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The Only Truth

The Inner Truth

A blur

In the eyes of many

A vision lost… A ghost

Oblivious to most

Obvious only to the few who See

Transparency… Authenticity

Fading away…

From the many

And merging

With his inner being

His core breathings

No longer fleeing
Shedding the “norm”

At long last…Reuniting

With his inner truth

Cleansing after his storm

A glowing feeling…Warm

Love… Self… Identity…


The Only Truth

As his way of life

Unwavering submission

Relinquishing it all

With no strife

Letting it all go

The unwanted

Embracing his essence

Submitting to The One

With an open heart…

Love and Effervescence

Embracing the whisperings of his heart

Listening to his quieted thoughts untold

Dissolving into himself with ease

Emanating to the world his art

Heartbeats outwardly resonating…Unfold

Breathing freedom like the kissing breeze

Surrendering to The Most High

He rejoices with a deep sigh

Realising his time is nigh

To reveal his inner truth

By learning his life test through his creed

Attesting {…which of you is better in deed…}

Sunday, 20th March 2016

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