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Single side with texture thermal lamination

4 Roller lamination system

Mirror Chromed Roller - For high Gloss and Feather

SST-558 Thermal Lamination


Technical Data
Power Supply

415 V -50hz

Infrared heating system - High bonding on thicker---


95 x 49 x 67 inches

- film

Roller size

26 inches

Oil based roller - Accurate temperature at every ------

Working area

24 inches

--single point of roller

Lamination temp.

75 -110'C

Texture roller

Laser engraved

Pneumatic Roller pressure - Easy to Operate

Precise perforation blade


418 kg

Pressure system


Lamination capable mounting up to 3000 meters----

Power Consumption 4.5 KW

--film roller
Separate temperature controller for all rollers

Speed Control


Subtrate weight

90 -450 GSM

Auto cut facility

Paper Gap system

Digital Touch screen

DC motor with gear box for long run

First Heating time

15-20 minutes

Automatic gap/over-lap adjustment at feeding

Heating System

Infrared + Oil based

Lamination speed

700 meter / hour**