 30 September-2 October 2010. Workshop: Value of Geoinformation 2010, Hamburg, Germany. First
announcement. Call for extended abstracts. Further information, contact Alenka Poplin.

. 3-6 October, 2010. An International Workshop on "Electromagnetic Signals Associated with

Earthquakes and Volcanoes" will be held on the campus of Chapman University, Orange, California.

Please visit:

. 18-20 October 2010. Opportunities and Risks for Douglas-Fir in a Changing Climate. Freiburg,
Germany. IUFRO 1.01.00. Contact: Kaisu Makkonen-Spiecker, kaisu.makkonen-spiecker(at)

. 19-21 October 2010. IX Seminar on Remote Sensing and GIS applied to Forestry. Curitiba, Parana
State, Brazil. IUFRO 4.02.05
Contact: Tomasz Zawila-Niedzwiecki, tzawila(at)

. 23-25 November 2010. International Conference on Forestry Education and Research for the
Asia-Pacific Region. Manila, Philippines.

. 29 November to 03 December 2010. The Fifth Session of the International Conference Geotunis
2010. The use of GIS and remote sensing for sustainable development. Tunisia.

. 14-17 February, 2011. 16th Biennial Southern Silviculture Research Conference. Charleston, SC

. 10-15 April 2011. ISRSE 2011 - Abstract Submission Now Open. 34th International Symposium on
Remote Sensing of Environment. Sydney convention and Exhibition Centre. The GEOSS Era: Towards
Operational Environmental Monitoring. Email:

. 15-19 March 2011. 3rd International Meeting of Fire Effects on Soil Properties (FESP 2011), to be
held in Guimarães, Portugal. Contact


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. Nature Observances: Thrushes of North America

. New interactive database on indicators of sustainable forest management in Europe (UNECE,

FAO), New interactive database on indicators of sustainable forest management in Europe at

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