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Complex customizing settings

Cross functional integration of sales, delivery and billing

Cross module integration with other SAP modules

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Timings: Mornings/Evenings/Weekends/Custom

Mode of Training: Regular/Fast Track

Course Duration: 40 50 hours

What I Offer

Class Duration: 60 90 Minutes per day

* Quality Training * Flexible Timings

SAP Server Version: ECC 6.0

* 24/7 Server Access * Hands on Training

Free SAP Server Access: 3 Months

* Demonstration with Real time scenarios

Section I: Organizational Structure

Organizational structures in Logistics, introduces the logistic organizational structures
and how they relate to each other.
Define Organizational Units
Assignment of Organizational Units
Section II: Master Data
Describes the master data required for the process in shipping and transportation system

Account Groups ; Number Ranges

Partner Determination
Customer Master
Material Master
Vendor Master
Customer Material Info Record
Condition Master

Section III: Document Structure and Controls

Describes the basic principles for creating documents. Preliminary and subsequent
documents are required to process deliveries in SAP System.
Sales Documents
Billing Document

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Section IV: Delivery Document Structure and Controls

This section deals with structure of delivery documents and their differentiating

Structure of Delivery Documents

Delivery Item Category Controls
Delivery Item Category Determination
Copy Controls ( Copying the data from Preliminary & Subsequent
Documents )

Section V: Determinations
This section deals with pre defined entries need to be activated at the time of creation of
sales & delivery document

Shipping Point Determination

Storage Location/ Picking Location Determination
Plant Determination
Pricing Determination

Section VI: Goods Issue

This section deals with various options for carrying out Goods Issue postings; Goods
reversal and Stock Transfers

Collective Deliveries
Partial Deliveries
Order Combinations
Delivery Split Criteria
Billing Split Criteria
Goods Reversal
Returns Deliveries
Subsequent Deliveries
POD Proof of Delivery
Stock Transfers
Stock Transfer Storage location to Storage location

Contact globally for SAP LE training: Jaya ram Prasad

E mail:
Mobile: +91 9866293649

Stock Transfer Plant to Plant ( One Step Process )

Stock Transfer Plant to Plant ( Two Step Process )
Stock Transfer Returns Plant to Plant
Intra Company Stock Transfers
Inter Company Stock Transfers

Section VII: Basic Functions in Delivery Document

This section deals with additional functions and processes related to delivery documents

Listing & Exclusion

Material Determination
Availability check & Transfer of Requirement ( TOR )
Delivery/ Transportation Scheduling
Forward Scheduling / Backward Scheduling
Batch Management ( Allocation of Stock in Batches )
Serial Number Management
Registration of Means of Transportation

Section VIII: Picking

This section deals with first process as part of shipping activities
Manual Picking
Wave Picking
Picking Process integration with Warehouse Management ( WM )
Section XI: Packing
This section deals with activities involving packing data for packing the picked goods.
Settings to maintain/monitor of packing materials

Packing Master Data

Stock Posting of Packaging Material
SSCC Numbers
Handling Unit Management
Manual/ Single & Multi Level Packing
Automatic Packing

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Mobile: +91 9866293649

Packing Proposal ( Packing Instructions / Determination Rules )

Returnable Packaging
Emptying & Deleting Handling Unit
Packing Stations

Section XI: Status Tracking

This section status tracking covers the specific status information for all sub process
Delivery Monitor
Section XII: Shipment
This section deals with other functions packing in shipment document and describes the
stages that are particularly important for shipping

Route Determination
Creation of Stages
Determine Preliminary; Main & Subsequent Legs
Determine Load Transfer Point

Section XIII: Other Shipment Functions

This section deals with structure and controls of Shipment documents

Structure of Shipment Documents

Shipment Types
Activity Profiles
Special Processing Indicators
Creation of Shipments
Individual shipment
Collective Shipment
Structure of Shipment Cost Document
Shipment Cost Item category Controls
Shipment Cost Settlement

Contact globally for SAP LE training: Jaya ram Prasad

E mail:
Mobile: +91 9866293649