This quick demonstration highlights just some of the features offered by Palustris

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Introduction to the Main Screen Mail Merge Candidate Registration Vacancies and Search Profiling Finding the Right Candidates Recruitment Process Event Programmer Other Screen Shot Samples

The main screen puts your data at your fingertips.

Choose what you would like to see e.g. Vacancies…

The data you choose is presented immediately in a grid.

Click to see Candidates

You can choose how to organise this data and the application will remember your preferences

Click here to sort columns

Columns can be moved, sorted, grouped and resized

Drag columns for Group by functionality

The data is presented in a style that is probably already familiar to you!

With a Quick Find and Advanced Find, you can always find what you are looking for … filter thousands of records in an instant!

Type part of the Candidate’s Name …

… to see all Candidates matching “Cha”

Mail Merge Functionality

Mail Merge – Sending a letter takes just a few clicks!

Choose aRight choose a ...and clickyou have template on already prepared Merge OK Mail and hit Candidate…

Mail Merge – Review the merged letter in MS Word™

Merged Data

Standard Data

Mail Merge – Preparing Mail Merge Templates is just as easy

Choose Template Manager from the Administration Menu

Mail Merge – Add as many templates you need

Double Click on a Template to maintain it

Mail Merge – Merging fields requires just a double-click

Merge any of the available fields into your document …

…and compose your letter

Adding New Candidates (using Drag & Drop) Auto-skilling CVs Parsing of CVs

Adding a New Candidate using drag and drop

Drag a CV from an email or folder and drop it onto the application

The Add Screen is called automatically! Parsing module extracts personal information from CV

The grid displays potential duplicates should they exist If you are using our Parsing module, the Candidate details are filled in automatically (otherwise you can paste them in)

Only the data marked with “*” must be entered at this stage

Save the data and close the screen (word will now present the skilled CV)

Use MS Word to review the skills found

Review the skills using these buttons

Use MS Word to review the skills found

Delete Skills found out of context

Close the document to import the remaining skills

These skills were pre-registered on the system by you

Now we can see what the system has done for us

Use the “tree” view to navigate directly to what you want to see

Click here to see his CV

Use the Documents Screen to manage any Candidate documents

Double click to open and review The document has been automatically associated with the Candidate, renamed using Attach Additional your preferred naming conventions and stored Documents e.g. the in your preferred folder processed CV

Use the “tree” view to navigate directly to what you want to see

Click here to add more details

Enter what information you need for the Candidate

Contact Data

Enter what information you need for the Candidate

Personal Data etc. Click here to review his Skills

Use the “tree” view to navigate directly to what you want to see

…or click here to review his Skills

The screen is designed to help you quickly enter the required data

Shows which ones ‘Fine skilled … or click here for were autoTune’ the skills if required … more information on Add the Position Sought more from your predefined list

The more information you enter, the better the match returned from the search engine will be!

Additional positions can be inserted Or click here to add preferences e.g. locations

The more information you enter, the better the match returned from the search engine will be!

Adding a Vacancy and profiling The Search

Quickly add a Vacancy with the Vacancy Wizard

Then choose ‘Save &Enter vacancy information as appropriate View’ to go straight to the main vacancy suite

Enter general information for the Vacancy

Add further information as required, or click here to set up the Vacancy Search Profile

All the Vacancy search parameters are located on one screen making it quick and easy to set up Enter general information such as when the vacancy …the salary needs to be filled by and….. being offered

… and then set any special conditions Use the ‘skill picker’ to Use the ‘Location’ tab select those of interest … to tell the system where the vacancy is

Now choose the location and you are all set to search for suitable Candidates

A hyperlink to a map will be generated for you Use multiple locations for regional coverage … … or choose from a list of Client Sites

Finding the right Candidates for a Vacancy

Finding and Short-listing Candidates for a Vacancy

Select the Candidate Search option

Right Click the Vacancy of Interest

The Profile screen may be used to weight / filter chosen criteria

Use an existing search template … using Quick or Searches limited create a new one for future use parameter set

Or here for a full search Click here to start the using all available Quick Search … parameters

Add the Candidates tois used easily Exclusion and the right search You can quickly and to analyse the resultsresults in as appropriate Spend as much time as you need to get Shortlists detail This screen the Review, investigate the of the results Use these tabs to view other criteria

Access to more information is just a click away Check a Candidate’s Results are initially sorted in interest via email … …or check their order of overall suitability requirements in depth … Shortlist Candidates for the selected Vacancy or add them …and compare them with to a list for revision later those for the Vacancy Click to view the data Each criteria is used in the match scored separately

Now let’s take a look at what has happenedthe Vacancy screen Shortlisted Candidates appear under on the main

Further information is still just a click away the List of Candidates View already Shortlisted

Records are updated automatically and everything is kept in sync

The Vacancy now has a Click here to progress Status the Candidate further of Shortlisted on a Vacancy

The Recruitment Process

…and see what isProcessthecontrolled by everything isto the in sync The Recruitment happening and what has happened kept Vacancy Records are updated automatically and progress… …record is Candidates’ tracking Candidates’ status against one or more Vacancies

Now let’s change the Status to Select ‘Interviewed’ shows the Candidate’s TheThis changes here status ‘Interviewed’ ..e.g. The Candidate’s CV in relation to this Vacancy status Status now shows as has been sent to the Client Interviewed here … Click on notes to see the entireRight Click to choose history of what’s happened to the Vacancy next option… your

Records are updated automatically and everything is kept in sync

… and here on the main grid

The Event Programmer

The Event Programmer programs the application to automatically perform tasks when predefined business events occur

Choose Event Programmer from the Administration menu

The Event Programmer programs the application to automatically perform tasks when predefined business events occur Choose what the system must generate when these events occur

Fill in the Subject Choose what type(and body if of Event you wish to sending an email) program

Choose an attachment for emails

Automatically log the communication (Event Logging)

To see the previous task in use, we can set a status to Awaiting Interview Every time a Candidate’s status is set to Awaiting Interview, the Event Programmer generates the email you programmed

Other Screen Shot Samples

Palustris Full-Text Searching

Define search scopes Saved queries

Use full fuzzy queries

Click on a result to open the document

Shows if the “owner” of the document is already registered in Palustris

Palustris Candidate Ad-hoc Searching

Saved queries

Text search on CVs

Group ANDs and ORs

Download Candidates from Web

Download Candidate and CVs

View Data Handle Duplicates Add to database with click of button

Reporting – Potential Revenue

Available Reports

You may choose what should appear in the report

Filter reports on chosen data

Reporting – Vacancies Lost at Status

Event Calendar – Showing current Consultant’s Events (Diary)

Tasks Calendar – Showing current Consultant’s tasks

Security Screen showing all options available to an Administrator

Palustris Map (taken from online help) Shows logical overview of the system

And finally!
Other features not presented • • • • • • • • • • • Automatic Web publishing of chosen Vacancies Import of Candidate details from Web Forms Outlook integration – import and export candidates or client contacts User Defined Fields – define your own fields in the application Advertising Management with performance statistics Prospective searching – search Clients’ likely or historic requirements when there’s no current vacancy Full management of own static data (dropdown lists, skills etc) Fee rates hierarchy – Company -> Client -> Vacancy Currency management Automatic logging of sent Emails Document management for Clients, Vacancies and Candidates

The End
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